• <p>hi i am surekha from hyderabad , i very tried of acne problem , since 5 years on wards i am facing this problem , i consult so many dermatologist during this time but there is no use. i heard about you in youtube so please help me to reduse my acne</p>

    surekha hyderabad

  • <p>I'm not sure how many more of these messages you need , but I'm sure anyone who's suffered from bad skin and suddenly finds something that actually works on it, understands the joy and immense gratitude I feel right now as I sit at the computer without foundation on for the first time in years! I just wanted to thank you, thank you, thank you!<br />My spots started to clear straight away, although the redness and flakiness was a bit disconcerting at first. But, having read so many success stories, I persevered, and all I can say is, wow! My skin is used to the BP now so there's no more redness, and I've changed moisteriser to combat the flakiness. I live outside the US so I can't get the products you recommend but I've been using nivea soft and it's working like a dream. My skin is soft, smooth, and, thanks to you, SPOT FREE!<br />As I think of myself now it's hard to imagine that just two months ago I would go to the bathroom to apply more makeup before going to bed, so that my boyfriend wouldn't have to see my awful skin. I cannot reconcile myself with that person who had such awfully low self-esteem. I think it's difficult to appreciate the infulence acne has on your daily life until you begin to experience daily life without it.<br />Even more difficult to believe is the fact that such a brilliantly simple solution exists, and somehow you are the only one offering it, while the drugs companies continue to try and coax thousands and thousands of pounds out us on products that don't even work.</p><p>Thank you for sharing your regime with us, for making it affordable, for genuinely caring what happens to people's skin, for giving me back the ability to walk into a room with my head held high.</p><p>Thank you!</p>

    Madeleine Japan

  • <p>I wanted to say thanks for the great site! I've had moderate acne for about 10 years now. Have tried everything under the sun, even accutane. I love hearing everyone elses opinions, its really great to know that I'm not the only one dealing with this. I started your regimen earlier this month and was completely clear after three days. Thanks so much! I'm starting to question my doctor's credibility. Happy New Year!</p>

    Erin Kansas City, MO

  • <p>I decided to try the regimin after reading Dan's story which <br />sounded just like my own. I've had moderate/severe acne for <br />about 17 years, and I've tried everything. The only thing that<br />ever worked was accutane, but I don't recommend it. My acne <br />was flaring up again when I went to the web to try something <br />new and found the regimen. I've been using it for a few <br />months now, and it actually works! My skin is about 95% <br />better which I am very happy with. My skin will never be <br />perfect because I have a lot of scars and enlarged pores from <br />the many years of acne, and I still get the occasional pimple, <br />but my skin is so much better now! I don't use the regimen <br />perfectly though. I use apricot scrub with my cleanser and <br />neutrogena foundation and powder. I would advise anyone to <br />try the regimen. Give it at least a few months before quitting.<br />Acne takes time to heal. Your skin does adjust to the BP and <br />stops itching after a few weeks, but lots of BP is key! My skin <br />peeled at first, but now it barely needs any moisturizer. <br />Thanks Dan, for my confidence back!</p>


  • <p>Hi there!<br />I am sure you've heard it a million times, but I just want to say thanks! THANKS!!!! I don't want to say it, because it seems every time I get excited about my skin it flares up again, but that hasn't happened since I've started using your stuff...so...I have clear skin! Holy crap! I'm 29, and have been struggling with my face since I was a teenager. I am so thankful for your website, and your products. Thanks so much! Don't ever stop making this! You're a genius! :)<br />Thanks!</p>

    Amber Aurora, IL

  • <p>Hi Dan! I know you have tons of these success stories already, but I wanted to add to the huge list to encourage others. I have struggled with cystic acne for about 5 or 6 years. I've been on every antibiotic under the sun as well as lots of other meds. Finally, about 4 years ago I went on Accutane and my acne completely cleared. But, as you know, you can't stay on Accutane forever. The minute I went off of it, my acne was just as bad as it was before. A couple years later I went on Accuntane AGAIN, only to have the exact same reaction when I went off of it for a second time. I had finally resigned myself to feeling like I would just have to live with my acne. </p><p>Then, in September, I was so frustrated one day I just Googled "how to clear cystic acne" and found your site. I was so encouraged by your story and all the success stories that I decided to try the Regimen. It took a long time to see steady improvement, but I can honestly say now that my skin is 100% clear! It's a miracle! </p><p>My advice to those who want to start the Regimen is to not get discouraged. It literally took 3 solid months of going through the Regimen for me to see results. Sometimes it was so frustrating to be doing everything right, and STILL have bad breakouts. </p><p>I would also advise others to use jojoba oil with their moisturizer so that they can avoid the flakiness (my skin flaked really bad with the BP). It works wonders but you kind of feel like a greaseball afterwards. :) As a female, I would also advise the other ladies out there who wear make-up to be aware that your morning routine may take a bit longer than usual since you have to wait for the BP to dry, wait for the moisturizer/jojoba oil to dry, etc. I've had to revamp the way I get ready in the morning (ie, dry my hair while my BP dries, etc.). </p><p>STICK WITH THE REGIMEN! Give it a good 3 months of disciplined use before you switch to something else. Don't give up!</p><p>Thanks again Dan!</p>

    Gina Texas

  • <p>My acne was never severe, but it was always there--and it made my face hurt, whenever I smiled or raised my eyebrows. My brother had heard from a friend that the regimen worked well, and I ordered it last November. I'm happy to report that my skin is completely clear. Even better, I now feel so confident in my skin that I don't wear makeup anymore. Using the regimen has truly changed the way I look at myself, and for that, I'm grateful.</p>

    Caroline Maine

  • <p>Right, so it's only been about 3 weeks, but to be fair I could easily have written this a week and a half ago. This stuff is actually a miracle! It's got some magical joo-joo or something that just makes it so fab!!! </p><p>I've had bad skin since I was 12 (18 now) and have never really found a 'cure' for acne. Stuff's made it better, stuff's made it worse, but I've never really found anything that made my skin literally perfect. Even when I had phases with no acne, my skin still had a bumpy feeling. In close up pictures, my pores looked clogged and nasty. Just not a nice skin texture. </p><p>The Regimen has 1. Gotten rid of ALL my spots and 2. Completely smoothed out my skin. It's stupidly good. My skin now looks crystal clear, and I can easily go out without make-up without wanting to tear my face off. </p><p>The only down-sider is maybe that my skin was very awkward after a week of using it, but I know that it was only getting used to the Benozyl Peroxide. It actually feels nice going on now. </p><p>So...my verdict? Try this stuff, now. I dawdled around this website for two years before trying it, and I wish I'd tried sooner!</p>

    Jade Derby, England

  • <p>After one month using the regimen, I feel confident enough to say I'm very happy with the results from using Dan's products! I have used many products before (most of the Neutrogena and Clean Clear products), I have been on antibiotics, clindamycin, epiduo, etc. but none have worked as well as this. During the first week, my skin completely purged ( I got more breakouts than before) however during the second week, the breakouts went away quickly. I used to have a million whiteheads on my forehead and now all I'm left with is acne scars ( which I hope will go away after I start using the AHA +). Dan, you are truly a lifesaver, I can't thank you enough except to make sure everyone uses your products because they are definitely worth the money!</p>

    Cynthia North Carolina