• Thank you so much for posting your site, I can't believe something is working to clear up my skin!! I have tried absolutley everything, but after using your routine for about 2 weeks my skin is definitley improving. My skin is peeling and does get some redness, but those unpredictable breakouts are gone and the new skin exposed by the peeling is acne free!! I am so used to medication not working and this is really amazing! After years of diets, pills, and harsh medication it is so great to find something that works. I really can't thank you enough!


  • Hey Dan.

    I've been on the regimen for about slightly over a month. Although my skin isn't perfect, but I dare say that it's much better compared to before.

    Just to share with you a bit of my acne history. Quite similar to you, I tried many treatment methods and when all failed, I had to see a dermatologist who prescribed me a bunch of medicine that didn't work. Then I tried Accutane and my skin cleared. But once I stopped, my skin went back to being oily and uneven, but the breakouts were less frequent.

    Frustrated, I stumbled on your website and saw your suggested treatment. To be honest, I didn't quite believe that acne could be resolved with just BT and moisturizer, but i was open to anything so I gave it a go.

    Within TWO days, I could see improvement. The bumps on my forehead were slowly clearing. And by the end of the second week, something amazing happened, all the bumps around my cheek and forehead just cleared. It was so fast, I couldn't believe it. Now I really look forward to washing my skin as it feels so much smoother.

    Due to shipping issues and timing, I can't get hold of your products conveneintly so I used your recommendations on your website. Just to share my regime:

    Daytime: Wash with cetephil, treat with Proactive 2.5% BT gel, moisturise with Eucerin day cream.

    Nightime: Wash with cetaphil, treat with Neutogena 2.5% BT cream, moisturise with Eucerin day cream + jojoba oil. I also exfoliate the dead skin with Johnson and Johnson baby lotion applied with cotton wool. I just dap it on my face and use a dry cotton wool to remove. Although you recommended against exfoliation, but my skin feels much better when I added in this step. Plus it's a cheap and effective way to remove dead skin. :)

    However, my skin is still really oily (despite all the BT! *sigh*), and I’m still exploring ways to handle it. Hopefully next time you can share ways to control oil!

    Thanks so much, Dan!

    Sabrina Singapore

  • Dan, I'm a 34 yr. old nurse from Ma. and just wanted to let you know that if you were within my reach, I'd kiss you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I never had "problem skin" until about 1 yr. ago and for some reason my skin just erupted. My troubles seemed to be around the chin area and the sides of my face- mostly under the skin types and blackheads (yuck) that I constantly tried to cover up with concealer- I'd feel confident as long as I had a full "airbrushed" face of false skin. It was terrible!!! Wouldn't leave the house without it. People would say "your makeup is so pretty", or "what kind of makeup do you use?". I felt so phony, like one giant camaflouged PORE!!! Been using the regimen about a month-!00% clear- even my pores are smaller- been told that was impossible but they appear to be. The shine is MUCH improved (used to be able to see your reflection off my forehead). Someone said to me for the first time- "you have the most beautiful skin"- I had to laug!
    h because for the first time they weren't complementing my foundation- because, of course, I didn't have any on!!! You are my hero. xoxoxojen

    Jennifer Massachusetts

  • Hi :) I just wanted to leave a message of gratitude and sincerely thanking you guys. What you are doing is a great contribution to making the world a better place! Keep it up.


  • I've been meaning to write and thank you. I have had acne outbreaks for years and could never find anything to help. Before my wedding I wanted to make sure that I had clear skin, so I went on the web. Yours was the first site that I visited, and I am so glad that I did. Thanks to your help I had clear skin on my wedding day....and since then as well.

    Jessie Boston, Massachusettes

  • Hi

    Just a quick note to say that the regime does actually work, I'm 22 and my teenage acne hasn't quite subsided yet. Upon the first week or so of applying quite a vast amount of benzyl peroxide gel (2.5%), I think my skin actually developed a mild chemical burn, this added to the fact that I was on a holiday and would be in the sun a lot did not help! However I immediately got some Jojoba Oil, and this, in all honesty, is the secret to long-term benzyl peroxide use.

    A tip to anyone wanting to start the regime, 2 - 3 drops of Jojoba oil prior to applying the gel will save you a lot of flakiness/dryness, and jojoba actually combats over-production of sebum. I'm a religious moisturiser-applier, but I have to say Jojoba oil really does hydrate my skin to levels hitherto unknown! I've been on the regime for 2 weeks now, and although I'm not completely acne-free (the chemical burn has made me a bit cautious in over-applying the benzyl peroxide), the improvement is vast.

    My skin, for the first time, is glowing, but not oily, and the subsiding acne is really a relief. Thanks a lot.

    Annisa England

  • I've had moderate acne for years, but *knock on wood*, Dan's Regimen has pretty much cleared me up! This is my third month using the Regimen, and the only time I get any pimples is right before my period, when I'll get two or three, but they are much smaller and disappear in a few days, when before the Regimen I broke out almost every day with a new pimple or two that took weeks to completely clear and left red marks.

    I'm just waiting now for all my red marks to continue dissappearing (which they do, despite what some people say, just give it a few months and they will go away!)

    It's so simple, it seems unbelievable, but give it a try. What do you have to lose, $15? I think unless you have pretty bad acne, Dan's Regimen will give you much clearer skin in just a few months.

    (I should mention, that I don't even follow it that closely anymore. After about a month, I stopped getting breakouts, so I tried just applying at night rather than twice a day. It's worked fine, I still don't get breakouts, and now I only have to worry about applying BP before bed. So my advice to everyone is start out following exactly, but once your acne begins to clear up, experiment and decide exactly what will work for you. Like the amount of BP Dan shows is probably 10 times the amount I use, but I only break out on two parts of my face. Just customize the Regimen for you.)

    Anyways, thanks so much Dan- I'm going to buy my younger sister all your products and get her started on the Regimen too!

    London San Antonio, TX

  • Hi dan!

    I dont know how to start this, I just so happy that I found this product..not just product but very effective product..I was so upset before everytime I saw a mirror.. I cant even look at the mirror.. I feel so pity on my face, I feel so awkward talking any women I met.

  • Dan, I have been on your acne regimen for over 2 months. I was scheduled to take Accutane for the second time when I decided to give your program a try. WOW! I have used everything there is for acne...oral and topical. I cannot believe how well this works. I am 32 and after 17 years of battling this disease I am clear. I have been posting the name of your website like crazy on message boards. A million thanks. ********* THANK YOU! **********

    Neil South Carolina