• Hello, I just wanted to say a massive thanks for these products and all the advice available on here. I have suffered from body acne for 12 years, ever since I hit puberty, and this is the only thing besides the pill that has helped me. I've been using Dan's products for two months now and, although I'm not completely clear yet there has been a huge improvement - I only have to deal with two or three spots at a time now, which as far as I'm concerned is a very manageable amount! The size of the products is also great, I'm still on my first order and I'd say they've got about a month's worth left in them, so the value for money is really wonderful too. I'd take Dan's advice on acne over a dermatologist's any day. Thanks again!

  • Hi, I have had a longstanding problem with acne since I hit my teens and it was always very difficult to control. The only real success I ever had was with a topical antibiotic. But unfortunately the bacteria developed an immunity. Then I found this website and said, "what do I have to lose?". Well after a few weeks I saw significant results. I no longer wake up and think ok lets see what the damage is today, instead I have the confidence that this regimen is really working. I rarely get pimples anymore, and if i do they are significantly smaller and typically heal faster. The best part is bacteria cannot develop an immunity to Benzol peroxide!!! Thank you Dan Kern, your regimen saved my face, literally!

    George Texas

  • Dearest, wonderful Dan,

    I've never written to anyone before about their product - good or bad. But I had to do it this time.

    I have a 16 year old son, whose acne in the last 3 years was getting so bad; it was affecting every aspect of his life, and really getting him down. We tried prescription creams and antibiotics, but they didn't work. We were finally going to try Accutane as the last resort, when I came upon your website. What luck! And thank god I decided to give it a try!

    I don't want to write too much, because I want to make sure everyone reads this and that it helps other kids out there whose lives are miserable because of acne.

    Well, the main reason I decided to try your program was because I could see that it wasn't a money making scheme since your were not pushing any particular product. Anyway, I looked for the BP and I found a 5% one and bought it. This was a mistake. It made my son's face super red and dry and flaky, and after a few weeks of this, we stopped completely for a couple of weeks. Then I started him again on a 2.5% BP. Well, it didn't take too long to show results, and this time without any of the harsh effects of the 5%! It was fantastic. It was only when I was sure that the treatment worked that I decide to buy the product from you, since it comes in larger quantities. And now (after 2.5 months on the program) he’s also started on your AHA for his chest acne and for the red marks left behind from the old acne. And this seems to be working very well too.

    I wish I had taken good close-up pictures of his face before he started, so everyone could see the difference.

    I just had to thank you, Dan. I hope you realize how much good you're doing. I know it sounds melodramatic, but I think a lot of people reading this understand what I mean. You are truly wonderful for doing this.

    Thank you again,

    Bobby Toronto

  • Whoa, this thing actually worked. Ive been suffering through acne for a long time and no matter what I did I could never get it to clear up or anything but after I started doing this, after the first 4 or 5 days my skin was almost clear.


  • AH! Dan, i love you. I was really nervous about using the benzoyl peroxide and that it would make my skin more red and worse, but I took my chances and this nasty breakout on the side of my face dried out almost instantly. i've actually used the on the spot treatment many times before but it never works cuz I didnt use enough. thanks alot. i've actually dropped the benzamycin and tazorac that my dermatologist gave me for this much simpler solution..thumbs up..

    Fran Queens, NYC

  • I have had mild to moderate acne for the past 3 years. I know that that isn't bad compared to most of the people on this site, but since I am a freshman in high school now, looks really ARE everything.
    I have just gotten a boyfriend, and I want to look my best. He said he really didn't care about my acne, but I sure did. Besides, he was just trying to be nice.
    I just got your regimen two days ago and already my skin is smoother and many of the isolated big pimpes around my face are either shrinking or gone!
    I'm so thankful. I'm really hopeful that this regimen won't let me down, and in the next few months that I will have perfectly clear skin.
    I recommend this to everyone!
    I've tried ProActic, AcneFree, and Accutane. None worked, and 2 out of the 3 costed my family quite a lot.
    This regimen is cheap, and it WORKS.
    Thanks so much again!,


  • My name is Jodi. I'm a 25 year female who is new to the world of acne. I've always had perfect skin and i've always been complemented on how beautiful my skin was, up until about 6 months ago. I'm not sure why it happened to me & could not figure what I was doing differently that was causing such a severe breakout. I tried everything, the most ridiculous products & treatments. I was desperate & nothing was working, in fact it seemed to be getting worse. I was one day away from a dermatologist when I came across your website. I have a hard time trusting any advice or products that come from the internet as I have been scammed before, but after reading the free advice you give & how you offer the information that the products can be purchased at your local drugstore, I was convinced that this wasn't a scam. So I went out & bought everything you told me & followed your instructions exactly. All I have to say is THANK YOU! I noticed a difference the very first day. I have almost no side effects to the Benzoyl peroxide. The only thing I noticed is my skin is a bit dry, but thats a small price to pay for the results I have received. I recommend this to everyone. And to show my appreciation & support of this website, I will from now on buy my products from you. I think this is a wonderful & helpful site & I thank you again for making me feel & look beautiful again.

    Jodi Easton, Pennsylvania

  • I started Accutane (shudder) because I was at a loss with my skin! I'm 27 and it seemed that as I grew older, my acne just got worse. I had red spotted scarring all over my cheeks that I painstakingly covered with concealer everyday. I began to get cystic pimples and horrible breakouts that were tearing apart my self-esteem.

    A few weeks after I started Accutane I began to feel sick all the time. My body felt achy and weak and I was easily angered. I read about side effects of Accutane and the outlook seemed grim. I'd rather have poor skin than ruined joints, so I quit. That's when I found acne.org.

    I have been using the "Treatment" ever since the end of December (it's now March) and I can count the tiny pimples I've had on ONE HAND! It is a miracle! I only have to use the treatment once at night and my skin has been so clear! I'm so thankful to you that you've made this available and affordable without a prescription. My skin is beautiful, I feel more confident, and it's changed my whole self-esteem! I even notice men checking me out often now!

    It's fantastic!

    Lindsey Austin, Tx

  • I am so glad to have found your website. The benzoyl peroxide solution works great and I have made one tube last for almost a year! It's amazing and affordable! I love it! Thank you so much!

    Corri AZ