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Active Ingredients:
25 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of Spironolactone.

Inactive Ingredients:
Calcium sulfate dihydrate, colloidal silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone, hypromellose, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, peppermint flavor, polydextrose, polyethethylene glycol, povidone, pregelatinized (corn) starch, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide and triacetin.

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Seems like a Miracle Pill for Acne
Reviewed on January 17, 2015

I've been taking Spiro for about a year and a half now. Before I started, I had mild-moderate acne. But it was embarrassing, because I would get big pustules or cysts sometimes and NOTHING was working. I finally went to a derm who I knew prescribed Spiro and she gave it to me right away. I started off on 50 mg, then increased to 100. It took maybe 2 months to kick in and then I was completely clear. I didn't get a single zit for a YEAR. That's amazing if you're an acne sufferer like me. I recently stopped taking it just to 'experiment' because I thought maybe I had just grown out of my acne by now. But my skin's been breaking out, so I guess it really was the Spiro working. I've started taking it again and am hoping it will work just as well. If you're a female and have tried nearly everything, I highly recommend Spiro. It's also decreased my oil production in my skin so I am not having to constantly blot my face.

by username2155 on 04/08/2015 20:40
Just curious: did you take spiro alone or with hormonal birth control? My new derm prescribed both, but will not renew the BC prescription -- which would require me to find a new primary care physician here. Just curious if the spiro is working well for you without hormonal bc.
Not sufficient alone for me but a very big help
Reviewed on January 3, 2015

I'm 30 y.o. female, had adult acne for at least 10 years but it got much worse the past 4 (grad school and moving to Louisiana climate probably didn't help). My mother had terrible acne until menopause and I was almost resigned to the same fate after spending thousands of dollars on all sorts of stuff over the years, including dermatologists, with no long-term solution. I've been on BC the whole itme which has helped minimally. I tried spiro alone for a month and saw some, but not much change. What finally worked for me has been topical tretinoin cream (1%, the strongest Rx), WITH spironolactone 100mg in the morning AND a long cycle of minacycline to clear up the rest after the initial breakout/adjustment period was over. During the 3 days before and 4 days after my period starts, I increase to 100mg in AM and 50mg PM. It took about 3-4 months to get to a clean slate but for then for the past 3 months I've finally reached a good maintenance period where I can even miss a day or two of my normal routine / meds and not have a problem- now just waiting for the scars to disappear. It used to be disaster if I so much as used a different face wash. An important note though: For 6 weeks I was taking 100 am plus 100 pm. When I went for lab check, my potassium was on the borderline level. I had eaten a persimmon the day before, which is high in potassium (I didn't realize this until I researched it after the lab results) but still, I want to reiterate the importance of lab checks until you get everything sorted out if your doctor recommends. Heart health > complexion. Anyway, I did notice diuretic effects the first week but after that either my body adjusted or I just stopped noticing the frequency of having to pee. I gained 1lb since starting it but I don't think that is due to the spiro. My breasts were a little tender at first and my husband said they were a little bigger but I can't tell. Def better to take in the AM than evening if you have a choice though because you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night unnecessarily to go to the restroom. At first, my face was embarrassingly dry but this was primarily due to the tretinoin and I knew I just had to suffer through it. Now that my skin has adjusted, another (what I consider huge) benefit of spiro is my hair is much less oily (as is my face). Before I had to wash it every 3 days; now I wash it every 7-8 (unless I sweat a lot, in which case I'm washing on principle, not b/c it's oily). I dread having to give spiro up if/when I get pregnant. You def need to maintain dr's supervision on this med though. This is a long review but hope the info is helpful!

by bm93 on 01/07/2015 04:51
Is retin-a the same as tretinon because im using retin a daily and spirono daily has made a huge chAnge still have 5 tiny bumps on face and alot of red and dark marks from post cystic acne dat cleared up..
Started 12/11/14
Reviewed on December 27, 2014

