• I am very impressed with the Regimen. It really works! I have had cystic acne on my chin for the last 10 years, some days worse than others. I decided to try the regimen with products I already had (and which met the qualifications: gentle face wash, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, non-comedogenic moisturizer), and I started to see a difference very quickly. After I used up what I had around the house, I decided to go ahead a buy the Acne.org products -- they seemed affordable, and I particularly liked the fact that the products were dye-free and unscented. I've had clear skin for months now. Last time I ordered, I decided to try the AHA as well -- it works like a charm. But be sure and follow Dan's advice and stick with the regimen for a month or two to really get your skin clear first, before adding in AHA.

    Thanks, Dan! I'm off to convert the rest of my family now. :)


  • Dear Dan,

    I wanted to pass along my 'success story' with using the Regimen on acne.org. I am 27 and have had moderate acne since high school. It was never severe enough to feel justified in visiting a dermatologist but bad enough that I was embarrassed by my skin. I thought it was just something I had to live with until I 'grew out of it.' My mom had also suffered from acne and I figured it just ran in the family. Well, by the time I was 26, I hadn't grown out of it yet! I began to do some research on acne on the internet and came across your website. I first I just dismissed it as a gimmick but later returned to read through the site more in-depth. I was astounded to learn that the cleansers I was spending so much money on could actually be aggravating the condition! I decided to give the Regimen a try. I went through the stages of skin adjustment to the bp just as you've outlined on the website. I was amazed that my skin was actually clearing up! I've now been using the Regimen for 9 months and my skin is perfectly clear. When I do have the occasional pimple, they are very small and fade away quickly. Thank you so much for posting this information on the web! I am still amazed at how effective and easy the Regimen is! It's now a part of my daily routine and I don't even think about it. But I wanted to be sure and thank you! I hope other people will try the Regimen and see how effective it really is!


    Sarah Fresno, California

  • I am 31 years old and have never had an acne problem before. About a year ago I began having a problem with cyst-like acne, strictly in the chin area. I tried everything to fix the problem -- expensive, designer skin care, salicylic acid (burned my skin practically off my chin!), exfoliators, face masks, Biore strips, you name it -- and every day I could see new cysts. While surfing I came across your site, figured it couldn't hurt to try (the total bill for your suggested products was $15 versus the $200 products I was currently using with no success), so I went to Wal-Mart that night and made the purchase. Lo and behold, within 24 HOURS your regimen was working. LESS THAN THREE DAYS LATER, and my acne, which has plagued me for a year, is totally gone. I cannot believe how wonderful this works, and will tell anyone who will listen about your site. Thanks so much for sharing this valuable information -- and for free! you truly are an angel!

    Cynthia Houston, Texas

  • Hello Dan,
    Here goes my story. I started having acne during my teens but they were mild and in control. Never worried about my break outs till 2 yrs back. My break-outs got worse and started covering all of my face. I tried various products but in vain. This went on till this august. In despair i searched for acne on web and yours for the first link.I started browsing acne explained..regimen..treatments...I was simply astonished by reading success stories. I told myself okay lets take a chance. I was little skeptical since everything i tried never worked. But success stories posted on your website encouraged me. I bought cetaphil cleanser, neutrogena on the spot acne treatment, and neutrogena moisturizer for sensitive skin. I tried to follow everything written in your regimen. But this on the spot acne treatment left my face covered with white flakes and it was too expensive.So i ordered Daniel Kern's Regimen Gel and it changed my life. My skin started to clear..i have less break outs. Even now sometimes i have 3 to 4 break outs but that happens because of my eating habits.

    Thank you so much. Just cant thank you enough. I would really encourage people who are just starting to use this regimen or have seen less positive results to continue following the regimen and not loose hope. Even i went through all ups and down but if you follow everything to what Dan has explained in regimen you will surely have better results.

    Keep up the good work. A big thank you. God bless you.

    xyz california

  • Dear Dan

    I felt I had to email you to thank you for your help and for taking the time and effort to help other people.

