• <p>Dear acne.org</p><p>I just wanted to say thanks so much for this website. I started using the regimen 2 months ago. The results have been great, smooth skin and hardly any breakouts. My skin is by no means perfect i.e. it has plenty of red marks but I have had acne for 16 years so i cannot expect flawless skin. I have ordered the AHA and hope that may help reduce the red marks with time. </p><p>Anyway, back to the point. I can't tell you what a joy it is to wake up and not have to look fearfully in the mirror to see how many spots I have each day. When I'm out and I see people with acne I really want to run over and tell them to check this site... but I remember how sensitive I felt when people thought it was ok to bring up my acne so I never do!</p><p>The BP has been quite harsh but now there is no dryness or flakiness. I have reduced the amount of BP i use - a little in the day and a bit more at night - and it still works fine. </p><p>I also took the advice on the website and reduced my sugar intake and stopped touching my face (I used to touch my face all the time!). I've also been drinking lots of green tea which I read about on some other site. These these things make a huge difference. However, I know the regimen (specifically the BP) works because even when i have a massive sugar overload now and then I still only get the occasional spot. </p><p>I have read lots of complaints on this website about the moisturizer. It certainly does not absorb readily but I love it because it's so soothing and the jojoba oil it contains seems to have reduced the oiliness of my skin a bit. I find it absorbs easily if I spread small amounts at a time over my skin rather than dispense a pumpful and try and apply it all at once.</p><p>I will keep up the regimen and hope for continued break out free skin.</p><p>Thanks so much!</p>

    AK london

  • <p>I read your article, and I used the products as directed and guess what? IT WORKED. My skin hasn't looked this clear in years, I had been to the derm on several occasions and tried many products over he counter and under the counter but nothing seemed to work for me until I stumbled upon your web page. Thanks again.</p>


  • <p>I still get the occasional pimple during the month, and my battle with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is ongoing, but as far as my severe cystic acne is concerned - I am clear. </p><p>I just wanted to thank you, Dan, so much for what you have given me and all the other people in this community who have gotten clear. These are the first products I've used that have given me the results they promised. The only comment I have is that the "what to expect" section wasn't very accurate. It took me 5 months to get noticeably clear.</p><p>However, now that I am, I've received compliments on my skin for the first time in 10 years.<br />Please never stop making these products, not only for myself but future generations of acne sufferers!</p>

    Clara United States

  • <p>Dan, Well, your stuff has worked wonders. I was on antibiotics as a kid to keep my face clear. I got off them when I got out of my teens and my face stayed clear for a couple years. After getting off birth control and going all natural I started breaking out again. It was worse than the first time. I would get deep cysts on my chin and even though I have always been complicated on my looks, I started feeling ugly and self conscious. I tried several different b-control pills to try and get my face clear. Nothing worked! I went back on antibiotics and had a hard time dealing with the nausea AND I still had break outs. After reading your web site-almost two months ago I went off the antibiotics and started using your regimen. I had break outs for the first couple weeks...and then all of a sudden my face was clear. It was clear for a week, then two weeks, then three weeks. I absolutely can1t believe it. I1m actually going out tonight with NO makeup on. Thank you. You have made me realize that using BP consistently works. I feel pretty again. Thanks</p>

    Marie Sacramento

  • <p>Your product for back acne is AMAZING! it really works and you have no idea how grateful I am to have stumbled upon your website. I also wanted to let you know why I decided to try it: your blogs/videos. You really know your stuff! No promises just logical information. I always had light to moderate back acne (more moderate than light, really). I used the AHA+ and cleanser everyday in the shower and just followed your videos. Now,my back looks 100% better except for the nasty pigmentation, it is wonderful to have one thing less I have to worry about! Seriously..I usually hate success stories like the one i'm writing but it really is awesome so..Thank you.</p>

    Anna Los Angeles, CA

  • <p>Uh, before I start....I never took any videos or photos. Simply because I was sceptical! I had tried so, so, so many other products and medication before so I didn't want to get my hopes up.</p><p>Thanks a million Dan. You really are the man! Love the site. I'm from Ireland, had acne from 13yrs up to 30yrs. Tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. Paid serious money with top dermatologists. In the end, I had given up and was resigned to the fact that I was better to accept the acne on my skin and figured it would never go away. I left my skin alone without taking medication for 2-3years (didn't take any medication or apply products). </p><p>Just over a year ago, I googled 'acne' and happened upon your websites. It took a while to source appropriate products as you recommended. The first couple of months were testing...the usual dryness and redness occurred. There was a continuous gradual improvement with frequency of breakouts and general tone of my skin. Approx 13 months on, it feels like I have never had acne. A couple of minor scars but in general, v smooth and clear. Delighted! Never thought I would see myself clear! </p><p>A couple of months ago I got married. It was a great relief to be not conscious of my skin. My only regret is that I did not come across this website earlier. I suppose this is not an issue, live in the moment and enjoy!</p><p>Thank you so much Dan,<br />Take care, Barry (Dublin, Ireland)</p>

    mjansen2 Dublin, Ireland

  • <p>I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. Your regimen changed my life. I suffered from acne since I was about 13 at times it got better but never went away. I tried many things to clear it up to no avail. They either made it worse or stopped working after a few months. Finally last November I started on your regimen. At first I felt like it was making my skin more irritated than it has ever been but under all that irritation what do you know it cleared up, now I only suffer from the occasional pimple and my skin continues to heal and improve. I have noticed that the texture and feel of it has changed, my pores are getting smaller and the scaring is almost unnoticeable. I don't know what I would have done with out your knowledge!</p><p>I have passed your site on to all my fellow sufferers and those who have tried and stuck with it are seeing results as well. So again I give my thanks you have changed my life!!</p>

    Celia Taos NM

  • <p>Dear Dan,</p><p>I saw alot of Americans telling about their suggess story so i'd thought some variation would be good: i'm a boy of 16 years old from the netherlands.. </p><p>This regimen really works! I was using BP 10% for 2 years now.<br />A month ago i thought like: "What the heck im gonna put alot of this stuff on my face" just like you did and it did work! my face improved alot but not enough! Then i searched the net a bit and found your site and started to do it your way.. even bought BP 5% which like you said works as good as 10% but makes your skin less dry. (2,5% isn't available here as far as i know).</p><p>My face was already cleared up a lot but ever since i started to be VERY GENTLE and use a moisturizer it became even better and cleared up even more.. i'm busy for a week now and my skin is way better and smoother!! It also helped me with my self-esteem a lot.. </p><p>i usually didn't really care much about the acne but i guess it did effect it since i talk way more to ppl. A new school year has just started and i just feel so happy i finally got rid of it!</p><p>Big thanks to you Dan!</p><p>(To all dutch ppl: Het werkt echt vooral uitproberen.. Zeepvrije zeep + Benzoylperoxide + Huidverzorger werkt echt! vooral Dan's instructies volgen!)</p>

    Wouter Netherlands, GR

  • <p>Dan,</p><p>Your products are the best thing I have ever tried for my face. I have tried a lot of products like proactive and much more. Your Regimen Kit helped within the very first 24 hours which is great! In my opinion, your products should be recommended by most dermatologists. </p><p>Thanks a lot for your help,</p>

    Julian` Pennsylvania