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Active Ingredients:
25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of Spironolactone.

Inactive Ingredients:
Calcium sulfate dihydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, peppermint flavor, polydextrose, polyethethylene glycol, povidone, pregelatinized (corn) starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide and triacetin.

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So thankful to have found this medication
Reviewed on August 12, 2014

I'm a 24 year old female. My acne has always been considered moderate to a dermatologist, but of course to me it felt severe. In the last few years my acne became worse than when I was a teenager. My zits were cystic, more numerous, and relentless. Unfortunately, my skin had a great effect on my attitude and my mood. Whether my day was good or bad was highly dependent on the degree to which I was breaking out. I had tried antibiotics, birth control, topicals like proactive, retin-a (of varying strengths), reducing my dairy consumption, becoming a vegetarian, and much more and with nothing to show. I think the constant nuclear warfare on my face in fact worsened my skin and caused further irritation. My mom emailed me with an epiphany one day. She recalled after her pregnancy with me she was prescribed a water pill to help her with some horrible cystic acne she was experiencing. She said it cleared her up almost immediately. I made an appointment with my doctor shortly after and was prescribed 25mg of spironolactone daily. The doctor was slightly hesitant, and she made sure to run through the list of every other prescription available (all of which I had tried) before agreeing to prescribe me this pill. I began this medication in March and it is August now and I truly could not be more pleased. My skin is not only clear but it is predictable. I don't dread looking in the mirror each morning only to discover 3 new massive zits. My skin is stable. I am not without some occasional small pimples of course, but they are small and infrequent. I'm not embarrassed to be seen without thick layers of foundation and I'm not afraid of humidity or sweating my make-up off. I'm so thankful to have found this medication. I only wish my mom had recalled her experience sooner!

(Note: I do take this in conjunction with birth control. The birth control pill never did the trick for me but it is possible the combination of these two medications are giving me the ultimate effect)

by cleargoal on 08/12/2014 02:32
Hi, thanks for the review. I've recently been prescribed Spironolactone but my dermatologist wasn't hesitant with a 50mg prescription. I'm also a 24 year old female with a very similar acne story. Could you share why yours was? - Cheers
by truegirl2anna on 08/21/2014 18:09
I am 19 and was diagnosed with PCOS. I take provera only for 5 days out of the month to regulate my period, however i am so thankful I stumbled upon your review. I am only on 25mg of spiro, and it felt as if everyone was only having success on 50-100mg. I don't have cystic acne, nor have I ever, I just have breakouts almost all of the time. 5-8 red irritatd pimples, along with oily skin. I would have to caked my make-up on to make it look like I had "normal" skin. So I'm right on the same boat with ya'! I guess I'm just scared because for the first 2 week my skin was already clearing up, and started having a "glowy" look to it, then all of a sudden BAMM! I broke out as if I had just wore make-up for 2 days straight, while eating greasy food before my period (which I had gotten my period a week before so I knew it wasn't PMS pimples) I just hope this is only an "inital breakout" that everyone says happens. Or if I just need to up my dose, then again I don't have anywhere near severe or cystic acne, just ugly pimples all the time on my cheeks and sides of my face.
Finally a perfect treatment!!
Reviewed on June 14, 2013

I've been on spiro for 5 months I have been taking 100 mg daily and am currently still at this dosage. I started spiro three months after completing my accutane course. Unfortunatly I broke out after the accutane. I started the spiro and started to clear up after a month of use. Since then I'm not getting cysts or big pustular acne. I get a couple white heads here and there but the full benefits of spiro can take up to 9 months to show themselves. So I'm looking forward to having clear skin long term!!


I've now been using Spiro daily for 14 months now. Still at the 100mg dose. It's managing to keep my skin nice and breakout free. I can't thank this medication enough. It completely rid me of the paranoia and fear of looking in the mirror in the morning and not knowing what I was going to face. I will admit I get a white head every couple of months. That's nothing to complain about! I do not have any side effects from the medication at all. All my blood results have come back perfectly. I love it!

by Cali04 on 06/17/2013 01:45
Are you using any gel? Or did the Spiro just work for you by itself? Thank you!!
by Like Moonlight on 08/25/2013 07:23
I'm not using a topical no. Just the spiro
Late 20s and finally found a cure with Spiro
Reviewed on July 17, 2014

I have tried everything under the sun, and finally my dermatologist prescribed Spironolactone for me and my face has been clear now for 3-4 months. It took about 2 months before I started noticing a difference, but it was worth it. Additionally, I also started running 3-4 times a week and doing Crossfit 3 times a week along with cutting flour out of my diet for all meals except 2 per week. Perhaps a combo of the Spironolactone, a good exercise regime and eating better was the key, but I am so glad because I have battled skin issues for almost the entire decade of my 20s. Also, it's a good idea to increase your water intake with this drug because it is a diuretic, so I have done really well with that. The more water, the better for your skin. Lastly, I swear by washing your face morning and night with the plain orange liquid neutrogena, applying Olay Regenerist moisturizer in the morning after washing your face, and using neutrogena concealer for small cover-ups and a little bit of the neutrogena powder. Foundation is the devil. Everytime I go back to wearing foundation, I can almost always bet on breaking out. Less is more when it comes to wearing make-up AND keeping your skin clear!

