• I had acne on and off for 10 years and this is the first time my skin has been clear...I had severe cystic acne when i was 17-18 years old and I went on a round of accutane. It cleared up my skin pretty well but left really bad scarring. I did lasers for the scarring and it was moderately improved. Then, 3 years later my skin broke out again. I was getting pimples after pimples and it eventually spread all over my face again. I was so upset and so embarrassed with my skin once again. I tried everything all over again and no results. I decided to try the regime from acne.org because of the great reviews and the down to earth business model. I followed the regime religiously and saw results in just one month. By 3-4 months my skin was about 95% clear. Now i've been using the regime for 8 months and I rarely get pimples! It is a miracle product for me and I would really encourage everyone to give it a try! You MUST follow the instructions precisely! I'm so grateful for Dan and his products, he really saved my confidence!! I am more than happy to write this review for him because the regime TRULY works and you will be amazed with the results! Thank you again!

    guanmei Los Angeles, CA

  • Getting off contraceptive pills has given me severe acne all of a sudden. I was so frustrated because summer was coming up and I didn't want to go out with acne on my face. I wasn't brave enough to take before pictures but I had about 10 to 15 pimples for over 2 months. New ones were coming out every day and new scars were formed because I couldn't help picking the pimples. After 2 months of usage (I used the whole set), my skin got so much better. The complexion is smoother and skin tone is more even now. I'm now just using the cleanser and AHA+ to prevent acne from coming back and to take care of the scar problem.

    Vikki Norcross GA

  • Firstly, I want to thank Dan for his amazing regime. I can't believe it works!

    I wanted to go on accutane but I told myself to start Acne Org regimen and see the outcome. I suffered from endometriosis and that gave me big cystic acne which I never experience before where it was bumps under the skin which smiling caused me alot of pain! From my before picture, you can't really see those acne cos it's cystic! Underneath the skin! The first month when I started, i cried so many days cause I'm getting more and more acne but I stayed cos of one big difference I saw, my blackheads were completely gone!!! I read the success stories everyday to make sure I won't give up. The initial purging was a no joke. After 3 months, I've seen major improvement, the acne that came out seems to be so much smaller and cured wayy faster! And so I continue, now after 6 solid months! I'm finally clear!!! I do have some breakouts when I have this monthly "women's problem" but I was so shocked it was so small that I myself do not notice it until I have to put the mirror right infront of my face! If you are reading this, do not give up! Trust me, you will definitely see amazing results!

    PS: I never wrote review in my life, this is the first cause I need to share this!!!!!

    C.T. Singapore

  • Hi my name is Leah and I am 26 years old. Regimen is a very good helpful product for me..It gives me the confidence towards people especially during special occasions. I started to us it February 2014 and until now I could feel and see the difference before and after use of the product..For me Acne.org is the best product and answered prayers for those individuals who suffered from acne. Here is the cure and nothing more..

    Yangle Philippines

  • Thank you Dan, and team. The following are my before and after photos from 2011. After a miscarriage, my ongoing struggle with acne turned into a war. tried topical clindamycin, retinoids, and pill form antibiotics. All of these seemed to make it worse. I tried topic BP from other brands which were Far too extreme and made my skin peel as if I had a chemical burn. Three years after starting the regimen, I am still acne free. I travel regularly as a medical provider to extreme, overseas locations and environments, but this regimen is so simple I can keep it up anywhere and keep that professional face without the hassle of makeup in a place like Haiti. Good luck everyone, I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone suffering from long term acne and sensitive skin like me.

    amanda washington, dc

  • i've been following the regimen for 3 or so years. its has dramatically simplified/improved my life. 4 products, a few simple rules. done. Facescrubs...gone Pro-Activ.......out! 10% benzoyl.....done. i've used Anthony logistics, Mensscience, Lab Series, Kiehls, Jack Black. I'm telln you, easily couple thousand. Everytime I was out, try the new thing. and the real bonus? this forum. everything from shaving to getting product outa bottom of bottle (love that) . Dan, if ur ever in South Philly, believe me , i'll get you fed like nothn you ever saw. I'm a lil pushy. so any chance of makn body bar soap??? try ignore double chin in picture. only get thin in this city is jail.

