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Tea Tree Oil
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Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is defined by international standard ISO 4730 (2004) ("Oil of Melaleuca, Terpinen-4-ol type"), which specifies levels of 15 components, which are needed to define the oil as "tea tree oil.

Among over 98 compounds contained in the oil, terpinen-4-ol is responsible for most of the antimicrobial activity.

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Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil

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Miracle oil, indeed
Reviewed on March 7, 2014

The only solution that work for me. I never thought oil can heal acne but in the opposite, it does. It heal wounded acne so fast like it was a 5 days healed acne. I like tea tree oil so much. I recommend Thrusday Tea Tree Oil as i'm using it.

Dilute, dilute dilute it!!!
Reviewed on February 12, 2014

After I wash with (undisclosed product) I fill a glass bowl with Luke warm water (about 2 cups of filtered water) and add only 4 drops to the water. I use a muslin cloth and gently wipe my face to disinfect so I can then put on an occlusive moisturizer (sheabutter) after my face has dried. you see, the reason some break out using moisturizers with a comedogenic scale of ZERO, is because A) they have not removed all the face wash residue B) in the case of active acne, there is bacteria being trapped under the moisturizer. Sadly most toners are poorly formulated and apple cider vinegar can become something quite nasty if trapped under a moisturizer. The proof is in the picture, my friends. Look at my profile.

Reviewed on February 6, 2014

I have suffered from severe cystic acne ever since I had my second son who turned 1 a few months back and I was at my wits end literally.. I tried proactiv along with every name brand product u can find at a drugstore or walmart NOTHING worked. I have combined a multivitamin with a ginger root supplement and fish oil ( all three support digestive health which is key in battling cystic acne) with tea tree oil each morning and night and after just a few days I am seeing HUGE improvement. All of my big cyst like bumps are gone and my overall skin texture is getting healthier and more radiant by the day. From what I have learned acne stems from many internal problems so while TTO is amazing u must pair this with a healthy diet, vitamins and minerals, omega 3s and lots of water and natural green tea with raw honey. Natural remedies are good for other diseases too I suffer from prolonged anxiety which has led me into depression but by combining Fo-to and ginseng supplements( find these at a health or vitamin shop) I am combatting these diseases as well as purifying my body. Natures medicine is the only medicine. I haven't felt this good in almost ten years. I really wanted to share this story because of how happy I am since I started using natural medicine instead of man made pharmaceuticals. It's become such a hobby of mine I am studying all kinds if natural cures. It has greatly reduced my stress level as well! All of these problems are linked to acne! Also walmart carries Australian 100 percent pure TTO for $2.57 in America so if u r paying $10 check it out in the pharmacy section in walmart! It's a nice size bottle too!

by Mhintz on 02/06/2014 08:35
That should read fo-ti
by IlTXMom on 05/29/2014 18:19
Do you take T.T.O. internally along with vitamins, fish oil, etc? Or topically?
Controls oil, reduces acne
Reviewed on February 4, 2014

I use this every night, either tea tree oil diluted or Desert Essences tea tree pads, both of those I use daily. I have very oily skin, which causes my acne. Since I am medium deep skinned it tends to be oily. Tea tree smells nice (if diluted) dries my skin (but not to much, I can still smile after) and kills the possible bacteria that washes could not reach.

by IlTXMom on 05/29/2014 18:21
Do you take the T.T.O internally along with your vitamins, fish oil, etc., or do you use it topically?
by IlTXMom on 05/29/2014 18:21
Do you take the T.T.O internally along with your vitamins, fish oil, etc., or do you use it topically?
Cleared my skin!!
Reviewed on January 28, 2014

I am a 19 year old college student and found myself getting acne like I had never before. I got more than a few zits and cystic acne also. I finally purchased tea tree oil and applied it to my zits and it cleared my skin quickly. I then added a few drops into my night cream to combat dryness and my skin has been clear ever since. If I have a terrible breakout, I apply some to my problem areas and it helps so much!

