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Not Washing or Water Only


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Not Washing or Water Only

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Not Washing or Water Only

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best acne treatement
Reviewed on April 12, 2015

i've tried everything. chemicals organic products you name it but everytime i started a new product it just seemed to be getting worse. i heard about this routine and i decided to give it a try. week 1 and 2 i experienced purging and its very important not to pick at it (i picked at one and it worsened) but i got no new zits. my hyperpigmentation was going away, the acne i did get was very tiny and went away within the day. i havent washed my face for a month and it looks better than it has in years. it also has this glow to it that never occured with any other product. ive also stopped eating dairy products, as it cause hormonal imbalances, and i take cod liver oil pills. give it a try if youre frustrated, its worked so much for me! just let your skin do its thing

Reviewed on April 7, 2015

So I have started for 4 days and I felt so much FREE and RELIEVED! SAVING MY TIME AND MONEY!

I started it slowly by reducing water on my face, but absolutely NO FACIAL WASH PRODUCT. I told myself to commit to NO MAKE UP and keep bare face as much as I could. It was a HUGE CHALLENGE for me, but after 2 days, the fear was gone! I am using cotton pads soak with a bit water to wash of dust occasionally if I was doing activities outdoors. Olive oil or coconut oil to remove eye make up (only mascara :P). Every 2 days I apply night moisturizer, coconut oil for my under eye treatment. I am thinking to cut off night moisturizer as I saw NO IMPROVEMENT between having or not having moisturizer.

So far I have been enjoy the regimen so much, I am now having more time to look after my diet and taking time to do my exercise, instead of spending time for facial treatment and make up, I am now saving around 1-2 hrs/day and for sure lots of money:P

I think this regimen is very related to the fact that you gotta believe in the TRUTH, THE NATURE. Let your skin be natural on its way, better do NOTHING to cover it up or prevent it to be natural:) Don't you love yourself,? Perhaps I have loved myself in an incorrect way for years that's why I have been suffering from acne and sensitive skin. Now thanks God I found the way to love my TRUE SELF and be close to NATURE & THE TRUTH

I wish everyone found your own way to treat your skin as long as loving yourself:)

Be beautiful :x

Get better after 1 week
Reviewed on April 4, 2015

i was tired with my oily skin, black head and white head acnes. I has tried many cosmetic but its getting worse. 4 months before, I quit coffee after a stroke ( Im Vietnamese so I drink super strong coffee, the original liquid extract from dried coffee bean without sugar, not the one with cream and milk you guys always have). 2months before I start taking Omega 3 and Vitamin E, and 1l of Non GMO soymilk daily. My skin got better, but still oily. Then last week I heard about no-wash method, it reminds me of the time my son was born, i didnt wash my face for a year because I was damn busy with him and i didnt have time for myself. And that time my face was super super beautiful that everybody keep asking me for tips. So I started this method last week. Im still using spf50 sunscreen 2 times/day, I splash water on my face several times a day, pat my face with fingers to dry it. Use face cream at night. Clean my makeup with olive oil and clean olive oil with cotton pad, then splash water until I dont feel any oil on face. After a week, my husband confirm that my skin look better, and a friend ask me how my skin glow and smooth like that ... my acnes still here, but because my skin less oily so they wont show up like before.

Please don't do this
Reviewed on February 16, 2015

I bought into the hype but 11 weeks later I've realised it makes no sense.

My active pimples started to go away by week 6 or 7, and it was great. Or so I thought. I got into the habit of avoiding mirrors too close and just feeling "clear" from a distance. Little did I know.

I just used water and patted dry with a towel every day. Maybe lightly brushing off dead skin once a week. It backfired big time. I've ended up with seborrheic dermatitis and thousands of tiny bumps, and sometimes noticably red bumps. I'm only now trying to treat it and of course, I have 11 weeks of built up clogged pores to purge out of my skin. So now I'm breaking out badly and in areas where there isn't acne' it's just all bumpy and red anyway.

If I can prevent one person from making this mistake, it'll be useful at least. I'm only one solitary person, on this earth for just a tiny fraction of time.

Please just try and find gentle products that work for you. If I had spent those months experimenting and patch testing I could be on my way right now.

