• To everyone that is looking at these reviews to justify trying out the acne.org regime, this is for you. For everyone that's thinking "this won't work, I've tried EVERYTHING." Or, if your anything like me, for everyone that's thinking "woa, this regimen is expensive, and if it doesn't work, thats MORE money wasted on acne products."

    I've had these pictures sitting in my computer for a while. I took them specifically so I could track my own progress while on the regime, and hopefully one day be able to post my "success story." I've struggled with acne for as long as I can remember. It started on just my forehead when I hit puberty (which I thought was bad then) and by the time I was in high school, it began to spread down my face to my neck and cheeks. There was no way to cover it, except with makeup, which made it worse for many years.

    In college, it got much worse and painful (as you can see in the pictures). Red, inflamed, and just plain out gross. I felt disgusting in my own skin, so I knew I needed to start trying everything and anything I could. That's when I bought the acne.org regime, and the pictures and results truly speak for themselves. I dated all these pictures, the first one was taken 3 days after I started the regime, which was on December 27th, 2013. The last pictures in the green shirt and sparkly headband were taken right now, as I write this, so July 27th, 2014. Exactly 7 months later, here I am!

    My menstrual cycle has always screwed with my skin (some things even products can't change lol) so this is my skin after a BAD skin week. Those two blemishes you see usually aren't there. I stand here feeling beautiful in my skin again, and that statement truly speaks for itself. You will not regret trying out the regime, I know I don't! Thanks for listening guys!

    Marina Chicago, IL.

  • The history of my acne problems and how the regimen from acne.org changed my skin in just two and a half weeks.


  • (before photo 3 weeks ago, after photo today)

    I'm 15 years old and have mild acne on my cheeks, nose and chin. In my before photo my skin was the best it had ever been and i didn't think it could get any better. I bought the acne.org regimen 3 weeks ago today and although it was extremely expensive because of postage to England it was so worth it. The first few days I had quite a bad reaction to the bp and my skin was a yellow tone and very very itchy but it soon passed once I moisturised loads, it was quite embarrassing when I did have it during school time. After the second week of using a tiny pea amount of bp I thought to increase my bp dosage to 1 whole squirt... that was a bad idea because I immediately had the same reaction like in the first few days. The cleanser is amazing and so gentle and the moisturiser is also amazing however because I have such dry skin I have to use at least 4 layers so it kind of dyes my skin a yellow/orange colour so I use e45 for my last layer to make sure I don't look like one of the Simpsons and it also gives me a chance to moisturise my eyes properly.

    I'm so happy that I bought this regimen although I really didn't think it was going to work, its like a miracle and I cant wait for the weeks to come knowing by summer I will have clear skin. Thank you, I would definitely recommend this to anyone even if you have small pimples!

    Em England

  • I have acne for 5 years

    abdoumourid andjouza France

  • Hi, my name is Gus and I am 19 years old. I first had acne when I was a sophomore in High School and it's been a constant battle with acne since then. I've been to the dermatologist 4 or 5 times between then and now, but they were expensive and I had no idea what was in the creams/pills they prescribed to me. I then turned to alternative remedies earlier this year but they didn't really work. For some reason, the acne got really bad this year (April 2014, before picture). My self confidence sunk to a new low and I was afraid of looking people in the eye, knowing full well that my face was a mess.

    Thankfully for me, acne.org was giving trial-sized samples away at that time, and I thought "What the heck, let's give this a try". I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've made in my life. The regimen has made a world of difference to my acne in the 3 months that I've decided to commit myself to "The Regimen". What was left of those painful cystic acnes are now small, inconspicuous marks that will surely fade with time. I can confidently talk to people now without having the dreadful thought of them judging me because of my acne.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank, from the bottom of my heart, those involved in putting together "The Regimen". You have changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful for that.


    Gus Pamungkas Redondo Beach, California.

  • My first two weeks on Acne.org Regimen acne treatment system


  • First of all I have to thank you, Dan, for discovering this regimen. I don't know where I'd be today without it! I only wish I was on it when I was 14! Anyway, I'm now 21 and for the first time since I was 12, I have clear skin! It's absolutely amazing to me to be able to wake up and KNOW that before I even look in the mirror, I won't have any blemishes! I haven't felt confident without wearing makeup in a long time, and to be given back that confidence is invaluable. My old scars are flaking off and fading, and my skin is bright, radiant, and my cheeks always have a pretty light flush to them. It's incredible.
    Starting at 12 I began to develop pimples, with some comedones and blackheads. I washed my face with four different types of cleansers day and night and used drying toners and astringents in a desperate attempt to "dry up" my acne. I just ended up with more zits, and painfully red, blotchy, peeling skin. I had no confidence and would be so embarrassed to let anyone see my face. I avoided slumber parties, where I would be forced to either sleep in my makeup (yuck!), or remove it, which was not an option, as I felt I was unrecognizable without it.
    After a trip to the derm, I tried a few prescriptions with no success. Then I simply began washing and moisturizing my face, which made my skin a lot better, but did nothing for the zits. When I finally stumbled across your regimen, ordered the products, and used them as you recommend, I was astounded. My face was tight and dry for 2 weeks (so much so that I couldn't move my mouth!) but when that layer of skin came off - wow. My skin looked amazing, and no pimples! I could have cried! I have never felt so comfortable with my skin, and I'll never go off this miracle program! Thank you so much for creating it, and for offering generously sized, reasonably priced products. You've done a great thing for so many people - THANK YOU!!


  • I've had acne since I hit puberty and I had an early puberty. Yeah I hit it hard. I had really bad acne and I just hated it. My mother told me it was a phase and I'd get over it. I was so self conscious that I just hated getting my pictures taken and everything. My mom would also make me Chinese remedy to help my acne (didn't work too well), took me to the doctors (the drugs didn't work), many over the counter acne cleanser and what not (went through a lot), I even ordered Proactiv and I thought "Hey, for all skin...maybe it'll work" Just made my skin more irritated and didn't work. I just gave up and somehow I came across this site and said "Well...might as well give it one last try."

    I'm a soon to be 19 year old, first year college student and I started January 7th, and so this is my 4th week into it and my skin is CLEAR! For the first time, I took a picture of myself, took it into photoshop, fixed the colour of the picture (since my camera isn't the greatest) and for the FIRST TIME I didn't have to air brush my skin. It looks GREAT! Other than the few scars I already have (which I don't mind) My skin is CLEAR. You MAY get the occasional pimple but they disappear in a flash. The regimen really works and I can say nothing more but THANK YOU DAN! This really boost my confidence and I just feel great with clear skin.

    Allison London, Ontario, Canada

  • Acne free: acne.org the regiment

    Gladys Unknown