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Active Ingredients:
25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of Spironolactone.

Inactive Ingredients:
Calcium sulfate dihydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, peppermint flavor, polydextrose, polyethethylene glycol, povidone, pregelatinized (corn) starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide and triacetin.

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Hey I updated my review! So happy!
Reviewed on August 30, 2014


I am 25 years old, and when I was sixteen I got bad acne on my back. Went to the dermatologist, and it cleared right up. Then after that I was fine, no real problems. Then I hit 22, my acne is not awful, its moderate. It feels awful though. I always pick at them I can't help it. So at 22, I was put on birth control to help, and antibiotics, then retin-a. I read it can take up to a year to work, I used it off and on for the first year, then I decided to get serious so I used it religiously, nine months go by and no change. I get maybe four days out of the month with clear skin. I noticed it got really bad the week before my period, and during. I changed my dermatologist about a month ago. I told my new doctor that I felt like my old doctor would just put me on a different antibiotic at a higher dose, and never really asked my too many questions. He said he didn't understand why I was on retina, because he said it was for smaller pimples, and black heads. He prescribed spironolactone, because my acne was is the right place as hormonal acne, and it corresponded with my period. I am already on birth control, so he said to stay on it. He also paired it with minocycline antibiotic to help with the initial breakout. He told me the first week to do 1-2 25 mg pills a day of sprinolactone, then the next week up it to 2-3 pils, then the final week to take 4 pills, so 100 mg. He left it up to my to decide what dose my skin responds to the best. I am on the first day of the 100 mg week. I am still in the breakout stage, which isn't any worse then one of my bad breakouts. I am really hopeful about this. He told me to come back in November to check in, and see if it was working. I will update my post then. This dermatologist was much more attentive.

They that was three months ago above ^^^^^^^^^^

I am updating my review. Going from 3 to 5 stars. 12/08/2014

If you want my acne background scroll down to the August posts, and there it is. I have been on Spironolactone for three month's. I see a huge difference. My acne corresponds with my period. Last month there was still a breakout the week before my period started. This month nothing, no big breakout. My dermatologist wanted to be proactive so he wanted to do another check up 3 months after I started. Which was around my last period. Which was before thanksgiving. I still had a breakout going on when I went to see him. So he added a topical creme, to my birth control, and Spironolactone. I don't know if the spiro kicked in, or the topical put me over the top. Its probably a combination of both. My skin has been clear for three weeks now. Which is unusual for me. I only have moderate acne, but I still got pimples every week. Nothing since I started the topical. Its called AcZone, apparently is pretty expensive if you don't have insurance. My insurance covered the whole cost though. When I tried to fill it at the pharmacy, the girl said the insurance won't let me fill it, because they want to see I had tried other topical's. So she called the insurance and ask them to override it , because I had tried other things. It took only about ten minutes. I am pretty sure all three things I am on has helped me become totally clear. The birth control, and spiro helped the hormones. So that treated what was wrong on the inside, then the AcZone just put me over the top. I would recommend all three to you guys if your breakouts correspond with your period hormones! Birth control was free with insurance, AcZone was free with insurance if you have met your deductible, and I think spiro was 5 to 10 dollars with insurance! Oh and I didn't experience any of the negative symptoms on Spiro that some people have. No tiredness, no dizziness, or I have read some of you have had weight gain? I haven't gained a pound. I am really lucky, because I know all our bodies are different, and respond to things in different ways. It also only took 3 months to kick in for me, that might be because the other stuff helped too.

by Chelseakayheaton on 08/30/2014 01:02
I have never tried accutuane, because its scary, and I don't have severve acne, just moderate. I am really hoping this solves my skin issues. I also tried all natural things like taking a supplement, eating better, and having a strict face washing schedule. My problem was obviously deeper then superficial causes. Topical's didn't really work all that well for me.
by ang9243 on 08/30/2014 21:06
You have to keep taking it faithfully and you will see results, but you must be patient. Honestly, patience is the important thing here. I've been on Spironolactone for 17 months now and I have seen and still great results. I can't feel any better the side effects are totally worth it.
Feeling like a walking dead
Reviewed on December 4, 2014

Background: PCOS, so hormonal acne for 100%

Have read almost every post and review about spiro on this forum, so the sane me know sometimes spiro can be slow. But going through all these I can bearly think rationally.

