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Active Ingredients:
25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of Spironolactone.

Inactive Ingredients:
Calcium sulfate dihydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, peppermint flavor, polydextrose, polyethethylene glycol, povidone, pregelatinized (corn) starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide and triacetin.

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Tiredness as a Side Effect?
Reviewed on July 7, 2016

Hi, I'm 21 and just a few months ago had break outs all over my chin and neck. I'm so confused as to why this is happening given that I never struggled with acne to this level before. In high school I had crystal clear skin. Does anyone know why hormones change like this?

Also, I just uped my dosage to 100mg three days ago and have been very sleepy and sluggish. Yesterday I took a three hour nap. I haven't seen much about this side effect and don't know if it will go away or if it's serious. Any feedback would be fantastic!!

by jlie3 on 07/16/2016 07:35
I feel for you. I'm currently 25 and I started getting really terrible acne when I turned 20. Like you, I had perfect skin all throughout high school. It started out as deep painful cysts on my face and I made the mistake of trying to pop them (trust me, don't) because acne was so new to me. I just wanted them gone. I found a dermatologist who prescribed me a few different types of antibiotics, one which worked well for a few months until I became immune. Birth control made it worse for me and I really didn't want to deal with side effects of accutane so I gave up and tried a holistic approach which included a complicated mix of vitamin supplements morning and night. For a while my acne got better, though it didn’t completely clear up. Then when I was 23 it came back with a vengeance. I began getting cysts on my upper AND lower back, my shoulders, and my hairline. I saw several dermatologists and none of them suggested anything new – until I saw my current dermatologist for the first time and she suggested spironolactone which I had never heard of before. She told me that it appeared as though my acne was caused by a hormonal imbalance. I started taking 200 mg a day for 2 months but stopped because nothing changed other than my periods becoming irregular. Once again, I gave up. A year later I went back to see her out of desperation. She put me back on spiro and told me to give it more time. I'm SO glad that I listened to her advice and gave it more time. I've been on spiro for about a year and a half now and my skin looks just as good as it did in high school. I have to tell you that it takes a while for your body to get used to it but DON’T GIVE UP ON IT! It took 2-3 months before my skin cleared up completely and 4-5 months before my period became regular again. Like some other users I also experienced light-headedness and occasional dizzy spells, but I soon found that dehydration was behind those symptoms. Spiro is a diuretic so it is extremely important to stay hydrated while you’re taking it if you want to avoid symptoms of basic dehydration. I’m not a doctor, but from years of similar personal experience and hours of my own research it sounds to me like your tiredness may be hormone related. Fatigue is a symptom of adrenal imbalance. The adrenal gland is where hormones including testosterone are produced. Since spironolactone is prescribed to counter the overproduction of testosterone (aka the hormone behind your acne) both your tiredness and your acne are probably signs that you’re dealing with a hormonal imbalance. If that is the case then the spironolactone should actually help with both as long as you give it time. I would still tell your doctor about the tiredness next time you see them though, because there’s always the chance that it’s from something totally unrelated. Hope this helps! Good luck!
100 mg is the way to go
Reviewed on June 7, 2016

100 mg-- was what I needed to clear skin. I would say nothing more or less. Ive tried antibiotics, different birth control, changing my diet, and cutting out dairy-- this works.