I quit taking Camrese BCP's about 4 months ago, and hormonal acne kicked in. I have cysts on the right and left side of my chin and pimples down my jawline/neck area, hairline, chest, and back. At first I continued to break out, but now on day 16 of Spiro, I am feeling like it may be getting better. I have noticed that my skin and hair is less oily than before Spiro. I did also notice the diuretic affect during the first 3 days. I will mention that my breasts seem to be fuller and softer. I stayed the same weight so far. My dermatologist told me to give it 2 months to see results. I am 38 year old female, 130 lbs. I will report back with an update.

by 1976SJG on 01/01/2015 14:50
1/1/15 - 21 Day Update: All existing cystic acne is almost gone, no new breakouts. No more diuretic affects to report. I think that higher androgens must have always been my problem. And all the gyno's all these years just wanted to put me on birth control pills to help with the acne, which increased my estrogen and made me gain weight and have migraines. I will continue taking the 2 each of 25 mg Spiro every night and report back in a few weeks.
by 1976SJG on 01/23/2015 16:54
1/23/15 - 43 Day Update: So far this has helped with my hormonal acne. But I am still breaking out on each side of my chin. Not as bad as before. I will wait till the 2 month mark but I plan on trying to get an increase to 75 mg instead og the 50 mg that I have been on. All side affects have diminished but still a lil more thirtsy than usual.
by 1976SJG on 02/11/2015 19:20
2/11/15 - 2 Month Update: Increased to 75 mg per night, started taking Camrese again for birth control, lost 6 lbs in 2 months, decreased sex drive, clear skin, thirsty, leg cramp when working out, bigger breasts. That is my report. I am going to stay on this drug, because the hormonal acne affected my self esteem too much. I hear working out increases libido so I will give that a try. :)
not sure
Reviewed on December 30, 2014

48bf skeptical about taking spiro long term went 8 months using trin/1% anyone taken this at

this age

Initial Breakout: Not Worth It
Reviewed on December 25, 2014

Started taking 50 mg about a week ago. At first, nothing happened. Then I missed one dose and BOOM: my skin went nuts. I'm not sure if it's because I missed one dose or if this was the initial breakout kicking in. I've been taking for four days since and my skin's still bad. If this is the initial breakout, I'm not sure it's worth it.

by LW175 on 01/03/2015 21:35
I had a terrible initial breakout too - in part due to tretinoin - but it was totally worth it in the end (even though for 2 - 3 weeks I cringed at even leaving the house).
by claire1030 on 01/18/2015 18:49
I know how you feel. I didn't actually have an initial breakout, but I had a really terrible one about 5 weeks in. I didn't want to leave the house, it was horrible. Try to stick it out for a bit if you can!
Feeling hopeful!!!
Reviewed on December 23, 2014

I just started taking Spironolactone 100mg. Last night was my first pill. I'm praying to god this works for me because I feel like I am out of options! I'm 31 years old and have been struggling with large cystic acne for the past 6 years. I always have at least 1-6 papules on my jaw and chin at a time. Constantly!! then of course, when they calm down, they leave a big red scar! I never had problems as a teenager so it was a complete shock to me that this would happen in my 20s. Why me?? It has completely destroyed my self confidence and my social life. I hate going out in public. I feel disgusting. Even makeup looks horrible because you can still see those areas. I'm just so done! My question is, am I going to have to take this medicine for the rest of my life? I was hoping to start having children (just got married) in a couple years and I know you absolutely cannot take this while pregnant. When I stop, is it just gonna come right back?