2 mo ago I went on spironolactone, 50mg per day. Stopped getting blemishes for 5days but then broke out again. Stayed at 50mg for 3 weeks and got bumped up to 75mg. Stayed clear for 3 days but broke out persistently again. One week later got upped to 100mg. Stayed clear for 3 weeks and I genuiely thought this years long nightmare is over. BAM breaking out nastily again. Today marks 2mo starting spiro and 3weeks on 100mg. New ugly spot every day. My skin problem is consuming my life. And I cant imagine how I would really have clear skin one day.

Still hopeful
Reviewed on December 5, 2014

Going to give it 3 stars because I want to be hopeful! Ever since starting the Spironolactone, it seems to just keep getting worse and worse. Now huge cystic acne under the skin and it's getting red, and seems more irritated. I will keep holding out, because I know it's all hormonal. I don't think my period helps when it's that time of month. However, I really am getting depressed over it, and want to cry. My kids want to go out and play, I don't want to go do anything. I'm getting so sad, I feel so ugly. The package says to drink alot of water, and I have been to see if it helps. NOTHING IS WORKING. Anyone else have any hope? I started the pill on November 17th, 2014. I'm now learning, from reading different reviews it's going to get worse before it gets better. This is just disheartening, however hopeful all at the same time. I don't know how to feel. I'm really upset about it, and cry everytime I feel how bad my face is.

Hope this all pans out, and I don't have to wear makeup anymore.

by gmailgrl on 12/05/2014 04:08
Took 6 months before I saw the difference. was well worth it tho!
by Charnick on 12/07/2014 12:30
I have been on on several years now with great success. It took 4 months before everything finally cleared up. 50 mg 2 x daily. My Dr. told me it would take several months, well worth the wait!
by sladnacne on 12/08/2014 22:07
I started mine on November 22 and am going through the same thing. Even though my acne has been this bad in the past, it hasn't gotten this bad in a while and is a very sobering reality to deal with. Everyday is an emotional struggle to not let my skin bring me down and maintain hope that one day it'll be better, but I can only describe how I feel when I look in the mirror as painful. I have started to notice that if a pimple appears and I don't try to pop it like I always do, that it disappears more quickly than in the past. This is giving me SOME hope. Everyday is hard just to get up and go through the painstaking process of trying to treat and cover existing pimples while trying to cover old ones. I would give my right arm for this all to be over without having to wait out these painful few months
Reviewed on November 22, 2014

I have never posted on here before but feel like I am at the point to do so. I am 29 years old and battling with hormonal acne since I was 12. As we all know, it can really take a toll on your self confidence and it has made me so insecure over the years. I have tried numerous things along with everyone else and in the past Proactiv worked for me but now makes me skin burn and no longer works. Birth control also helped me but I stopped taking it when it was getting too expensive. About 6 months after I stopped my face started breaking out like crazy possibly worse than I can remember. I tried clarisonic, multiple cleansers, to no success. I finally broke down and went to the dermatologist hoping for a cure and interested in Spironolactone because of all the good reviews. She started me on Spiro 50 mg for one week then bumped me up to 100 mg daily and it has only been 2 and a half weeks since I have been on it. I am also on Atralin gel at night and Aczone in the morning. I feel like my skin is very slowly improving but it is hard to tell and I know it takes time with this medicine so I will continue to be patient. I hope for the day I can wake up and see no acne looking back at me. I seem to tolerate the medicine okay so far with no crazy side effects.

