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Sephora Tanda Zap
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Sephora Tanda Zap


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Sephora Tanda Zap

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Sephora Tanda Zap

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Reviewed on March 2, 2013

When I first purchased this over a month ago I had very high hopes! I used it one my spots a couple times a day. First off, the batteries drain so quickly you have to replace them every few days, especially if you have a lot of acne! Secondly, I really did not notice any improvement. I tried it on a small bump under the skin hoping it would stop it from becoming bigger, and it turned into a very large and painful cyst. I used it on existing blemishes and even closed comedones, saw little to no improvement there either. It is very time consuming (2-3 minutes per spot... if you have even just 3 active pimples you will be going at it for almost ten minutes!). I think this product is best for people who get the occasional pimple, not for those who suffer from regular acne.

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Reviewed on July 3, 2012

it takes way too much time if you have a lot of acne (3 min per area) and when you have to use it so much it easily over heats so then you have to wait longer for it to cool down. I haven't noticed any real difference using it... waste of time and money

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Reviewed on February 20, 2012

The first week of regular use, I found it to be effective in flattening down raised acne on my face, although to do the whole face, it takes about 18 mins which is very time consuming. I started noticing that my teeth were getting more sensitive so I lessened the usage and then started noticing that it wasn't working as well so stopped using it altogether. My concern is the laser's effect on my teeth and who knows what else.