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Reviewed on July 28, 2012

Okay so through out my 18 years of existence my acne has never been THAT bad. But recently I've been breaking out with cystic-like acne.

I looked every where for solutions. I tried apple cider vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, everything!! None of it worked.

I stumbled on this and holy moly once you get past the fact your pee's on your face, it's like liquid gold, man.

My really painful big zits calmed down over night and in 24 hours I saw improvement in size and intensity of the zit. It even made my face kind of glow a little?

I just dab a little on the problem areas then let it sit for 20 minutes then wash off with warm water and pretend it never happened.

(still a little uneasy about my urine on my face, you know?)

Such a strange secret that I wish I could share with everyone... It seriously works.

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Reviewed on July 26, 2012

When I first searched remedies for acne, I couldn't believe that urine came up in the search. After reading about it, I decided I had nothing left to lose. I tried it this morning and can already see a difference in my face. It looks so much more clear, and it didn't dry out or anything. The only thing about it that sort of sucks is the smell, but at the rate that it's working, I don't care about that. I've tried so many different things to cure my acne: creams, washes, perception medications, and nothing seemed to work, and then I find out that I've been peeing out the solution all along? As weird as it is, I don't care because the secret is kept between myself and the bathroom walls. It actually works, so why pass it up? I know a bunch of people are probably thinking it's all in my mind, that if you're convinced it will work, then you'll actually start seeing that it is. I thought about that too, but I can assure you I'm not seeing imaginary things, it actually is working so I'm going to continue to do it. I recommend it for everyone who wants to get rid of their acne, just be patient and try not to think that you are, in fact, applying your own urine to your face. Hey, at least it's your own though. You only live once, right? So, why not live acne free?

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Reviewed on July 16, 2012

Urine is sterile!!! still i can't believe i am writing this review who would have thought piss, piss would be working so good on my skin. At first i was a little hesitant but after only three days of use it seems to be working great. I mix it with watered down acv as well and use it as a toner and spot treatment. It really makes sense i was always told to put pee on jellyfish stings and i think the enzymes in my liver help to clean up the acne spots. Leaves me with a "glow". I think it does not irritate my skin because it comes from my own body therefor my skin does not reject it. It has really been working amazing so far...

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Reviewed on July 13, 2012

I've struggled with acned for five years now. I was desperate to get rid of my acne, and I came across Urine Therapy to reeduce redness and pimple swelling. So about four months ago I started using this treatment once in the morning because it's best to use your first morning pee. At first this started doing wonders, my skin was no longer red and my scars had reduced tremendously. Around the third month of doing this, I started to break out horribly, even worse than it originally had been. I know everyones skin is different, so this might have been my skins way of telling me it was being irritated or just no longer doing anything. My skin looked absolutely horrible so I went to the Dermatologist and am now on oral medication and two different topical gels. It's been a month since I started this routine and my skin is almost completely clear. It might not have been the urine, who knows. But it could work for you! :)

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Reviewed on June 11, 2012

I tried this after looking at the top rated review on I don't follow the regimen, rarely on the forums but I just like to see what people do that doesn't involve BP (long story short; never again!).

I saw a difference overnight! I just did it mid stream (lets any bacteria pass first) on a cotton ball and put it on the worst areas. It felt super soft, the spots got smaller, and stopped hurting. I had a series of tiny pimples amongst cyst like ones I affectionately called 'the constellation'...because it looked like Orions Belt going doing my left cheek, starting from my temple. Horrible. But UT was the ONLY thing that finally got rid of it and for that I was so, so relieved. Something so simple relieved me from feeling angry, upset, ugly. I've been doing it ever since (about 2-3 months), and I have no worries about any pimples because UT completely gets rid, it is truly remarkable.

TIPS TO PREPARE: Drink at least 1-2 litres of water. You cant complain it doesnt work, when you don't drink water. Always at least make it 51% of your drinks everyday; it should be the majority!

Eat raw veggies...just become healthier, because the extra vitamins from your diet will come out in your urine, and help with your skin. You will see a difference. I felt a need to share this with anyone at their wits end, there IS hope. smell by the way..


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Reviewed on June 10, 2012

Plain and simple. Urine can cure your acne. I never suffered from widespread acne, but I used to get one or two BIG, swollen whiteheads on my chin at least once a month (hello PMS). I have taken birth control for years due to an irregular cycle but it wasn't enough to get my chin acne under control. I started doing some research and ended up trying a lot of the other highly rated suggestions on this site, from lavender oil to the "perfect percentage" of benzoyl peroxide. However, I have incredibly sensitive skin, and even if my acne subsided, I was left with swollen, red, irritated, sore, and painfully dried out skin. I figured I had nothing left to try and urine is free, so why not?

(Honestly, the idea seemed odd to me, but I was pretty comfortable trying it. I don't understand why everyone is so disturbed when we seriously all put poison on our faces because corporations tell us it's safe. That's normal? If you still feel like urine is "dirty", go do ten minutes of internet research. It isn't. You truly have nothing to fear.)

Here's my routine:

Get hydrated! All day long! It's good for your pee!

Wash face (or if you have sensitive/dry skin like mine, only the area you intend to apply the urine to) with a soap free cleanser (Cetaphil user for ten years, great for balancing skin)

Collect urine, midstream (to get the cleanest, freshest urine) on a cotton pad

Pat generously onto affected areas and let it sink it for a few minutes. It's going to tingle - That's the uric acid working.

*THIS* is when you might notice a smell. Don't panic. Once it sinks in, you probably won't smell a thing. But to be sure...

Apply moisturizer right on top and it's like the smell was never there. (I use

Olay Sensitive Skin, unscented)

I do this daily before bed. If I've been lazy and a pimple's coming on, I'll literally do it all day and the pimple will be gone in 24-48 hours. Redness and swelling wi

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Reviewed on April 18, 2012

I was super desperate because usually acne medication never works for me. Or if it does, it only works a bit, or for one week.

I only have moderate acne, sometimes very light (depends on stress, PMS, diet, etc) with a couple of pimples and white heads. I get it bad on my T-zone (nose and forehead) but not really on my cheeks. It's not really red but it never goes away and it always leaves scars.

At first I was thinking "eww" because it' know...pee. I was so desperate that I tried it, though, and the results were amazing.

Two times a day for two days, I...

Wash my face with cleanser

Apply face cream/moisturizer

Apply urine to T-zone

The first time I tried it, the acne on my nose was almost completely cleared up within 2-3 hours of me using it (I had about five red pimples before). It worked best on the reddest parts of the acne, reducing the swelling and redness.

On the second day, I'd say my face is 40% clearer.

Just drink lots of water. It only smells for a bit after putting it on.

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Reviewed on April 16, 2012

i've suffered from acne for about 3years. I have more scars than acne itself. I've tried many products but those don't help. I also use home remedies and never know if it helps or not. And just a few days ago i came across this site that you need to pee on your face. I don't think it's gross cos it's your own product. I just apply it yesterday and the result has yet to appear. I hope it'll help cure my acne scar. I'm so desperate to look at myself in the mirror and i don't wanna mingle with other people. I think your should try it cos it's free!

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Reviewed on April 10, 2012

This is something that really helped me. I am applying it for already a month but the first results came really quickly - after a few days. It reduced the redness, it dried the bumps, it relaxed the skin in general. i am using it once a day - before bed without to rinse. try it, it really works!