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Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment
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Brand: Oxy

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Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment


Active Ingredient:
Benzoyl Peroxide (10%).

Inactive Ingredients:
Anhydrous citric acid, butylene glycol, carbomer homopolymer, diazolidinyl urea, dimethicone, dimethyl isosorbide, edetate disodium, fragrance, glycerin, hydrolyzed soy protein, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, lauryl methacrylate/glycol dimethacrylate crosspolymer, PEG/PPG-4/12 dimethicone, portulaca oleracea extract, propylene glycol, purified water, silica, sodium citrate, sodium hydroxide, xanthan gum.

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Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment

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Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment, 0.65 Ounce
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Oxy Maximum Action Spot Treatment

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Reviewed on May 24, 2015

it works to clear acne, but i have to stop using it because all the Oxy products are drying out my skin!! i cant handle my skin being rough and dry so I'm going to try a different skin care line. i won't ever recommend this to a friend, awful that it dries out the skin so much!! too bad because it really does clear acne but cant handle the dry skin anymore.

Advice needed please :)
Reviewed on March 7, 2015

So I've struggled with cystic acne for about a good 4 years now, starting at the end of high school. It really went full force when I turned 19 (now 20). I have done EVERYTHING... A lot of people say this but I truly have... I've even changed my diet from Taco Bell to full out high carb low fat Vegan. I'm tired and just simply worn out. Its turned not only into a struggle but has caused me to have major depression/ anxiety problems. :/ Anywayssss I've been using 10% BP for almost a month now and have seen results but everyone says to use the 2.5 (from what I've read). Not sure if that will cause skin problems and wondering if it will not be strong enough since I've already been using the 10%? My face is very dry and to be honest I'm petrified of using any moisturizer because I've had bad experiences with them before (allergic reactions). Any advice would be very much appreciated and a blessing. God bless

by taybees on 12/11/2015 17:15
If you haven't already worked this problem out, have you tried vanicream moisturizer? It needs to be prescribed by a dermatologist but I have very sensitive acne prone skin and it moisturized without causing any problems. Also if you haven't already, check out Paula's choice beautypedia page. She is a dermatologist that reviews thousands of products and their ingredients.
AMAZING but drying.
Reviewed on February 17, 2014

It works fantastic, I don't go to sleep without using it. It cleared up my entire face, and I could not be prouder of my skin. I also love using the tinted one, because I can wear it during the day too!

Saved my horrible skin like nothing I've ever used before!!
Reviewed on December 28, 2013

I never had a skin problem up until a few months ago when I started birth control. Although some say it makes your skin better than ever , that wasn't the case for me. I broke out horribly all over my face, around mouth, cheeks nose forehead you name it! It was horrible I was so embarrassed tried everything from proactive to several prescriptions from my dermatologist. None were working at all until I recently started using tho product about three weeks ago an. It truely is a life saver! I put a thin layer on my problem areas at night and the next morning I already started seeing a difference! It's amazing I also started using oxy maximum face wash in the black and red bottle, they seem to counter act with eachpther which I love! I now only suffer from some dark marks due to the acne and a few occasional pimples other than thy my skin is back I normal and couldn't be better! Super happy about this product!!!

it's good but bad. MUST READ MINE
Reviewed on December 17, 2013

I got this and it helped with my acne a lot especially the sides of my face and forehead but then the place I didn't apply was around my mouth but now around my mouth is so so dark im so embarrassed infront of my brother sisters cousins parents and at school now I cover around my mouth all thetime. I need help right now im trying to wax around my mouth they say it might work over all beside the blackness it good.

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Reviewed on January 4, 2013

I had acne all along my mouth, forehead and sideburns. It was pretty damn awful, until I picked this up at Wal-Mart.

4 weeks later, and I stopped breaking out. 3 months later, and all I have to worry about is scarring.

Make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle. Would definitely recommend this.

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Reviewed on May 23, 2012

This has really helped me with pimples on my forehead. If you put it on before bed, it will clear the acne about 90%. But you need to use it consistantly to get the same reasults after a while.

Reviewed on February 7, 2012

my mother had used oxy-10 for over twenty years, and she never once had any sort of acne. remembering this just recently, i ran to wal-mart and bought some.

this product literally saved my skin. i suffered from severe blackheads (we're talking about hundreds on my nose) and after using this for less than a week they were completely gone. however, my skin did get excessively dried out, but after applying my moisturizer the problem was solved. i'm going to forever use this product as long as it works because this has been the ONLY thing to completely remove my blackheads. salycic acid never came close to doing the job that oxy-10 did.

Reviewed on August 14, 2011

Very good to begin with but stopped working after a few months. It might work for some people so give it a try. It does bleach clothes so wash your hands after using it! Not a bad product really but it's not a long term solution.

Reviewed on March 24, 2011

Wow!!! the only thing that really works for me so far , but at the same time i could also say any 10 % peroxide applied directly to pimple would do the same.. This is just in cream form so its easy to apply. Really does work and i would reccomend nothing else for spot treatment.