• My son uses this treatment. He is 14. He started getting acne when he was young (12)! We tried a popular brand you see on tv, he woke up with swollen lips, swollen cheeks, it was bad. I found acne.org by just doing online research. It was worked so well, it seriously makes me tear up. My son can't live with out it and now enjoys taking care of skin since we found a product that has positive results. Thank you so much!!!

    Tracy Orange County

  • Hi Dan, I had acne in high school. Luckily, it cleared up my senior year and my face was pretty clear all through college. Now I am 26 and started getting acne again. Out of desperation, I jumped on the internet and found your site right away. Because it was so easy and cheap, I started the regimen immediately. Overnight, all my pimples scabbed up. In one week, my face was completely clear. It has been a little over a month and my face is still clear! Thank you for sharing your regimen. I have been and will keep on sharing your website with my friends and family!

    Jacquelyn Santa Barbara, California

  • Hey Dan!

    I've had issues with acne all through my teen years, and used a number of items, both Rx and over the counter, as well as systems like Proactiv. About 3 years ago, my acne started to get real bad, going from regular pimples to nodules and other painful inflammatory lesions. Not fun, especially in my early 20's. Needless to say, I was frantically searching for something to help, and after annihilating my face with that OXY 10% BP stuff and other remedies.

    I finally found acne.org and gave your products a shot. I started with just the BP, then the moisturizer, and now I switched to your cleanser as well a week or so ago. Both your products and your system are absolutely fantastic! I'm now 25 years old, and my skin is completely pimple free (and looks clearer and smoother than when I was 10!), and your advice has helped keep it from getting irritated or scarred. Even shaving is a breeze now (I have to shave every other day, since I grow very lame looking facial hair), since I don't have any painful bumps to avoid.

    I'm a pharmacist, and acne is a common question I get from my patients/customers. Before, I kind of had to give half-hearted answers, being unsure of what worked and what was just marketing garbage. Now I can say that I confidently recommend both your website (for information) and your product line to almost every person who asks for an acne treatment regimen, even to patients being seen by a dermatologist. I feel a lot of dermatologists just hand kids a script for a retinoid when something like the Regimen would work just as well, with less redness, and without a $50 copay for 25 days worth of medication. Huge props to you for coming up with a gentle, efficacious, and cost-effective acne treatment. I, for one, intend to remain a loyal customer, and will continue to use and recommend the Regimen as long as you keep making it. Take care, and many thanks!


    Randy H. Aberdeen, NJ

  • Hi Dan,
    I've know you've probably heard this a thousand times, but your program really works.
    I've had adult acne for almost ten years. I've tried lasers, peels, doctors, estheticians, diets, medication...nothing worked! I found your book in the public library and in less than a month my acne cleared!
    A year went by and I was still happy. Unfortunately, because my skin was so clear, I started to lax on the regime. This caused me to break out again and I even developed a few cysts that left scars. urrrgggghhh!
    Well, I went back on your program and the acne cleared again! I got some treatments for the new scars (needling, saline injections) and they are improving. The needling is amazing!
    So I learned a valuable lesson here, not to get lazy, esp. with something so simple that could have saved me a lot of grief. But I'm back on board and I tried not to kick myself to hard anymore for falling off.
    You've inspired me so much, I want to become an esthetician (with needling skills for scars) and help as many people as I can.
    If you are ever hiring and looking for a employee to help spread your word, please contact me.


    Kathy Los Angeles

  • Hi Dan! I know you have tons of these success stories already, but I wanted to add to the huge list to encourage others. I have struggled with cystic acne for about 5 or 6 years. I've been on every antibiotic under the sun as well as lots of other meds. Finally, about 4 years ago I went on Accutane and my acne completely cleared. But, as you know, you can't stay on Accutane forever. The minute I went off of it, my acne was just as bad as it was before. A couple years later I went on Accuntane AGAIN, only to have the exact same reaction when I went off of it for a second time. I had finally resigned myself to feeling like I would just have to live with my acne.

    Then, in September, I was so frustrated one day I just Googled "how to clear cystic acne" and found your site. I was so encouraged by your story and all the success stories that I decided to try the Regimen. It took a long time to see steady improvement, but I can honestly say now that my skin is 100% clear! It's a miracle!

    My advice to those who want to start the Regimen is to not get discouraged. It literally took 3 solid months of going through the Regimen for me to see results. Sometimes it was so frustrating to be doing everything right, and STILL have bad breakouts.

    I would also advise others to use jojoba oil with their moisturizer so that they can avoid the flakiness (my skin flaked really bad with the BP). It works wonders but you kind of feel like a greaseball afterwards. :) As a female, I would also advise the other ladies out there who wear make-up to be aware that your morning routine may take a bit longer than usual since you have to wait for the BP to dry, wait for the moisturizer/jojoba oil to dry, etc. I've had to revamp the way I get ready in the morning (ie, dry my hair while my BP dries, etc.).

    STICK WITH THE REGIMEN! Give it a good 3 months of disciplined use before you switch to something else. Don't give up!

    Thanks again Dan!

    Gina Texas

  • This stuff STILL works for me! It is still the ONLY thing that has worked for me. A continuous thanks to you guys!

    Ian tempe, az

  • Hello, I just wanted to say a massive thanks for these products and all the advice available on here. I have suffered from body acne for 12 years, ever since I hit puberty, and this is the only thing besides the pill that has helped me. I've been using Dan's products for two months now and, although I'm not completely clear yet there has been a huge improvement - I only have to deal with two or three spots at a time now, which as far as I'm concerned is a very manageable amount! The size of the products is also great, I'm still on my first order and I'd say they've got about a month's worth left in them, so the value for money is really wonderful too. I'd take Dan's advice on acne over a dermatologist's any day. Thanks again!

  • Dear Dan, My daughter, now almost 18 has had acne since she was about 13. We had been to 2 dematologists. She had used many types of prescribed medications plus antibiotics. Nothing worked and in some cases caused more problems. She even took the birth control pill which helped somewhat, but she still had major problems. You should see her now! After 2 weeks of the routine she looks great and is thrilled. For the first time she can leave the house without three layers of make-up. She looks like a different person. Her skin isn't red anymore and she has virtually no pimples. Thanks so much for spreading the great advice.


  • Dear Dan,

    Thank you ever for much for bringing this regime into my life. I found out about the regime about 3 years ago, but recently decided to give it another try. I found that when I followed directions exactly to the letter, my skin vastly improved. From the tender age of 13, acne has been a part of my life and has done its best to ravage my self esteem along with my facial skin. Now I have following the regime exactly for about a week and a half, and alll the little pimples that had resided with me for so long have smoothed out into nothingness. I forgot what my skin had looked like without them. I feel I look beautiful and healthy after all these years and I owe it all to you. Thank you for providing such an important public service.

    Sarah 19, Vancouver