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OxyLift Oxygenated Facelift System
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Brand: OxyLift

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OxyLift Oxygenated Facelift System


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OxyLift Oxygenated Facelift System

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OxyLift Oxygenated Facelift System

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Total waste of money; doesn't work!
Reviewed on August 26, 2014

Abusive customer service if you dare to complain! Love to tell you what they dared to say to me.

Reviewed on March 17, 2012

Cost a bit of money up front, but It has given me the results I have been searching for.

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Reviewed on February 17, 2012

afraid when it breaks. replacement parts of $60 is expensive.

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Reviewed on December 20, 2011

Anyone want to see theirs?

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Reviewed on April 7, 2011

The Oxy Lift sucks butt!! I've used this faithfully twice a day for 6 months and my acne is still the same, did not clear anything up!

by Shelley421 on 08/26/2014 23:17
Appreciate the comment; I'll pass.
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Reviewed on December 1, 2010

used for 4 months, twice a day if anything my face looked worse

by Shelley421 on 08/26/2014 23:19
I know the feeling; I ended up with broken capillaries all over my face; now I'm facing costly dermatologist treatments to correct the damage!
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Reviewed on November 9, 2010

Best product I've ever used. My skin hasn't looked this great since I was 20!

by Shelley421 on 08/26/2014 23:02
Made an error; wanted to vote NO but wasn't given the option. It's crap; ask yourself who wrote the above comment!
Reviewed on July 14, 2010

Cathi Graham's OxyLift is worth every penny and more! I use it consistently and my skin looks and feels great! The compliments I get are a bonous and my sons confidence is up.

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Reviewed on December 7, 2009

I feel ripped off. I paid $220 through a salon so of course they were making their profit as well. I agree with Susie, don't waste your money on this product.

by Shelley421 on 08/26/2014 23:07
I, too, agree with Susie, don't waste your money. I was influenced by the positive votes but it makes me wonder if those votes were real. I ended up with granulomas on my skin after a week of using this device. I had biopsies done and my Dr. said it's possible it was from using this device. It took over 3 months to heal. Just be careful.
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Reviewed on November 15, 2009

I went for spa treatment that were over $80 for a single session. I love that for $200 I can use this one every day if I want and it's a one time purchase. I've spent more on "systems" thay you have to buy again and again.. Also when I get lazy with it I know that if I use it again for 7 days strait I will have clear, beautiful tighter skin. I just plan that around holidays and stuff. If you can get it cheaper great otherwise I still think it's worth $200 to get rid of my lines and acne. It totally speeds up the healing process. If I catch big zits in time (the painful, stay for a month ones) they actually go away before they surface. I think this product is just awesome.