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Minocycline Oral Antibiotic
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Brand: Minocycline

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Minocycline Oral Antibiotic


Minocycline Product Pictured:
Active Ingredients:
50 mg, 75 mg, or 100 mg of Minocycline.

Inactive Ingredients:
Magnesium stearate and starch (corn), D&C Red No. 28, D&C Yellow No. 10, gelatin, silicon dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate and titanium dioxide.

The 100 mg capsule shell also contains black iron oxide.

Items marked with orange can be irritating and over-drying, especially to acne-prone skin.

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Minocycline Oral Antibiotic

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Minocycline Oral Antibiotic

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Great (temporary) fix
Reviewed on December 11, 2013

This works really well, while you stay on it. Allowed me to have a clear fall term of freshman year (college) so I'm grateful to it, but it is not a long term solution. It is a bad idea to stay on antibiotics long term (they mess with your digestive system). To anyone considering antibiotics, be careful about one thing: for years I had mild-moderate acne and coped pretty well with it (I didn't let it affect my life much) the danger with antibiotics is that you lose all your coping mechanisms when they clear your skin and then when you go off them and your acne comes back...for me it was pretty devastating.

Good but doesn't last
Reviewed on November 14, 2013

I got a prescription for this in 2012, for four months. This initial phase worked really well. I used clindamycin solution as well as BP with this medication. They all seem to complement each other. After this phase, however, there was a period of really nice skin then the acne started coming back even worse. I was put on it again and it didn't have the same effects. My skin seemed to be really sensitive and the BP, clindamycin and this medication combo was too much for my skin. I would recommend if you have really sensitive skin to use this medication with a gentle wash. I also experienced dry lips with this, but nothing major.

Overall, take the medication for about 3-4 months and it will work well but it will not cure your acne problems completely.

Reviewed on November 12, 2013

This is the best acne product I had ever used by far. I could leave the house without makeup for the first time in 15 years after only a couple of weeks. I also didn't have the gastric side effects many people complain about. I never burn due to my skin colour, but I did receive a mild sunburn while on this medication. Unfortunately, after three and a half weeks I developed an allergy to the medication and had severe hives and swelling. I had to discontinue use and my skin became worse than before I took it.

Didn't work:(
Reviewed on November 12, 2013

Was given a 3 month prescription with high hopes, did nothing the entire 3 months, if anything made my skin worse!

I don't really know.
Reviewed on October 24, 2013

I was prescribed this by my doctor along with Clyndaminicin (spelling?) and Benzoyl Peroxide. I took 2 full prescription bottles of this and it did nothing. I ended up not taking them anymore, and my skin actually cleared up. This also made my stomach hurt a lot. /:

Great for the short run, but acne comes back
Reviewed on October 20, 2013

I was on minocycline for about a year, it cleared up my acne about 80% - but during that "time of the month", I'd still get about 2 cystic zits. Unfortunately you will either become resistant to this antibiotic or you'll be on it long enough for you to develop health risks... so I stopped taking it around the year mark. I stayed fairly clear for like 6 months past that, and then suddenly, I got the WORST CYSTIC BREAKOUT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I'm talking clusters of cysts like 10+ on my cheekbones and chin.... lasted weeks, some even 2 months..... I still have the scars on my face from that breakout..... now I am taking evening primrose oil (1000mg) a day and using a clay masque with sulfur (queen helene's mint julep masque) and my skin has finally relaxed. I have one spot on my face. Anyways, use this if you need a quick fix but by no means is this an acne "cure" cause your acne will eventually return much worse than before (my hormonal breakouts are now conglobata acne cysts, which I never used to get before taking this medication)...

Reviewed on October 18, 2013

i been on menocylone for about 2 months . and i have seen great improvment . pimples got alot smaller and face got less red on my cheecks . for the first week or two it would make my body numb but nothing that bad . but theres a benadryl proxide gel that has really dried my face out in the past week out of eight weeks ive been on it though

Keeps cysts away!
Reviewed on October 12, 2013

I used to always get bad cysts on my nose, back and on my chest in the same place. I used to deal with it even though the one on my chest never went away. One day I decided to try to get rid of it by hot packing it. It got super infected and was the worse pain I have ever felt (don't do that). I went to the doctor and it was so bad he had to cut into it and drain it. After a couple of months, it came back. He prescribed me minocycline because I was allergic to everything else and after about a month all of my cysts were completely gone! I don't get cysts at all anymore thanks to this medicine. However, this doesn't really do anything for normal hormonal acne. If you have cysts ask your doctor for this, it is a miracle worker.

Worked in some way, bad allergic reaction
Reviewed on October 11, 2013

i was prescribed this medication about 3 weeks ago, my skin completely cleared up , but i would always get light headed and would always feel tired i took this medication 2 times a day one in the morning and one in the night but after the third week i got hives on my elbows and knees , so i stopped talking it.

Works very well, but harsh side effects
Reviewed on September 27, 2013

I always had severe cystic acne since I was about 12 years old. My first MC course I started when I was 15 and took it for about a year with breaks. It cleared the teenage acne drastically, about up to 60%.

When I got on the antibabypill age 16 I stopped MC as it can interfere with birth control. I was acne free until about 19.5 years, when I started to have first major breakouts again. They all cleared up by themselves again though, just slower and slower with time, but didn't yet require MC treatment. Over the years my skin got gradually worse and at the age of 22 I had worse cystic acne then when I was 12, especially around my nose and chin area.

My skin is generally not oily, but went even drier, bright red and patchy all over my face. Unlike my teenage acne this one NEVER spread onto my body - not even onto my neck, only my face was a cystic mess.

I was diagnosed with genetic acne (not teenage, hormonal acne) and got on MC again two weeks ago and as of today all the cysts have disappeared, my skin is clear, not dry anymore, a bit oilier than usual but no more acne, not even blackheads. I'd say it's 98% clear after 2 weeks.

I had severe side effects the first few days of taking MC, including migraine attacks so strong that I would vomit, general nausea and a premature and very strong and long (2 weeks) period. Due to the long period (and the moisture it comes with) I eventually also got a thrush, which was hard to treat as I could not take pro-biotics because you're not allowed to have dairy with MC as the calcium makes it useless.

After overcoming those first 2 weeks I'm starting to feel better and can finally enjoy the clear face I now have. I take 1x 50mg a day. I was prescribed 2x 50mg a day, but I wasn't able to function due to the migraine attacks after taking MC, hence I can only take it at night before sleeping. I'm very thin (58kg at 175cm), so that might be why 1x 50mg is working well in my metabolism.