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Active Ingredient:
Trichloroacetic Acid.

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Reviewed on February 20, 2009

I've been using 25% TCA for a couple months on deep acne scars. While it's not really improving the ice picks, it is improving hyperpigmentation left behind from old breakouts. If I do a peel on Thursday night, it usually finishes peeling by Wednesday of the following week. Since I don't have time to take off work everytime I need to do a peel, I've been addressing small sections at a time. I wear SPF 70 during and after recovery.

I had a severe breakout about 6 months ago that left one whole side of my face completely scarred with hypermigmented spots. I have noticed a considerable improvement on the scars I've treated with TCA 25% vs the ones I have left to heal on their own.

To cover redness durning the healing process I use Bare Minerals makeup which is listed as safe to use after plastic surgery. I have no adverse reactions. Also, during the peeling process my breakouts have not increased. I do the peel during my menstral cycle, when breakouts have slowed.

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Reviewed on February 8, 2009

i paid a plastic surgeon the procedure was extremely painful and def not worth the money!! my skin tone has improved alot but the scars are still the same and now 4 weeks on my skin is still very sensitive and i'm not able to use my normal products to combat acne therefore i am getting more breakouts than before. my skin does not really look a great deal better. considering the pain and downtime i am very disappointed with the result

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Reviewed on February 3, 2009


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Reviewed on January 1, 2009

I had really bad skin with brown spot, large pores, and scars marks from old acne. I use the EZPEEL (19% TCA with boosters) from Anais Skin Care. I order it for very inexpensive on their website. I use it 3 times and the results were dramatic. I love this products! It changed my skin to the best. all my brown spots are gone, my pores are much smaller and my skin is even.

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Reviewed on November 20, 2008

i think lactic acid over a period of a couple months is much better than the tca peel...i did a 12.5%. It did almost nothing for me, but make my acne a bit worse and got rid of my brand new red marks.

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Reviewed on October 21, 2008

please do not use this product i woulde recommend laser co2 resurfacing i found this the best

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Reviewed on October 11, 2008

I use 15% TCA which I bought online over a year ago. I've used it only a few times because it takes a few months too see the full result and I don't have many scars, just red marks. It DOES WORK 100%!! Just leave it on for a few minutes and you have to be patient with the results. Avoid getting acne cream on the area for the next few weeks and avoid rubbing the skin. It will work.

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Reviewed on September 25, 2008

Very happy with results.

I will never go out in the sun again w/o sunscreen after having two peels. My skin looks to nice to ruin it again!

You will be uncomfy for the first four days but worth it!

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Reviewed on August 20, 2008

A bonus. The peel is stronger than a Saly or a Glyco and very different. Do prepared for some down time, the stronger the peel the longer the down time. PLEASE do not use a strong % it's not neccesary. But after the initail cons which the worst of go away after @ a's amazing how flawless the skin appears and feels! Fight the urge to pick or scrub or aggrevate and take very good care of your skin before & after. Wear sunscreen religiously, after a peel I think of myself as being allergic to the sun (because it is technically) and my good sunscreen is my best friend! This took 5 years off my appearance. LOVED IT!!! Cost I indicate reflects the cost of the TCA ($17) and also the $ amount of skincare products used to maintain and tend to my skins needs after the peel.

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Reviewed on August 16, 2008

This is how I do my TCA peel:

I use Retin-A (0.025 creme) every day (start with every other day until you're used to the Retin-A. I apply copper serum first and then apply the retin-A) for 4-6 weeks, then stop 1 week prior to the peel (do not use AHA/BHAs either).

I do a 12.5% (start with 8%) TCA peel, 1 layer.

2 hours post-peel, apply Copper Serum (just a few drops) by [link removed]

do not use any AHA/BHA/retin-a products until skin is completely healed (1-2 weeks), then repeat.

My skin looks gorgeous now!~ I get my TCA peel from original skin care. I get the 25% and dilute it to 8% or 12.5%. I get my copper serum from [link removed]. I get my retin-a from canada ([link removed]) with a prescription from my doc.