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Proactiv Solution X Out
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Brand: Proactiv Solution

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Proactiv Solution X Out


Active Ingredient:
8.5% Benzoyl Peroxide,

Inactive Ingredients:
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Linoleic, Linolenic Acid (Vitamin F Forte), Tocopherols, Polyethylene, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Menthol.

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Proactiv Solution X Out

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Proactiv Solution X Out

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do not recommend
Reviewed on July 30, 2015

I bought this product, and I also ordered the body scrub, and the scrubber tool (don't know the name of it) and it showed up about a week later, and only the face wash and the body scrub came. so I paid extra for something that didn't even show up. I am 15 years old and once I used it, I have about a couple of pimples, but pretty much my face was clear. but after I used X out for about a week, my face was broken out.. I stopped using this product and now my face if clearing back up a little bit. but not how it was before. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

amazing difference in a week
Reviewed on July 29, 2015

it was a great product ive never had a product work this fast before. I would recomend xout its great try it out.

by MoniqueUnique on 03/06/2016 00:31 much did they pay you?
Miracle for my daughter!
Reviewed on July 29, 2015

I am amazed that it took less than a week to see a huge difference in her complexion. We had tried everything. I am more than pleased with this product.

by Angel70 on 08/10/2015 02:48
Same happened to my 17 year old son !! His acne was pretty bad and took about 2 weeks to clear out but now is great. Worth every penny!!!
Absolute Lies
Reviewed on July 28, 2015

Again, the makers of Pro-Active bring another yet failed product that fool teens like me into buying. Been using it for two years (due to forgetting to cancel my subscription) and has not been working since day one. Don't even bother with this, go see an actual dermatologist and get a prescription, I know I should've.

Don't waste your money!
Reviewed on July 27, 2015

Xout is a waste of time I'm 15yrs old and all Xout did was made my face worst, at one point it burned my face and dried out my skin leaving dark marks, the spot corrector does absolutely nothing as well, this product belongs in the garbage😡😡😡.

by Katgurl16 on 07/31/2015 03:17
It did that to me also, so don't think you are alone. Hopefully it will get better for you. My face is now permanently red where I put it on so it looks like I have a bad sunburn.
Reviewed on July 26, 2015

I honestly don't recommend this product to younger teens. I am 14 and I found out that it broke me out! Proactiv + is wayyyy better!!! If you don't end up buying it. I also recommend the Neutrogena rapid clear stubborn acne. It helps over time, proactiv + works instantly for my oily skin.

No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed on July 26, 2015

I think that if I had to pick going to jail for the rest of my life while having perfect skin without using X Out of use X Out and not be in jail, I would definitely go to jail for the rest of my life if it meant not using X Out! Bottom line, DO NOT USE X OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Lalala338 on 08/07/2015 23:26
I would do the same 😡
Feels fantastic!!!
Reviewed on July 21, 2015

My name is Heather (age 17) I love X out so much I could do a commercial about it! My face was breaking out especially when I used Proactive, but when I tried X out it totally cleared up my skin right away! It was unbelievable. It's like a breath mint for your face! I would recommend this to everyone, but then I saw some of the comments on this page and realized that this product doesn't work for everyone. Personally, this is the best acne product I have ever tried!!! Love it love it love it!💖

Stole my money
Reviewed on July 16, 2015

This company gave me the biggest headache. After I made my first order and it shipped I immediately called them to cancel any other orders. After a weeks of never receiving the product I ordered I called them. They told me that my package had already been delivered. It had not been. I call the post office and they say they haven't received it yet. I call Xout and they suddenly change what they had told me before and tell me that they haven't delivered it yet after all and the post office should receive it later that day. I wait another couple of days and nothing comes in. I call the post office again. It doesn't have it. I call Xout and the same thing happens all over again. This continues for months before I finally give up because the tracking number they give me doesn't work either. I call Xout multiple times telling them I never got my order and want a refund. They tell me that they'll send me papers to file a claim. Never get those either. So finally I give up. No product, no refund but a giant headache.

by Katgurl16 on 07/31/2015 03:19
Just so you know, its a crappy product anyways. Burned my face and made it permanently bright red. You most likeley wouldn't have wanted it anyways. Sorry that they were rude about it.
buy it if you want breakouts
Reviewed on July 11, 2015

It made me breakout more and my face was kinda clear before i started using it.

by Promisingsun on 07/26/2015 20:26
So true! Agree with you 100000%
by kyra1008 on 07/30/2015 21:50
me too