• Hi Dan, Thanks a thousand times. I don't know what made you go the extra mile and make this website, but I feel very lucky to have found it. Like lots of others, I never had acne. I never really even had breakouts until I turned 29. I only got it on my chin, and sometimes it was moderate (one honker and a small one), but sometimes it was so bad I wouldn't go out (3 or 4 cysts). I found you about 2 months ago, and I know that I had heard about the Purpose bar last year from a dermatologist, but I had never had anyone spell out so clearly exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. It works like a miracle. I would tell anyone who is just looking at your website, and putting off going to the store and starting your regimen... to pull their sh*t together and start. You'll be suprised how your outlook and self esteem changes when your not worried about your skin. Don't waste anymore time! If your 13 or 30 your skin doesn't have to look bad because of diet or genetics...really! So on behalf of everyone...thanks for helping out and making your fabulous website!


  • Dear Dan,

    I must admit that I was a non-believer. At 57 years old, I have suffered from acne for over 45 years! I have tried everything on the market, including prescription treatments. I have had no success.

    Out of desperation, I decided to try one last time because I loved your website and videos that explained exactly how to use your products. They sounded too simple to work. Hadn't I been doing what you suggested all these years?

    Well, apparently NOT. I am now confidently going without makeup and proud of my new look. While I am not acne free, I have improved so much that, to me, I'm a new person. My husband remarked how wonderful my skin looked; something he has never done before.

    I find too, that using the benzoil peroxide as you suggest, many of my acne "stains" are fading.

    I couldn't be happier and thank you sincerely. I am a faithful customer of not only your products, but of your regimine.

    Judy Emmett, MI

  • Dan, I am so grateful that I came across your website. I am 35 years old and have been bothered by mild acne for 10 years. I was always embarassed to be outside or in natural light because then you could really see the little bumps and roughness in my face. My family--and a occasional boyfriend : ( would mention things about my complexion but I just felt helpless because I didn't know what else to do. You see, I was on ProActiv for 6 years but it never really gave the results it promised. Recently I had begun randomly trying things over-the-counter, but nothing worked and I wasted a lot of money in doing so. Your program is amazing and my skin has never, in my whole life, looked better. It took only 2 weeks for me to see the difference. I now seek the sunlight whenever I can because my skin is finally clear and smooth and I'm beeming with brand new confidence! Thank you so much for your knowledge and for sharing it with us all!!!!

    Shelly Florida

  • I'm 26 years old, and I have had moderate acne since I was about 14. I have tried an ungodly amount of products and treatments over the past 12 years, over-the-counter as well as prescription. Nothing has ever worked. When I came across Dan Kern's site one day, I decided to give it a shot. The first 2 days I noticed no difference, but by the 3rd morning my skin had a fresh breakout, was extremely red, itchy, dry and irritated. I knew that these were side effects that might come up in the first week or so, as Dan warns, but I had a really hard time with it for a couple of days. Going to work or anywhere out in public was really tough. My skin was so red and dry that it was litterally flaking off and I could feel it crack when I smiled. Not that I was doing much smiling! I almost quit then. But Dan said this can happen, and you have to stick it out so that your skin can adjust. It took a lot of will power, but I stuck it out. I will tell you though, I adjusted the regimen a t!
    eensy bit. See, my skin is extremely sensitive and dry to begin with, even without the BP. So here is what I do: NIGHT: I wash with the cleanser, I use a much smaller amount of the BP than what I started out using, I only use it in problem areas, and I use the moisturizer. MORNING: I wash with the cleanser, I use a teensy bit of the BP as a spot treatment only (or in major problem areas), and I use a stronger moisturizer (Alba Botanicals Jasmine & Vitamin E). I also exfoliate my skin (very gently, Dan!) at least twice a week. As all women know, it is very hard to put on makeup over flaky skin with passable results. Exfoliating eliminates the flakiness. I do it in my moring shower with the cleanser and a wash cloth, VERY GENTLY rubbing in little circles.
    It has been 4 weeks now, and I don't even remember those 2 or 3 rough days at the beginning. My skin is fantastic. It is soft and lovely and CLEAR, and I'm still in shock. I don't even need to wear makeup. Dan, how can I ever thank you?