by KCsr2 on 01/06/2015 14:20
Wanted to update my review as I know the importance of that from reading everyone else's... I have now been on Spironolactone 100 mg for 9 weeks. I went to a recheck last week and at that time my skin still seemed awful, I couldn't tell if it had improved much or not. I could tell there was much less oil as I used to use oil blotters before on a daily basis and now hardly ever have to reach for them. About one month ago, I started up birth control again- Lo Loestrin Fe, due to having a period every other week from Spiro. I also have cut out coffee a few weeks ago, and recently have stopped dairy as well as I seemed to notice new pimples daily after a heavy pizza weekend. After meeting again with my dermatologist which was an early recheck, I got my potassium levels checked and discussed with her to stay on the Spiro at the same dose, but also was given Omnicef, an antibiotic to help with the inflammatory lesions. She also re-emphasized the importance of retin-a gel at night and aczone in the morning which I had started to use sparingly due to my skin drying. I started that up again and switched to Veltin which is a less harsh retin-a that also has Clindamycin in it. Somehow, the consistency of this combination and my current medicines have led me to see great improvement in this past week. My face is getting more smooth and pimples that were lasting for weeks are starting to fade. I am hopeful that this is not temporary and will continue to improve and get better and better until I am completely clear. Prayers and thoughts with all of you going through the same thing! It is a mental condition for me as it has affected so much of my life and I can't wait for us all to be confident in the near future. I will continue to provide updates.
by KCsr2 on 02/01/2015 22:04
12 week update! My skin is looking better and better. It is so much more noticeably smooth when I wash my face. I have a few pimples but all of the others are fading thus I have red marks that last forever but makeup helps hide them. I am feeling more confident and hoping for continued improvement. Quality of life is improving too! I am also still on antibiotics and topical creams as mentioned in previous post. My only concern is every once in awhile I am experiencing heart palpitations, could definitely be stress related but it scares me because of the concern for hyperkalemia and low blood pressure. My potassium levels were normal a few weeks ago though. Anyone else experience these? I pray for continued clearing of my skin!
by KCsr2 on 03/08/2015 23:45
I'm past 4 months now and feeling great! Skin is mostly clear with the occasional pimple but overall dramatically improved. So much smoother and red marks are fading. I did a six week course of antibiotics and still trying to keep majority of dairy out of my diet. Still on Spiro 100 mg once daily. I am now using nerium at night to help with the lines/marks/scars etc. Just wanted to give a positive update! Still can't wait for the day where I don't have to wear makeup to feel beautiful.
22yo on Spiro
Reviewed on November 21, 2014

I've been on Spiro for 41 days and I'm just now seeing the results I'd hoped for. I have one pimple on my cheek but my entire face has cleared. I used to have cystic acne all around my mouth jawline and cheeks. I was on 100mg for 1 month and just bumped up to 125mg the last 10 days. I would recommend to anyone struggling with acne!! It does take time though and I am still hoping for more improvement over time.

by bm93 on 11/22/2014 01:56
Im so glad to hear that spiro has helped there anything else you are on or taking with spiro and I'm on 50mg a day been on it for 24days now you think it just takes time to see results?
Feeling uneasy...
Reviewed on October 2, 2014

I have never really had Acne until about a year ago. After reading several posts I think the factor that caused me to suffer such a sever breakout was going on and off of birth control 3 times in the last year and stress. I would have to say the end of 2013 and most of this year has been extremely difficult.

A little background about me... I am almost 29, and have suffered with thyroid disease for the last 14 years having been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at the age of 15. Then having radioactive iodine therapy at age 17. Which sent my body into a complete shutdown causing my thyroid to become hypo. For a really long time I was taking synthroid and it wasn't helping me at all. I was gaining massive amounts of weight, extremely depressed worst part was the excruciatingly unbearable pains in my joints, no energy couldn't stand to be cold, always getting severe colds almost pneumonia all of the time. Until about 2 years ago when I found this wonderful doctor who in a way saved my life. Since then I dropped all the weight, feel happy and healthy. No pain and then this.......

About a year ago my skin went crazy. My cheeks and neck became inflamed with nodules, cysts, and huge disgusting white heads. Then the picking and popping began. Everyday it was another and another and there wasn't one day that went by that I didn't get another one. I started seeing a derm by my office who would give me creams, washes and more and more antibiotics. for months doing everything as prescribed and not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. I changed my diet (which I was already eating very health to lose the weight) . I used organic this and no dairy and went for facials, even did Photodynamic therapy with and without levulan leaving more acan and now holes, scars and dark spots.... You name it I did it. After not seeing any results with the first derm about 2 months ago I started seeing another one. She started me the same way blu U, anti biotics, aczone, acyana, epiduo, etc, etc... Last month I went there just heart broken. I was about to host my boyfriend's 30th birthday and I couldn't even bear the thought of going into public like this. All I wanted to do was crawl under my covers and hide. The derm said lets try spironolactone.... She prescribed me 50mg's 2 times per day also kept me on minocylcen 100 mg once a day and creams aczone in the AM and epidou in the pm. wash 2 times per day with neutrogeona ultra gentle hydrating cleanser and cetaphil oil control moisturizer.

