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Urine Therapy
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Urine Therapy


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Urine Therapy

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Urine Therapy

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Just started
Reviewed on May 29, 2015

I am TEN YEARS OLD. Haha. I started this urine therapy thing today, AND GUESS WHATTT... The redness of my acne decreased a little. I have mild acne, and being a 10 year old ( a child ) barely no kids have acne. So I get bullied alot, but now idc what they think. I am hoping for this to work. I would recommend this because EVERYTHING I TRIED MADE MY ACNE WORSEEE, but THISSSS URINEEE THINGG got rid of my redness. I love it

So far so good
Reviewed on May 27, 2015

I started out using it as a toner. It made me more glowy and dewy. I didn't need to use any other product! It tones, moisturizes and heals up spots quickly (especially popped ones). It has evened out my skin tone and has helped my wallet. I drank it for the first time last night. I just went for it! it tasted salty. The taste did not linger at all. I woke up this morning and my skin looked even more even. I had a couple new spots in my chin area, but that could just be hormones. They popped perfectly fine. I drank some more this morning... I will update in a few days! I'm pretty excited so far!!

by Belovedmama on 08/15/2015 12:43
I drank it for the first time this morning! It has worked so well on my skin- there has to be something beneficial in it!
by Alisia15 on 08/25/2015 13:25
Urine is 95% water and the rest are byproducts of sodium, urea, potassium, and creatinine. I'm guessing from your comment that you just need to drink more water. I've also found that exercise is great for acne. Best of luck!
Honestly Works and Can't Be Happier
Reviewed on May 12, 2015

I don't usually write reviews for products or therapies I try, but this treatment is a miracle worker. I heard from a friend about this treatment and I decided to do research. I was willing to give it a try since I had mild acne and pores that were not going away. I did it for one week, morning and night and I immediately saw results. I've been doing it for a month now and have seen drastic results. My acne is GONE. only light scars left. My pores are smaller. It clears up pimples overnight. I don't ever have to pay for any acne solutions again. It also is a great toner!

by D Gomez on 07/04/2015 00:25
Do you need to leave it on overnight? I do feel it tingling...
Makes acne disappear! Better than any product!
Reviewed on February 19, 2015

when I first heard about this I thought: no way am I gonna use this on my face! However it got to a point when I was really desperate to get rid of my acne as my whole face hurt and the bumps were so hard to cover. I decided to give it a go. First time I applied it on my face I was surprised it didn't stink; I left it on for about an hour then washed it off with my neutrogena face wash and I put my favorite moisturiser on my face. I woke up and my acne was dried out, no bumps, no pain. I was so happy I started using it every day and after 5 days the effects were amazing. All I have to do now is wait for all of the redness that is left after the spots and my face will be clear! It is amazing and it's worth a try. Apply pee on a cotton pad then wipe your face with it (I know it sounds disgusting, but trust me, it's worth it). Leave it on for as long as you wish; the longer the better. You'll see improvements very soon. 4 stars because it obviously doesn't do wonders straightaway and might not work for everyone. Definitely worth a try!

by Gonzalez2540 on 03/10/2015 01:57
After using urine in your face and rising it off ,if you put makeup does stil will it work???
by Belovedmama on 08/15/2015 12:45
It works!
Reviewed on February 15, 2015

It works! I had been trying all possible skin products available but it was of no avail. I also started taking spiro for a few months. My acne started clearing off. But as soon as I stopped my face turned into a pizza face.