Reviewed on January 9, 2014

I'm 20 years old and I've been suffering with cystic acne since I was 18. A couple months after I turned 18 I started birth-control. at first it was doing wonders with helping my cramps and the couples zits I would get before my period. But a couple weeks later for some reason I started to get whiteheads all over my chin and my cheeks. Not just small little whiteheads, but huge nasty white painful bumps. I tried switching birth controls but it wasn't working. I realized it was the birth control so I got off of it immediately but my hormones were still out of whack and the acne was still there. Instead of the whiteheads I was used to getting it was now painful cystic acne All over my cheeks and towards the corners of my lips. It left horrible scarring and very red hyperpigmentation, along with redness of the skin. I tried everything under the sun to take care my acne including: vitamin E oil, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin C, all sorts of face washes, not washing my face, and nothing was working. The past couple months all I would do is wash my face and that was it and it seemed to be working but before my period I would get lots of acne on my chin and my cheeks. I was against getting on birth control for obvious reasons so that was out of the question. I read reviews on tea tree oil and it's amazing wonderful outcomes for people. I was against using it for a long time because it had the word oil in it and vitamin E oil had made my skin a little worse so I was hesitant. Two weeks ago I bought tea tree oil and started rubbing it on my face without diluting it (I'm not very good at reading directions) but it was still doing the job. All of the small blackheads I had on my chin have disappeared as well as the ones on my cheeks. Any zits I do get are defeated by the tea tree oil and do not get any bigger. I'm so glad I finally found something to work with my horrible acne.

Be Careful With This Product! I Got Burns!!!!
Reviewed on January 4, 2014

I had a bad breakout and I probably did the stupidest thing a person could do and decided to apply tea tree oil and expired aloe vera gel over night XD the catch? I just poured so much undiluted tea tree oil into the concoction and let's just say that I woke up with raw burns on my face :( it was my fault but even then my acne still remained! I do use a tea tree oil based cleanser and it's great! I just think that you have to be VERY careful and start small because you can't be sure how much of it your skin can handle! I used pure UNEXPIRED aloe vera gel to heal it and it was gone within a couple days! I'm still scared to try it agin but I think it would work well in some people

Currently, I have cleared up my skin by washing my face morning and evening with a very gentle cleanser and no treatments or moisturizers at ALL. It is working great and it's day 3 and my skin is glowing and no new pimples are appearing! My skin is neither oily or dry!

So just in case you overuse it, just use aloe vera gel and after it heals be gentle to your skin!

If your worried about how it might react to your skin then use a cleanser or moisturizer with it! :) they are always safe and you can find them at Superstore and the body shop!

Hope this helped! :D

great product
Reviewed on December 17, 2013

I'm 16 years old ,& I'm a sophomore in high school . I just started breaking out bad this year . Last year I would only get a few pimples ever now and then . But I've being using bp for about 3 months now and bp worked great. But I decided to see if their was any other products as great as bp . So I cam across tea tree oil . I've been using it for 2 weeks now and my friends have came up to me and told me my face has been clearing up . So I would say this product is great

This product is a little iffy
Reviewed on November 26, 2013

I am 15 and have oily and sensitive skin. I used to suffer from white heads all over my t zone but after using a benzoyl peroxide wash and a medicine prescribed by my doctor called minocycline, it has cleared up a lot. Now however, I have big cysts that form on my cheeks. I thought i was almost out of the woods but then these things came and they are painful and make my skin look swollen. I tried applying tea tree oil as spot treatment but it doesnt really do much. It mostly just dries out the surface skin over the cyst. And i can only use it at night because it makes the area extremely red (this may be because my skin is kind of sensitive). It burns when you apply it at first and has a strange smell but i am used to both of these things by now. I am torn though because i think it helps decrease the cyst size a little bit, but it just dries the crap out of the area. I dont think i would recommend this for people with cystic acne but i think it would be a great for whiteheads because it would dry and draw out the gross stuff. I wouldnt recommend it if you have dry skin because it will most likely make you flaky. But it may just be so drying on me because i use it following a bp cleanser. You might give it a shot, especially if you have oily whiteheaded skin, but i think it just depends on who you are and what condition your skin is in. Sorry that was lengthy but hopefully it helped.

by Sami11 on 12/12/2013 17:26
I find that tea tree oil helps, but it definitely is drying. What I do is apply a drop of the concentrated oil to a face cotton pad, dilute it with some water, and then gently hold it over the spot for 10 seconds or so. Afterwards, gently applying jojoba oil can help with the dryness.
Still new to this product, but very happy so far
Reviewed on November 25, 2013

I have tried several topical creams and oral antibiotics over the years with little to no significant improvement in controlling my acne. I started a natural approach to prevention and treatment and one of the components of that has been trying tea tree oil for topical treatment. I am very satisfied with the condition of my skin after about two weeks of this product. I have not had any major breakouts, and the ones I had, have been clearing up nicely with no scarring. My skin feels smoother and healthier. I have no idea whether or not this product is my miracle solution, but so far it's been a great alternative to expensive creams. I know that in studies it has been compared to the effectiveness of 5% salicylic acid but I personally think it's easier on the skin and more effective so far.