by LW175 on 01/03/2015 21:40
It sounds like we're in a similar situation. I just posted a review above which might be helpful for you... I too am concerned about having kids but I think I'll just deal with it then. For a lot of my friends, their skin reversed during pregnancy - either they did not have acne before but then had terrible pregnancy acne, or vice versa. Same happened for my mother- she had bad adult acne but great skin when pregnant w/ me (she said). Then it got worse again after I was born. Not a big change in her skin when pregnant w/ my brother though- maybe b/c different hormone levels for girl vs boy? But I say stick with it and worry about the future when you get there. You're only pregnant for 9 mos and then +/- breastfeeding, then you can start it back if you want. Not that long in the big picture :) Maybe you'll find some topicals that help during pregnancy. I feel comfortable still using a very thin layer of tretinoin during pregnancy every other day or 3 days based on my research; just a thought.
by LW175 on 01/03/2015 21:46
....also, re: makeup still looking horrible - I can totally relate. What I found finally worked the best with my acne as far as covering it was to use bare minerals primer over acne meds and under the foundation; then put concealer on top of that. And I carried concealer for touch ups during the day (and used qtips / fresh brushes so it would always be clean, not re-using same brush for makeup w/o cleaning between). I never knew primer would make such a difference - I was so glad I tried it. But didn't feel like my skin would breathe as well so tried not to use it all the time. Don't let acne ruin your social life and confidence - go all out on it for a few months and power through the terrible initial breakouts/dryness... it'll be worth it once you find what works. As you can see in my review above sprio alone was not enough and I have a very specific routine of cleansers, moisturizers, etc that I use. I really had almost given up on getting rid of my adult acne but finally, after a few especially terrible months, reached the other side. Good luck!!
Have Yet to Try
Reviewed on December 19, 2014

Like a reviewer below, I was on the Implanon for the full 3 years until August 2014. After having the implant removed, within a week, I had a breakout that consisted on 5 inflamed cystic-like pimples on the left side of my face starting from my jaw line and moving upward towards my cheekbone. Before the implant removal, I had some mild acne, nothing near what it is today. I wake up with new inflamed pustules and cysts almost daily. I currently use Doxy 100mg daily since October and Epiduo topical nightly with minimal, and I mean MINIMAL (if any) improvement. My derm also prescribed me Spiro, which I literally just filled today, I am over this and over all the medication. My skin is definitely marked with hyper-pigmentation and some scarring. It sucks. My gyno said she has never seen or heard of this kind of change after the implant removal, but I have my doubts since nothing else could have wrecked havoc on my skin to this extent. I am going to try spiro and risk the side effects because I feel awful so anything that MAY help me is worth it at this point. I am concerned about period irregularities and refuse to take any oral contraceptive and go through this again in the future. I am 25 years old btw and have not experienced anything like this until now.

by bm93 on 12/20/2014 18:48
I feel like my acne was caused by removing the implanon and it sucks how it just had me breaking out since the removal of the implanon..I been on spiro now for almost 2months and I just hope this cures us stay patient
by CaliGrown on 04/25/2015 06:50
I'm pretty much in that situation as well, I don't think implanon has been around long enough for doctors to notice the trend because my doctor completely dismissed the idea of it being the implanon. I was on implanon and when the cycle ran its course literally the next day my face was breaking out worse than I ever had. So it was time for a new bar to be put in but I had insurance issues so instead of going to my doctor I went to planned parenthood and they put a new bar in, I hoped this would kind of reset things, but it never did. It has been over a year and I've tried so many things to clear my skin, nothing works. So I think it's time to take things into my own hands and seek out a dermatologist who will prescribe me this Spiro stuff. Good luck to you dear.
I'm unsure
Reviewed on December 15, 2014

I started this in Aug 2014 and my acne got better but in Nov I started forgetting to take it 5 days in one week and I went back on and forgotten for another 5 days the next weekend. Now it's full blonde crazy around my cheeks and chin and not sure what to do.

by Stanz on 12/15/2014 14:18
Sorry I meant 'full blown' acne all over.
by bm93 on 12/16/2014 04:38
Start taking it again but this time make sure you take it every day without missing a day..and speak to your dr to see what else he can prescribe you while the spironolactone starts to take affect.
7 months and I still have acne :(
Reviewed on December 14, 2014