Today marks my one month on this medication. The only side effects i experienced were in the first few days a little lightheaded and dizziness.. that has pretty much subsided, I am very thirsty and Pee a billion times per day. I did have terrible initial outbreak in the second week which still has not gone away. I have ugly cysts on my check but I have noticed the amount of acnem i normally get is reduced and the length of time a pimple takes has increased. I don't know how much more patient I can be. M skin is still oily and I don't want to wear make-up but walk with my head down out doors because its just so heartbreaking. I am supposed to go back to derm on Monday. Hopefully something with give for me soon. My heart is just so heavy I can't even look in the mirror. If i have to go somewhere i have to cake on pounds of make up and that doesn't even help. I just want to feel pretty again. All I do lately is cry because I have done everything as directed and just nothing. I hope everything I read is true and I start to see improvement soon. I don't know how much more I can handle.

I will update again in a few weeks. Good luck everyone out there going through this.

by ang9243 on 10/07/2014 02:27
You just have to keep taking Spironolactone you have to go it more months.
by Downbutnotout85 on 10/07/2014 13:55
@ang9243. Today is the first day I don't have any new acne and my skin is beginning to heal. I am praying.
by ang9243 on 10/07/2014 21:36
@downbutnotout85 you should be fine you just have to let the Spironolactone do it's work because it works once you make it a habit of taking it every day. You have to give Spiro at least a year or something close to a year before you start seeing clear skin I don't even have to put on makeup anymore at least not pounds like before I just put on light stuff because my skin is so clear now it's amazing. I've been taking this for 18 months now (1 year and 6 months) you just have to be patient sometimes the side effects can be a pain in the ass that's all. 😞
by Shlebs on 10/10/2014 17:47
Listen to me...please do not give up! Your review has inspired me to post one of my own (it will be right above yours), because I was feeling EXACTLY the same as you are one month in. I've now been on 100 mg of Spiro for about 3.5 months and I haven't had a breakout in 3 weeks. Truly, how Spiro affects people is so may take a couple weeks for a [very] few lucky ones, and it may take up to 8 months or beyond for others. I'd say between 3-4 months to see a drastic change is typically average. I am confident this medication WILL help you, just let it do it work. :)
by Downbutnotout85 on 10/20/2014 19:13
So today was not such a great day. I woke up with 7-8 inflamed bumps. I ended up crying at my desk a couple times following my derm appointment earlier this morning. I have now been on Spironolactone for 6 weeks. I am just beside myself. How much longer :..................( When will I get to wake up and look in the mirror and just feel the weight of this illness lifted from my shoulders. It doesn't need to be perfect but just be able to go out without looking like pizza face.
by ang9243 on 10/22/2014 21:44
@downbutnotout85 I'm sorry to hear that you're battling right now, but you have to keep taking it to see results. It takes more than 6 weeks to see results. You just have to hang in there.
by jenblue on 11/05/2014 04:53
look into getting a hydra-facial at the dermatologist. Not pretty or relaxing but in a few days your skin will feel much better. I had an infected cyst and it is clearing up. The dermatologist will extract alot of the pimples but it will heal. please look into it, it is somewhat expensive but i swear it has helped me go through this as well.
by Downbutnotout85 on 11/05/2014 17:55
I just want to give an update.. Felling better I have 1 cyst and red marks and scars but not even one pimple. I have reached my 2 month mark and am finally beginning to see what everyone has been talking about. I spoke with my Derm she said that peels will help significantly with marks and scars and greatly improve my skins texture.. They are so expensive so I will have to figure something out. But I am feeling positive, hopeful and for a change at ease. Good luck to everyone out there if your suffering. No one should have to go through this!!
works only if you have pcos, hormonal acne. no permanent fix
Reviewed on November 2, 2014

I was diagnosed pcos 2 years ago and they put me on this drug. Worst mistake of my life.

I've recently discovered( change doctor)I don't have any pcos( weight 110 lbs, height 175cm, no hirsutism, perfect blood exams,no insulin issues, perfect testosterone and dhea levels even before this cure, no issues with menstrual cycle)and the previous doctor was totally wrong and gave a wrong diagnose.

My acne was never completely cured while on this drug despite being on 100 mg per day and despite my acne was mild, never more than 5 pimples/ papules per time.

Beware of the side effects which aren't mentioned like drying of the skin and scarring.

My skin became superdry in the last few months but my acne is still there. I'm weaning off of it but it's still dry.

Scarring, which I never experienced before, is caused by dry skin and the fact that skin wounds take more time to heal if the skin is dry. Acne is not only caused by oily skin but it has to do with the oil and the pores of your skin. That's why you don't cure acne just by suppressing oil, because even the smallest part of oil can get stuck in your pores if they don't work properly.

