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PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) Aquagel
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Brand: PanOxyl

PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) Aquagel


Active Ingredients:
10% Benzoyl peroxide.

Inactive Ingredients:
Aqueous base, which had bacteriostatic, keratolytic, sebostatic properties.

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PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) Aquagel

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PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) Aquagel

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Reviewed on March 21, 2010

Panoxyl is good, I find it has heped my acne alot. I used to be plastered in them. But now after using panoxyl for 3 WEEKS only.. I have clear skin.. eventhough my skin is now clear, i still apply the cream as it also works in prevention.. Hope this helped :)

Reviewed on March 17, 2010

I can only find the PanOxyl in the Foaming Wash. Where can I get the 10% gel. So far it looks like I have to send for it from England or New Zealand. I do notice that the PanOxyl wash has glycolic acid in, which is one of the best products for wrinkles you can use. So I am a little leary about using another brand of the 10% gel here in the states. They are only spot treatment size where the ones from other countries are for entire face preventive style. PanOxyl has made a difference for me in just one day and I need the wrinkle stuff since I'm 63.

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Reviewed on January 28, 2010

Only use it if tea trea oil or other not so harsh acne treatments doesn't work on you.

Reviewed on January 6, 2010

I have used, and have been prescribed pretty much EVERYTHING that I could to try to rid of my moderately severe acne. My last try before Accutane was PanOxyl. I have been using PanOxyl 10% for the past 2 weeks and have had remarkable results. I actually stopped taking Solodyn, and using my Retin-A because I was sure PanOxyl was working for me. I don't recommend coming off of your prescription for this product. But I highly recommend this product. It is a must try. I have been on doxy, tetra, monodox, bactrim, retin-A, solodyn, triaz....and so on. This is the only thing that has stopped my cystic acne from spreading on my face. I no longer feel pimples coming on. You know that occasional stinging or itch you feel when you know another one is on its way. Well, I can actually feel this medicine heal from the inside out. I was already using the Triaz 6% facial cloths when I began using PanOxyl. I felt that uping the percentage of Benzoyl Peroxide to 10% would amp the results. Well lo and behold it worked! I was such an avid fan of salicylic acid til I learned the difference that Benzoly Peroxide can make on my face. Please please please try this product. Its a defintie God send. My face was really broken out around my jawline and cheeks were super red and inflamed. It almost looked as if I was getting a combo of acne and rosacea. But PanOxyl made the difference along with prayer. I prayed God would heal my face or would lead me to a product that would help rid me of heart breaking and traumatizing acne. I hope this is OUR cure. Be blessed and never give up hope.

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Reviewed on December 11, 2009

I've been searching for the most effective product andi foung out in a pharmaceutical book that the the dermatoloists recomment this product. I bought it in a drug store and the price was quite reasonable. The first time i use it after a couple of hours it will tighten your skin! I used it every morning and before going to bed! I guaranteed that panoxyl will help you to wash away those acne! buy it!

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Reviewed on December 10, 2009

i used Panoxyl 5% bar soap, Eskinol cleanser (cucumber) and Panoxyl 10 % gel. I washed my face twice a day with Panoxyl bar soap and Eskinol for cleansing/toning my face. I used the Panoxyl at night after cleansing my face. If u are uncomfortable with Panoxyl 10% gel u may use the Panoxyl cream 4%.

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Reviewed on December 8, 2009

if you have tried everything else and had no luck try Panoxyl! I used the 2.5% and even thhats amazing!

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Reviewed on November 24, 2009

This is amazing stuff!! It works so fast at clearing up spots and acne. Certainly does dry the skin so moisturiser is a must but a small price to pay to clear zits. I have tried many and never found a more effective cream. It was quite expensive here in New Zealand, around $26 for the tube. TRY THIS!!! :-)

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Reviewed on November 24, 2009

I bought this gel as a last resort before going to see a doctor who probly would've prescribed me anti biotics (risk of long term liver damage, no thanks), Panoxyl 10 cost me £3.49 from loyds pharmacy, After the first application I could clearly see the cream working after a few hours, The redness had died down alot, The real results come after about 2-6 weeks of usage, skin hardly breaks out (still the odd White head) which goes after about 2 days of use, the gel is amazing, I wouldent be without it in my morning and night face wash routine, Its given me back that lost confidence, and a clear spot free face, However in the first few weeks of use I had extremely dry flakey skin (benzoyl peroixde based gel, Drys skin, removes excess sebum oil, And oxygenates pores, spot causing bacteria can't live or breed in an oxygenated enviroment, which means no breakouts) for the dryness I drank alot of water to keep face moisturiserised, also water clears skin, I defo recomend panoxyl 10, mike.

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Reviewed on November 23, 2009

Buy this product !!! It's better than proactive or any prescription acne product I've ever used. If you struggle with acne this is great. Just use a light moisturizing lotion like Cetaphil.