I have been just 3 weeks into it, but the results are showing! I will keep posting as my tretment progresses.

by Baneofmyexistance on 05/11/2015 17:13
How is this going for you so far? Please post an update. Thanks!
Is it ok to use soap after application?
Reviewed on January 20, 2015

Just a question, is it ok to use face soap after urine application on my face? I mean will the urine still be effective? Because I presume my face will be oily and stink a little if I don't use soap. Besides, it's kinda difficult to get rid of the thought of my partner kissing my oily and stinky face... Once again, this is just what I presume, since I've never tried it and still trying to convince myself to try this.

by loveneverfeltsogood on 02/19/2015 15:40
Yeah sure, just make sure you leave it on for as long as you can or leave it on overnight. Afterwards you just wash it off with soap
by loveneverfeltsogood on 02/19/2015 15:40
Yeah sure, just make sure you leave it on for as long as you can or leave it on overnight. Afterwards you just wash it off with soap
by Belovedmama on 08/15/2015 12:48
I wash my face before I put in on. Once it dries I don't notice an odor. Don't tell the hubby and kids but I don't wash it off! I let it written all day and they have never noticed anything besides my skin glowing, ha!
God willing...
Reviewed on January 19, 2015

I heard actually that it was baby morning pee that was the solution, I have been using my son's and it didn't do wonders, but it has kept my face better looking than normal. I've been getting acne since before puberty around age 12 and I'm 27 and horrified at how bad it still is. I apply make up religiously during the day which, in the end, doesn't make the acne any better, but I have to go out the house, so its necessary. While complaining to my fiancee about the latest breakout he suggested the urine treatment, which he said he found while looking up treatments for me bc he is tired of my complaining lol...of course i wasn't shocked because I've been using baby pee already, but now I found out I had it wrong. So, I've been doing this for two days and by just reading comments on here I learned better ways to do it so I'll start over, in a sense, tomorrow morning and I am also starting a better diet so it may take longer than normal but I am already noticing softness increase and redness decrease which is good for me since my diet isn't great and I wasn't applying it the best way possible. So, thank you too everyone who has posted, and God willing this will work for me bc there's nothing left from the counter or doctor to try.....!!

It's amazing.
Reviewed on January 12, 2015

I used to have persistent medium acne. I started urine therapy on a whim. I drink about 2 tablespoons of my morning urine, and I dab my face with urine in the morning and at night. I also use urine to remove my makeup. It works wonders. You have to wait it out though. The first two weeks after I started urine therapy, my skin purged. It broke out even worse and I got dry patches on my forehead. But after the first two weeks, my skin cleared completely. I'm 21 and my skin hasn't been clear for 10 years. I'm very happy with my skin now. I don't even use soap on my face. Sometimes I get very mild acne before my period, but other than that my skin is clear. Thank god for urine therapy!

People, you should really try it!
Reviewed on November 16, 2014

I have stumbled, on the Urine Therapy in here. In the first second i was a little bit stunned. Then i thought to myself - ok, i have tried so so many things and nothing helps me, or if it did just for some period of time. I even had the thoughts, that i would do anything, even if it's weird and disgusting. After reading so many positive reviews on that, i decided to try that out. Doing that therapy for about a week now, and have to say i feel that it is working. I had massive breakouts for the last couple of weeks and i knew something weird is happening in my body, maybe because i have change the way i eat. Usually i have acne since i can remember myself, but lately is very extreme. So, for about a week, i don't have any new painful bumps, just the old ones that are fading away. Everybody who is doubtful about it, should just try it. It is not as disgusting as you think. It's from your own body, it's something familiar, that your body won't reject, the way it happens with every products from ''outside''. Feel very happy that i found out about it.

it works for me
Reviewed on July 28, 2014

Urine is not unhealthy, nor is it a waste product. It is filled with antibiotics, and antioxidants.

But but company's don't want you to know that your body has natural cures for everything. My best friend has had horrible cystic acne, and he did urine therapy for a month, and his skin cleared very quickly. I heard about it from him, and I tried it. I thought it was weird at first, (of course it will be, you're putting pee on your face).

I put it on my face sometimes for 10-20 mins during the day, then wash it off. Or I put it on before bed, and I wake up and my skin is smooth, and irritation has completely disappeared. I would definitely recommend this too anyone with horrible acne. Because it works better than any over the counter treatment, and it costs nothing. It really works. You don't have to take my word for it, but I definitely hope you try it.(:

by YaBoiiJesse on 10/01/2014 02:41
I've been doing this several times a day...will it still work ? &&& my sh*t looks like it's scabbing up....Is this working ?