• Hey Dan,
    I have only been on the regimen for 2 weeks and I must say this had to have been a gift from heaven. I always had 10-15 large inflamed papules on my face at any given time, my skin was bumpy, and agitated. All my pimples were really deep and painful. Like you I have tried every presciption out there short of accutane, all without success. ONLY 2 DAYS into your regimen and I could feel and see my face clearing up. Today I have only had 2 small red bumps since I started, the rest of my face is baby smooth, and the redness has gone away. I only wish I took some before/after pictures, I am amazed at how fast this is working for me, even faster than you say I can expect it to. Thank you so much.

    David San Diego

  • Dan,

    I almost cried today. For the FIRST time in my life, a random stranger complimented me on my "beautiful skin". I have only YOU to thank for this. I was so shocked by the statement, I didn't know what else to say except "acne.org". While on your system, I'm cured. I couldn't ask for anything more.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    Chris Akron, Ohio

  • I would just like everyone to know that the "regimen" works wonders. I'm 27 years old and never really had a pimple until I was 23. My Doctor said it was hormonal and told me birthcontrol should help. Well, it didn't.

    I've used all the expensive face products from Arbon to Wexler. About a week ago I was browzing the internet looking for a solution to my minor breakouts. This is when I found acne.org. I decided to try the "regimen" and noticed a difference a dramatic difference in 5 days.

    My acne is mild and mostly around the corners of my face and chin. I'm on day 10 and my face is completely clear. My husband has comented on my skin many times now.

    Thank you for posting this wonderful "regimen" on the web. I would like to tell everyone to do this faithfully everyday and it will help.

    Best regards,

    Lisa Caldwell

  • Dan,

    I am a physician, though not a dermatologist. I wanted to tell you how well your regimen has worked for my teenage kids. My 16 year-old son had moderately severe acne and poorly controlled on oral antibiotics, topical Retin-A and a benzoyl-peroxide wash. He was frustrated so I did a little loooking around and found your regimen. Since beginning the Kerns regimen, his acne has essentially cleared with only an infrequent pustule. He has been off oral antibiotics for many months and no longer uses Retin-A. My 14 year-old daughter started having some pustules so she is now using the regimen and is also completely clear. We are all, needless to say, very happy with the results. Thanks for your work and for making this program available.

    Paul M.D., Texas

  • I just turned 36 and FINALLY I have found a regimen that works! Like many, I was on Accutane which helped clear me substantially during the time I was taking it. However, no more than a month later I started breaking out again. It was a vicious cycle that I didn't want to experience again. You know, see the zit, scrub, look in the mirror, still the zit, stress out, get more zits, scrub harder...etc. I am from the old school where you thought that scrubbing helps get all the dirt out and the only way the meds will treat your skin is if you rub it in . I am happy to be wrong. I just wanted to say to Dan, Thank You. Who knew that washing gently along with BP and moisturizer would work so well. My husband commented on how the inflammation had gone down the very next day. I've been on The Regimen since Thanksgiving and had a few come up but found that they are much smaller in size and disappear much faster. Thanks again.

    Kim Fayetteville, NC

  • First of all THANK YOU DAN a lot from bottom of my heart.
    Hi Friends..I am from half the way round the earth, in short from India
    I was soo depressed,frustuated,perplexed etc having such a sucking acne for about 10 years but for last 6-9 month it got all messed up.
    There occur a huge change in my behaviour in my normal activity as my inner self confidence was shattered into pieces.
    Google God helped me to find this micraculous site and there follows micracle(at least for me).
    My 85% acne gone and i am not hesitated to show my smile to everyone.
    I am in my 7th weeks and hope this result would continue as long as i have acne.
    My Suggestion...GIVE it a try!

    Paritosh India

  • Hi !

    Well, after about two months of using BP gel I can't find all the words of gratitude I would like to say to all of you...and especially to Dan. After less than ten years of having problems with skins and acnes and of trying to find any solution, I finally got the BP gel. I tried everything. But EVERYTHING. I think there's no stuff on the market that I haven't tried and after a years of disappointment I can finaly get up early in the morning without thinking what's 'new' on my face, without a pain on the face in the morning because of some new pimple...I can finally shave decently without blood spots and too much carefulness of the affected area... I could go on and on with writing why am I so happier now, but I would only tell anyone and recommend everyone with acne problems to use this product exactly as writen on this site.

    Now, I will just explain that I was using the product as it was told on the web site: first ten days or about two weeks only in the night till the face gets used to it and than twice a day, in the morning and at night. I tried to find some good, medium, light or so moiturizing cream but all that I used were to 'heavy' in some way. I had to use too much of it or it resultet with extreem redness of the skin. Then, after Eucerin and some other creams I bought ordinary NIVEA blue-packed cream and I am satisfied with it. It's the right one. So...moisturizing cream depends on the type of the skin. Especially when you live in the area affected by strong, icy cold and drying wind in the winter as it's in Croatia by the sea...

    So...what else could I do but to recommend BP gel to everyone with acne problems!

    Sorry if my english is not perfect but I am delightfull with results.

    Thanks to everyone !


  • The acne.org Regimen is the only thing that has truly worked for me. I have struggled with acne for years. I used proactiv for 2 years and then started breaking out really bad. I went to the dermatologist and tried several different things that didn't work. I tried natural remedies, tri-clear, went back to the dermatologist and it just kept getting worse. One day I google searched "remedies for acne" and acne.org was the first site I found. I could tell after looking around for a few minutes that this was really someone that was just trying to help people, not just sell products to make money. I read some success stories and ordered the treatment and moisturizer within a few days. My acne cleared up just as it says in "What to expect". It has been about 4 months now and my skin is almost all the way clear with just some red marks left. Hopefully those will be gone soon. I recommend this product to anyone who has tried "everything" and just feel like nothing else will work. T!
    his really works..Dan is really trying to help people because he has gone through the same thing.

    Claire NY

  • Dan, I wanted to drop you a line just to say that your treatment really works!!!!!! I have started three days ago and already notice a difference in my face. It feels so good after taking all the steps, and it feels incredibly clean. After going to a dermatologist and he perscribing me meds that did not work, I felt it made it much worse with overdrying, reddness and irritation. I was just wondering if you are a Dr. and if not how did you know what treatment worked for you? Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone who comes across this on the net!!!!!! It even helps the blackheads!!!