• <p>I just wanted to thank acne.org for being a company that doesn't push their product. Or the typical "Hey sign up to learn the acne secrets!” Acne.org tells you how to get rid of acne, no charge, and if you want to buy their products, go for it. I absolutely love this business model. When I saw that you did not charge for this info, I knew this was a legit company. </p><p>I had medium amounts of acne. I have tried many different acne products. But when I saw that it wasn't necessarily the product, but how to apply the product and how frequently...and this was the info acne.org was giving away for free! </p><p>I now trusted you, and I bought from your online store. 1-2 Months later, acne free and smooth skin ;)</p><p>Love you guys<br />Please keep it up!</p>

    Isaac Holloway

  • <p>I can't believe I am just now posting this review. </p><p>Acne.org changed my life.</p><p>A year ago, I couldn't imagine myself ever leaving the house without makeup, even just to go around the corner to the pharmacy. My lower face was COVERED in dark black/brown spots, and I was sprouting new pimples pretty much every day, like some demented acne field. And of course, every new pimple left another dark mark souvenir, which I would be obliged to keep for MONTHS. It was a cycle I couldn't stop. The highest I thought I could aim for was to get the acne under control enough for me to switch to powder instead of liquid foundation. That was my sad little dream.</p><p>Around August of 2014, I started acne.org. I'd heard about it before, but due to all sorts of (incorrect) assumptions/misconceptions about benzoyl peroxide, I'd stayed away from it in the past. I had tried BP once before but thought I was allergic to it, because of all the itching and burning and redness. I realize now that was because I was using a 10% cream - WAY too harsh.</p><p>While I didn't use the Acne.org BP gel (found a similarly formulated gel from another online provider), I started following the Acne.org regimen, and within 4 weeks I was noticing a dramatic difference. New pimples started becoming scarcer and scarcer, and on the weekends I actually started leaving the house without makeup. Fewer pimples = fewer new dark marks, and I was able to start using brightening products from the drugstore to fade the existing marks. </p><p>The last time I wore foundation was March 5th, 2015. I just don't need foundation to feel confident in public anymore. My skin isn't perfect, but nobody does double takes anymore. I don't get that oh-god-look-away reaction anymore. My skin looks normal. A few minor flaws, but that's it. When people look at me, they see me now - not my skin. I love that. I'm so, so very grateful. </p><p>Thank you, Dan, and the Acne.org team. Nuff respect.</p>

    Jay Jo Brooklyn, NY

  • <p>Just wanted to be one of MANY success stories using the Regimen. I use Cetaphil cleanser, Acne.org BP gel, and Olay Complete and it has worked like gang busters! I am on week 4 or 5. Obviously it has worked well enough that I am not obsessing on how long it has been since my last break out.</p><p>Like you plan clearly states...stick with it and don't sway from the regimen. Like everyone else, I have tried it ALL and I used to get HUGE painful acne, not the little whitehead kind. I jumped the gun a little and put the full amount on and man did that dry my face out. But I throttled back for a week and then worked back up and I am super impressed.</p><p>You and your crew should get a Noble prize or honorary doctorate! Thanks and keep it up. You are changing the world one face (and self-esteem) at a time.</p>

    David Virginia

  • <p>Dan I have been suffering with cystic acne for over 16 years(a truly bad case) I have tried many products including retin a (more than once and accutane more than once). I used benzoil peroxide before (years ago) but quit because it dried my skin out so badly. Needless to say many, many scars of all types(boxcar, icepick and keloid) later and I didn't care what I did (to get rid of the scars) . Although my acne is severe the Regimen has worked for me. I use a 10% BP (though). Yeah my skin is extra-extra dry so I use a Sunscreen (which lessens the dried out appeareance and is also keeping my skin from blothching). I have been on it for one month and I have many factors that are possible and probable contributors to the acne, not the least of which is heredity.(I had a family member who was in their seventies and had active, pus filled acne). Well this is to thank you because Until I read about your regimen and it's success I had never even thought about trying benzoil peroxide again. And because of the other members post on Acne.org I have renewed hope after doctors (several), have told me there was nothing more that could be done about my acne or the scarring.(I am dark-skinned african-american).They were wrong. I also feel diet has alot to do with my acne (another factor). Because of posts to the board, I tried needling of one scar and it did in fact raise up, it was indented, it is not level but it looks much better). I am now even studying permanent and camouflage makeup as a career thanks to you and the other members. I even found the courage to write this. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you all.</p>


  • <p>Hello Dan.</p><p>My name is Alexander, I am 16 years old, and I have suffered from mild to moderate acne since I was about 12. I tried numerous products to make the white heads and black heads go away, but to no avail. About a year ago, I found your site, and considered trying your regimen, but had a lot on my mind and forgot about it until about 9 weeks ago.</p><p>I am not a bad looking guy, but my acne caused me to have low self esteem. I realized that I had very low confidence, unreliable friends and no girlfriends (I go to an all boys school), and it was time to change my self image and improve my life, and this began with getting rid of my acne. I found your website again and tried your regimen and it immediatly started working. I wish I had started it 4 years ago, so I never would have had to live through this.</p><p>I am now almost acne free, have started working out, and dress much better. This has improved my self esteem greatly, and thus I am no longer afraid of bad friendships or women. Actually, girls have started approaching me! My social life is the best its ever been, and I feel better about myself then ever before.</p><p>One of the most shocking things I have learned from this is how badly people may judge you based on the fact that you have acne. Since I have gotten rid of my acne, people now respect me much more, I am much more popular, I get invited to parties, and most importantly I feel great about myself. My own friends are coming up to me and asking me my secret on getting rid of acne. Let me remind you that I had only mild to moderate acne, and I can only imagine how it must feel for people who have it worse.</p><p>I want to thank you for putting this website up, and for taking the time to think about the average person with acne. I had given up on curing my acne problem about 2 years ago, yet now I am almost free of it! I wish I could do more to thank you. Feel free to use this letter for your success stories section.</p><p>Thanks again, and God bless you!</p>