Major Improvement!
Reviewed on July 3, 2014

Hello all!

I have been struggling with moderate face (mainly on my jaw line and cheek bone area), back, and chest acne since I was 14 years old. I have tried multiple topical treatments, as well as oral antibiotics for my acne. Initially, each product seemed to work great .... until it didn't anymore! My acne has been a problem on and off for the past 10 years, as I am now almost 24. A total struggle! Finally I found a provider who actually wanted to help me clear up my acne. And of course I love her, as she is a physician assistant like myself. We decided to go with Spiro, because we both felt that my acne was mainly hormonal. Initially I was on 25 mg 2x / day. I had no side effects at all. Bacne - GONE. You would never know I had an issue. Face and chest not so much. After 3 months I went for my f/u appointment and she increased me to 50mg 2x / day and we added Retin A Micro (I'm using the generic form which is just tretinoin gel). In 2 weeks I've seen MAJOR improvement in my face and chest. I currently have no active breakouts, just some left over hyper pigmentation (which I am eager to get rid of!) I only apply the Retin A at night to affected areas (if I put it all over my face it gets to dry). I also use St. Ives anti blemish exfoliating wash every night (I swear by it).

HOWEVER....ladies pay attention to what makeup you are using. Once I switched to MakeUP Forever (you can get their products at Sephora) I have also noticed a HUGE difference compared to drug store brands. It's worth the extra couple of bucks and it lasts longer! I also wash my makeup brushes every other week...and I apply foundation with CLEAN fingers only.

DRINK DRINK DRINK lots of WATER! Not only is it necessary while taking Spiro, but it is just good for your skin in general.

All in all, Spiro gets an A+++ in my book.

I LOVE Spironolactone for my acne
Reviewed on July 2, 2014

I'm a female and I was on Accutane 2 times, then Ortho Tri-Cyclen and then Spironolactone for my acne. I decided it was finally time to share my story. You can see pictures too. My share is a bit long, but I wanted to be comprehensive. All or nothing. I pasted it in the blog:

by Sgala3 on 12/26/2014 20:08
*QUESTION I've been on Yaz birthcontrol and spironolactone 150mg for 1 year now , and I have been wanting to get off of Yaz birthcontrol but stay on spiro ,will I stay clear of acne if I stay on my spironolactone dosage and completely get off Yaz? Please and thank you
Reviewed on June 30, 2014

3 months ago my doctor put me on a 50mg dosage.. to say the least it did not help with my acne at all it was all around my jaw line and forehead. about a month ago he bumped my dosage to 100mg a day (2 pills) and ever since then my acne got 100xs worse!! Its all over my cheeks and my neck. Does it get worse before it gets better? Should I wait it out? has this happened to anyone ? any info would be great

by Ann B. on 08/10/2014 15:35
YES....It does get worse before it gets better. I think your doc did the right thing bumping your dose up. I started on 100mg and had the initial breakout about 1-2 weeks after starting, and let's not lie, it was a MAJOR breakout. Please be patient and don't get down. I would say it was very gradual improvement over the first 2-3 months....months 4 & 5 were where I saw the most amazing results. HANG IN THERE!
Miracle Drug for Oily Skin and/or Hormonal Cysts!
Reviewed on June 16, 2014

I experienced my first breakout at age 11, saw a dermatologist at age 12, and was prescribed spironolactone at age 15. (This was among all kinds of other topicals, and within the past couple years--I'm 19 now--a couple antibiotic courses). My original dermatologist prescribed spironolactone mainly to combat my extremely oily skin, which no doubt is a major contributing factor to my acne. It is still not "normal" oil-wise, but does not get noticeably oily after cleansing/applying makeup for 3-4ish hours now as compared to 45 min-1 hour before (yeah awful I skin hates me. The oiliness almost made me more self-conscious than my moderate/sometimes severe acne).

