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  • What is your sex?

  • How old are you?

  • What type of acne do you have?

  • Are you pregnant or lactating or plan to become pregnant?

  • What trimester?

  • If you currently have biological children, when did you deliver your last child?

  • Approximately how long until your next menstruation?

  • Do you use makeup?

  • Do you use steam/sauna rooms; take very long, hot showers; or steam your face more that occasionally?

  • How much do you touch your skin?

  • Are you on any prescriptions?

  • Is the climate where you live hot & humid at least part of the year?

  • Have you recently increased your caloric intake for any reason?

  • Are you currently on birth control medication?

  • Have you recently gone off birth control medication?

  • Do red/dark marks from previous acne tend to linger on your skin?

  • What is the maximum number of times a day that you wash your face?

  • Are you taking steroids--prescription or otherwise?

  • Is your acne localized in one area, for example, just on one side of your face?

  • Do you have acne on your body (back, chest, shoulders, neck)?

  • How much do you pick at your skin?

  • Do you get enough sleep at night on a regular basis?

  • Do you regularly swim?

  • How much sun exposure do you get?

  • How stressed do you feel?

  • Do you wear a facemask when playing a sport?

  • How often do you exercise?

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