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Tetralysal Lymecycline Oral Antibiotic
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Brand: Tetralysal

Tetralysal Lymecycline Oral Antibiotic


Active Ingredient:

Other Ingredients:
Magnesium Stearate and Colloidal Hydrated Silica, Gelatin, titanium dioxide (E171), erythrosine (E127), quinoline yellow (E104) and indigotine (E132).

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Tetralysal Lymecycline Oral Antibiotic

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Tetralysal Lymecycline Oral Antibiotic

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Reviewed on October 16, 2012

They don't have any side effects, well at least none that I noticed. It will take some time, so just stick with it.

Reviewed on September 25, 2012

Before I had severe acne, with a permanent scattering of spots and scars across my forehead, chin, cheeks around my nose and on my shoulders.

I've had acne for around 5 years and tried so many of the products off the highstreet (Freederm, Neutrogena, Simple, Oxy, Witch, Clean and Clear, Nivea, Clearasil, Amie, Clinique, Good things, Liz Earle, Garnier, T-zone to name those I can remember) with minimal success. My acne actually steadily worsened from the age of 12 to 17.

Eventually went to see the doctor and was prescribed Tetralysal alongside Benzoyl peroxide cream Panoxyl 10% .

The effect was not immediate, but over 2 months I stopped getting new spots and the acne slowly cleared.

I have now been on the prescription for 9/10 months. I do not have a single spot - at most I get one at my time of the month. Although at first I applied the BP cream religiously and went through the adjustment phase with dry peeling skin, I now use only it occasionally, because even though I've moved down to 5% it is still very harsh and my skin is fine without.

I am absolutley over the moon with these antibiotics and just wish I had gone to the doctor's earlier.

Reviewed on July 14, 2012

I have been on this drug a few times. I had severe acne but in the UK you have to try antibiotics before going on accutane. It had very little effect and over time had no effect at all. After my first round of accutane my acne returned a few years later and I had to go back on this drug. My acne was not as severe this time and it did slightly help but after time this drug losses all effectiveness, and was put on a second round of accutane. A couple of years later and I am back on this drug. Same issues as last time. In my opinion this drug is not meant for people with moderate to severe acne as it has little to no effect, however I recommended it as I can imagine it is useful for people with mild acne or people who suffer the occasional breakout. It also has very little side effects so you may as well try it.

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Reviewed on June 25, 2012

It was okay. I guess I was happy that it took some of my pimples away but it definitely does not clear up your face all the way. Also the stomach pain was a real harsh moment. :(

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Reviewed on June 18, 2012

So far has worked well clearing my spots up and preventing them!

Reviewed on June 4, 2012

I was prescribed these antibiotics in April for 3months (times nearly up) when my acne was very red and looked like a rash across my forehead, my temples and scattered around my chin area.

Since taking these anti biotics I have noticed a major difference in my most severe area being the forehead. Later on my temples and chin area too.

I have stopped severly breaking out, where nowhere near as many spots appear and are nowhere near as painful and tender.

I am still getting a few which sometimes appear as non-red bumps but also some appear as very large under the skin bumps that stay in my skin for weeks.

I would advize anybody with spots at all to ask for these anti biotics from your doctor as they have majorly decreased my breakouts.

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Reviewed on June 1, 2012

My GP precribed this for me as well as duac i used them both for at lest 9 months and no i have flawless skin not a single spot on my face just a few blemishes thats all.

I really recommed to go to a GP but research the product wisely before you take what the doctor give you!

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Reviewed on April 6, 2012

I have always suffered on and off with mild acne on my upper and lower back i just wana find something to keep it at bay!

I find if iv been on holiday and got a tan it goes completely and when taking dianette it went completely with the odd normal papule

Tetralysal have had the same effect as the above but i do not want to swap bad skin for stained teeth so as my acne if mild to moderate i will seek an alternative.

Reviewed on March 26, 2012

I was put on this after trying multiple topical treatments without much improvement.

After a few months I noticed an improvement in the acne on my back, but I'm not sure if it was due to the lymecycline or not as I'd only developed the spots on my back a couple of months before starting it (compared to the 4 years+ of the facial acne) so they might have cleared up on their own.

I gave this plenty of time to work, but it never really cleared my skin, which was pretty disappointing as I took it religiously every day.

When I came off this, however, my acne got quite a lot worse, which makes me think it's a 'rebound' effect.

Reviewed on February 16, 2012

Worth trying, as there were no bad side effects so you may aswell try, but the improvement is only small