    Alexander Ontario, Canada

  • <p>Hi, Dan, I'm sure you get a ton of these emails a day, but I just wanted to send one to thank you so much for putting your regimen on the web. I am 23 and have suffered from acne since I was about 14. I managed to clear it up for a few years with medication, but about 6 months ago, it came back with a vengeance. I was 23, newly married, and had acne. It made me so self concious and ruined my mood almost everyday. My mother stumbled across your web site about a month ago and I began the program immediately (I was skeptical, of course, but willing to try anything) and within a few days, my skin began to clear up. I have had full results now, and feel so great!! Even the skin that did not have any pimples looks healthier. I am absolutely thrilled with your program and want to thank you for being selfless enough to share it with the rest of us. Sincerely,</p>

    Alison Bloomingdale, NJ

  • <p>Just thought I'd write a note about how the regimen has been working for me. </p><p>I used to spend $100's on brands from Dept Stores. I'm allergic to most products.</p><p>My main concern is acne scarring. I'm 30 & figure I'll have acne all my life but the scarring makes it even worse</p><p>Prior to The Regimin:<br />For my mild acne, I used Murad's Acne Complex. I lived in Arizona and I think the dry air helped because I didn't breakout as much with the complex. I used it a long time ago when it first came out and was over $400 (was a teen). But now the complex costs less & I used it religiously in Arizona for 3 years. Still had scarring, when I broke out.</p><p>I moved to California & found that the air quality & the huimidity did a number on me. The Acne Complex actually made my skin worse. My skin was really flaky & oily but would break out in the cheeks and chin area. </p><p>I found the Acne.org site and decided to give the regimin a try with the stuff in the drugstore. I decided to use Baby Magic Baby Wash on my face. It was the only thing gentle enough for my body (other products caused cysts) so I figured I'd give it a try on my face. For the BP, I used the Neutrogena On the Spot. The lotion I used was from Murad.</p><p>After a couple of days I noticed that I needed more moisture so I used the Lachydrin 5 during the day. I noticed a difference within a week. I got a prescription for gel BP from my doc. After the month, I bought Dan Kern's BP (cheaper than scrip & bigger)</p><p>After Regimen:<br />4 mos. later & I added some steps, toning with Bactine & Neosporine on open sores. B/C even with gentle washing white heads popped, treating makes for less scarring.</p><p>I still break out on jawline a little (hands on face, stress) but my skin is soft & smooth & I don't scar as much. (cells turn over is faster, so old scars fade faster)</p><p>My Steps:<br />Cleanse: Baby Magic Baby Wash<br />Tone: Bactine<br />Treat: Dan's BP<br />Spot Treat: Neosporine<br />Lotion: Lachydrin 5 (day)</p><p>I feel like I've got my acne under control.<br />Thanks Dan!</p>

    CK star Los Angeles, CA

  • <p>Dear Dan,</p><p>I just wanted to say thanks. I have been using your regiment for about 8 months. It has worked wonderfully, thank you so much. It was tremendously generous and kind of you to share with others what you had discovered. I am truly appreciative!</p><p>Thanks!</p>


  • <p>Dan,</p><p>Thank you so much for discovering this amazing regimen - it saved my life.</p><p>I had never struggled with acne until about a year ago when I started college. It happened so fast, it was like my face transformed overnight. Prior to my transition into college, my skin had been next to flawless and I never had to worry. Even through puberty I never had much of an issue aside from an occasional pimple.</p><p>I believe that the suddenness and the overall magnitude of my acne situation sent me into a state of deep depression. It overwhelmed me and I didn’t even want to go out in public. It had gotten to the point where I was blowing friends off and skipping classes because I was so humiliated by what people would think of me. I literally didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, and I had no idea where to begin as far as treatments went. I tried using tons of different products ranging from those containing salicylic acid, tea tree oil, glycerin, and even benzyl peroxide. All of these products in the past seemed to make my acne even worse- that is why I was so skeptical about this regimen at first. </p><p>Nothing worked. Hear me when I say that NOTHING satisfied me until I began this regimen. Sure monocycline helped my pimples stay smaller and less painful, but I still was not impressed with the quality of my skin. I finally started following the regimen step by step and within weeks I noticed major improvements in my skin. The first few weeks are difficult because your skin really has to adjust to the benzyl peroxide, but I promise you that the regimen works if you stick it out and continue doing everything you are supposed to. </p><p>It has been about 7 months since I started the regimen and I am now acne free. I still get an occasional pimple, but that is expected. I feel beautiful and I am so happy with my skin thanks to Dan : ) A weight has definitely been lifted from my shoulders now that I can focus on my studies without having to worry about my skin. I’m not sure that I would have ever found a treatment had I never come across this website. </p><p>Please believe that you can cure live a normal, happy life without having to worry about acne. This regimen really does work. I wish you all the best of luck; you won’t regret your decision.</p><p>Thanks again Dan!</p>

    Jamey Maine