I started spironolactone 7 months ago and I still have acne. I started taking it in May 2014 50mg a day. I have NOT seen any improvement, my acne just stayed the same. Big red and inflamed, all over my neck and chin really bad (that is normal for me). Last month my doctor upped my dosage to 100mg a day still no improvement. He said I need to come back and see him in February. I can't believe that is medicine isn't working for me. All the other reviews I've read are so positive and people are so happy. Should I keep taking it for another two months and just keep my fingers crossed or should I just give up and face the fact that this medicine just isn't for me? I'm so disappointed I had the highest hopes for this to work for me. I am a 32 year old woman with acne and I feel like I just wasted 7 months on this medicine. I am really sad but I'm am glad that others are seeing the results I wished I could of had.

by bm93 on 12/14/2014 06:54
There is a review down here where a someone started seeing results at 8months so I say hang in there give it another 2months andif nnot talk to ur dr ,stay patient!
by acnebegone82 on 12/14/2014 21:33
Thanks, I will hang in there for another 2 months. Fingers crossed!
by 1976SJG on 01/01/2015 14:58
Do you take it at night? Also do you take with a full bottle of water? I also limit my caffeine and sugar since I have noticed that I breakout more when consuming high amounts.
by LW175 on 01/03/2015 21:47
You might also consider supplementing it with other stuff. Spiro alone was not enough for me but in combination with other stuff is a necessary component.
by LW175 on 01/03/2015 21:48
(by other stuff I mean like for me I used minacycline for a bit and when I can feel a cyst occasionally thinking about popping up; also i use tretinoin (in pm) and benzyol peroxide (in am). Also keep my hair in satin hair wrap at night to keep oil from getting on my pillow.
by carolz on 01/05/2015 22:00
If you are using generic spiro get it from Amneal ask your pharmacist. I had the same thing happen it didn't work and then I found out that certain generic brands are better for acne because spiro is a heart medication and its use for acne is what they call off brand meaning it is more consistent for heart issues than acne. Also do a search for best generic company for spiro for acne and other manufacturers will be listed. My doctor did not know about this until I told him so you have to do your own research. Good Luck
by WJA1991 on 01/08/2015 04:32
maybe you have a food allergy which might triggering your acne? I find that alcohol gives me horrific cysts. Try altering your lifestyle and see if that makes a difference. I also tried DIM supplements which helped my hormonal acne. good luck!
The BEST decision I have EVER MADE!!!
Reviewed on December 13, 2014

Spironolactone: this medicine is the best decision I have EVER made. And I promise, I am not someone that had 2 zits on my face and was upset... I was someone that had large inflamed, painful, hormonal acne constantly all over especially my lower and middle cheeks (12+ zits constantly.) It was awful and I of course have bad red mark scarring everywhere, BUT this medicine has made me ACNE FREE! I started this medicine in mid August 2014 and now it is mid December 2014 and my face is wonderful (besides of course for the scars)

I had always suffered from acne in high school, but once I became a freshman in college my acne was out of control. The zits became larger and were spreading like wildfire. This of course continued and got worse though my second year of college. I am now a junior and this fall semester I started this medicine and I am a new and more confident person that doesn't stare at the mirror in despair crying and wishing it would all disappear. If you are a female, please please consider taking this medicine. I had taken blood tests to test my hormone levels, and the results were pretty much normal, but that did not mean my acne was not hormonal because mine sure as hell was and was awful. So please! Try this!!! I am on 50mg twice a day. I have had no side effects, besides wonderful and clear skin.

P.S. If I could attach pictures of my previous horrendous acne I so would, but sadly that is not an option!

Also, if you would like to read a really great clinical study all about this medicine here it is!

by momobabyx3 on 12/19/2014 04:02
What did you use in combination? Like face wash?
by carlitabohemia on 02/02/2015 14:13
This medicine has been a miracle for me too. I suffer from Perimenopause, ugh! I'm going on 9 years now, but Spironolactone has improved everything. Not only did it clear up the cystic acne, but the diaretic has removed all of the swelling, painful breasts, and irritability. It is doing so well for me that I just quit taking my birth control pills. A note on your scarring, you can try the derma roller on amazon. It is a roller with tiny needles that retexture your skin surface. You do it at home, when you have the time to do it. It works amazingly for acne scarring. Thanks for the clinical study link!