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Punch Techniques


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Punch Techniques

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Punch Techniques

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Reviewed on April 12, 2012

what i didn't know at the time, and apparently, my dermatologist didn't know either, is that punch excision is ONLY to be used on boxcars that are *3mms or LESS*.

mine was *4mms* -- a full 2 sizes larger than the 3mm maximum (as per virtually every single board certified facial plastic surgeon on the planet). .

therefore, due to too much tension on the wound, my incision widened, leaving an even larger scar, slightly indented, with two bumps and a few shallow-moderate depth icepicks where the stitches had been (as he also apparently didn't know that stitches on the cheek shouldn't be left in for five days).

a few months later, i had the area treated with an ablative co2 laser -- it eliminated two of the three icepicks, and smoothed out the area somewhat. i'm now looking into having dermabrasion for the bumps and further smoothing, and a dermal filler for the remaining indentation...

so much for the "fine line" he said i'd have -- if i'm lucky, with the above additional procedures and time, the final result will be a circular scar almost twice the size of the boxcar (which was very deep, btw), but virtually flat and able to be concealed well with makeup -- an overall improvement of about 75-80%...not bad.

but it's so upsetting that i could have had excellent chances at an even better outcome from the beginning with a scalpel incision, if i'd simply gone to the right doctor.

please, please don't make the same mistake i did...sure, dermatologists may be cheaper, but this is your *face* we're talking about. see a BOARD CERTIFIED FACIAL PLASTIC SURGEON.

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Reviewed on December 7, 2011

I had this procedure done almost 2 years ago from a derm office. I was reluctant so the doc offered me 1 punch treatment for 1 indented acne scar. I paid $250 for nothing. First off the stiches made additional scar areas on my face. 2 years later, the original scar is wider and I have 2 small additional indentations from where the stitches were. I would not recommend this treatment for everyone.

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Reviewed on October 9, 2008

I had 12 punch grafts in Aug. 08. They look like darker bumps, but i was told dermabrasion, or laser will take care of that to smooth out the grafts/color. I'm going to have more grafts. Just changed Doc's, will let u know of results, but i can say i'm happy 12 holes are gone. $250./ per scar/graft. Tried 3 other treatments for acne scars, but no improvement for deep pitted scars.

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Reviewed on April 14, 2008

Wouldn't do it again. I have very fair skin that damages easily, so if you do as well I'd hold off on this procedure. Get a second opinion!

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Reviewed on August 30, 2007

I tried every products on the market and i am so happy i did not have to spend top $$$$$ with a physician and i could do it myself.

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Reviewed on July 6, 2007

I had three scars punch floated with Dr. Y in New Orleans about a year ago. One was a typical ice pick scar, which responded pretty well to the procedure. I would say that particular scar has received about 45% improvement. My other two scars were a little trickier--they were two small ice picks, but they were right next to each other, so the shadowing made the area appear like an indented line. After punch floats, the area looked about the same as prior to the procedure, maybe slightly better--less than 10% improvement. Since this area (on my right cheek) is so tricky, I am still looking for a suitable treatment.

It is important to keep in mind that initially, due to swelling, the scars will look amazing. The swelling, of course, goes away after a couple of weeks, which directly affects the appearance.

So, please keep that in mind for people who are rating their results within the first two weeks of the procedure.

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Reviewed on April 2, 2007

I had two deep and wide cystic acne scars and I just had scalpel excision with sutures done 3 days ago. Today I had my top layer stitches out and you almost can't tell I had scars there to begin with. I am so happy!!! There is redness and swelling right now so I am hoping when that goes down they still look as good as they do now. Anything will look better than the holes I had. Right now I'd say the improvement is almost 100%. I do believe a good outcome most definately has to do with the plastic surgeon who does it.

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Reviewed on February 8, 2007

Made my scars worse. I am Very dissapointed!