• <p>I kind of expected acne in my teens. I dealt with it by doing all the stuff they tell you to: washing my face carefully, using prescription antibiotics, over the counter treatments...and it went away, only to resurface with a vengeance when I was 20. Which was not supposed to happen. Acne isn't supposed to blight your adult years.</p><p>I got pretty depressed over it. It wasn't severe acne, but that just meant that my GP never referred me to a dermatologist for it. I wouldn't go out without make up. Couldn't even answer the door. Hated summer, when all my make up melted off. Couldn't swim because then it'd wash away.</p><p>I tried Dan Kern's regimen without a huge amount of hope. Hell, I'd tried everything else--I even altered my diet, took holistic, ayurvedic and all kinds of other alternative supplements. I didn't expect some topical treatment to work. It never had before. But, I was really desperate. I was 24 and the acne was really ruining my life.</p><p>Within a few weeks there was a definite improvement. In a few months I was clear. I've stayed clear--I can sunbathe, I can swim, and I frequently leave the house with no make up on at all. After years of taking care of my skin, it finally looks really beautiful now. I can't tell you the difference this has made to me. The only thing I wish is that someone had told me how to use BP properly when I was 17!</p>

    Kate Cambridge, UK

  • <p>Dear Dan & Co.,</p><p>I've been on the regimen for over a year now, and it really works. I wish I had known about it sooner. I had acne for 14 years before I found your website. Now I'm clear. If I stop the regimen, I get acne again. I know this is part of my life now if I want to stay clear.</p><p>I love everything about your organization - the video blogs, the human beans, the honesty and dedication. I really appreciate your interest in the environment and sustainability too.</p><p>I have tried to spread the word to a few of my friends who also suffer with acne, but I've been disappointed because nobody else seems to understand that you have to follow the regimen exactly and not cut corners or take breaks. And people seem to get discouraged because it takes time to see results. A lot of people just want a quick fix. But there really isn't one. You can't change your genetics! Even accutaine only kept me clear for 1 year... but that's another story.</p><p>By the way, I am going into healthcare (I just have one more year to go before I'm a licenced dentist), and I want you to know that I'm going to tell my patients about your website if I think it would benefit them. I just hope they see it through and don't give up.</p><p>I think the best way to spread the success though is for parents to get their children started on the regimen when they develop acne and supervise them to make sure it's being done properly. If the regimen was taught to kids who suffer from acne the same way they're taught to clean their teeth and their hair, etc., then that would just become a standard part of their life, and they would pass it on to their kids too. Acne runs in my family, so I'll definitely be getting my kids on the regimen as soon as they need it. I don't want my sons or daughters to be miserable teenagers because of their skin!</p><p>So thank you Dan and everyone involved in acne.org! I've become a happier person because of you.</p><p>Take care,<br />Julia</p>

    Julia New York, NY

  • <p>Hello Dan,<br />I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for your advice. After years of trying everything that was suggested by dermatologists and commercials, your methods have brought me the only lasting success I've seen.</p><p>I've been following your advice for over a year now with products from my local grocery store and have had consistently clear skin from doing so. It's night and day to what I was and it's done a great deal towards improving my confidence and way of life.</p><p>I tell anyone I can about your advice and how grateful I am for finding it online, I just needed to tell you as well.</p><p>Thank you,</p>

    Jon Perth, WA

  • <p>Wow. I've been doing the regimen for only 1 week and I've already seen a tremendous difference. I am a 32 year old male who has been suffering (physically and emotionally) for over 19 years. I've already noticed - not only a physical change - but a boost in my self confidence.<br />Thank you man, I really, really appreciate it.</p>

    David Wisconsin

  • <p>Hi Dan, thanks so much for the care, time and thought you put into your website and products. I am 28 and have "professional" job, but I always felt pretty unprofessional when I would get a couple of major (perioral) zits every month around the time of my period. </p><p>I saw a bottle of your BP in my friend's medicine cabinet and decided to check out Acne.org after seeing that, because I was curious why anyone would need quite that much BP =) </p><p>I've been on the regimen for several months now and haven't had any major zits since then. Some months I don't have any at all and the other months they're just really minor. My husband says that I rub my face all of the time now with all of the BP, AHA, moisturizer that I put on. (Of course I don't really rub, but that's what it looks like to him). The jojoba oil works great at getting rid of flakiness too, like you say.</p><p>So THANK YOU very much. I really appreciate that you use your cleverness for something so useful. I enjoy reading/watching your blog too--very endearing and also keeps me motivated to stick to the regimen.</p>

    Laura Glen Ellyn, IL

  • <p>I am a pre menopausal woman who will be 45 this year and thanks to hormones began breaking out horribly! It was very discouraging to be my age and look like a teenager! What I had been doing for my skin no longer worked and some products I tried failed to give any results. On a whim I decided to look up acne on the internet and found your site with your clearly laid out daily regime and what products to use. I started just last week to do your daily face workout with Oxy Daily face wash and the acne cream and things have been clearing up amazingly fast. I am thrilled with the results and just wanted to drop you a line and express my appreciation for your sharing a way to help!</p><p>Many thanks</p>

    Cindi Gunnison, Colorado

  • <p>I've only been doing The Regimen for about a week, and my skin already looks much better.</p>

    Emily Warren, MI

  • <p>For 20+ years, like Dan, I've tried about everything (Retin-A, Proactiv, Murad, various dermatologists, etc.) with limited success. </p><p>Since January 2010, I've been using Dan's product and this stuff is WORKING - no empty promises and no celebrity endorsements. Prior to using this product, I would spend most of my life waiting to see when the next breakout(s) would occur; now, I'm not waiting anymore but just enjoying better looking skin. If you're reading this and struggling physically/emotionally/socially with acne, I understand your pain and know what it's like to lose hope in products that don't deliver; however, from my experience, Dan's product has proven that it works.</p>

    Dave Baltimore, Maryland

  • <p>Hi there</p><p>I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the information on this site. It has totally transformed my skin and life!!! I came across the website as I was desperate to improve my skin for my wedding which took place last week. I started the regimen back in January. I was first in two minds about whether to take the Dianette pill or try the routine. I opted for the routine and it worked! I had the most amazing wedding last week and no spots!!!!!!! I cleared my back, chest, shoulders and neck! I only had mild acne but I have had this since I was about 11, I am now 33. The best thing is a couple of weeks before the wedding I decided to stop the BP cream and have found that my spots are not returning. I think the key for me has been the moisturisation. It's so funny as if someone told me to use moisturiser on my body before I came across your site, my reaction would have been 'no way, that would make my skin more greasy!'. But now I think I have been getting spots mostly because of dry skin. Anyway, I actually went swimming the other day with my little boy and did not feel self-conscience and I am now looking forward to wearing a bikini on the beach this year. Last year I sat on the beach with a t-shirt over my bikini.</p><p>Thanks so much for this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p><p>Best wishes to everyone.</p>

    Debbie England