• Dan, I cannot begin to thank you enough for sharing your wonderful acne regimen! I am a 39 year old female and have suffered acne breakouts forever! Since my teen years I've tried every product/program and been treated by several dermatologists. Even with the oral antibiotics and harsh creams that caused peeling etc. they never really worked especially considering the cost of the products and physician fees! Needless to say I would go for long periods of time before seeking help with acne treatments. (my faith was gone!) Well, my acne had seriously flared up to the point that two weeks ago I broke down in tears when I looked in the mirror at my complexion. I called that day to make an appointment with a dermatologist and was told the next available appointment was 2 1/2 months away! Feeling very discouraged that I would have to remain embarrassed around my co-workers and family members for the next two months, I decided to search the Internet for advice on acne. The first few web pages were the usual ones trying to sell me their products. When I read your web site I was very skeptical yet very impressed by the testimonials. Within 2 days I was in total shock with the immediate results! The inflammation was subsiding and there was no new breakouts! Two weeks later I am a new person! I am no longer embarrassed. Nor do I feel the need to cover my blemishes with makeup! Thank you for taking the time to share such a simple yet wonderful plan to help acne sufferers like myself!

    Becky Jacksonville

  • Dan,

    I can't Thank You enough!! I have stuggled with Acne since I too was 11, now I am 27. I Stumbled by GOD's Grace onto this site, a week ago I read your recomendations and people's success stories from using the regimen. The following day I decided to try this routine . I was skeptical, because I've tried it all and had good results from other treatments, but I was tired of shelling out $40 every few months for Pro-Active, OTC and/or Perscriptions. I saw this as an inexpensive and simple regimen to keep up with (financially). It hasn't even been a full week and I can say that I am almost TOTALLY clear!! This acne Monster has been a source of embarrassment, and pain for 16 years. I did find a book by a guy on the internet that claims he can tell you how to clear acne in three days yadayada, and that he cared about the others out there that are suffering as he did. Sure- he wanted to share his Secret but.....all you had to do was buy his book at $$.$$ however much he was scamming desprite people for. I always left his site tempted to buy, but didn't because I felt mad that if he really did care and want to help, he'd share his findings freely. I simply chalked it up to being typical of most people, after all its all about the Benjamin' s($$) right? I can't tell you how totally shocked I was, as I navigated your site, and I found that your regimen was layed out, detailed, and complete.

    Nowhere was there ANY sort of , pay me this much, and you can have the one secret ingredient you need for clear skin page. There was nothing to buy, no club or membership to join in order to get this info.

    You just put it out there for any and all who were willing to try. Thank You, Thank You for wanting to help others that suffer as you did!! GOD Bless you in all you do, for giving, and sharing what you've learned! GOD says when we give, it will be returned to us overflowing. I'm sure you have already been blessed in many ways and will continue to be blessed, just because you chose to bless others. Dan Once Again, I say Thank You for being true, real, and giving so unselfishly to all people who are willing to try this, and get the clear skin we've all dreamed of. I Pray Blessings continue upon you. Thank You for being one of a dying breed a Giver. I am sure you have helped so many, get over this painful, humiliating, and depressing condition. Take Care, and Again Thank You.


    Emma Georgetown, Texas

  • Dan,

    I am a 37 year-old female & was looking 20 years younger... but not in the way you might expect I would want to look younger. I was looking younger b/c my face was breaking out like a 17 year-old! In desperation I began searching the internet for help on 2/8/06. I know that is the date b/c I have the paper on which I printed your Regimen. It is now 3/6/06 and I have to tell you my skin hasn't looked this good in years. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. My skin looks 99% better in just under a month. I have high hopes for the coming month. It is nothing short of a miracle!

    With Sincere Gratitude,

    Robyn New Jersey

  • Hello!

    I have been using the Bp for around 3 weeks now and i feel fantastic!
    i still have a few pimples an my face but it is nothing compeard to what it was!!
    i feel alot more confident and just all in all great!
    Because i have very sensitve skin :S i was really worried about starting using the bp....Did you know that Bp is used in hair dye???
    I started using it slower than Dan had said to, for the first week i only used Bp once a day and then slowly worked up.
    my mum brought me some bp produce of the internet (I would have gotten Dans produce but it costs ALOT to ship things out to Iceland) its called Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5%. Works like a charm!! i also use Panoxyl Aquagel wash 10%. Only use a pea size amount in the morning and evening. Moisturisers from the Body Shop are great! i use mango body butter for very dry skin on really dry places on my face(I am a skier and my face is regulary exposed. the mango body butter is quite shiny) and Q10 Moisturising day cream.
    I told my friend about this product, but she found it a bit to long to put everything on in the morning and her makeup, She found a really good product caled Zinerit. You can only get it at the doctors (Lucky her her dads a doctor)- this has not compleatly cleard her up but she is now a totally new person, and lookes great!
    I can not wait till my 8 weeks are up and i can show my face totally clear to the world with a big smile on my face!
    :D THATNK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rawred Akureyri, Iceland

