• Dan

    I'm a 26 year old male from North Wales in the UK. I have been following the Regime now for over a year, quite simply this is the first acne treatment that has worked for me over a sustained period of time. I like a number of other people have tried x-amount of the prescription and non-prescription products available, some did work but not for any great period of time. The Regime is the first to still be working after a year, so THANK YOU.

    I would love to say that the Regime has changed my life single handidly, but it wouldn't be quite true. What it has done simply is stop me from getting spots, which in turn has made me a more confident (overly confident in a few peoples eye), attractive (the few people maybe right), happy, carefree individual.

    I'm not sure a simple thank you is a big enough statement of gratitude, but it any how 'THANK YOU' again.

    Andrew Wrexham, N. Wales

  • I’ve had mild to moderate acne for 10 years now have tried just about every acne treatment. Around ‘02 I found acne.org and started following The Regimen; somewhat. I typically used ProActive BP, and if I used a moisturizer I used a “natural” one. I could never apply the full amount of BP that Dan recommended without burning my face and causing flaking, but The Regimen was so far the best treatment. I continued like this with varying success until 2005 when I decided to go full force with The Regimen. After a few weeks my skin was almost completely clear, but now I had burning red skin and intense flaking. I couldn’t even smile or laugh because my face felt so stiff. I was still using “natural” moisturizers throughout the day mostly to hide the huge flakes. At this point in my life these side effects were better than having acne, but after a few months I couldn’t handle it anymore and went back to using smaller amounts of BP and the acne came back. By October of 2007 I was having pretty bad breakouts and once again went looking for cures so I decided to try the new DK cleanser and moisturizer. I immediately noticed a huge difference from using Dan’s cleanser compared to my soap bars, but the main difference was the moisturizer. I realized then that using a moisturizer is just as important as using Benzoyl Peroxide. I’m certain that adding Dan’s moisturizer to my daily skin care has cleared my acne. On top of that my overall complexion is much better and my skin is very soft and even. For 6 months now I’ve been able to focus on living my life without letting acne control my decisions. I want to thank Dan for helping me so very much by creating an informative website and creating the best (and vegan) acne products available. Hopefully in the future we can find the cause of acne and prevent it so that we don’t have to cover our faces with benzoyl peroxide everyday (I’ll still keep using the moisturizer though).

    Thomas CA

  • Dear Dan,

    I am a 20 year old female who has struggled with acne since the age of 11. Like you I've tried just about everything on the market, (Except Accutane, because I already have a liver disorder) and to no avail, nothing worked. I was told to use salicylic acid, and did for around 3-4 years, and all I got was worse acne, more scars, and wasted a lot of time. One morning I was surfing the web and came upon your site, and spent quite a bit of time browsing. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but figured that I had nothing to lose by trying. Within 3 weeks, my skin was completely clear, and with the exception of some incredibly MILD hormonal acne, (which clears right up with the use of BP) stays completely clear. Thank you so much for a great web site, and for allowing me to get my face back!

    Beth Greencastle, PA

  • I just want to add my voice to all the others saying that this regimen works really well. I happened to have some BP in my cabinet when I learned about it so I could try it without spending anything. Within a week my current acne was cleared and nothing new was showing up. That was about 6 months ago and while I used to have acne deep in my skin, I now only have a very occasional surface blemish - and they're usually on the spots I don't cover as well. When I ran out of the stuff in my cabinet, I started using Dan Kern's product and I have to say the gel has a nice feel to it and the price is great. I used to be so embarrased by the condition of my skin and now I hold my head up and feel confident looking people squarely in the eye. Even the old red marks are fading now that my skin has calmed down and they have time to heal.