    Amanda Chicago

  • Hi Dan

    Me Again, just to say that I received your gel and it's brilliant - my skin is now not as red or dry. I have finally found a system that works - I am now using Johnsons Baby Shampoo to wash, followed by your BP Gel and then Nivea Oil Free Moisturising Fluid. My skin looks fantastic and I can't stop staring at it. I feel so much more confident and like others on your message board, I can now go completely without makeup - and that is all in the space of 2 weeks - I am eternally grateful - If I had your home address I would send you the biggest present in the world cos you really deserve it after making a difference to so many people lives and I know that it wasn't your intention to get rich through this but I hope you do become rich and famous. I really can't understand why dermatologists don't tell their patients about this to avoid giving them all those nasty drugs. Anyway, I know that you are doing all you can and just want to say that I will always be eternally grateful.

    Debbie Bristol, England

  • I just wanted to share my short story for those who are hesitant about trying Dan's product line.

    I've had acne for the better part of the last decade (comedones, nodular, black heads, and white heads). Over that time period I've had several temporary successes but my acne always returned. I tried everything. Benzoyl peroxide, different supposed household product cures, Differin, Doryx, and Sulfameth/Trimethoprim to name a few. Then, I took the step and tried Accutane twice over a 3-year period with very high dosages. Both times I experienced the high of having completely clear skin and the low of seeing my acne slowly return. With that said, I want to clarify to those who are under the impression that Accutane will cure you acne. It's not true. Accutane will permanently change the oil glands in your skin. Most often that will rid someone of his or her acne. But in other cases, like mine, even though your acne comes back your skin has been permanently changed. Thereby making old treatments that may have failed in the past a new possibility.

    Long story short, my acne returned following my second Accutane treatment and I was ready to accept that I would always have acne. I then completely stumbled upon Dan's website and the rest is history. It took 7 days for Dan’s full regimen (cleanser, moisturizer, benzoyl peroxide, aha+, and jojoba oil). And that's without any oral medications. Which is huge for me! To those who are hesitant about trying Dan's products just give it a try and stick to the regimen.

    Keep the faith.

    Brian H Nebraska

  • Dan,

    Thankyou for a product that really works and isnt just sold with a big name brand on it to sell products. If the people at other acne companies just sold quality products instead of selling for quantity life would have been alot easier. Yet my belief is that by selling geniune quality products will pay off for you in the long run both financially and emotionally. I never had terrible acne so for those who do I feel for you but I always had enough to keep me bothered and trying every product under the sun. well by finding your product I have eliminated the test and fail trials and have found a winner! having control of your acne and for me also shiny skin is a big confidence booster and it really does make a big difference. Keep up the great work and keep these fabulous products coming I will tell everyone about your wonderful acne clearing miracle!

    Jonathan Ohio

  • Hi, After years of taking my daughter to the dermatologist and paying amazing amounts of money for medicine that made her acne worse and upset her stomach, I decided to search the web for some advice and help. I found your site and purchased the wash, moisturizer and B.P. 2.5% at Drugstore.com. Within 4 or 5 days of staring your regimen she was remarkably clearer and we're so grateful! It's been a month now and her skin is as close to perfect as a 16 yr. olds gets. Thank you and spread the word!

    Bridget Essex Jct., Vermont

  • I've been meaning to write this for ages-i'd never suffered with acne throughout my youth, but when i decided to come off the contraceptive pill to have my daughter I suffered with a really severe bout of acne. It was described by the doctor as severe pustular acne and if I wasn't trying to conceive, the doctor said I would've been prescribed accutane. I tried just about everything else including 10% benzoyl peroxide which the doctor prescibed (which hadn't worked) so when i came across your regimen i was sceptical to say the least but i was desperate and so i thought i'd give it a try. Initially i suffered with some dry skin which even flaked a little, but i persevered and i must say i'm glad i did.....within weeks my skin was improved and after about 6 weeks i no longer had spots just red marks and scars (because i couldn't resist picking the spots!!). I still use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide when i feel any spots coming up but my skin has definately improved 100%, so i just wanted to say thank you and i hope that this might encourage other people to try the regimen. Unfortunately i don't have any pictures to prove it because i wouldn't allow anyone near me with a camera when my skin was at its worst-i just hope people take my word for it!!!

    Maria Manchester