    tuddyt philly

  • I got my first pimple around age 9. During puberty, I seemed to always be dealing with one or more big cysts at a time. I have no doubt that I made things worse by over-using and combining too many products as a teen. I definitely went through the school of hard knocks where my acne was concerned. I was forever trying to cover it up with makeup too, which probably only drew more attention to it. At 18, I was prescribed minocycline, which cleared my face up remarkably. I never had skin so clear and was thrilled. However, the side effects of being on antibiotics longterm were enough to make me stop. A few weeks after I quit, I had the worst breakout of my life. It took MONTHS of dietary changes and supplements to calm things down to a tolerable level. During that time, I went through a terrible depression due to my acne. At some point afterwards, I was put on Retin-A combined with a topical antibiotic, and that helped some, but I would still get an occasional cyst that would bring my life to a grinding halt. I eventually discovered relief with Neutrogena's On The Spot benzoyl peroxide and have been a 2.5% BP user ever since. About 5 years ago I decided to try Dan's BP and AHA. My skin has seriously never been better. These products are fantastic. Nothing calms down a potential breakout faster. I don't follow the regimen, per say, because I don't require a large amount of BP for it to be effective on me. The AHA is in a league of its own in terms of keeping my pores clear and my skin looking young. I will be 38 this year, and even after 15+ years of BP use, plus living in both Hawaii and California for my entire life, I have not experienced premature aging of the skin. Thank you SO much for making such potent and pure products. I am so impressed by them, and really love that they are paraben free. I recommend them to everyone I know who struggles with acne. I don't have any before photos because I never let anyone take any of me when my skin was bad. Best wishes!

    nerdburglar13 Pismo Beach, California

  • To whom it may concern:

    I am a twenty year old woman that has struggled with acne for over nine years. I have tried everything from diets, prescription medications, etc. I knew about the acne.org treatment years ago, but because I am a college student, I didn't have enough funds to buy all the products. I tried the drug store alternatives, but I didn't like that the BP cream that was offered because it left a white sheet over my face. After saving up some money I went and bought the acne.org treatment and AHA product. After about three months I'm shocked! At first I thought it wouldn't work because I was still breaking out in the first few weeks, but wow am I shocked! I hope this products stays on the market forever, because honestly there are no other treatments that are of a gel consistency that do not dry me out!

    Please try the acne.org treatment. You never know what can work for you and it's a deal with being only 26 dollars for a large 8 oz container. It costs more for a prescription BP of the same gel formula in 4 oz.

    Nabila Canada

  • I've been struggling with cystic acne since I was about 11 years old. Among the things I wasted money on to remedy my acne were over-the-counter soaps, creams, astringents, birth-control pills, Proactiv, Murad, prescription creams like Benzamycin, antibiotics, natural home remedies, you name it.

    Of course, all the while, I was so focused on getting rid of acne that I didn't realize that the harsh treatments I was using that claimed to cure it were perpetuating the cycle, drying out and damaging my skin further, which caused the acne to spread and intensify. All the things I was using and taking were wreaking havoc on my body (especially the birth-control. NEVER AGAIN.) I can't tell you how many nights I'd cry from not only the emotional anguish at the disfiguring scars, but also the pain of the inflamed blemishes.

    Sixteen years after my struggle began, my bone-headed self FINALLY decided to attack the problem by educating myself on acne. After reading countless books and articles, talking to dermatologists and viewing what seemed like hundreds of sketchy anecdotes online, at last, I found out about acne.org through a YouTube video testimonial someone posted that I actually clicked on by accident (read: Divine Providence). I really couldn't believe it was that simple, so I visited the website, viewed all the information "About Acne" and the treatment options, and then came to the Testimonials page.

    So many people just freely writing in to share how they'd been cured by this miracle product?! All that time and money I've wasted on things that didn't work and wrought havoc on my skin and body that didn't have nearly as many happy customers backing them up? I am SO glad I took the chance.

    To Dan: May God abundantly bless you! You and this product are a MIRACLE! To anyone reading this and considering purchase, DO IT! DO IT NOW!!! It's so worth it, and you'll have no regrets... except that you didn't try it sooner!!

    NappyBunny Virginia