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Brand: Proactiv Solution


Key Ingredients:
8.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Linoleic, Linolenic Acid (Vitamin F Forte), Tocopherols, Polyethylene, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Menthol.

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Great Product bad customer service
Reviewed on March 11, 2014

I have never before reviewed a product but for me this one actually worked so here I am. I ordered the 30 day pack and for the first 2-3 weeks I used as instructed (twice daily leaving on for 2 min) During this time I noticed little to no results. Then another bottle showed up (90 day bottle) This I am still very upset about since I didn't order this but apparently when signing up for my first order I somehow got signed up for continuous orders. Anyways when this got here I decided to start using X-Out a little more liberally. I started using 4-5 times daily and leaving on for extended periods of time instead of simply 2 min. By doing this I noticed great results with in a week. This is the first time since before middle school that my face is clear of pimples. (I am 18 and in college) I have tried so many different products including prescription products and nothing has ever worked like this. My face is a little dry but not as bad as other products have made it. WOULD SUGGEST.

best product ever
Reviewed on March 10, 2014

I have always had horrible acne. I got this product and within a week my face was clear. This is such an amazing product. It came with a free body wash too!

Reviewed on March 8, 2014

So I'm 14 and as any other teenager would, I have acne. I've had it since I was 11, and it was really bad. We tried everything and nothing worked so we ordered xout. The first 30 day trial was great, I saw results instantly. It is the best face wash I've ever used and I love it. A huge downside is they never send me my free bonus shine control. So, my mom had to call after very shipment I get to tell them to send it. It takes a week for the package to be delivered, and another week for my free bonus to be delivered. It's ridiculous, and if it wasn't for the quality of the product, I would cancel my subscription.

continued unauthorized charges
Reviewed on March 4, 2014

I think the product works. Costume service Sucks. I ordered the product and got it. About 2 weeks later I noticed another charge that I didn't authorize.

Terrible Product, Rip Off
Reviewed on February 22, 2014

I ordered the 30 day package, i tried it for a week, made my skin red and sensitive. After one month the company sends another 90 day shipment that they charge you $100 for. Proactive x out is a major scam that does not help acne. Worst acne product ive ever used.

Works for me :)
Reviewed on February 19, 2014

I would give 5 stats but it took almost 2 weeks to get delivered but other than that..... I have had this product for 1 week and see and feel a great difference... If you read the label it says if you have sensitive skin do not use... All face wash brings the pimples out before away that's how you know it's really working... 1 pump from x out is enough to wash your face at that time... use once a day maybe twice if your a girl who wears make up...To much face washing can cause irritation... Hope this helps give it another try...

havnt gotten it yet
Reviewed on February 18, 2014

I just ordered my 30 day supply about a week ago should I call and cancle it before it gets to be to late?

Worst experince ever
Reviewed on February 10, 2014

I ordered this product online to see what all the fuss was about. I got the 30 day supply in the mail within 8 days and started using it twice a day. The bottle didn't even last me 30 days and by 20 days I had no improvement. After my 30 days were up they sent me a 90 day kit which I did not want. I called them to cancel my order and that I do not want anymore and they told me not to worry it will be cancelled. But after those 90 days I look at my bank statement to see $28 taken out from them. I called them and they told me that I will keep getting charged for another 2 orders because that is there "policy". They said I may send it back for a $19.99 refund but I will have to pay for the shipping myself and it will take 4-6 weeks to get my money back. I have to do this 3 times now because they cant just cancel their orders. The product didn't even help my face. It made me break out on my neck and gave me acne scars on my cheeks. WORST SERVICE AND PRODUCT EVER.

Very poor Customer Service
Reviewed on January 31, 2014

I would have given it 5 stars because it worked so well, but their customer service is awful. My first call I was put on hold, and then promptly hung up on because she didn't know how to answer my question. My second and third call weren't much better, they made me feel stupid for calling them out on their credit card racket scheme.

Oh yeah and expect to be hung up on multiple times, even if you're being calm and reasonable.

My experience was similar to Mhill's review, I just don't have the energy at this point to go into detail about it. The truth is i'm not usually one to complain either, we're just decent people being deliberately(seemingly anyway) taken advantage of.

Worse thing ever
Reviewed on January 26, 2014

This product sucks . I dries and irritates my skin so much and causes more acne . At first it cleared up but constantly would begin to peel . Acne is bad but with my faced peeled looking like America isn't any better . If you want to try I ahead if you think it's best I'm just going to say I have oily skin and not even lotion , baby oil or moisturizer could help with the dryness . It itches and burns . I stopped using every skin care product and just started rinsing my face and using makeup remover with only drinking water and my face isn't all that great now but it's only a few pimples left and I see it's gonna go away even more , I wouldn't waste my money on this bullcrap I have been a costumer or almost a year and it still hasn't worked X OUT IS AWFUL , PAINFUL AND ITCHY WHAT A PAIN IN MY BUTT IT IS !!! So thanks for not helping you suck X out I'm am no longer a costumer of yours home remedies do better than your product .