• God bless you Dan, Ive been following your routine for 10 days now and my skin has NEVER looked this good. I just cant find the words to tell you how grateful I am! I will be sharing your website with everyone I know in hopes others can benefit as much from your site as I have.


    Fondest wishes,


  • Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

    I have suffered with acne for most of my adult life. I have tried everything over the years including being on antibiotics for over 2 years, but nothing worked long term and it was rare if my face was completely clear. I admit I was skeptical because I thought it would just be like Proactive which did nothing but bleach my clothes, towels and sheets, but in my desperation I thought I would give it a go.

    I started doing your treatment a couple of months before I went overseas.
    When my usual prescription drugs were stolen soon after my arrival in Europe, it was your treatment that meant I could still smile in my travel photos.

    I have been home now for a few months and I am now only doing the treatment at night - and I have always washed my face before going to bed anyway so it's no inconvenience for me at all. I can't believe that I no longer have to take medication and my skin is better than I can remember - no more painful pimples!

    Not only is the treatment successful, it is also cheap. I have been telling everyone who will listen how good this is. Thank you Dan - you're my hero!

    Angela Australia

  • Hi! I just want to thank you for giving out your acne-clearing regimen to everyone! I started it about 3 months ago. I had pretty much always had a certain degree of acne. Sometime it would flare up worse, but for the most part it would stay mild to moderate. The things that frustrated me the most were these tiny little flesh-colored bumps. They weren't big or sore, but they just changed the texture of my skin and made it look a little rougher. Well, I was surfing online back in September and found some sort of link to your site and I thought, what the heck! So I visited and saw that the ingredients for your regimen were things I practically already had! But I started using them in the order and with the frequency that you advise about. I am not kidding, I saw results within that week. Now, save for the occasional pimple and a few tiny ones, my face looks wonderful! Where I would have normally seen little bumps on places where the light reflected on my face, I see smooth clear skin. I don't think my skin has ever looked this clear since I started getting acne! I am so extremely happy! I don't worry about my face nearly as much as I used to and although I still wear makeup to even out my pinker skintone, I don't use nearly the amounts of concealer I used to use. It just looks smooth and clear! People have even mentioned to me how my skin looks clearer! Just for your information, I use Dove soap instead of the Cetaphil or Purpose that you prescribe, but I find it gentle enough. I use a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream that is 1.86 at WalMart. I just use less than you would of the 2.5%. And I use Curel Extreme Care moisturizer. But with your regimen, my face looks great!! I am so happy and once again, thank you so much!!

    Sandi Virginia

  • Hello,

    Just wanted to say thank you for running this informative, free site.

    I ve had mild acne since like 16, and after I turned 21 and it was still present, it made me extremely upset and self conscious and fearful that it would never go away... After trying like every otc product... I stumbled upon your page, saw the procedures that worked for you, tried them, and within a month, I ve had perfectly clear skin. I didn't believe it when it started working, but now that It has lasted, I would like to thank you...


  • Hi Dan. I've been practicing the regimen you've recommended for an entire year now, and I've been completely transformed. Before, I used to have alot of acne and very little self confidence. Now, I often get compliments on my skin and people ask me how I have such clear skin. really, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and for giving me my life back. For anyone skeptical reading this, I want to say that this regimen is no joke. It took patience and months of diligence under the regimen, but I can finally say that now it all paid off.


  • This regimen works! I'm a 48-year-old male who’s been battling acne on my chin and nose for a very long time.

    I've tried everything out there, believe me, but the only product that has worked is the product from acne.org.

    If you follow the regimen outlined here on acne.org, your acne will be history. It has worked for me! My skin has never been clearer. Ever!
    The products are very gentle yet powerful.

    Don't look or try anything else until you've tried the products from acne.org.

    Simply the best!

    Jeffrey Detroit, Michigan

  • Hi Dan,

    I stumbled across this website in the summer of this year (2008) when I was looking for acne cures. Acne randomly just came on for what seemed to be no reason (I'm 22 and have always ahd a spot or two but never anything that majorly bothered me) anyway after trying what seemed to be every other topical treatment including stuff prescribed from the GP, I decided to give this a go as a last resort before oral medication. My skin was looking a lot clearer in the first week and was looking great after the redness and soreness subsided. I managed to get what seemed to be constant flaking sorted by only applying BP at night. 8 weeks on and I don't think of acne any more! This is such a great treatment and I, like others are so glad that you have shared it with everyone! You have improved my life!

    thanks! :)

    Steve Hull, UK

  • hello, i just wanted to echo what has already been said many times over about this regimen: it is a truly amazing solution to acne! i'm a nineteen year old female who has had moderate skin problems since the onset of puberty. i too have had my own long and frustrating battles with the whole spectrum of prescription acne medications. i was really at the end of my rope when my mother discovered this website, and since it seemed like i had nothing to lose, i went ahead and gave it a try. it took a little more time for me to see the kinds of results that the other testimonials talk about getting immediately, but low and behold after two and a half weeks i was clearer than i had been since before puberty! it has been said many times, but just to reiterate: using this benzoyl peroxide idea has really changed the way that i feel about myself and my ability to take on the world with as much vigor and passion as i have. i have a better time looking people in the eye, laughing loudly and pulling my hair back. these small lifestyle improvements have helped me bring out the confidence i knew i always had and take better advantage of many aspects of my life. i've read so many success stories about so many products that i've tried, i always wished i would be in a position to write a letter like this. thank you so so much.

    Julia Providence, Rhode Island

  • thanks, dan, for sharing your discovery. i started following your regimen 6 months ago and noticed a change in my skin after 2 weeks.

    it's the best thing next to taking birth control pills, which i stopped doing a few years ago because i didn't want to quit smoking.

    i thought that my acne was caused by hormones, stress, toxins leaving through my pours-i wasn't sure. all i knew was that i was sick from having to deal with my blemishes, from having to wake up and look in the mirror with hesitation, wondering how many new developments had come up since the night before.

    it's baffling the attitudes people who don't have to worry about acne have toward those who do. is it sin related, a disease, punishment for a past life gone wrong?

    after surrendering to my own ignorance on the subject of the acne i was suffering from, i decided to do some research. that's when i came upon your website-what ever did i do to deserve such an amazing solution that, up to that point, had been a life-long dilemma?!?

    thanks again, dan. what a gift.