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Awful idea
Reviewed on June 22, 2014

Don't put toothpaste on your face...that much should be obvious.

Stingy and burns
Reviewed on June 6, 2014

I've done it few times. Doesn't make much differences in acnes I'd have....

It stings, burns, and of course irritates my acne. Tooth paste usually helps with the teeth generally, not the skin. :P

Spot Treatment Only
Reviewed on May 20, 2014

Rubbing toothpaste on your skin is only going to irritate it more. Toothpaste contains a lot of ingredients that might be harmful and might burn your skin. I use it as a spot treatment for big pimples and it reduces the swelling however, if it creates too much of a burning sensation, wash immediately. Personally, it reduced the swelling size of my pimples I applied it too.

by Isabella G on 05/27/2014 01:46
my pimples became dark now what should I do?
Reviewed on May 13, 2014

It just hardens my pimples.. (I do NOT recommend putting it ALL over your face.. it burned when I tried it.. only put the toothpaste on your ground zero pimple..)

''It works as a face mask''
Reviewed on May 6, 2014


What I do is I take a bowl, a disposable fork, and a teaspoon. Then I put 3 tsp of salt (it can be heaped or just half of the teaspoon) in the bowl as well as my toothpaste(NOT all of it just a squeeze would do and it can be any toothpaste but I like the colgate one because it works for me). 1.Then I mix them together in the bowl until they are well blended in. 2.Steam my face to open the pores for a few mins (5 mins max) and then let it dry on its own. 3.Apply the mask evenly on my face,avoiding the eye area using the fork or fingers and then I wait until its completely dry. 4.Scrub my face using the tip of my fingers very gently. 5.Wash it off with cold water to close the pores and then I alppy my oil free face moisuriser. The results are satisfying, it does removes them but you will be left with dark spots :(

Burned my skin
Reviewed on March 5, 2014

I have very moderate acne and I used toothpaste as a spot treatment. I used the toothpaste at night and the next morning I I woke up my top cheeks were burnt.

by Priscilla523 on 05/13/2014 01:23
That happened to me too!
Reviewed on February 5, 2014

I have been getting painful papules under the skin for years. I have sensitive skin and have trouble finding treatments that don't irritate and burn my skin. Put a dab of toothpaste on the sore spot and leave for several hours, preferably overnight, and it brings the infection up to the surface. One overnight treatment with toothpaste and the pain is reduced. Not for use all over the skin like a mask, just as a spot treatment.

Results depend on person and if you apply right. Read description.
Reviewed on January 25, 2014

At night dab a little on the pimple (not all over face as a mask or crazy) then when you wake up it will have started to work or have gotten rid of it. Never have I seen a horrible reaction from people who apply the RIGHT way.

Try it, why not?

worst thing you can put on your skin
Reviewed on January 22, 2014

first of all it usually contains baking soda, an alkaline substance that compromises the quality of the lipid layer and the integrity of the skin. 3 main ingredients in toothpaste=sodium lauryl sulfate(an alkaline soap), mint(an irritant), and silica(an abrasive). So in a nutshell you are striping your skin of the ability to protect itself from bacteria and using an abrasive substance to make tiny scratches all over your skin and throwing something at it that will irritate the crap out of your skin. the key to good skin is to create a balance. that means use gentle products that wont compromise your skins integrity.

Reviewed on January 19, 2014

One, it will leave your pimple more red than it was. Two, it irritates and burns like crazy. Three, it is hard to get off and when you take it off it irritates the pimple more