• <p>It has been 2 years since i have said goodbye to my acne. I went from severe and painful acne to only having a spot every now and then. I struggled with acne from 8th grade year until i was a freshman in college, so roughly 6 years. The acne.org regimen saved my face and i am now acne free! I am so glad i decided to start the regimen and stick with it for so long because i am so proud of the skin i now have. I gained confidence that i never had because i was always trying to hide my acne and stay away from any attention i might receive but i don’t do that anymore.</p>

    Viviana Texas

  • <p>I am not sponsored by Acne.org and this is honestly my TRUTHFUL opinion about this regime! I highly recommend this if you have any form of acne and give it time!</p>

    Christine Dallas

  • <p>so I'm gonna start off saying that I never write reviews for products I never thought I would be on acne.org writing a review but I am because this is a miracle product. I had the worst acne since I was 16 and now is 21. I tried everythingggg I went to the dermatologist many times and what they told me was that my acne is very severe and told me the only way to cure my acne was to go on Accutane or do laser for the face so I did that and it was helping a little but not as much as I wanted it to and I was not taking Accutane. So the dermatologist put me on all types of creams and face washes nothing seemed to work. I tried every over the counter product even proactive nothing was working. So one day I was so tired of my acne and I searched everywhere on the internet and finally I come across acne.org I was skeptical at first but this was my last option. So I ordered it and it was the best decision of my life. The first couple of months were bad but that's normal is what I read on the forums and I was breaking out like crazy then after 4 months I was clear and couldn't believe it thank god I stuck with it. And for all the people that think this won't work I thought the same way and it did so everyone should give the acne.org a try its a miracle how clear my skin is. Thank you so much, dan for your products I use them religiously every day and I'm finally clear!! The after picture was taking 5 months into the acne.org regimen</p>

    paul new york

  • <p>I've suffered from acne before and for about 4 years so I know how frustrating it can be. I've been using this regimen for more than a year now and I cant tell you how happy I am with the results !! Give it a try and you wont regret it. Works on all types of skin and is very affordable. So what are you waiting for?!</p>


  • <p>I discuss the treatment and aha product by acne.org. I have had great success with them.</p>


  • <p>My Current Acne Regimen: Acne.org Clarisonic PMD</p>

    Erica BrittanyXo

  • <p>I just have to share my success story with you. I am ever so grateful with your treatment... the only way I had ever succeeded in having clear skin was through antibiotics or Accutane which only made me feel ill and once I stopped using them my acne only came back with a vengeance. Being on Acne.org's regime wasn't easy for me in the beginning because of the irritation, dryness and flaking of my skin, but I was consistent, persistent and very determined. After about a month I started to see improvement of my skin and the treatment didn't feel as harsh as it did in the beginning. I watched and educated myself with all of Dan's videos. The cost of the treatment is super low compared to everything I have tried out there. </p><p>I highly recommend Acne.org regime!</p>

    Debbie F. San Diego, California

  • <p>This is not a sponsored video at all. I bought this product after see all the good reviews about it and I decided to try it myself. For me, I having a trouble almost on my entire face. My forehead have those little pimple which is annoying and both of cheek have those redness from the pimple before. After I use the product for a couple weeks, I notice a BIG difference such as my face become much more flawless than before. Even my boyfriend who touch my face say how come my face can be really soft and no pimple at all. For those who never try yet.. Its your time to shine!!</p>

    Mega Indonesia

  • <p>I am so thankful to acne.org, and all it has done for my skin. Watch my review to hear the details of how acne.org worked for me.</p>

    Brigina O'Bryan Pasadena, California