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Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is defined by international standard ISO 4730 (2004) ("Oil of Melaleuca, Terpinen-4-ol type"), which specifies levels of 15 components, which are needed to define the oil as "tea tree oil."

Among over 98 compounds contained in the oil, terpinen-4-ol is responsible for most of the antimicrobial activity.

The list of ingredients above is provided for informational purposes only. Always check the actual product label in your possession for the most accurate ingredient information due to product changes or upgrades that may not yet be reflected on our web site.

Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil

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Great for under make up
Reviewed on July 17, 2015

I love this stuff because I can wear it under my make up and there is no cakey residue. My skin is sensitive so I usually dilute it with water before applying

Pretty Good
Reviewed on June 20, 2015

I started breaking out suddenly and whatever I have been trying doesnt seem to work at all. I am mostly into natural stuff I dont use much chemicals except for my facewash (Neutrogena oil free acne wash) and BP. I got tea tree oil from The Body Shop a week back. Yup, its quite expensive this was recommended to me by my sister. So I thought of trying it. honestly I didnt expect it to work because nothing had worked on my skin seriously nothing! I tried many home remedies but they only seemed to worsen it more. I applied to it on my skin (Only on the pimples) and I really saw a difference in the first use itself! It reduced the redness and pain and dried the pimples. I was really impressed by this little thing! Slowly the lifespan of the pimples reduced. TTO didnt let the pimple flare up that big. It dried my pimples like in 2 days and it would take another two days to heal completly yes it leaves back a scar BUT atleast it doesnt let the pimple grow. Its really good for cystic pimples!

However I was so impressed that I made a mistake and applied it entirely on my left cheek and the next morning I broke out in the areas where I never had pimples! It was irritated and dried! So again I decided to use TTO to heal it and yes they were gone in two days. So the lesson I learnt is that its supposed to be a spot treatment and to be only applied to active pimples and scars, and in the case of scars only till the time they are not swollen and completly dried. It really helped me and I'm still using it. I guess the combination of facewash I use and BP and TTO works really well specially to my skin type. My skin really oily specially in T zone areas. I recommend you to use it I guarantee you will see the results after the first use itself. And sorry for making such huge post to explain my point but I didnt want anyone to breakout like me! :)

by dar221 on 08/12/2015 13:19
I really like your review cause that happened to me too. I applied it to other areas and I broke out. I have a question though. What does BP stands for?
by dar221 on 08/12/2015 13:27
I really like your review cause that happened to me too. I applied it to other areas and I broke out. I have a question though. What does BP stands for?
by dar221 on 08/12/2015 13:38
I really like your review cause that happened to me too. I applied it to other areas and I broke out. I have a question though. What does BP stands for?
by candy1180 on 08/30/2015 17:33
BP is benzoyl peroxide. Its an over the counter product.
Works wonders!
Reviewed on June 13, 2015

This is an amazing thing! I don't use this particular product I use the one from TBS which is 15% tea tree oil it works as effective as 100% one. I have hormonal acne concentrated around my jawline and a few on my forehead which is mostly whiteheads I got them extracted a few weeks back its kinda clear but still a few pimples. Anyway, TTO will work wonders if you know how to use it! I got mine today. I applied it with a q tip on active pimples anf ones that I felt are going to be huge dirty pimples. And OMG! They reduced! It worked incredibly well on the pimples which are still under the skin. I apply it twice a day and I really saw a noticeable difference. Obviously your pimples/acne won't go away overnight it will take time. But TTO is serious good stuff! Do give it a try. You never know your pimples/acne might reduce or go away in a week!

EDIT: its a spot treatment. You are not supposed to apply it all over your face Only on pimples(active ones and the ones you feel are going to become ugly pimples.) DONNOT apply on scars.

I like it, but...
Reviewed on May 29, 2015

I can't honestly say that it ever improved my acne. I guess it depends on what's causing your acne. I'm one of those people who loves the smell of tea tree oil for some reason, and I believe its benefits to the skin when I read them on paper -- it makes sense. I mix a few drops of this into the hemp oil that I use on my skin as an overnight moisturizer because I think it helps to counter the oiliness of the... oil. Tea Tree Oil is one of those things that I've used on and off for about 10 years, but only as a supplement to something else. It's a decent supplement, but on its own it's not capable of a whole lot. In my experience. It never harmed my skin at all so I can't say it's not worth trying.

Can chemically burn skin if used on large areas
Reviewed on May 25, 2015

I've used this as a spot treatment in the past, undiluted (which is not recommended), and while the skin did dry out a bit, I never had any problems. The pimple cleared within a day or two used this way. However, last night I put tea tree oil on a cotton pad, with some water (apparently not enough to sufficiently dilute it), taped it onto my face with some medical tape, and went to sleep. I used a whole cotton pad because I had several pimples on one part of my face that I wanted to treat. I also happen to sleep on my left side, and the treatment was applied on the left side of my face, causing the tea tree oil-soaked pad to be really pressed into my skin as I slept.

