• Hi,
    Im a 41 year old married man with three kids.Ive suffered with acne since my teens and
    have gone through some tough times because of it.Ive been using the Acne.org regimen
    for the bones of two years and it works.My skin is as clear as its ever been and staying that way.Okay its not perfect but I feel good about it and am no longer self conscious and therfore Im more confident in myself.Thanks Dan for your wonderful products.

    Colm White Ireland

  • Dan,

    I am a physician, though not a dermatologist. I wanted to tell you how well your regimen has worked for my teenage kids. My 16 year-old son had moderately severe acne and poorly controlled on oral antibiotics, topical Retin-A and a benzoyl-peroxide wash. He was frustrated so I did a little loooking around and found your regimen. Since beginning the Kerns regimen, his acne has essentially cleared with only an infrequent pustule. He has been off oral antibiotics for many months and no longer uses Retin-A. My 14 year-old daughter started having some pustules so she is now using the regimen and is also completely clear. We are all, needless to say, very happy with the results. Thanks for your work and for making this program available.

    Paul M.D., Texas

  • Hey! I have been using the regimen for about 2 months now. Initially I started off using BP 2 times a day, and after a few weeks of this noticed my skin was becoming really really dry and believe it or not I was actually breaking out into larger more inflamed pimples on the area that I applied BP. I was actually able to rub off layers of dry skin easily with my face towel while my skin was still wet... Despite all this I knew I shouldn't give up. I decided that it was my skin's way of telling me to calm it down a little-I had never seen it like this before. So, I changed my regimen up a bit. I started using it once a day. This is my regimen in more detail:

    cleanse face gently, pat dry.
    Apply moisturiser only if needed (if wearing make up afterwards), otherwise let skin "breathe"
    drink water and lots of it to help hydrate and flush toxins.

    Fully cleanse face gently, make sure all makeup is removed (Purpose cleanser is amazing).
    Pat dry and apply a generous amount of BP 5 mins later to the acne area.
    NO moisturiser after BP

    This was the best thing I did. The redness went away overnight it seems. My Large red pimples weren't as inflamed and my skin was noticably less irritated. Also I noticed with all my pimples the pus was coming to the surface and it was easy for me to burst them (safely of course, with a sterile needle and Q-tip the area with some rubbing alcohol after). I started this 2 weeks ago, and haven't had a new pimple since and I honestly couldn't believe this, It makes me so happy.

    For all of you reading this, just remember, you know your skin better than anyone else. If your situation is anything like mine, maybe the regimen is too harsh and you should try what I did. Good luck to all of you. Thank you SO much Dan for making this site- it helped me learn more about my skin, as well as gave me so much emotional support when I was ready to just give up. Also thanks to Brandy for all the advice :)

    Sharon Atlanta

  • I actually just wanted to thank Dan for improving my life 1000%. I tried many things and even my dermatologist didn't help me. I found your site while doing research on acne. The skin on my face and body looks amazing now and I feel attractive for the first time in my life.

    Dan, you are a savior!!! I hope you are happy and healthy :)


    Nicole Orange County, CA

  • Just wanted to say a big thankyou, after 20 years of wasting £100's on treatments which did not work I have now been virtually spot free for well over a year! You must try it!!!

    M UK

  • I never write reviews but I needed to for all the acne suffers . I'm 43 and for 20 years have suffered with minor to moderate acne. I've tried everything from topical treatments, to skincare products(ie: proactive etc) to medication. This is truly the best product it has already started to clear my hormonal acne. The jojoba oil is an additional moisturiser due to my age. The cleanser is great, I love it and the moisturiser with jojoba oil works so well together. The benzoyl peroxide does it's job perfectly. I only need a pea size amount with my acne. Don't let beautician tell you otherwise, that benzoyl peroxide is damaging and drying for your skin it has a purpose and does a great job. Please ignore them it's the only product that clears your skin. I've listened to the beauticians to long and today have a few acne scars as a result of not using benzoyl peroxide and using their expensive products. Please try it you won't regret it. It's only been 4 days and I can go out without make up. Great products!! Thankyou Dan.

    Tracey Australia

  • Hi there,

    I just wanted to thank you for creating this site and for the regimen advice that I found on here. I'm 35, and for years have suffered from acne. I tried EVERYTHING, from roaccutane to antibiotics, to changes in diet and had resigned myself to being stuck with it for life. I'd seen your site and I'd seen the regimen, but I have to say, I disregarded it because I'd tried benzoyl peroxide before and it hadn't worked. The fact was, I'd just put it on my spots when I had them. How foolish was I! In a desperate attempt, after my billionth outbreak I tried the regimen, and strictly followed the advice given. I am so pleased with the results! Although it’s early days for me just now (I've been on the regimen for about two months now) the difference it’s made to me has been unbelievable. I feel more confident in myself and my skin looks so much better. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you Dan, for all the work and effort that you have put into this. You truly deserve recognition for your dedication and support to those of us who suffer from acne.


    Cana York UK

  • Do you know how long it took for Dan's advice to start working on my face? One. Day. Seriously. Instead of using the harsh ProActiv cleanser and wasting time with the toner, I used a very gentle cleanser for ten seconds or less, loaded my face up with BP, waited, moisturised...well, you know the drill. I did it again in the afternoon and am happy to report that everything is already starting to go down.

    So I'm using the left over BP from my ProActiv pack and I've picked up a cleanser and BP gel from your online shop. As I have rather mild acne, I have a good feel about this. This is going to work for me.

    (As you can tell, I've not lost the ability to be excited in a new product, despite past disappointments. Ha.)

    Thank you!

    Melissah Victoria, Australia

  • Acne.org has saved my life!

    Dan and his Regiment have helped me finally put an end to over a decade of light-moderate acne with cystic patches and the awful scars I earned from compulsive face picking.

    I am mixed Asian-Caucasian, with oily skin that is medium-fair and doesn't burn easily, but is prone to dark scars that take forever to fade. As a musician and weekend independent actress, makeup, hot lights, and late nights were wrecking havoc on my skin. When we started planning for our first music video and national tour, I knew I had to do something to turn things around.

    I ordered the full line of Acne.org products and after 4 months of faithful use, I am completely spot free! Now, I use only a mild over-the-counter gel cleanser and a moisturizer made from one-part Dan's new formula and one-part AHA+. Instead of picking, I use a I still keep 2.5% benzoyl peroxide around for spot treatments, and I use oil absorbing sheets to nix shininess when I'm gigging. It can be tough to find the time and space to wash properly when we're on the road, but the payoff is definitely worth the effort.

    To everybody who may be struggling with the Regimen: Stick with it. It takes time to see results, but if your acne is anything like mine was, they will come.

    Thanks Dan! I couldn't be happier.

    Kim Ontario, Canada