  • Wow!
    I am still amazed that this regimen which is so easy and inexpensive is so efficient.
    Like others i was searching for 'something, anything' to help me battle this annoying problem.... adult acne... yuck. My acne wasn't horrible just horribly annoying, no matter what i tried (and of course i had to try the expensive otc exfolliants, creams, cleansers, toners and moisturizers!!). Well i found your site on Monday morning, went out and bought what i needed (except for 2.5% bp - could only find 5% wash and gel) and it's Friday morning and i have no makeup on and i look fabulous. I think once my old red spots fade from "picking" i can think of acne as previous problem, i will stay on this regimen as long as need be! Thanks for developing your web site.

    Renee Ontario, Canada

  • Hi, I have had a longstanding problem with acne since I hit my teens and it was always very difficult to control. The only real success I ever had was with a topical antibiotic. But unfortunately the bacteria developed an immunity. Then I found this website and said, "what do I have to lose?". Well after a few weeks I saw significant results. I no longer wake up and think ok lets see what the damage is today, instead I have the confidence that this regimen is really working. I rarely get pimples anymore, and if i do they are significantly smaller and typically heal faster. The best part is bacteria cannot develop an immunity to Benzol peroxide!!! Thank you Dan Kern, your regimen saved my face, literally!

    George Texas

  • Dan, I'm 47 and came across this web site while searching for something to help me. I am VERY impressed. I thought by this age I'd not be having breakouts, but I am and I decided to try your products and regimen. As soon as I used it, what I had quickly healed and no other breakouts have occurred. I've shared this with my co-worker and some family members. Really amazing! Thank you so much.

    Anne Sacramento, Ca

  • Dan

    I'm a 26 year old male from North Wales in the UK. I have been following the Regime now for over a year, quite simply this is the first acne treatment that has worked for me over a sustained period of time. I like a number of other people have tried x-amount of the prescription and non-prescription products available, some did work but not for any great period of time. The Regime is the first to still be working after a year, so THANK YOU.

    I would love to say that the Regime has changed my life single handidly, but it wouldn't be quite true. What it has done simply is stop me from getting spots, which in turn has made me a more confident (overly confident in a few peoples eye), attractive (the few people maybe right), happy, carefree individual.

    I'm not sure a simple thank you is a big enough statement of gratitude, but it any how 'THANK YOU' again.

    Andrew Wrexham, N. Wales

  • I’ve had mild to moderate acne for 10 years now have tried just about every acne treatment. Around ‘02 I found acne.org and started following The Regimen; somewhat. I typically used ProActive BP, and if I used a moisturizer I used a “natural” one. I could never apply the full amount of BP that Dan recommended without burning my face and causing flaking, but The Regimen was so far the best treatment. I continued like this with varying success until 2005 when I decided to go full force with The Regimen. After a few weeks my skin was almost completely clear, but now I had burning red skin and intense flaking. I couldn’t even smile or laugh because my face felt so stiff. I was still using “natural” moisturizers throughout the day mostly to hide the huge flakes. At this point in my life these side effects were better than having acne, but after a few months I couldn’t handle it anymore and went back to using smaller amounts of BP and the acne came back. By October of 2007 I was having pretty bad breakouts and once again went looking for cures so I decided to try the new DK cleanser and moisturizer. I immediately noticed a huge difference from using Dan’s cleanser compared to my soap bars, but the main difference was the moisturizer. I realized then that using a moisturizer is just as important as using Benzoyl Peroxide. I’m certain that adding Dan’s moisturizer to my daily skin care has cleared my acne. On top of that my overall complexion is much better and my skin is very soft and even. For 6 months now I’ve been able to focus on living my life without letting acne control my decisions. I want to thank Dan for helping me so very much by creating an informative website and creating the best (and vegan) acne products available. Hopefully in the future we can find the cause of acne and prevent it so that we don’t have to cover our faces with benzoyl peroxide everyday (I’ll still keep using the moisturizer though).

    Thomas CA