• <p>My story is not unlike others... I have battled acne for many years. It started to get bad when I turned 14. I am 20 now, and I spent my entire teenage years hating my face, trying to cover it with ugly thick makeup. I tried EVERYTHING. My parents spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on dermatologists, cleansers, 'miricle drugs', you name it, if they have an info-mercial, Ive tried it. I have used Retin-A for 6 years now. I was just about ready to get on Acutane, because this was the only choice I had left, OR SO I THOUGHT!! My mother came accross your website and I reluctantly cut all my meds and other cleansers and just tried this simple solution. Within days, no kidding, my face started clearing. Its been about a month and a half now and my face continues to clear, It is amazing. I never thought I'd be able to go outside without makeup on. Its taken time to heal my face from all the harsh meds I used and finally my skin feels soft and it is clear as day! Thank you so much...You dont know how this has changed my life.</p>

    Krystin Albuquerque, New Mexicio

  • <p>Dearest Dan,<br />I don't even know where to begin thanking you. I have been using your products and regimine for almost 2 years now. It was pure coincidence (actually, I see now that it wasn't) that I ran across your website. You have changed my life. I know you know how it feels to have bad, painful acne, not to mention the embarrasment (I am 30 afterall!!). To make a long, long story short and brief, I have a rare pimple every once in a while now. I mean, my scars are almost all gone and I actually am to the point now where I don't remember what if felt like to have had bad acne. Thank you for your creativity and diligence and selflessness to help others. You have changed my life. Thank you, thank you exponentially! The new website/products design is fabulous! Keep up the good work and continue to be encouraged by our words of gratitude.</p><p>Gratefully,<br />Vanessa</p>


  • <p>I can't begin to tell you how greatful I am that you have shared your secret with the rest of us. Like most other people I've done it all but stopped short of perscriptions and Accutane. This doesn't mean that the severity of my acne was all in my hmind. My problem was I didn't have the health care coverage or financial means to get prescriptions. I spent much of my time experiementing unsuccessfully. Every single time I thought my face was clearing a family memeber would say 'are you using anything on your face to treat your acne?' Eventually you grow tired of hearing about it....</p><p>So, for six years I suffered with dozens of fail regimens and during that time I began washing three times a day because I noticed marginal improvements. However, my face became extremely oily and unbearable. I looked like I was sweating half the time and it made me more self-conscious than the acne. However, if I stopped washing that third time my face got worse...that was the cycle.</p><p>Finally, I came here and decided to give your regimen a shot after a dispute with Proactiv. After some embarassing flaking and dryness incidents my skin is not only clearing considerably but it is no longer oily on your regimen. If it weren't for this regimen I wouldn't have the confidence I do right now. Again, thank you and best of luck in all your future endeavors.</p>

    Robert Amherst, MA

  • <p>Thank you so much for sharing your regimen with everyone! Like you, I tried everything (except Accutane) to control my acne for the past 10 years. At 27 yrs old, I was in tears over my acne. Nothing worked, and if I did find something that did help, it was only temporary. I'm so glad I found your website (Google). It helped me realize that I had been using ALL THE WRONG products. They were too harsh for my very, very sensitive skin. I'm using Purpose liquid soap and moisturizer, along with the left over bottle of Proactive repairing lotion. (Yes, I plan on purchasing the more economical BP gel). I have been on the regimen for 2 1/2 weeks now, and these are the best results I have ever experienced! My forehead is completely clear, and my cheeks (my problem area) only have a couple of pimples under the skin. The red flare-ups are gone, and scars are already starting to disappear!! Thanks again for sharing this invaluable information.</p>

    M.B. Columbus, OH

  • <p>Hi! <br />First I would like to thank you! These products (Cleanser, Treatment, and moisturizer) have worked very well for me! My acne disappeared in less of a week! My friend says that I have such a nice skin, and that must be a good thing! But you should market your products, because I know many people who would need these products. I live in Norway, and I am very happy about you.<br />Thanks !</p>

    Magnus Norway

  • <p>I have been using your system with great results. Now I only breakout a little during my period. I have a little scarring from before. Thanks, Jenny</p>

