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Turmeric honest review
Reviewed on June 25, 2013

So I have a long battle with acne now for the past 4 years, currently 20 rite now. And I was desperate to try anything. I tried many otc creams, accutane, antibiotics, natural cleansers, supplements, and all of them have kept my acne somewhat under control, but never really eliminated it. I gotta say that diet plays a big factor for me in causing my acne. Supplents such as vitamin A, pan acid, and zinc have kept my skin decent looking. And finally I discovered turmeric. Whether taken internally, or externally on your face, it is amazing. It shrinks your pores, clears redness, dries up existing pimples, and prevents acne. I use turmeric as a facemask everyother day mixed with greek yogurt and leave it on my face for about a half hour. This will not turn your face "orange" like most people suggest. Most of the people who keep giving bad reviews of acne treatments do not realize that acne is an INTERNAL condition. Acne occurs when your body is too toxic and cant eliminate toxins sufficiently. Take probiotics, watch your sugar, and take natural face clearing supplements along with turmeric and I garantee that your face will get clearer.

Reviewed on April 7, 2013

Try this simple, (for me) completely effective and cheap remedy.

Reviewed on January 31, 2013

Listen carefully: I used this for the first time. I am currently using Retin-A. I didn't know turmeric would irritated my sensitive skin to the point where my skin was burning the whole night. My skin was red, hot and painful to the touch. I am warning all of those who are using any kind of acne treatment: do not use this! Turmeric is very harsh on it sown.

I will review it again after my Retin-A course. I know for a fact turmeric is excellent. I am just warning all of those who are in the same boat as me.

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Reviewed on August 21, 2012

I had been on doxycycline to treat my moderate to moderately severe acne, and I realized that while that helped, it would hurt me in the long run. So, I decided to very slowly wean off of it. I substituted turmeric for the morning pill, and then later the evening pill. In this way, I came off antibiotics pretty easily and didn't have any serious breakouts. But if I forget to take the turmeric or run out, I break out again. So, it wasn't really a solution to what was causing my acne, it just fought it.

I noticed though that it wasn't just maintaining my clear skin, it was also helping fade my hyperpigmentation. I haven't yet used this topically, only internally, so I'm excited to see what else it can do. Furthermore, turmeric cleans up your liver, which helps get rid of toxins that could bubble up to your skin. I should add, that I follow a very strict vegan veggie/fruit-rich diet. I have no doubt that this helps my skin, and that adding turmeric to a terrible diet might not be as effective.

It's important to get the turmeric with black pepper extract because I first used one without it for a few months that was okay, and it was helpful. But for the last few months I've been using the pepper kind (this review is strictly of the latter) and it's been sooo good. I've also started drinking golden milk (with almond milk--tons of vitamin E in it!) and eating tons of curries as well. Every little bit helps!

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Reviewed on August 8, 2012

Turmeric works wonders on acne-ridden skin, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It makes your face glow.


mix turmeric with some milk, lemon, honey, and apply to your face for 10-12 minutes. Rinse off without a cleanser, and apply moisturizer.

Use only at night before bed, so if there is any yellow staining you can rinse it off with a cleanser the next morning

Reviewed on June 17, 2012

Turmeric has been used for many ailments in India forever. It's great to eat, and wonderful for your skin as well! I have a turmeric cream I put on my face at night and it helps with swelling a ton. I use a totally natural turmeric cream by Pratima that I rub onto my whole face, then dab individual breakouts. It isn't an overnight thing, it might take time, but it's worth it and your skin won't experience the side effects of using a harsh unnatural product over a long period of time.

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Reviewed on March 12, 2012

its a natural and ayurvedic herb which according to my own experience had helped me a lot . It can be applied directly to the acne and it shrinks after a few hours. People looking out for skin whitening creams can opt for turmeric powder because it makes you fair and glowing . I would definately ask others to try it out.

Reviewed on February 18, 2012

This is an amazing spot treatment! I saw results the very next day. All you need to do is purchase this powder at your local grocery store (it can be found in the spice & seasoning aisle). Take the powder & a small amount of water making it into a paste. Use as a spot treatment. Wait until the paste is completely dry then rinse off with lukewarm water(it is normal to have a orange tint left after washing off). Finish up by making a paste with water & baking soda. Then, use that as a face wash & pat face dry. Be sure to moisturize afterwards or your face will be really dry. This has worked wonders for my husband & I!

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Reviewed on December 28, 2011

I have been using this for a month now as a mask just over the areas of acne scarring and red marks I have. I mix it with tamanu oil(very moisturizing and doesn't clog pores) and a natural eczema cream ( caroline's cream- helps with healing) and I find this mixture to be extremely soothing and most definitely promote healing of newly erupted acne. Takes down redness a lot but you have to use every night and leave it for a couple of hours to see results- especially on red marks.

This mixture will dry on your face so you can sleep with it on. The only thing is that you'll wake up with yellow stains on your face. Use a natural yoghurt mask with abit of lemon juice for 20 minutes and it should take the stain away! Lemon juice will help with hyper pigmentation also:-). All this along with dans AHA and you'll be on your way to fantastic skin...

Good luck guys, hope this helps!!

by carebear06 on 09/18/2013 05:11
Hi How would u incorporate this into the regimen? Im in 12 weeks.
Reviewed on November 29, 2011

Despite the inconvenience of mixing a mask with this, this really works at preventing acne from bubbling up! I just mix some with water and try to do a mask at least 2 or 3 times a week. It reduces redness and calms down those angry-looking pimples who look like they're about to attack your face if you look at them the wrong way. It also keeps their friends at bay - nips them in the bud, so to speak.

The only thing is, you have to invest quite some time in 1) mixing it together without dripping all over the sink and staining everything, 2) letting it sink into your skin for at least 30 min, 3) rinsing it off without the dripping and staining, 4) cleansing and toning to get rid of the stain on your face.

I usually do it at night and find that my skin stays yellow until morning. Then I usually tone a couple of times to get rid of the last traces.

If you are patient enough to handle the mess and time involved, this is a great treatment.