I'm 23, and I've battled spurts of acne since I was 18. My skin would be very clear for months or years at a time and the all of a sudden breaking out everywhere. I went on Gianvi or Yaz first, which cleared my skin when was 18. When I was 18 after taking prednisone, my skin literally was covered over night. I only took it for about a year and a few months after going off it I noticed mild breakouts that occurred all the time. I went to a dermatologist, and was prescribed spironolactone 100 mg and one month later my skin was crystal clear. I stopped taking it, and didn't experience breakouts for over 2 years. After 2 years of literally perfect skin and no medication, I started breaking out on the lower half of my face. Eventually it was all over the lower half with almost no clear places. I was really upset and depressed and didn't want to see anyone-- it was an awful summer, avoiding people and any type of social interaction. I eventually went to the doctor and got on spiro again-- 100 mg. This time, I did not have the quick results I wanted. A side effect that I have noticed with spiro is a breakout period about one week to 10 days after taking it or upping a dose and ending around 2.5 weeks, my chest (something that doesn't break out) and forehead are covered in rash like acne. It's a week at most, but I guess its just my bodys reaction to the hormones. Ive also lost about 5 lbs every time I go on it. I also got back on gianvi both control. After a little over a month and no results, I went to the derm and he lowered my dose to 50 mg because I had upper cheek breakouts. This was a MAJOR mistake. I should have waited the prescribed 3 months. I tried to wait it out because I was told by numerous terms and on this board, it can take 3-6 moths for hormones to even out. My acne became severe on my upper cheeks only for the next 6 months and I was miserable. Even though my derm, told me to I didn't increase my dosage back to 100 mg, fearing the initial breakout I got every time I tampered with my dosage. My next step was going to be accutane. I spent so much of my day worrying about my skin and putting on makeup. Finally after 7 months on 50 mg and still moderate acne on my cheeks, I increased to 100 mg. Within 2 months, I now have clear skin with an occasional breakout. I think 100 mg and yaz is the best option for most people as well.

Reviewed on May 29, 2016

31 yo female who has suffered from all types of acne since I can remember. Visited the dermatologist in April and he prescribed Spiro. This is the first I had heard of it so I have done nothing but read reviews since. So far, I have noticed a reduction in oil production but not much in the way of acne reduction. I am still holding onto faith that another month or so and I will see improvement in that regards. However, I have extreme discoloration all over my face now. Has anyone else experienced this? Will it even out? I'm fair skinned but always have a red tint which I associate with the inflammation of my acne. is this part of the healing process? Please....I need answers as not much info on discoloration is available in these threads. Thanks :))

by lyssgirl on 05/31/2016 01:04
Go to [link removed] and get the glyluronic acid or lac-luronic acid to fade marks :) Spiro takes time, and so does evening of skin tone. But it will all fade over time
So happy for this drug
Reviewed on May 22, 2016

I started breaking out about 2 years ago when I was 22. - i have never had acne before that besides the odd spot.

I had moderate cystic acne mostly on the bottom half of my face. Anti-biotics would kinda help but the acne always came back. I tried to fix it with diet, that didn't work and it was honestly no way to live, I was becoming obsessed with food and constricting myself to too much!

I went to the dermatologist and he put me on spironolactone. I started on 50 mg a day for 30 days. It helped, but it did not clear it up… (I hear it takes a few months for most people though).

After 30 days my doctor bumped me to 100mg and added a birth control. In my case it is diane-35. My doctor told me that spiro works best to it's full potential when paired with a birth control.

This combo did WONDERS for me. I was acne free within 2 weeks. I still get tiny break outs when I am on my period but they are totally manageable and small, I wouldn't have even noticed them back when I had big cysts.

Side effects? Yup one major one, but I am not complaining about it. Weight loss! I was 130lbs when I went on this med and I now weigh in at 117lbs! I feel better about my face AND my body.

I sometimes feel my heart beating faster than normal, that is just an indicator that I need to down some H2o and I'm all good.

If you are a woman and you think your acne is hormonal ask your doctor about spironolactone and if it's right for you. Most GP's don't really recommend it because I think they are just not knowledgeable on it? That's only my assumption. I was going to the GP for my acne to get antibiotics and they did not recommend sprio to me. Once I went to a skin specialist they recommended spiro right away! Wish I knew about it earlier to save myself 2 years of agony on my face haha.

Thanks guys!

by mariemom on 09/23/2016 19:17
What type of birth control did you go on? Did you notice a side effect of losing hair?
Not for me
Reviewed on May 18, 2016

Spiro gave me awful breakouts until I hit 100mg which took 4 months. It spread to my cheeks and really took a toll on me. But after 100mg within a week I noticed i stopped breaking out. HOWEVER at the same time, side effects hit me. I told myself in the beginning I would handle the side effects but it was too much.

