• I felt that your video was so simple and yet so helpful.
    I have never seen a person demonstrate the importance of blending in the acne medication and also the importance of using products which are non-irritating.

    I found that Neutrogina's One Less Stress was superior to the Benzol Perixoide 'On the Spot' formula.

    My skin is so clear now and your advice has helped me a great deal.
    Thank You.

    Vanessa New York, NY

  • Hello Dan.

    My name is Alexander, I am 16 years old, and I have suffered from mild to moderate acne since I was about 12. I tried numerous products to make the white heads and black heads go away, but to no avail. About a year ago, I found your site, and considered trying your regimen, but had a lot on my mind and forgot about it until about 9 weeks ago.

    I am not a bad looking guy, but my acne caused me to have low self esteem. I realized that I had very low confidence, unreliable friends and no girlfriends (I go to an all boys school), and it was time to change my self image and improve my life, and this began with getting rid of my acne. I found your website again and tried your regimen and it immediatly started working. I wish I had started it 4 years ago, so I never would have had to live through this.

    I am now almost acne free, have started working out, and dress much better. This has improved my self esteem greatly, and thus I am no longer afraid of bad friendships or women. Actually, girls have started approaching me! My social life is the best its ever been, and I feel better about myself then ever before.

    One of the most shocking things I have learned from this is how badly people may judge you based on the fact that you have acne. Since I have gotten rid of my acne, people now respect me much more, I am much more popular, I get invited to parties, and most importantly I feel great about myself. My own friends are coming up to me and asking me my secret on getting rid of acne. Let me remind you that I had only mild to moderate acne, and I can only imagine how it must feel for people who have it worse.

    I want to thank you for putting this website up, and for taking the time to think about the average person with acne. I had given up on curing my acne problem about 2 years ago, yet now I am almost free of it! I wish I could do more to thank you. Feel free to use this letter for your success stories section.

    Thanks again, and God bless you!

    Alexander Ontario, Canada

  • Dear Dan:

    I've been on your regimen for a whole year now and I can really say that's it's changed my life. There were times in my life where I was literally sickened to look at myself in the mirror. I was down all the time and I rarely ever left my house. Over the last year, while on your regimen I have slowly but surely crawled out of my dark depressing hole. I'm happy again and it's all thanks to you. Thank you so much for sharing this site, your advice, and your experiences. To everyone reading this, this is the real deal. You truly are an amazing person Dan. Thank you again

    Yours truly,

    Devin Alberta

  • Hi there.....when I first started the regimen, I read through countless success stories and they gave me lot of hope. I've been waiting until my skin is truly clear to share mine.

    Before my first pregnancy, I used retin-a and antibiotics to keep my skin clear, but when I became pregnant, I had to stop using those things. I looked at friends' perfect, glowing skin and knew that my whole outlook on life would change if I were able to get clear again. I wasted so much money on different products and irritated my skin horribly using one thing after another. I felt completely frustrated and helpless -- nothing worked.

    Last summer, I visited home (I live overseas) and my skin was so bad that I avoided seeing old friends I wouldn't be able to see again for years. I went to a bookstore and found a book co-written by Dan and decided to give the regimen a shot. I did it half-heartedly for a month or so before getting serious and ordering supplies from acne.org. I thought the products were great -- honestly the best I've ever used. I began in October, and my skin has cleared gradually -- certainly not as quickly as some people say theirs has. I kept retuning to the boards and was reassured that many people had taken months to get fully clear. It took me about 4 months to stop getting breakouts entirely, and five months to have my post-acne red marks lighten. I absolutely love not feeling as though I have to wear makeup and I never skip seeing friends now. It truly has changed my life and my overall mood. Having a breakout used to make me feel so anxious and stressed -- how awesome to be able to focus on other things now!

    I just got married on the beach and felt totally confident wearing minimal makeup -- my photos turned out great. Now in my second pregnancy, I'm incredibly grateful to have the smooth glowing complexion that I admired on others before. Thank you so so much -- this is a life-changing program.


