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PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) Aquagel
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Brand: PanOxyl

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PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) Aquagel


Active Ingredients:
10% Benzoyl peroxide.

Inactive Ingredients:
Aqueous base, which had bacteriostatic, keratolytic, sebostatic properties.

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PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) Aquagel

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PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) Aquagel

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Reviewed on May 11, 2012

Basically I was 16 when I went to see my pharmacist about my acne, because it really annoyed me and effected my confidence in public. My pharmacist recommeded PanOxyl 5 to me and I was dubious at first after reading many reveiws saying that it causes dryness and redness of the skin, some even saying that it caused more spots to form. But I did try it and I was extreamly pleased with the results, the spots reduced in size within 4 week days which boosted my confidence greatly. Some spots do come back every now and again but not as frequently or ferrocious as with other products, and I have tried many.

I personally do not use moisteriser as I don't really need it but others may do so I recommend starting off with one.

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Reviewed on March 17, 2012

Okay. Well ive used this for like over a year. it works really great!! it makes pimples go away alot faster and its real easy to use.. it does bleach things. and dry out my face.. but i use moisturizer which kinda controls that.

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Reviewed on February 18, 2012

I am black and I was wondering if other users who are the same skin colour have different effects. I know skin colour can change things and the reviews seem to be mostly from white people (please correct if i'm wrong).

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Reviewed on December 11, 2011

ive been using this for a week, and it really does work! i do once in the morning and once before i go to bed. my skin has become soo much clearer. make sure you use moisterizer (sp?) though because it DRIES OUT SKIN SO BAD. but itll go away after a while, so use moisterizier. also, you might notice that your skin gets worse a little bit after you try it but would you rather have bad skin for 3-4 days and clearer skin after or just give up and live with it forever? :)

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Reviewed on November 29, 2011

I love it. I scrub my face before bed and apply this stuff to sleep in (on my t-zone, in a broad area). In the morning I scrub my face again (helps remove dead skin caused by the drying out) and use light moisturizer and make-up.

I haven't had a zit in a month!! Have been trying to find something good for 10 years!

PS - I only have light acne. Will usually have one or two big zits. This cleared it up totally.

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Reviewed on November 21, 2011

I have been using for 1 month now, I've had clear skin for maybe 7 days which was great but 5 big spots have just appeared on chin and around my mouth over then weekend and they are bad, they are the horrible big cyst like red ones which no amount of make up can cover!

It hasnt worked for me which is sad, maybe I need to use it abit longer but I have seen no vast improvement, guess its my hormones and might need to go back on the pill

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Reviewed on September 18, 2011

BUY THIS PRODUCT! i have been suffering with acne for 12 years and this cream is really helping my self confidence and it can help yours 2! :)

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Reviewed on June 8, 2011

Worked for a few days then I noticed loads of little spots on my forehead started to form, I carried on anyways because it did take away my big ones and my face was actually smoother than it had been a long time so I thought the little ones will go away if I continued. Sadly they are not gone and I still have them. I stopped using it for a few days now and they are still there, now along with my usual ones, I tried to put it on my big ones only (a dab) it just doesnt work anymore. So I threw it in the bin. My face is super dry, flaky and feels horrible. Did not like this product.

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Reviewed on May 5, 2011

45 years acne: I have had 2 courses of Accutane, and was on antibiotics for years: both quietened it down, but still need Panoxyl. Now using nothing except Panoxyl gel; have used it and a predecessor Benoxyl for 40 years. For new users, suggest apply on Friday night at least two weeks before the big party. See how you are Saturday. Apply again Saturday night, and see how you are Sunday. Maybe skip Sunday night if your skin gets red. Maybe apply moisturiser (though I never do).

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Reviewed on May 3, 2011

This worked great for the first few weeks even though it did burn. However, after three months it stopped working.