    Jenny Philippines

  • <p>Hi there!<br />Just wanted to say a quick but very important thank you for bringing me the Acne.org regimen. </p><p>I stumbled upon your website nearly 11 months ago by googling "acne solutions" in a moment of desperation. I suffered from moderate to severe acne all through high school, and it was a source of constant embarrassment for me. I didn't feel pretty. When taking pictures of myself, I would always purposely not include my forehead in the picture so that no one would see the bumpy red minefield covering that part of my face. I was very skeptical of your regimen at first, as I'd tried pretty much everything out there, but lo-and-behold...it worked! The solution for me turned out to be just using gentle products on my face. Contrary to what companies like Clean and Clear will have us believe, being 'tough on pimples' really only irritates the skin more. I still get the occasional blemish, but my skin is more or less clear these days, and I owe it all to your website! </p><p>Thank you for giving me my confidence back!<br />Love,</p>


  • <p>Hi Dan,</p><p>I just wanted to thank you for your regimen!</p><p>I am 24 and after 9 years of acne I almost gave up all my hope! But then I accidently clicked onto your website and though I should give it a go.</p><p>Now after 10 months of your regime I am almost clear! Of course I get the occasional spot every now and then but that's ok. Especially during the winter my chin used to be very bad and I was afraid that the acne might return this winter as well but so far it is all good. I reckon that I’ve finally overcome the times of acne and demoralizing sessions in front of the mirror.</p><p>Thank you so much!<br />Best wishes from Germany,</p>

    Marc Germany

  • <p>Dear Dan,</p><p>I never normally do this &ndash; but I had to write in and thank you for all of your wonderful work at acne.org. It had been a complete inspiration and life-saver for me! Please excuse the excessively long rambling e-mail, but I had to share my experience with you, please feel free to use this as one of your success stories.</p><p>My name is Amanda and I live in London in the UK. I stumbled across acne.org at the beginning of December &rsquo;08, desperate for anything to help me skin. I had completely given up hope and then found &lsquo;The Regimen&rsquo;.</p><p>I have suffered with moderate-severe acne since I was 11 years old and now I&rsquo;m almost 25. I have tried endless over-the-counter products, homeopathy, acupuncture, anti-biotics, every cream and pill but to no avail, I was just progressively getting more and more miserable and hiding myself away from any form of social event. I kept hoping that I would grow out of it or the next product I would use would be the product that would change my life. After almost 13 years suffering my dermatologist recommended I try the infamous Accutane (or Roaccutane over here in the UK). I had one course of this drug for 5 months and it made a significant difference, I wasn&rsquo;t completely clear but I was grateful for anything at this stage, but I found myself getting so depressed I almost had to give up work. Now my skin was better but I still didn&rsquo;t want to go out!! Then after 2 months of me finishing the course I could feel my skin getting oily again and see new blackheads and spots coming back!</p><p>I am not exaggerating in saying that I think this was one of the lowest moments in my life. I thought that this abject horror was gone and done away with and all I had to deal with was my feelings &ndash; when it comes back. I couldn&rsquo;t handle another course of accutane but there was nothing else that had ever worked! So it was a choice of be miserable or continue to suffer with acne OR a miracle. It was then in this desperate state that I discovered &lsquo;Acne.Org.&rsquo;</p><p>I thought &lsquo;what the hell&rsquo;, your directions and explanations about acne seemed sensible and the products were not over priced, so after mulling it over for about a week I ordered the products and followed &lsquo;The Regimen&rsquo; religiously.</p><p>I&rsquo;ve been on the regimen for 8 weeks now and guess what - I am completely clear!!! Even my beauty therapist who used to give me facials before I started regimen was amazed by how great my skin looks now. She was so impressed that she has asked to see the acne.org products and wants to recommend them to other clients!</p><p>No spots or breakouts from week 6 and there are NO emotional side effects that I need to worry about. I am gradually getting over the side effects of the accutane as it is flushed out of my system and feeling so much better emotionally&amp; physically. Now with my clear skin and new found confidence and am discovering a life that I never knew I had.</p><p>Dan &ndash; you and acne.org (as well as your wonderful colleagues) are my miracle. I want to truly thank you so so much.</p>

    Amanda UK