    Molly Minneapolis, MN

  • I've been using your routine for about 5 - 6 weeks now with excellent results. Thank You, Thank You!!!! I'm 50 years old, and yes with lots of milia (whiteheads) and an occassional red boulder on my face. Since 16 I've tried everything including Retin A... I was going to even use Accutane recently but then came across your webpage - the GREAT NEWS is that I've seen an Enesthetician and Dermatologist (for a sun cancer screening,etc.) and both remarked on how much better my skin is now!!. They noticed it right away. I love it because my skin looks more radiant and also so much clearer. I don't even wear foundation now!! THANK YOU, I feel so much better. I love you Dan for sharing your success story and hopefully this will help someone as well.

    Lyn Orange County, Florida

  • I started getting bad pimples November/December which really messed with my self esteem. People always told me they thought I was cute ect. and I didn't want that to change, but who think someone with acne is cute? So I started on Proactiv, which really didn't seem to do much of anything at all. The severity of my acne seemed to vary from week to week until Easter time, and I will never forget how I felt. The week before Easter I got about 6 pimples of the right half of my face and, without realizing, scratched the white heads off my face, and violently too. So before Easter day came around I had 15 pimples on that side of my face and I hated to be seen with our relatives.

    I was constantly wondering what people thought of my skin and even worse, I have a girlfriend whom I've been dating for 2 years. What would she think of my skin? Would she dump me or think I was ugly. After countless night of moping in my room and feeling sorry for myself, I looked up a way to combat my acne properly.

    Eventually I came across this site, read up on the products and success stories, and ordered myself the proper Regimen supplies. That night I immediately threw my Proactiv supplies in the trash. The shipping on the supplies is a bit pricey, but the supplies get here in 2 days, and I live on the other side of the country! Anyways, so I was very skeptical at first but followed the steps precisely and diligently. I saw almost immediate results and stuck to the Regimen, and its been 2 months now.

    As of now I am completely acne free. If you ever have problems with acne,especially if its ruining your social life, order the Regimen supplies! They're relatively cheap, but most of all super effective. This IS the miracle cure for acne. I owe my confidence and happiness to you Dan. Thank you so much.

    Brandon Maryland

  • Dan, you are my saviour.

    At the age of 20 I began developing extremely scarring cystic acne on both sides of my cheeks. Before that (in high school) I would get the occasional whitehead or two and plenty of blackheads. But this time it was extremely bad. It wouldn't go away and I didn't know why. I remember not wanting to leave the house because I was so sure that everyone was always staring at my huge red acne. I used expensive department store regimens, ProActiv, Murad. Doctors prescribed doxycycline and tretinoin cream. I even did some $300 IPL treatment. Nothing worked.
    I had a friend with the same problem who heard about your regimen through another friend. She started using it and her face cleared up dramatically. I was still a little skeptical; afterall, I spent thousands of dollars on countless products and procedures and none of them worked.
    I'm 23 now. About 9 months ago I ordered your products and started using them. I am proud to say that my face is 100% acne free. The only things that remain are my scars. But I am confident and beautiful once again.

    I tell EVERYONE that I know with acne problems about your regimen. Please let me know how else I can help to spread the word.

    You are AWESOME.
    Thanks again for helping me get my life back.

    Jennifer Los Angeles, CA

  • I just want to say THANK YOU because I have completely clear skin after years of acne troubles. It was definitely rough at the beginning, I was red and flakey for several weeks. My face took about 5 weeks to get used to the benzoyl peroxide and finally stop being flakey. I told myself from the beginning that I would go to at least 8 weeks no matter how bad it got, and I am SO glad I did!!! My skin is clear, it feels smooth, and it actually looks healthy. I am still working on the red spots, and every once in a while what feels like the beginning of a cyst will pop up, but after about 3 days of bp it subsides and just goes away without surfacing! I love this regimen and I am so glad I found this website and Dan's bp gel. I will recommend this!!

    Shannon St. Louis, MO

  • Hi dan becoz of ur treatment i.e bennzoyl peroxide my skin got clearer however i would like to suggest that one should use benzoyl peroxide judiciously on pimples!!!!!!!!remember excessive medication cam ruin existing skin so benzoyl peroxide works but use it judiciously ok!!!!!!!!! thanks dan! what would i have done without u!!!!!!!!

    Mayank Pune, India