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Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
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Brand: Queen Helene

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Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque


Water, Kaolin, Bentonite (CI 77004), Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Propylene Glycol, Sulfur, Chromium Oxide Green (CI#77288), Fragrance (Parfum), Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben.

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Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

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Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, Mint Julep, 8 oz
updated: 10/01/2016 02:19 UTC
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Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

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Not for me
Reviewed on January 17, 2016

Made my skin even oilier? And I noticed more pimples popping up after 2 times of using it. Also it STUNG when I first put it on. I wanted to like it because I liked the way my skin looked and felt afterwards, but it didn't last. But at least I finally know it's not for me bc I've been eyeing this mask at Walmart for months contemplating on buying it. I would recommend at least trying it out, it might work for you.

by jspencer on 02/04/2016 15:14
That's what a mask does is pull stuff to the surface
Excellent face masque
Reviewed on December 28, 2015

I've been use this masque for years along with the scrub. It does wonders. After using it my skin feels refreshed and as soft as ever. I would recommend using it once or twice a week, not everyday. It does dry out any pimples you have which is a plus, but does not remove it completely. I would recommend using the Queen Helene Mint Julep Scrub before applying the Masque.

Best masque you can get for only a few bucks
Reviewed on October 9, 2015

For a while i was disappointed couldn't find this in drug stores, but was happy to see they still sell it at Sally Beauty Supply. I can't say this helps my acne tooo much, though i have seen some cysts minimize a bit after using it. It definitely pulls oil, is very calming and helps with redness.

Really do recommend this (:
Reviewed on September 20, 2015

I've used this for a couple of years now and love it. It pulls out impurities and oil and you can actually see where impurities are pulled from your skin once it's dry. my skin is always smooth and redness reduced, if i ever have random flare ups i use tgis as a spot treatment to dry it out usual ill spot treat twice a day in those cases. After many others experience and my own I've determined that some acne face washes with salicylic acid and the like could cause this mask to burn slightly when applied after. Personally I use clean and clear daily pore cleanser which doesnt have that but over time there is a HUGE improvement in the long term clearness of my skin. For those who've tried it and broken out there's a chance that you're not rinsing your face well enough after using the mask. It pulls out impurities and if you don't rinse everything off thoroughly you're most likely leaving those impurities on the surface of your skin causeing the sudden breakouts. It's just a thought, it could hust might be that this WONT work for you too.

Reviewed on July 16, 2015

I starting using this mask because it was on sale for about $2 at walgreens. When you put it on it smells like spearmint gum. At first the mask burns/tingles and you want to take it off but after about a minute the mask tingle starts to feel amazing. I don't really have much acne, but I have very oily skin and this helps so much. I would not recommend this to someone who has normal to dry skin just because it pulls out all oils. I personally love this after a nice face wash.

by Heather L on 10/19/2016 16:55
If it's drying out your skin to much, don't let it dry completely before rinsing it off. If you let it dry completely, it pulls to much moisture from the skin..
great stuff
Reviewed on May 25, 2015

this stuff is really good I have been using it since I was a teenager and I would really say thats it has made my skin looking younger then I really am not since I am only 31 years old I have looked at other 31 year old and their skin looks very old but my skin still is very good looking and I will stay that is it's all because of the mint julep products that I have been using for years. I am NOT testing out different sex orientations but I am gay and in the gay society Miss Julie this is known as a must have for every gay person that I know and I must say that a lot of the gay people that I know still look young due to this product obviously for those who use it. I still use it to the day but for the past 7 months I have not used it and I noticed that my skin pores are large and that my skin starts to look a little old and so I have gotten back on this product and I must say that my skin is coming back together and again I am used to people saying you don't look your age and it's all because of mint julep so if you have any questions about does mint julep work I would say definitely and you should use it on a continuous basis if you want to have good skin try out their other products as well make sure that you know what you're using and what you're trying to get out of the product because each product is dedicated to his working for towards different things

by Wavyjay17 on 06/05/2015 22:30
Should I use this after I shower ,?
Love it
Reviewed on May 14, 2015

This face mask makes your skin soft and smooth. It helps unclog pores and it has a good smell! I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin who wants a good, refreshing facial mask. Just make sure to moisturize after using.

best face mask ever!
Reviewed on February 9, 2015

well this is my first review of a product and i got to say this is a great one! i have used this for about a year now and it works wonders. i have dry/combo skin and very sensitive skin- and this does not dry my out. it makes my skin smooth and gets rid of the redness. I recommend using this with a treatment but not a drying treatment. my friends have use the mask as well (one has olive skin not sensitive or acne prone like mine) and he said its a great mask.. makes the skin soft and smooth- try it! its not expensive

Love this!
Reviewed on January 24, 2015

I LOVE this masque. Skin feels so clean after using and it definitely clears pores.

Love it!
Reviewed on January 20, 2015

I have used this mask for any years and have always lived it. I would use it once a week in my 20's with occasional pimples here and there. Now I'm in my late 30's and my acne has arrived with a vengeance. It have tried everything! Now my face is red and scarred! i remembered I had a brand new bottle of the mint julep mask. I began to use it as an overnight mask after I cleanse with cetaphil acne prone foam wash. My acne has begun to slowly go away. Im happier now with face wash routine. I really recommend this mask as an overnight mask. It really calms the acne down and shrinks the pimples.

by fox2trox on 05/27/2015 21:00
Hey, just a tip for acne problem, if you still have it. Grab clearasil ultra acne medication and use about half a finger length on areas affected twice a day. Make sure it dries before moisturizing and I promise the acne will start to fade within a week! It worked winders for me and I still use it whenever I get a stray pimple.