Moreover this drug is not a cure for your acne, because even if it works when you stop it your acne will come back.

You'd better give accutane or exfoliators a try, this is just a waste of time and no permanent Fix.

My skin has scars now Thanks to a wrong diagnose, a wrong cure and a stupid doctor who told me to stick with it for almost 2 years.

I'm considering a lawyer and will start accutane in a few weeks.

Even my periods went totally crazy,came every two weeks, and I needed a progestinic 4 days a month to fix it. Stay away unless you have real pcos or you are looking for troubles.

by dkknaj on 12/04/2014 04:10
your crazy, spiro is the most amazing medicine for acne. stopped my oily skin and greasy hair. NO more cystic acne. You need to use a moisturizer like cetaphil daily whether you take spiro or not to help skin feel soft and heal quicker. I was on Accutane, my skin was completely peeling, lips were splitting, not to mention every bone in my body ached including my heals just touching the mattress while I slept on my back. eventually acne came back. Spiro is the only medicine that has ever made any significant improvements on my skin. I have had acne since 14, I am 47 now. If I stop taking spiro within one month break outs appear again. I do not have pcos. My periods have also shrunk down to 3 days and very mild at that.
Reviewed on October 29, 2014

hello all, this is my first ever product review & i want to share my story. I'm a 24 y.o. female who has suffered with severe/moderate acne since about 12 or 13. BCP helped my skin for 6 years, keeping my acne under control (I was taking YAZ/YAZMIN). I went off bcp when I was 20, to give my body a break and broke out horribly. (As in over 15 inflamed pimpes and more than 2 or 3 cystic).

Going off YAZ, it took me 6 months to get a period back. In this 6 months, I was so worried I had permanently messed up my body, that I swore off of BCP forever, even with my acne troubles. My doc said "YOU WANT A PERIOD? I can give you a pill to induce your period?" (No doctor that is not what i want...) "you might have pcos, but I dont know go see the gyno". Couldn't get a gyno apt. For 7 months where I live. My period returned after 6 months, I got checked out and I do not have pcos. BCP just messed with my hormones.

I tried accutane for 3 months, and couldn't handle the dry flakey skin. Every time I would go to the bathroom, my face would be covered in visible white dry flakes. My lips were cracking no matter how much moisturizer/ChapStick. It was awful, and unhidable so I went off. Clearish skin after this (3 pimples on avrg) for about 2 months, then my acne returned with a vengeance!

Before I tried spiro , I used proactive for 5 months, (with horrible results, made my acne way worse) then the regime for over a year and it worked at first but started losing its affect. In the beginning worked " good enough" leaving me with about 6-8 inflamed & 1 or 2 cystic at once. Near the end of the only use for a year, before Spiro I was around 20-30 inflamed pimples, whiteheads all over nose and cystic acne all over jawline. Such a mess.

I waited about a month after getting a prescription for Spiro to try it, because I was scared of the initial breakout. I already had 20-30 inflamed zits and to think of it getting worse was almost unbearable. I also work in the remote wilderness so I was afraid of possible side affects during this time. After one horrible breakout in this month, I had over 30 pimples. I was so embarrassed. I didn't want to leave the house even with coverup on and working out in the bush I couldn't coverup my acne so I was always so embarrassed when I would wakeup with oozing zits everywhere everyday and new ones would form during the day while ide be working. I was miserable about my face, but I have suffered about my acne so much in my life I tried to just not care what I looked like.

My last job of the season was 2 weeks alone with a cute boy, so I dreaded having my usual acne filled face. I started taking Spiro about 1 month before this trip. My acne reacted almost immediately. I had a few patches of bad breakouts but nothing worse then my usual horribleness. My face SLOWLY has improved. The first 2 weeks I saw about a 10% reduction, I started in 25 mg. Week 3 I went up to 50, small improvements continued, about 20-30% better. Week 4, the week of the trip with the cute boy.. I uped it to 75 mg. My face slowly continued to improve. After 2 more weeks I now had maybe 10 or less inflamed zits at this point, still not perfect but WAY better than around 30! Holy crap!

That was about the 2 month mark.

I have now just finished month 3, and currently have ONLY 4-5 pimples. (And alot of scarring from my 30 pimple breakout). I am still taking 75 mg. I am going to get my blood tested and get some docs advice before going up any further. This med. Has been known to be tumorigenic in mice in high doses which scares me, but I hate my acne and am clearly willing to take chances just like a lot of you.