Best of luck. Dont cry for me Im already dead

by damagedspoon on 03/09/2015 22:59
I was looking into the "Caveman Regimine" and stumbled onto this page. This comment was first. I didn't know what seborrheic dermatitis was, so I Googled it. For anyone that's curious, seborrheic dermatitis isn't caused by poor hygeine, as this post suggests. According to the National Eczema Association, it's the same condition that causes Cradle Cap and dandruff. "The cause of seborrheic dermatitis is thought to be due to an abnormal inflammatory response to a yeast normally found on the skin: Malassezia. Like eczema, many factors can aggravate seborrheic dermatitis including stress, change of seasons, illnesses, and heavy alcohol use, to name a few." Like anything, you should be careful and watch yourself for abnormal changes in your body when you try something new. There's always the possibility that you could have a reaction because of allergies or sensitivities unique to your own body.
by drosoulita on 03/11/2015 08:04
wash with saw dust if you like but acne will disappear only if you eat 80% raw for a few weeks. Anythiung else id patented and a waste of money and time! Raw food helps leprosy. Google it!
Got worse after a month
Reviewed on January 29, 2015

I had previously been using benzoyl peroxide at night and a face wash twice a day, then I left my skin alone for a month, occasionally washing with water in the shower, and my skin got quite a bit worse. This may have been due to my worse diet, but I'm not sure.

Works if you let it
Reviewed on January 7, 2015

There are a lot of people on here talking bad about the water-only meathod. Of course it won't work for everyone because everyone lives their life differently and has different habits. I for one have a terrible habit of touching my face, which is part of the reason I breakout. I also sleep with my jawline shoved into my pillow, so when I constantly washed my face and slathered moisturizer or cream or whatever on it, it just built up on my pillow case and transfered to my face resulting in more breakouts. So I thought Proactive would work. $80 and a month later it only made my face worse. So I washed my face one last time with an exfoliating wash and left it be. I rinse it off in the shower and pat it dry. At night before bed I take a cotton washcloth and wet it with warm water to wipe my face with and it feels amazing afterwards. It's only been a few days but it's slowly getting better. I never really had oily or dry skin but I have noticed a huge difference with the way it feels without the chemicals. It feels like fresh clean skin and thats the way it should be. I don't have to worry about getting anything on my pillow cases anymore. And I have given up using makeup for this expiriment and I must say it has been a huge improvement. I recommend this to those who are patient and want to ween off the chemicals. and also try washing your pillow cases and try not to touch your face too much so you don't transfer any more bacteria to your pores.

just started
Reviewed on December 29, 2014

so I just started so I don't know yet. I really don't know if this is the best for me yet. I have damaged skin from harsh chemicals in products. so I stopped and my parents told me to just do this. I'm nervous because I have a forehead full of tiny bumps and dead skin from drying it out. and cheeks of acne scars. I hope this will help me. my face isn't red anymore at least. and my spots are turning into dead skin.

by b0ss on 07/02/2015 03:09
How did it go???
It seems working
Reviewed on December 29, 2014

I've been doing this for almost two weeks now And I've seen improvements already, I wash my face just with water twice a day, two days ago I stop using moisturizer too, I will update this and tell you how it's going..

Not for everyone, but still try
Reviewed on November 20, 2014

I was at a training camp for a month. During that month, I had no time to use cleansers or stuff like that. I only occasionally rinsed my face with water and moisturized my face. I also swam everyday. We weren't allowed to wear any makeup. As the month progressed, I noticed my skin started to SIGNIFICANTLY clear up, but the some of other girls skin was breaking out. By the end of the month, my skin was the best it had been in years. But for some of the girls, that wasn't the case.

What I'm getting at is that this doesn't work for everyone. But there's no harm in trying it.

Caveman / Water only
Reviewed on November 5, 2014

Used everything, nothing worked.. you've heard it all before.

I stopped using everything… Just water… first few days slowly improved… week 3 got a few pimples and struggled to continue with using nothing… Then mid week three really cleared up. On day 35 now… Really happy. Still get the occasional pimple but thats fine… so much better than having lots of pimples / patches.

The hardest part is sticking with it.. the body really needs time to get rid of everything…

Im sticking with it.. have heard by 3 months skin is almost perfect.. also as well as improved clear skin, the skin tone is also evening out.

So i say hang in there, its tough but don't cave. Plus you save so much $$$$

ps used to believe it was food related.. but now i can eat anything (chocolate chips anything and I'm fine). Just let your body do what it needs too. Also the salty beach water helps too

by Panterka29 on 07/22/2015 15:27
Thank you for your comment !