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Tea Tree Oil
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Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is defined by international standard ISO 4730 (2004) ("Oil of Melaleuca, Terpinen-4-ol type"), which specifies levels of 15 components, which are needed to define the oil as "tea tree oil."

Among over 98 compounds contained in the oil, terpinen-4-ol is responsible for most of the antimicrobial activity.

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Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil

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Diluted tea tree oil with witch hazel for the win
Reviewed on April 18, 2016

I use tea tree oil diluted with witch hazel and distilled water in a face wipes concoction I keep in a Tupperware container it works really well but I have extremely extremely oily skin so the fact that this concoction is drying is for me a good thing. A little tea tree oil diluted goes a long way with acne. I did try it undiluted for a while but that just seemed to aggravate my acne I now use it with the witch hazel and some water and find it is less harsh I guess which allows the acne to heal without it going into over drive extremely dry sore face lets explode acne mode. I find this helps my oily / hormonal acne flare ups to heal quicker and that I get less of them with consistent use.

by electricallie on 04/27/2016 15:31
Do you mind sharing your mixing ratio for the TTO, witch hazel, and water? I'd love to try this! :)
by sdcook0315 on 05/09/2016 02:31
There really isn't a ratio I just kind of wing it until it looks damp enough. I know that's not helpful but at least a cup of witch hazel for a whole container of paper towels not packed too tightly. I've also been adding some apple cider vinegar with the mother and lavender oil as well with good effect.
Really Does Work
Reviewed on April 5, 2016

I'm not one to write reviews on websites ever, but I promised myself that if I found something that works I would share it in hopes that some of you guys struggling with acne will find it helpful too. I've had mild but persistent acne since puberty, however in the past sixth months my face absolutely exploded. Cystic acne, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. you name it, it's all over my face (specifically my cheeks and chin). About two weeks ago I began using a cotton ball to apply tea tree oil all over my face every morning. I put it on after I moisturize and apply my makeup over it. I have not had one cystic pimple since starting to use TTO, and my skin is smoother than ever. I'm going on Accutane in a couple weeks to help my severe scarring and stubborn blackheads, and I am sad that I will have to part with this holy-grail product. Just when I've found something that works! Be careful with TTO when you first use it, as I've heard that a lot of people are really sensitive to it. I am lucky that it does not irritate my face and I can apply it generously every day. Some people either need to dilute with water or only attend to problem areas when dealing with TTO. Just find what works for your skin sensitivity and give it a shot, it's really worth a try! I recommend it infinitely!

by fergald8 on 04/10/2016 09:52
Lauren I would advise you not to take Accutane. Accutane works for your skin but it completely messed up my immune system. Try eating liver once or twice a week and get your thyroid checked. you might be low thyroid and need to supplement. when people supplement thyroid acne clears up very quickly
by nasar146 on 05/02/2016 06:32
Did u buy the exact same product like the pic above cuz I can't find it.plz give me a link if u can.thank u :)
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Reviewed on March 12, 2016

I use the 10% Tea Tree Oil from Australian BodyCare – and it really does the job for me. I have a lot of acne breakouts all over my face, and I never have completely clear skin – which is oily – and i have a lot of red scared or spots from previous breakouts from when I was younger (I'm 21 now and my skin still feels like a teenager's).

I dot the TTO with a finger or q-tip on areas with breakouts in the evening after washing my face with Dermalogica's MediBac face wash with salicylic acid. And this help breakout minimize over night SO WELL! It's amazing, cause I have never found anything that worked for me.

btw, I do wear foundation, concealer and powder, makeup is a hobby for me. But I see no chance in my breakouts from when I don't wear makeup for a long time. But I also really do what i can to take care of my skin and remove ALL makeup. And I find that Dermalogica's Precleanse is the best thing for it and also says on the back, that it helps on impurities and breakouts.

Also I found out that one table spoon of organic coconut oil and 5 drops of tea tree oil – mixed in a container – can help cold sores from appearing if you put the mixture on just when you feel the tickle on your lip! In three days it was completely gone and it never developed more that a bit of swollen lip!