I felt weak, I couldnt exercise, I couldnt hold a conversation. I felt so awful, my heart was beating so fast that I thought maybe my birth control (yaz, which im off now too) was giving me a blood clot. I went to the hospital and all they could find was that I was peeing out all my phosphates (spiro is a diruetic). They gave me an attivan and it turned out it was also really bad anxiety. So dumb. I got off my bc and still had the issues and it was getting worse, I couldnt do anything without crying. I finally made the choice to get off it and feel like myself again. Im still breaking out but I never want to feel like that again

Reviewed on May 18, 2016

I always had really oily skin with hormonal breakouts which in turn made my skin completely unattractive - with often zits, scars, rash-like bumps, and painful cysts. I've only been on it for 2 month. I started to see results in about 2 weeks. I really love this stuff. I have no side effects what so ever and my skin looks amazing and is completely clear.

by AptStudent on 11/19/2016 03:23
Hey! What dose were you on? I am on 100mg...first week and i am breaking out so bad.
by GracieM on 01/29/2017 14:25
Hi! What dose are you on?
Helping with Hormonal Acne
Reviewed on May 16, 2016

I recently went to my dermatologist and got a prescription for spiro for 50mg twice a day based off a video called basic bitches guide to adult acne that I watched on youtube. Two months in and I have little to no side effects and my hormonal acne is clearing up nicely. I highly recommend searching the basic bitches guide videos (especially the morning time routine) if you are looking for products to battle the peeling or help with the process!

Life changer
Reviewed on May 16, 2016

I've battled with oiliness and mild acne since I was eleven years old. In my 20s and now 30s this turned into oiliness and having one to two large deep cystic pimples nearly every month. It would always start as a sensitive spot on my chin that would turn into a painful deep inflamed area. I've gotten more cortisone shots in the last 5 years than I could have ever imagined. Every trip, big event, work meeting was preceded with worrying about whether a cyst would appear and ruin the event. I can honestly say that spironolactone has completely changed my life. Since starting on 50 mg nightly I have not had a single cyst. It's been a miracle drug to me. No longer do I have to bring toiletries to work and wash my face half way through the day to control oil. I can go the whole day and look normal. Having a drier mouth and needing to go to the bathroom a little more is a small price to pay. I'd recommend to anyone suffering from hormonal acne! Good luck

yas 👍🏻
Reviewed on May 11, 2016

I love spiro. I have had moderate hormonal acne since middle school. I took spiro for about 2 years, stopped for a year and just recently started taking it again. I take 100 mgs a day. I think it's great for helping cystic hormonal acne. And when I do get them every once in a blue moon they go away much faster than usual. The only side effect I got from spiro were head aches at the beginning, but those went away after a few weeks. It also helped so much with oiliness which is a life saver. I would recommend spiro to anyone suffering from hormonal acne.

Good results, good experience
Reviewed on May 2, 2016

Having just completed my fourth month on Spironolactone I could not be more thrilled with the outcome. My acne has only been a recent struggle which started with a sudden onslaught of pimples in my early twenties after having a pretty good run with my skin throughout my teenage years. I had hormonal acne so it being an internal imbalance, no amount of fancy serums or radical diet changes were going to help clear it up. I was prescribed Sprio at my local GP’s office and placed on a dosage of 100mg per day, I’ve maintained this dosage since. The main side effect in which I personally experienced was the frequent urination and dehydration as a consequence. These have since subsided though and now I currently have no issues with the drug nor my potassium levels (having got them routinely checked). In terms of how long the medication took to have an effect on my skin, it sure as hell wasn’t a quick fix solution, nonetheless after three months of patiently waiting my skin cleared up miraculously and I haven’t had a single pimple since, hurrah! I did experience the dreaded initial breakout but it only lasted a couple of months and was well worth enduring in order to achieve the long term results which thankfully have today. So at this stage I will happily continue to remain on the drug alongside till partaking in the occasional blood test at the GP’s office tom monitor potassium levels. For just $25 for a three month prescription of Spiro here in Australia, this medication was an extremely cost effective solution to treating acne as well. I would highly recommend Spiro for any females experiencing hormonal acne only but encourage you all to take into account that it isn’t a cure as such but a masking solution to the problem, it will only work as long as you remain on the medication, so with that in mind if you’re skin isn’t that bad to start with, maybe don’t commit to such a drastic measure. If you do decide to start taking Spiro be sure to listen to your body and pay attention to any changes if you’re concerned as at the end of the day, clear skin is great sure but it’s not worth compromising your internal health when nothing was essentially wrong with you in the first place. Hope this helps anyone who’s unsure about giving Spiro a go and are also struggling with hormonal acne.