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made skin worse
Reviewed on December 16, 2016

I tried using whatever brand of generic toothpaste that's sold at costco and it made me breakout. But I think the effectiveness has to do more with how minty the toothpaste is. The kind I used isn't super minty, like after brushing my teeth drinking water isn't super cold. And when I used it as a spot treatment, it turned inflamed red bumps into big whiteheads overnight. I've used toothpaste in the past that was really minty and it definitely didn't make my acne worse. Just check what kind of toothpaste you're using. I'd test it on a small zit that's in a less noticeable area before going ham on the rest of your face.

Didn't work for me
Reviewed on October 26, 2016

I used the white colgate one, put it on my pimples for 3 nights and didn't have any effect on some, but worsned some. Def don't recommend it.

Reduces puffiness
Reviewed on August 12, 2016

I like toothpaste a lot. But you have to remember to use non-gel and non-colored. Toothpaste works with the swelling and redness. If I see a new pimple coming along, then before I go to bed I put some on it, and wash it off in the morning, and it works really well. I suggest using Tom's toothpaste. One time I used colgate and crest and it did absolutely nothing for me.

Works for Oilier skin types more than Drier.
Reviewed on May 16, 2016

I mentioned this before but I have studied skin and although I'm not a dermatologist or anything special since studying this and applying my knowledge to my own skin it's been so much better!

In what I learnt is that your skin is all about balance. If you have naturally oily skin, your skin will try to keep itself that way because that's it's normal happy place. Using products that dry it out may work for you in getting rid of acne/pimples but there's a simple step people believe they shouldn't take. And that's applying moisturiser. Moisturiser is incredibly important and for some people this mightn't be the case because everyone is different but on a general scale and for the majority of people this will be the case. No matter your skin type, you should still be applying moisturiser, particularly if you are using products that dry your skin out (toothpaste- why we're here). Your skin wants to balance itself and if you use a product that dries it out your skin (again, toothpaste), it will freak out and produce crazy amounts of more oil and cause even more redness and swelling just so it can get back to that 'happy' place. Just think balance with your skin and if you use this toothpaste trick remember your moisturiser, even if your skin is crazy oily!

Again, some people this may not work with as not everyone's skin can be directly thrown into a category and be expected to be the exact same as everyone else's, but for most of you this will.

For people with dry skin, toothpaste (as mentioned quite a lot in these reviews) is not recommended :-( but try products specifically aimed at dry skin. The best one I've ever used for myself (might just work for you) when I get dry skin in the winter is Garnier goodbye dry! milk cream cleanser.

I realise this review isn't quite as directed at toothpaste but hopefully it helps people :-)

Another tip for washing your face regards your skin type is to pay attention to the type of cleanser you're using.

For example- with oily skins, using foams or gels will aid and you'll be fine to use them because they dry out more than others. But for dry skins, using milk cleansers and creams will aid better as they produce more moisture and give your skin the ability to hold more moisture, provided you find the right one for you.

Hope this helps.

by H8Spots on 06/02/2016 16:52
You keep talking about skin being about balance. Then you said that oily skin "wants" to stay oily(that's not balanced), but you say that you should still use moisturizer which adds moisture to the skin. If your skin is all about balance, then, according to your theory, you should use things that dry out the skin - things that don't add moisture. I think you're confused. You should not try to keep oily skin oily and that is not a "happy" condition for your skin. The oil is a big cause of acne/pimples. When oil is released its released as whole cells(not just oil) which contain organelles. Bacteria "feed" on those organelles which results in pimples. You should use products that reduce the oil on your face and oil-free light moisturizers. At least you acknowledged that you're no expert.
It shrunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed on October 3, 2015

I put the toothpaste ALL over my zit, for one hour. I just took it off, and the zit shrank!!!!!!!

Great on a blind pimple
Reviewed on August 24, 2015

I have used toothpaste on a blind pimple. Leave it on overnight. It'll come to a head. If the pus comes out gently push the rest out, but you'll have to get the solid creamy color plug out. If it's not out, the pimple will return again.

Reviewed on August 23, 2015

I've been using toothpaste on my acne since I was in 6th grade, and it really have never done anything for me, now that I look back on it. I would put it on with the intention of reducing the size or redness of my acne, but then I would take it off and my acne would be the same. I've tried several brands but none seem to work.

It frickin works.
Reviewed on August 20, 2015

Obviously you should only use a simple more mint or white paste. Don't be stupid, don't use Colgate or any cinnamon flavored toothpaste. I recommend crest. I put it on at night or I put it on in the day if the pimples are painful. The toothpaste removes the pimple and reduces swelling and pain. There is a huge be. S. Campaign out to smear this in home treatment. Funded by the manufacturers of acne treatments, benzoyl peroxide, and by dermatologists.

Reviewed on August 12, 2015

It did nothing to my spots but I got so angry at it as it made my skin turn sensitive and now I can't use my favourite acne face mask without me going red! 😡😡😡😡😡😡

NEVER DO THIS!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed on August 9, 2015

Toothpaste may dry out your pimples and work in the short run. But some chemicals in the toothpaste may cause you're face to get oily and break out. So in the long run it will make your acne / pimples worse! Pimples may even turn to full acne and damage your skin permanently! NEVER EVER DO THIS!!!

by LaluMakesFilms on 10/03/2015 13:58
That just means you are having an allergic reaction to the toothpaste
by Fullerkandii on 05/16/2016 14:26
I've studied skin and I feel like the best way around this to prevent further breakouts is once this pimple has gone from the toothpaste apply moisturiser as soon as possible. This way the goodness of the moisturiser will reset the skin back to its happy place where it isn't confused and decides to create more oil. Your skin is trying its best to maintain a certain balance between dry and oily, but sometimes it'll produce more if it thinks it's too dry, which, with toothpaste it obviously will be :-) So toothpaste and moisture up! :)
by Fullerkandii on 05/16/2016 14:48
Also, the chemicals in toothpaste aren't even really supposed to be going near your skin, so the original postee has a point. But an allergic reaction is super possible too, again because the products inside toothpaste aren't for your skin, lol but people are going to do it anyway, that's just why I wrote how to aid along with the toothpaste :-)