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Minocycline Oral Antibiotic
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Brand: Minocycline

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Minocycline Oral Antibiotic


Minocycline Product Pictured:
Active Ingredients:
50 mg, 75 mg, or 100 mg of Minocycline.

Inactive Ingredients:
Magnesium stearate and starch (corn), D&C Red No. 28, D&C Yellow No. 10, gelatin, silicon dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate and titanium dioxide.

The 100 mg capsule shell also contains black iron oxide.

Items marked with orange can be irritating and over-drying, especially to acne-prone skin.

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Minocycline Oral Antibiotic

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Minocycline Oral Antibiotic

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It's not without side effects, but does the job.
Reviewed on April 23, 2014

About me: I'm 42 years old with pale, highly oily skin, and have struggled with acne off and on since I was 12 years old. Since February, my skin became horrifically worse. I developed large cystic acne that would not pop or go away no matter what I tried. I would get three to four new zits every few days that would be on my face for a solid month before they began receding. It got to the point that I had large cysts so close together they appeared to be on top of each other. I never had it this bad before. Eventually, I didn't want to leave the house anymore. I stopped going to hot yoga, an activity I enjoy most. Anyone whose dealt with this, knows how debilitating acne can be to one's self image. I finally went back to the doctor. I had been using topical Retin-A .05% once or twice a week for the past 15 months. It didn't help at all. The dermatologist prescribed Minocycline 100mg twice a day. She also recommended I increase the topical Retin-A I have been using from once a week to every day to promote skin cell turnover. I increased the Retin-A to six times a week the same day I started Minocycline. She told me it could take as long as 3 months to see results. I have been using the medication for six weeks now. In this time, I missed one evening dose, and skipped a morning dose due to stomach upset. Other than that, I have taken it religiously. I saw a marked improvement in my skin about 10 days into the drug therapy. After four weeks, all my cystic acne is gone. After six weeks, the red marks left from the cystic acne are fading away. This is the absolute most effective treatment I have used to get rid of acne. The price I pay for clear skin is moderate, sometimes harsh side effects. The medication is best taken on an empty stomach, but induces intense nausea when doing so. I've also experienced dizziness, lethargy, joint pain, difficulty with balance and sensitivity to sunlight (even with 30SPF sunscreen). These symptoms were worst for the first few weeks, then gradually decreased in severity. Nausea is still strong, especially in the morning. That said, it is much preferable to feel pretty again, and back to doing social stuff. My husband and I even took up dancing. For me, the side effects are a small inconvenience.

Update 3/27/2015: Unfortunately, the medication is only effective for as long as you take it. I tapered from 100mg twice a day to 100 mg in the evening about five months into the treatment. The medication became increasingly harsh on my stomach. Bloating, extreme intestinal pain, joint pain, and weight loss. I am normally 105 to 110lbs. My weight dropped to 83lbs when I quit taking the medicine altogether. To be fair, I had other things going on. Strict vegan diet, and being prescribed Ritalin were likely mitigating factors. I ran out of Retin A .05% topical cream roughly the same time and was too broke to see the dermatologist for a new script, so I stopped using that too. On the advice of a doctor, I stopped taking minocycline and also started eating dairy and seafood rich in probiotics and B12. I started feeling better within the week. About a month after I quit minocycline, my cystic hormonal acne came back ten fold. I am on new scripts which I will review soon, but I just wanted to add this update. I still recommend it for a temporary fix, but know it is temporary. As soon as you stop taking it, the acne comes back :(

by JWaltersRN on 08/26/2015 23:08
If you take the antibiotics without taking a pro-biotic for your gut, you WILL have Gastrointestinal issues. For me, Dairy exacerbates my acne, so I avoid it, but there are some Pro-biotics that are capsulated, vegan/vegetarian, and do not require the intake of Dairy to have effect. I take my Mino with food, to avoid nausea, and have had no GI issues once I started the pro-biotics.
Worked well so far 50mg Once a day
Reviewed on March 16, 2015

I'm 25 and female, for the past three years my acne had been getting worse and worse. started off as once a month untill my whole jawline, chin and nose bridge was constantly covered in painfull acne. Both deep cystic and surface acne. I accidentally used the wrong steroid cream for a rash around my mouth and everything nose-down became covered in millions of tiny pimple like things - Perennial Dermatitis. Took 50mg Minocycline once a day at night for the rash and the acne. 3 months later and my skin has been the best it has in over 5 years. I still get a couple of surface pimples and one or two deep ones during ovulation but much better and smooth.

works wonders.... until you get off of it
Reviewed on February 5, 2015

title of the post says it all. it didn't clear ALL my acne, but it sure as hell helped it. i've been taking this pill for about 2 years (yes, that's bad, i know) and gone off of it a total of two times.... and those two times i've never broken out worse in my entire life. very risky drug... & like all antibiotic's it's not a perminent solution.

