• About two years ago I spent the WHOLE night looking online for remedies to cure my acne. I was miserable, and consumed by my problem. I stumbled upon your website, and have been totally blessed by it. I love the fact that you had solutions that I could get at the drug store. I watched your videos, bought the products and was amazed at how fast the painful symptoms started to wain. After about a month with the store bough suggestions, I decided to use your products. And I have been even more impressed with the quality of the product itself, and its effectiveness. Thank you thank you thank you!

    You have a committed customer!

    Monica Cashmere, Wa

  • Dan,

    I'm a 55 year old male with mild, but irritating acne problems. Since I deal with people often, my complexion problems do impact my comfort level at times... very frustrating!

    I found your site yesterday and started the Clear Skin regimen last night. I'm following your regimen as well as your warnings so hope to be able to give you a good report in a few weeks.

    I will say that psychologically I'm already feeling better as my first day with BP (am using the Nutrogena On-the-Spot until my bp gel arrives) did not cause much irritation or redness.

    So... thank you... and I'll keep you posted if you wish.

    Grateful in Dallas,

    Jim Dallas, Texas

  • Dear Dan,
    I tried your "treatment" cream last year and was a fan of how well it was absorbed & how it cleared my skin. I recently purchased the whole regimen kit with aha and jojoba oil because I wasn't getting the results I wanted with the treatment creme alone.
    Omg! The difference the whole kit used together makes!!! The moisturizer is the absolute best (and non greasy) formula I've ever tried. I've spent $100s of dollars on products in the past couple years alone. I've had cystic acne for 15 + yrs and antibiotics were the only thing that worked until... The Regime. I just started mixing the moisturizer with aha at night and it was the extra kickstart in healing that my skin needed! My skin is so soft and get this.... actually looks younger (I'm 30)!!
    I have so much more time to spend doing other things than washing and picking and treating. Its so simple now. The results seemed almost instant and get better every day.
    Please Dan create a scar treatment!! I'll buy it!
    Thank you for breaking the acne cycle and for helping us regain our confidence.
    Best, Ashley

    Prettypleasedear Pittsburgh, pa

  • Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found your site and wonderful products. I'm 42 years old and wish I would have found you 30 years ago!!! I bought the intro. kit along with a tube of the AHA. I only just got everything a few days ago but my skin already looks great and looks better and better every morning. Thank you so much! You've found a custumer for life:)

    Kelly Ohio, USA

  • Dan,

    Thank you so much! I don't think I need to tell you how amazing your regimen is, but I will because the reviews I read were what made me decide to try this stuff, and it was the BEST thing I ever did. I saw results in as little as TWO DAYS!! I have been using your products for almost TWO YEARS now and I still have beautiful skin! I no longer try to hide my face because of embarrassing acne. Instead, I know I am beautiful, inside and out! I now have my confidence back. Thank you so much!!!


  • Hello
    I started using this system a week ago and already it is improving my condition. Thanks! I will order some of your product once I get paid to help myself and to say thanks to you again!

    ian phoenix AZ

  • For the past six years, since my senior year in high school, my face was covered in acne. Nothing that the dermatologist suggested helped. Proactiv did not work. Murad did not work. Three months ago, I stumbled across Dan Kern's website, and I took a chance on the Regimen. MY FACE IS SO CLEAR NOW! I love it! The Regimen has changed my life. I am not longer self-conscious and feel like people are only looking at my acne. Thank you for providing this for us, Dan!

    Heidi Pennsylvania

  • Hi Dan! I'm in the third week of the Regimen and I must say it is working out more than great! My jawline acne is totally gone and all I have now are some dark spots from some old acne.

    To be honest I was sceptical about your rather simple Regimen. I'm 30 and I've tried a lot of different products, including Accutane. Nothing really worked for me. I really wish I knew about the Regimen when I was a teenager... I think now as living proof of the fact that the Regimen works, I'd recommend the Regimen to everyone I know with acne issues!

    And the AHA+ stuff is great! I felt like a few spots were coming and AHA+ totally prevented them from breaking out!

    Sincere thanks, Dan!

    Marco Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • I was lucky to stumble on your website after doing a web search on acne. To be honest, I was a little sceptical at first. But now, I can't thank you enough.

    After years of BP 10% (which on many occasions had literally burnt off my spots), I was a little hesitant to try out your regime. But, after trying out everything on this planet I decided it was no loss. So I bought myself a tube of Neutrogena OTS. The regime wiped out my spots in just a matter of days but it was extremely drying. But I persevered and went through the first 2 weeks of agony. Although OTS managed to get rid of my spots (and kept them away for a month), I hated the white flaky residue that came with it. And it was a nightmare to spread around the face. So, I decided to order a couple of tubes of the CSR gel.

    The CSR was an instant miracle! I've been on the regime for 5 months now and never get any breakouts, only the occasional spot (coz of picking or a late night). I've also been able to use other thicker moisturisers & serums to soften my skin. And all the red marks left behind by my previous spots have virtually gone. So many people have complimented on my skin recently!

    And the best thing is that after 5 months, I am still using the same tube of CSR gel! I think I must be one of the lucky ones who can use just a small layer (I have a very small face!). I'm now onto the last dregs and took your advice and cut the tube in half and scooped the residue into a small container. I think it will last another month!

    Thank you for your website, and for a great product!

    Hu Beijing, China