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Active Ingredients:
25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of Spironolactone.

Inactive Ingredients:
Calcium sulfate dihydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, peppermint flavor, polydextrose, polyethethylene glycol, povidone, pregelatinized (corn) starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide and triacetin.

Items marked with orange can be irritating and over-drying, especially to acne-prone skin.

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Reviewed on January 18, 2008

I'm prescribed 50mg. 2x a day. I found that if I take it once at night that seems to do it for me. If I miss a night though, I usually have a breakout in a day or so. It's so nice to know that I have control over it now. I also use Tazorac at night, my skin looks great!

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Reviewed on January 18, 2008

I am 37 years old and suddenly started having severe breakouts on my cheeks and jawline about 7 months ago. It was so strange because it was like I would develop identical zits on each side of my face. First I thought I must be have a reaction to make-up or sunscreen so I through everything out and started fresh. Then I tried to treat myself with OTC products. Nothing worked. I finally went to a PA who works for a dermatologist and she prescribed my Spiro. I started Spiro about 6 weeks ago. My initial dose was 25mg am and pm. I was later bumped up to 50mg am and pm. I was not happy with the initial results so I requested a dose increase. I am now on 100 mg am and pm. I know I need to remain patient, but like many of you I have developed a lot of anxiety and even depression over the condition of my skin. I am praying this works.

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Reviewed on January 17, 2008

This medicine works wonderfully!!! I have purchased all kinds of expensive over the counter products over the years and nothing gave me significant improvement. I have been taking Spironolactone for 6 weeks now, 50mg/ day for the 3o days, then 100mg/day. The first couple of weeks were rough. My acne seemed to be getting worse, but in reality it was bringing everything to the surface at once and clearing up from the inside out. I have experienced a good bit of fatigue and muscle weakness, but this is getting better. I am so glad I took that trip to the dermatologists office. For those who are not there yet, keep the faith, you will get there.

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Reviewed on January 16, 2008

I've had acne since I was 12; I am now 25. I tried several regimens and prescriptions through high school, but never really stuck with anything. After numerous attempts with over-the-counter products, I finally went to the dermatologist. He recommended 50 mg of Spironolactone a day. I noticed a slight improvement with breakouts and less oil production. After 2 months I requested a higher dose. He put me on 100mg a day, which I've now been taking for about 4 months. I noticed a big improvement with the higher dose. I haven't had any major breakouts, just a few random pimples which clear up immediately. I haven't really felt any of the side effects; I just drink a lot more water. I've missed one or two doses, but haven't broken out.

I went to the dermatologist last week and asked if there was any product I could use to help with the redness, scarring, and texture of my skin now that the acne is gone. He prescribed Differin cream. I haven't started it yet, but hopefully it will hel

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Reviewed on January 15, 2008

I have used every possible combination of acne treatment available. Last year I tried smooth beam laser which made me scar and get a LOT of dark spots, I do not recommend that treatment at all. Spiro is the only thing that works. I have had consistent acne since highschool, I am now 23 and finally have clear skin. I take 100 mg a day plus 25 from my birth control. I wash with Neutrogena oil free cream cleanser and use differin .3 at night. This combination is amazing. My skin is smooth and I never get those under the skin hard cysts anymore. For those who have only been on this med for a short time, don't give up! I can't tell you how many times I have called my mom crying, complaining about my skin and how many times she told me to "stick it out". Stay on this medicine, it takes a long time to work but is worth the wait! Also don't get discouraged if your skin gets worse initially, mine got horrible and I almost gave up, then a month later I woke up with clear skin.

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Reviewed on January 15, 2008

Listen to your body once you start taking this! If you need to: Don't get up too quickly, drink water, no wine, careful of salt etc.. I almost stopped because of start up side effects that I no longer have at all!!! This has been a wonder drug for me. I highly recommend this if you are suffering, especially if your'e experiencing a form of adult on set acne. It is almost always cystic, painful and impossible to treat without medical help!!!! This is hormonal help and balance at it's best. You may still need topical help now and again and be prepared to change your skin routine because you will not be oily, or even an oily dry mix. You just could experience normal skin for the first time! Imagine that! And by the way, a glass of wine at dinner is now tolerated quite normally. Bottom line: I research every drug I've ever taken. I know it's molecular structure and time it takes to leave my body. For me it's a safer bet than accutane and antiboitics ever could be.

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Reviewed on January 13, 2008

I am 35 and have been battling my skin ever since I can remember. I suffered from cystic acne mainly on the chin as well as extreme oil production all over the face. There was never a day I didn't have a breakout or didn't have to use numerous oil blotting papers to degrease my faec. Every morning and night, I looked in the mirror to see what new had popped up and also see if the any of the old spots were getting better. No more obsessing over my skin since taking this medication! I can't explain how happy I am. I take 100 mgs per day and also use Differin gel .3%. My skin is drier all over my body, which is not a bad thing for me at all. The palms of my hands and feet, as well as my nails, are drier which is totally fine, too.

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Reviewed on January 12, 2008

I have been on everything under the sun. Accutane (straight for 3 years, no breaks- made me super aggressive and angry), every antibiotic made (Augmentin worked the best, but bad diarrhea- & got sick/flu all the time), I've tried every over-the-counter & TV gimmic. Have been batteling acne since i was 9. I am now 24 and acne free for the first time "consistently"! I wash my face twice a day w/Cetaphil Antibacterial soap, moisturize w/thier lotion, take a low testosterone Birth control-'Ortho Cyclen' (been on every BC too, Yaz made me crazy) and take 200mgs of Spiro once a day. Still have breakouts (couple zits here and there) but nothing like i had before.*Unorthodox but i swear this works too-'Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste'- for the bad unexpected zits-leave it on overnight, wash your face in the morning and it is all dried up! Do that for a couple days and the zit is gone. b4 i would have had that same bad zit for 2-3wks. Q: anyone know the TRUE risks of pregnancy & Spiro? y/n?

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Reviewed on January 11, 2008

Ok, so my Derm' rx for me 100mg of spiro, taken 1 x day and 150mg of clindamycin to be taken 3 x daily. I have been on this for only 1 week and already I've noticed a huge difference. Less oil, breakouts are not cystic, and less puss. I have used every antibiotic you can think of along with all the topicals, and yes even accutance, twice. I've had acne since age 16, I am now 29. I hope spiro will work wonders for me. All I want or I should say all i need is great skin. I think I deserve it after such a long battle with acne not to mention the scars. I will check in again after 1 month. Good luck to all!! Great Skin for the new year.

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Reviewed on January 7, 2008

I've had acne since 12, mild hirsuitism since 16, and I'm now 25. I was on spironolactone about five years ago, and it worked until I went off of it. Since about six weeks ago, I started out with 25 mg/day and didn't see any significant improvement, maybe a slight decrease in irritation/redness. I also got my period on time, which is rare. Then,a few weeks later I got the dosage bummped up to 50mg/day. Again nothing amazing. So about a week ago my doctor put me on 50mg/twice a day. I still haven't seen any major improvement yet, but I have hope since this drug worked before.

Question for anyone who has taken this drug long-term and at a higher(>50)dosage. How long did it take to start showing a significant improvement in acne and/or hirsuitism?