However, my original dermatologist retired and I started seeing a new one, who told me the main reason spirono is usually prescribed is for hormonal acne. This was never a problem for me before, but since I was about 17 I began getting cysts on my chin around the time of ovulation as well as the start of my period--but the spirono takes them down in just about 2 days!!! When I have been taking spirono religiously (i.e. not missing a pill for a couple months) I might get 1-2 cysts a month if that--which I can deal with. However, if I forget to take it for 2-3 days, sure enough its a guarantee that I will get a cyst or two within the next few days.

The only side effects I have ever experienced have been occasional dizziness or light headedness when I stand too quickly. Since I have been taking spirono for so long, I do not remember if there was an initial breakout or not. Because it is potassium sparing and has other potential side effects, you should get blood work done once a year if you are taking it long term. I have never had any problems, although my derm recommends that I avoid eating like multiple bananas in one day--too much potassium on this drug is no good. If you are experiencing more than mild and occasional side effects/are afraid to start spirono due to potential side effects, just make sure you are on the proper dosage for your weight, as it is important to find the balance between effectiveness and how much of the drug your body can tolerate. I am 5'6'' and 120 lbs and take 50mg a day.

Bottom line--if you have hormonal acne or very oily skin--try spironolactone!!!!! When used correctly, it is super effective and should have very little side effects.

Reviewed on June 11, 2014

Ok so I have had acne since I was a teenager. I'm 23 now so it's been a long time. I went on birth control during high school which managed the problem for a while. When I was in college I went off birth control for about a year, and then started getting horrible cystic acne. They were large, painful cysts which usually came 3 at a time. For a while birth control and antibiotics did the trick. After switching birth control and going off antibiotics, the cystic acne came back. Going back on antibiotics didn't work this time, so I asked my dermatologist about Spiro.

Accutane has always been my last possible result so I wanted to try this first. This site was what motivated me to try Spiro and I will say that it has definitely worked for me! Like everyone has said, this med takes time to settle in so don't be discouraged if it hasn't been a miracle after 2 weeks. I'm on my 3rd/4th month and I've started to see big big results. I changed my dosage about 3 weeks ago which has helped too (I'm on 75mg vs 50) so that may be what some people need to do. My breakouts haven't disappeared (I'm superstitious so I feel if I rave about this I'll get some horrific breakout) but they are minor if they happen and are basically pimples rather than giant cysts.

Originally I was wary about trying this because of side effects but here's the deal---side effects may happen, they may not and they are different for everyone. If it doesn't work for you, stop taking it. My side effects were muscle aches and lack of appetite during the first few weeks. The muscle aches went away (keep exercising, this really helps) and I really have no complaints about the appetite part, I lost some weight which is always a perk. Some people on here have said they had hair loss, weird menstrual cycles, weight gain. Again, this is possible, but if you are really looking for a solution, Spiro is worth a try.

by Sgala3 on 12/26/2014 20:11
*QUESTION I've been on Yaz birthcontrol and spironolactone 150mg for 1 year now , and I have been wanting to get off of Yaz birthcontrol but stay on spiro ,will I stay clear of acne if I stay on my spironolactone dosage and completely get off Yaz? Please and thank you?
Should I continue/stop? Is this normal?!
Reviewed on June 3, 2014

I've been on 50mg (25 in morning/evening) for about three weeks now. I am 22, and I went on accutane five years ago. My skin stayed clear up to this past March, in which I started experiencing bad cysts all along my neck/jawline/upper cheeks. This was new to me. I think it started because of a generic form of birth control I started (and a stressful time in my life), and I stopped taking the birth control immediately after the first month (acne only got worse). I am a healthy eater, and I exercise as regularly as I can. Due to my face condition, I rarely want to be seen in public however.

My dermatologist recommended spironolactone before trying accutane again. I am also using tazorac. To my horror, now along with my painful cysts, I am noticing tiny pimples forming on my chin and around my mouth and forehead/temple. My blackeheads on my nose are also worse. Is this normal? I would have thought my initial breakout would have ended coming up on the third week? Should I quit and start accutane?

I am so horrified and humiliated. I do not want to show my face in public. I don't know what to do, or if I should stay on this medication and try to be patient (even though it is worse than ever now). Please any advice would be helpful. I'm not sure if this is right for me...

by Leah12345 on 06/29/2014 18:40
Spiro is different for everyone, my initial breakout lasted about 3 months, then I got a little better for a month, then continued to have bad breakouts for a few more months. Even though it was really, really difficult to stay hopeful, I am so glad I did because my skin is now perfectly clear.
Miracle doesn't mean instant gratification
Reviewed on May 28, 2014

And that doesn't make accutane better. Accutane is scary.

There is an initial breakout and perhaps spotting between periods. This stabilizes. It took a full six months before I saw the results I expected. Skin is doing great, no complaints. Only side effect now is a change in appetite. I used to crave very sweet foods and now prefer savory, brinish food.