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Oxy Maximum Action Advanced Face Wash
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Brand: Oxy

Oxy Maximum Action Advanced Face Wash


Active ingredient:
Benzoyl Peroxide 10%.

Inactive ingredients:
Anhydrous citric acid, butylene glycol, capryl/capramidopropyl betaine, cetostearyl alcohol, cocamidopropyl betaine, diazolidinyl urea, disodium PEG-5 laurylcitrate sulfosuccinate, fragrance, hydrolyzed soy protein, hydroxyphenyl propamidobenzoic acid, methylparaben, PEG-8 dimethicone, pentylene glycol, propylparaben, purified water, sodium citrate, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, xanthan gum.

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Oxy Maximum Action Advanced Face Wash

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OXY Maximum Action Face Wash, 5 fl oz
updated: 07/02/2015 06:16 UTC
Oxy Maximum Action Advanced Face Wash, 5 Ounce
updated: 07/02/2015 06:16 UTC
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Oxy Maximum Action Advanced Face Wash

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Reviewed on June 20, 2012

It completely cleared up my skin within the first 2 weeks of using it and i haven't had any bad breakouts since. There is also a spot treatment in this brand which works very good as well.

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Reviewed on June 17, 2012

I give this product 5 stars because it got rid of my acne completely, the only time I get zits is one zit when I'm on my period (impossible to not happen for me). It does leave your skin dry, but if you have oily skin like me thats a good thing!!!

Just use an oil free moisturizer & you're set.

I also use OXY's spot lotion all over my face at night and if you have zits it dries them up over night.

GOOD STUFF =) try it!

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Reviewed on May 26, 2012

my acne progressivey got worse my first year of college despite constant exercise and a vegetarian diet. so I started using oxy in conjunction with ortho tri-cyclen lo birth control as a dermatologist's recommendation.

so does it work?

yes! with patience and a good toner and moisturizer i'm finding that my skin is clearing up (almost perfect now!) and everywhere on my face i have improvement. because of the purging process i had, not only pimples, but all of my blackheads are disappearing. I noticed almost every pore of mine became a small blackhead that i could either squeeze out, or let become a zit. even those stubborn ones on my lip-line are gone! though i really hated getting more acne before seeing results.

it forced every pore on my face to get rid of everything- but since i've had a zit there, that patch of skin has remained beautifully clear. that's the best way to explain it.

i definitely wanted to give up on it after 3 weeks when it only seemed to make me worse though. and it does very little for the red marks left after acne, so treat those however you usually do. and clay masks work very well after washing with this stuff. leave them on overnight and you'll notice a big difference.

also, on my back, with daily use, i had no purging process, and it cleared completely after two weeks. i love that because it's bikini season, b*tches!

lasty, i want to mention that it has changed my skintype. i've always been very dry and using topical BP. since switching to a wash, my skin is more normal or even a bit oily sometimes. which i actually appreciate! no more flakes! and if i forget lotion, i'm not royally screwed.

so OVERALL for those SKIMMING reviews..

yes, this will definitely help, but be patient. it's helping a lot more than topical BP, especially now with prevention. though for me it wasn't quite as fast as everyone else who's reviewing this. the most important part is to realize you have to judge

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Reviewed on February 24, 2012

I had grad photos in 2 weeks and I need to get rid of a few pimples because I was not looking like a red balloon. So i picked up this product and within 2 days my acne was gone. I was impressed!

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Reviewed on February 21, 2012

I've only been using it for around three or four days now and I noticed a difference right away. I had a very painful cyst on my chin and now it's barely there. I think in another few days my skin will be clear. I do not have acne all the time, but when I break out, I break out well and all over. I'll defiantly be purchasing this again.

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Reviewed on February 16, 2012

i got more pimples than i lost..

Reviewed on February 6, 2012

Did not clear my acne even tho I used It twice a day while in the shower for 4 months. Everyday I still woke up with new zits. After using this I started developing cysts. Will make your face red as a tomato, people thought I was blushing on certain occasions.