Reviewed on March 5, 2016

I have had consistent moderate acne and it is extremely stubborn; however, when I started using TTO it finally began to stand down. I used TTO by diluting it with water and applying it as a spot treatment. There is an initial purge at first but don't be scared away by it because it will subside and you will be left with glowing skin. I saw best results when I paired it with Neutrogena natural face wash and OXY's Salicylic Acid face wipes. This combination will work WONDERS. Be sure not to cause irritation by a. not diluting (it will BURN) and b. rubbing vigorously into the skin (just dab it in!). I wish you best of luck. By the way, most of my acne is contained to my t-zone and I have an oily complexion. Don't forget to moisturize because this can be drying.

by Kclee on 04/02/2016 21:45
If you don't mind my asking what skin type do you have? Is your skin sensitive ?
Reviewed on February 28, 2016

Worst decision I've ever made! Tried it on a whitehead, it shrunk a bit and it stung. I thought that meant it was working. But the next day my chin hurt and was red. It was also extremely red. 2 days later I'm still trying to moisturize my chin! Definitely recommend something else.

by optimus-klein on 03/30/2016 15:02
Did you dilute the tea tree oil? Tea Tree oil has to be diluted, otherwise the oil will cause irritation -- like what you have described. I use tea tree oil, rosemary oil and I dilute it with Vitamin E oil and will either use it as a spot treatment or just slather all over my face. Hope this helps.
great spot treatment
Reviewed on February 27, 2016

I use this oil as a spot treatment to treat either the spot or the area on my face, I do not recommend using this all over the face or straight from the bottle, you should only use this oil dilute with oil on a cotton pad. this is because this oil contains high antiseptic and antifungal properties, that reduce the acne bacteria that is building up inside the pore by drawing it out and drying it up. so if you have had a reaction to tea tree oil where you have experience more whiteheads where there had previously been lumps/redness do not worry, this is just the tea tree oil drawing out the infection and getting rid of it, you will need to keep using it for a couple of nights to get maximum results.

i like it
Reviewed on February 22, 2016

It helped clear up my mild acne i dilute with my night serum it is still very effective i love the smell and i can see the difference of my skin in good way

by mukul on 02/23/2016 10:23
from where did u bought it??????
Reviewed on February 6, 2016

I started using tea tree oil around December and i find it works really well as a spot treatment or as a toner of some sort. It may have not been some "miracle product" for me but it definitely works and I've seen improvement in my skin since I've been using this. It gets rid of spots very quickly and it has many benefits —as it is natural— which you could easily google. However, you have to be very careful as it is quite a potent product, so I suggest you dilute it by adding water or you could make a toner with witch hazel, green tea, water, etc.

The way i use it is i wet a cotton pad with some water and i put a VERY minimal amount of tea tree oil on it —one drop at the very most— and rub it all over my face. Sometimes I wet a cotton swab and put, again, a very minimal amount of tea tree oil on it and dab it directly on the spot.

did not work for me
Reviewed on February 2, 2016

tried for 2 weeks and did not see any result and my skin got irritated

:( Didn't work
Reviewed on January 19, 2016

Sadly gave a try with 100% tea tree oil many times as I heard countless of reviews on how good it actually is. I use it to spot treat my cystic acne/blemishes but it always seem to make it worst. I have even tried to apply it directly on them and also diluted it, half TTO and half water but it just didn't seem to work for me. I always try to use it for at least 3 weeks to see how it goes because there might be a "purging" period. But even so, just doesn't work for me. Somehow when I use it, acne starts popping out in areas near the places I spot treat. I stopped it to see if that was the cause and found out my face seemed calmer after.

by optimus-klein on 03/30/2016 15:06
Try Rosemary oil instead. Tea tree might be too harsh for your skin even with it being diluted. Rosemary has similar anti-inflammatory properties, however, dilute it with another oil like jojoba oil.