    I am a 26 year old female from the United Kingdom. I have suffered with Acne from the age of 12 years old; I have tried everything for my spots, lotions, potions, the pill, a skin specialist even going on sun beds! I spent 1 year in Australia 2 years ago and my skin cleared up really well in the sun and I thought, oh I must have grown out of the acne! How wrong was I! Last year my skin started getting very spotty again and at the start of 2005 I was at my wits end with my skin, until I found your website!

    I have been doing the Regime now for 2 weeks, and already there is a huge improvement in my skin. Yes there are the remains of old spots and 1 or 2 new ones have appeared in the mornings, but nothing as bad as it was!

    Here is a list of the UK products I have bought which compare with the American versions you recommend (you may be able to supply this information for other desperate people living outside of America)

    Face wash - Garnier sensitive skin face wash

    Cream - Oxy 10 on the spot (2.5%)

    Moisturiser - Garnier sensitive skin moisturiser (dermatological tested)

    Thank you again so much for your free advice and sharing your thoughts

    Take care and best wishes for the future

    Yours forever grateful

    Catrin UK

  • No words can describe how grateful I am to Daniel's acne care products. It really saved my life. Big times. This is my second time buying the products and I'm going to stock them up soon. It is super effective, and inexpensive compared to other expensive facial products I have tried. The regime really helped me to learn how to treat my skin properly. Thanks Daniel! You're truly a saviour :D

    Susie Singapore

  • I have struggled with acne for over a decade, and I'm only 25! I've tried every treatment that you can buy in the drugstore, went to a dermatologist and was on prescriptions that require twice yearly blood work (yuck!), tried a very well-known regimen advertised on tv, and did just about every other thing imaginable to try to clear up my skin.

    I finally discovered acne.org early in 2006 and saw the rave reviews of the treatment, so I ordered the benzoyl peroxide from the site and picked up a face wash and lotion at the drugstore following the suggested guidelines. My skin started to clear up! I experienced the typical over-drying and bleached a few towels and sheets (that's still happening) but in about six months I perfected my version of the treatment and no longer had acne (or peeling!)

    Several months later, in June 2007, I was able to be confident in the beauty of my skin on my wedding day, which was HUGE for me, given the years I spent being self-concious about it. A friend who has known me for longer than I've had acne (!!) repeatedly mentions how amazing the turn-around with my skin was and a new friend told me I had beautiful skin.

    Recently I did the foolish thing of changing my regimen, and I'm suffering the consequences. I quickly switched backed to my acne.org regimen and won't stray again.

    Nora Chicago

  • I never had much acne as a kid but I was paying for that as an adult. After the birth of my first child I started to experience adult acne and nothing really did anything for it-Mary Kay, Proactive, AcneFree-nothing. I finally stumbled upon this website and thought I would give it a try, just out of curiosity. After just four days I was completely cleared up and after three months I may have had one pimple, only because I got lax on the regimen. After starting back up I have been perfectly clear ever since. Thank you, thank you Daniel Kern. Plus I'll be sharing this secret with my sister who's wedding is in April.

    Kathleen Panama City, FL

  • Dan -- How about the following? Hi, Dan -- I am a 52-year-old woman in Santa Rosa, CA. I've had acne since I was in about 7th grade and have tried everything under the sun for it, except Accutane. I was surprised and delighted that your regimen has worked far, far better for me than even Retin-A. My skin is now clear -- the best since childhood. I don't have to pop pimples any more. I also have fibromyalgia, and many people who are on the treatment protocol I'm on for fibro (www.fibromyalgiatreatment.com) temporarily develop whiteheads. I have recommended your treatment many times on the listserv for this fibromyalgia protocol, and people have written back to say that their skin is the best ever. It's bad enough to have acne but to have acne and fibromyalgia is really depressing. How wonderful, instead, to have your skin clear up while your fibro is getting better. You can't imagine the good you have done for me and other fibro patients by researching this acne treatment and putting up your Web site. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again, Dan. May many blessings be yours (and lifelong clear skin)!

    Susan Santa Rosa, California