My skin improves, but i feel giddy
Reviewed on February 4, 2015

Hi everybody,

One week has passed since I'm taking the pills (1 per day, 100mg) at the same time that I'm pouring Benzoyl Peroxide at nights in the skin. I have to say that my skin has improved and the spots are not like before, but I feel giddy, especially in the afternoons, and this feelings starts when I started this antibiotic. Has someone had this kind of effect with the minocycline?

by Rowans on 07/12/2015 17:46
Yes I felt giddy and had acid reflux!
It's a treatment alright.
Reviewed on January 9, 2015

I've tried Doxy and Mino, and out of the two I saw Mino worked stronger for me.

My acne originally was just a bunch of pimples and some cysts. I took some pills and now the cycts are more common.

For over a year this was MY pill. This stuff worked like a charm. As long as you take it every day, twice a day, 100mg.

If you missed a dose, A SINGLE DOSE, you could break out again. I got injections for that though, so it wasn't too big of a deal. My stomach hurts from time to time, and I dealt with it, but this pill did wonders, as gross as it tasted after swallowing...

I loved being on it, but I got tired of taking two pills every day for the rest of my life(it seemed) so I wanted to take accutane, I even got the pills at home but I've chickened out for the second time now... I just heard too much about the risks and I'm not willing to risk my sex life and the future of my health and my sight and my mental health. (seriously have you read the side effects and reviews, they're scary af)

There was a review that I read on here, about Bactrim, that I sort of agree with. This is all just a treatment game. Our dermatologists all tell us to take this and take that and it's all terrible for our bodies and it's all just a treatment. It's never a cure.(except accutane, but at what cost really?) Cause why would the doctors want to cure you? You'll never come back, and they won't make another penny off of you!

I'm experimenting with a new route. The all natural route. No pills at all.. I'm gonna see how I feel after a month of not taking anything. I just might come crawling back to Mino and suck it up and take it twice a day like a good boy and try not to miss a dose and be happy that my skin doesn't have as many cysts and pimples as it does without the pills. We'll see...

But bottom line is, I recommend this pill, it works wonders, it is exactly what it's meant to be, a treatment. It's not gonna do anything else for you.

Reviewed on January 8, 2015

I had no results until about week 4 and I noticed I didn't have any new acne. Now at 6 weeks I am clear with only an occasional tiny pimple. This has been great for me.

Awesome results
Reviewed on January 7, 2015

Been on this for 5 weeks now and between week 4- now I started noticing the results. After week 2 I could tell I wasn't getting new acne but I still had the old acne present. Today I don't have 1 single spot on my face. I have 1 week of pills left and I'm going to see my dr to see if I need any more. So happy with the results . Just need to get rid of the pigmentation that the acne has left behind. I take 50 mg twice a day.

most effective thing i have tried
Reviewed on January 4, 2015

Of all the things I have tried (Rx and non-Rx) this was the most effective (though I've now found a routine that works and does not include this). All antibiotics don't work for all people so if this does not work for you, talk to your doctor- for me, this stuff is great (I tried bactrim first, which works for most ppl but did not work for me and also made me very nauseous). I don't like taking antibiotics for long periods of time. I've used this several times in the past, finding I needed a 6 week course to really clear it all up but boy did it work. I finally found a long term solution for myself with a regimen that includes tretinoin and spironolactone, but I still keep some minacycline on hand just in case I should feel a cyst trying to pop up in which case I take this for a week. Definitely don't forget to take probiotics when you are on this, especially for more than a week or two, or you will definitely pay a price when you have certain foods.

Staying hopeful
Reviewed on December 22, 2014

I was prescribed this drug about a year and a half ago along with an oral birth control pill and it cleared up my acne COMPLETELY! It got much worse before it got better, I would go out for the day and come home with over 20 new pimples on my face...I was very close to giving up but after about the second month on these pills it started to clear up. I am still on the birth control pill today, but only took minocycline for about 6 months. About 5 months ago my acne started to get bad again so I went back on this pill. It is my 4th week and I only see minimal changes. I was wondering if anyone else experienced extreme itchy-ness?! My whole upper body is SO itchy no matter what I do! My neck, back, hands, and scalp are red and dry. I take this pill twice a day with food. I want to stick with it otherwise I will be trying accutane. I also do not like the fact that minocycline can interfere with your birth control pill. Be very careful and use a backup form of birth control!

by Jp1314 on 12/27/2014 02:46
So.... I went to the dermatologist about the itchiness.... Turns out I'm most likely allergic to this stuff although I wasn't before. The itchiness I'm experiencing is actually huge raised hives all over my body! I don't want to stop this pill because it definitely is clearing up my skin. It is now the 5th week and doc said my skin has cleared up about 30%! He now prescribed me bactrim which I am supposed to start tomorrow.
Nothing really has changed
Reviewed on December 4, 2014

I have been on this medication for a little over a month now and nothing really has changed. I am 16 years old and I have had moderate acne for about a year now. My doctor prescribed me Minocycline (50 mg a day) along with Epiduo to test it out and see if it works on me. So far the acne on my forehead has reduced a bit although I have not seen any substantial changes yet. Maybe I have not been on the medication long enough to see results or maybe it just doesn't suffice with my skin, but if by January it still does not work my doctor is going to prescribe me Acutane.