My skin is still regularly greasy but I can handle that.

I'm still breaking out here n there but that is a dream compared to what ive been through.

I get regular headaches on this med. but I have deemed the headaches worth the cause.

I had an extra period last month because of the med. Hopefully that will not happen again.

sometimes I get nausea after taking it, but I just try and ignore it

my mood and sex drive are unaffected :)

my energy level is unaffected :)

this med it a diaretic so I have to pee frequently

I have drank alcohol (not recommended) and I am usually a cheap drunk, but I feel this med makes the booze hit you extra hard. I did not experience bad side effects aside from a usual hangover. I don't drink often but I wouldn't recommend trying to keep up with your old limits.

TRY THIS BEFORE ACCUTANE! I'm no doc. But I've been on both and this has been way easier on me and less scary. The initial breakout was not as bad but my acne was horrible (worse then when I started accutane) when I started Spiro.

Be patient because results are so gradual and you may suffer a bit for them ( initial breakout, headaches, stomach aches, having to pee constantly). But if you are suffering anyhow because of the way you look, and the way people look at you, give this a try.

Its a slow improvent that has made me much more happy even though I still have a few zits.

Spironolactone as topical
Reviewed on October 26, 2014

Hi all!Iam 28, and I have pcos&insulin resistance and thyroid problems. I never eat sugar, have a special carbohyrate-diet with wholemeals, oat, fresh vegetables&fruits and meat, drink lots of water, tea, escpecially spearmint tea, because it's antindogenic. I take metformin xr and tryoid medicine, but my face, and my chest have bad, cystic acne. My doctor said my hormones are mostly ok, (except insulin and tsh ) so this is stress. I tried EVERYTHING,- even accutane & friends - but acne comes back. I didn't belive. :( In my country sadly spironolactone never used as an antiacne and antiandogenic stuff, so I can't try this :( BUT! I've got a pack of spiro, so decided to try to make a face-cream with it. Does is work? Have you ever tried spiro as topical on face? Did you ever tried to break the pills and rub it on face with some cream? Sorry if its stupid, but i havent got a better idea, to try spiro.

Doubting but hopeful
Reviewed on October 22, 2014

Each of you writing your reviews have encouraged me to stay on spiro and give it a chance. I have never had an issue with acne in my life at my worst breakout I had one barely showing blemish. I am 40 years old. In my teen years, 20's, 30's my skin has been fantastic, Iv been blessed in that area and never appreciated it until now. About 3 months ago this acne began, out of the blue and for no reason at all. I have had an under active thyroid for 18 yrs. I have been taking only one medicine in all that time and its been synthroid. Now i am actually on 4 prescriptions just for this sudden acne. I have an endocrinolgist who doesnt seem concerned at all and a dermatologist that seems to want to help. When i say i have always had clear skin Im not exagerating in the least. This sudden onset of severe acne has depressed me, changed me in someway. I dont talk to people in the eye anymore, I am more figity than ever before. Most of the time i just want to call into work and pretend I dont have to face people. The doctors havin taken tons of blood work have concluded that I have high levels of testosterone and they have further tested to find that I do not have PCOS which is all the internet research talks about. Neither doctor can tell me whats producing the high levels or why. So in my opinion how do you treat something that you dont know what caused it in the first place.? Anyway so I have been on Spiro for 7 weeks and i had the initial breakout that was awful and now only 4 news ones vs 8 to 10 a day. and the others are still there just less inflamed. I am now also taking Acticlate, sulfer cleaner, and aczone gel. Still after 2 weeks of all of it im still breaking out. I swear I am in my living nightmare.

by Downbutnotout85 on 10/23/2014 15:59
Your are not the only one!! I am on week 7 too... It is HORRIBLE. its slowly starting to improve. Today I have 4 big ones a few small 4-5 small ones and because its healing tons of scars and discoloration all in my cheeks. I still have marks on my neck but no new acne. According to everyone on here 5 more weeks!! What dosage are you on? My Dr was telling me she would like to decrease my prescription
by lynn462 on 11/20/2014 16:58
My dosage for Spiro is 100mg once a day. However im also on the acticlate and the other two and with all the meds - Im finally getting Clear!! Its working! My face is clearing up I still get 2 or so but not like before nothing like before! Im lowly gettting back to myself.......Keep going everyone and dont give up!