About an hour later, I woke up with a throbbing pain on my face. I removed the cotton pad and saw that my skin was all red underneath, and even had what looked like a few burn marks. I washed off the tea tree oil from the affected area with Cetaphil gentle cleanser and applied aloe vera gel to moisturize. Then I actually had to hold an ice pack to my face (with a paper towel over it; don't apply ice packs directly to the skin) for 30 minutes to make the pain go away. That's how much it hurt.

Fortunately, I am female and can use makeup to cover up the redness, but men are not so lucky. Also, my pillow now has a tea tree oil stain and a strong smell that won't come out. I've tried spraying Febreze on it twice today and it isn't helping. Overall, I would recommend tea tree oil as a spot treatment only.

by Shannonmarie495 on 06/08/2015 04:35
Sorry about your burn that horrible. But you cant dilute oil with water. Maybe next time try olive oil or coconut oil. Really anything you have will work.
by somewhereinspace on 07/03/2015 21:38
Yeah you are not supposed to leave it on your face like that...
by somewhereinspace on 07/03/2015 21:40
Yeah you are not supposed to leave it on your face like that...
Good stuff but strong.
Reviewed on May 6, 2015

Tea tree oil seems to help control some of my flare ups and heal any existing pimples. I primarily add about 2-3 drops to 1 pump of the moisturizer. I also get really bad dandruff on my hairline (thinking it may be psoriasis because it's red sometime and really flaky) and tea tree oil really does wonders in getting rid of the redness and flakes. However, this stuff is strong and if you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend diluting it.

My Favortie Thing For Pimples
Reviewed on April 28, 2015

I've tried every spot treatment out there and I'm allergic to almost all of them. The only one I don't seem to have a bad reaction from is SA, but it dries out my skin very bad. Tea Tree oil is the only spot treatment that works for me. There are a few rules that need to be followed using it though

1.) Make sure its 100 Percent Organic Tea Tree Oil, not one of those things you buy at cosmetics stores; they usually way over charge for much less of a product.

2.) Do a patch test

3.) Only apply to active pimples, not let over marks and definitely not all over your face.

4.)Cleanse, tone, and moisturize before. Using moisturizer before a spot treatment will prevent extra dryness. Also if you are very sensitive, dilute in a carrier oil or with water.

5.) This is not an overnight cure, there is no overnight miracle cure to acne. Be patient.

by Mamta84 on 06/14/2015 20:19
Is it applicable to blackheads as well?
Reviewed on March 19, 2015

As an MSc cosmetic science and technology student with a background in pharmacy, I am currently doing a research on tea tree oil. its effect on isolated strains of acne from faces of volunteers. Its not been easy, but I am getting there. Heres my email, pharmlotachi@[link removed] just incase anyone is interested in my results. I believe teatree oil is quite effective.

pls kindly drop a link or so of any organization funding research for skincare.

Thanks guys..

PS; pls try doing a a patch test on your skin with any product you purchase before using it on your face to avoid breakouts.

Be very careful with tea tree oil
Reviewed on March 14, 2015

I have mixed feelings about the use of tea tree oil, hence the 3 star rating. I think 100% pure, organic tea tree oil can be an effective spot treatment for individual pimples, but it needs to be diluted. I experienced a severe burn mark when I applied full strength tea tree oil on an emerging pimple, and my skin is oily and strong - not easily affected by topicals. Now when I use tea tree oil, I dilute it with a carrier oil. My favorite carrier oils are hemp seed and argan as they have a "0" comedogenic rating. I dilute at least 50% carrier oil with 50% tea tree oil and apply sparingly, and no more than 3 times a day to individual pimples. In most cases, it will speed up the healing of the pimple by several days.

by glycolic on 03/31/2015 05:35
Hi Emme*Li. How long did your severe burns take to fade? I used a tea tree face wash and left it on overnight (it was only 2% tea tree and 2% witch hazel). It resulted in burns on my cheeks. It has lightened but still visible after almost a year. I am now having glycolic peels to treat it and speed up the fading.
Reviewed on March 11, 2015

I just began using tea tree oil two days ago. I poured half tea tree oil in the cap it came with along with half vitamin E oil. Just in two days I am very impressed! I don't typically have acne, but I currently have small pimples on my right cheek from not taking my make up off before bed (I had midterms and was tired for an entire week, bad decision!!) I also have small dark spots right on my T-zone area that don't seem to go away. In just 24 hours there has been a drastic reduction of the pimples on my face. I'm excited to go home and wash away the day's dirt and to reapply the oil. However, a slight warning!!! Tea tree oil has a STRONG smell. My bathroom is in the back of my house and I can smell it when I enter my front door, from using it hours before. The smell doesn't bother me much, it does not smell bad. It is just a very STRONG smell. Nevertheless I greatly advise using TTO if you have light acne or the occasional pimple!!