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Dear Dan,

My name is Mary and I'm going to be 31 this week and have been clear with your regimen for about two years. I want to thank you so much for making your web site!!!! You saved me alot of of money and frustration. When I found your site I was about a year or so into this bout of acne I started when I was about 28 or so, I was pretty clear up until this time then all of a sudden I started breaking out on my chin and all along my jaw line really bad( very painful both mental and physical). So I started to go to the doctors, With no medical insurance (very costly) and they said it was hormones and put me on all kinds of stuff, topical and internal. This one med was a blood pressure pill (can't remember the name right now) I started to have bad side affects including ,heavy bleeding and like panic attacks. After all that money and time I no longer wanted to be a guinea pig and thankfully I got PC right around that time and finally found you!!! Works like a charm!! The only thing I have been afraid of using is moisturizer because when I started I tried to use the Cetaphil oil free 15spf and I was getting these little bumps on my fore head so I thought maybe I did not need moisturizer because my skin had enough oils, Wrong!! I still have these bumps. Do you know what they are or how I can get rid of them? Is it safe to exfoiliate my face and what would you recommend? Also, I have discovered this make up line called Bare minerals have you had any comments on it?

I hope this email reaches you and you are able to comment! Again I want to thank you for caring about people like me because without this I would still be hiding my face! God Bless!!


Mary, Coplay, PA

I just want to say that I, as many of you, have struggled with acne for years, about 25 years, and I am so happy now. products, I've been using them for about 5 months now, have set me free from acne. I have been using the cleanser morning and night. I let my face dry about 5 minutes and gently apply the treatment both morning and night. My third step in the morning is to put the moisturizer in my palm with two drops of jojoba oil and apply this gently to my face. My third step in the evening doesn't include the moisturizer; instead I apply the AHA+ gently to my face.

Thank you! Thank you!

Brenda, Illinois

Hi Dan,

i bought your starter kit a few weeks ago: cleanser treatment moisurizer and aha cream and i must say it is phenomenal i never ever in my 43 years!!!!! yes it is good for adults guys!!!! had such great smooth soft pimple free skin (i never had bad acne just the odd spot and oily skin type) but i thought i am 43 now lets try dan from California.. cant be wrong.. i thought and i am amazed about the quality of the products the feel and the result... the cleanser is fabulous my skin is not overdry anymore but smooth and supple i tried nearly everything out there.... thank you so much daniel kern its fantastic !!!!!!!

andy, london

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