  • Hi Dan,

    I'm now 21 years old and have had moderate acne since my puberty. I've tried everything, and I mean everything there is on the market, including two cures of accutane, which only helped a little.. the side effects were so horrible (my eyes got dry and irritated) that I decided never to use it again, regardless of my degree of acne. Your program is the first that actually seems to work for me, I'm starting to clear within a week! When I came across your site, I immediately decided to follow your program. The reason you got me hooked so quickly, is that your site is NON-commercial, you're not trying to sell me anything. And the fact that you just put these helpful free videos on your site to help the people with acne is amazing. Second of all your treatment makes sense! (By just waiting 15 minutes between washing and applying I reduced most of the redness instantly, but I've never come across a patient medication guide to do that). I was always trying to keep my skin as dry as possible, but now I see that causes a lot of irritation, which in the end makes the acne worse...

    Thanks so much for doing this!

    Gijs The Netherlands

  • I started the Clear Skin Regimen after using proactiv. Proactiv worked for a while but it did little good. My sucsess starts on a lovely thursday evening in July. My mom had come home from work with a stack of papers telling me that i should try your regimen, what did I have to lose?. I hate that phrase. Everytime, you get all worked up about a new solution, even though you told yourself doing so was a mistake. Then having it collapse on top of you making you feel even more hopeless. I tried it anyway, beacause I had nothing left short of Acutane to try. Three days in I was stunned. Most of my acne was either gone, or was withering away. Then two days after I got hit hard. I was so mad, not only had it come back it was worse. The next day I visited the site for myself. I found a page that my mom didn't bring home, the what to expect page. I found that my outbreak was to be expected. So far I am stunned as to how acurate that page has been as far as a timeline. Just today, I had to go to a school function, and one of my good friends said they almost thought I was someone else, because of how different my face looked. I can't explain how good that made me feel. I also can't wait to actually to go to a party instead of finding a way out. I have now been using the regimen for about two weeks, and can't wait to see even better results. I prayed for five years for GOD to fix my face, and then he sent me you. Thank you sooo much.

    Mackenzie Missouri

  • Dan- Thank you sooooo much. You are doing such a good deed by sharing all of you're experiences as well as you're knowledge with us acne folk. I have tried so many products that I am almost shocked how simple it really is in the end. No prescriptions or nothing. You're regimen is working so well. At first I had my doubts. I thought I was using a lot of bp, but when the regimen wasn't working, I upped my dosage. It worked like magic. THE KEY IS USE A LOT OF BP!!!!!! I was also on a erythromycin pill when I first started using you're regimen. This pill did nothing. I stopped using the pill the same time I started using a ton more bp. My acne has cleared significantly since then. This could be because├ŽI upped the dosage or because I stopped using the pill. Whatever it was, I now don't try to hide my face in public anymore thanks to you. Again, THANK YOU!!!!!

    Clear in California

  • Dear Dan,

    For years I have struggled with constant, annoying, and unsightly bacne. I thought the best way to fight it was to wage all-out war. I bought the strongest over-the-counter products possible, until my bathroom looked like a pharmacy. Yet my bacne never went away - many times it even looked worse! Then I stumbled upon your website and read about The Regimen. I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. I began by using Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash and Neutrogena On the Spot. In a few days, I saw a vast improvement, but I knew I would go through a tube a week of Neutrogena using the recommended dosage. So I ordered your 8 oz. Treatment (which arrived unbelievably fast, by the way), and now, 2 weeks later, my back looks beautiful! I can't believe it! It's like my skin is thanking me for stopping the abuse. The Regimen works, and just in time for summer's bathing suits and backless tops. This is the first year that I won't spend in front of the bathroom mirror, contorting myself into all sorts of positions, trying to spread concealer on my back before going out. Thank you so much!!

    Stacy Rochester, NY

  • As a woman in her mid-30s, i used benzoyl peroxide in my teens but it never made much of a difference, and i mostly grew out of my acne. It has come back a few times during my 20s and now in my 30s. It is clearly hormonal but i don't want to be taking anti-androgen hormones into my 40s so i started looking for other treatments. As i am a doctor, i have access to a lot of products and have tried most of them, but what really works is the Regimen- all relatively cheap and available in my country. Your site, together with Paula's Choice, which i found through an acne.org form, have helped me tremendously. I think you are doing a wonderful job. Acne is not a fatal illness but it causes a great deal of suffering among young, and not quite so young, people. Thank you!

    Anna Sweden