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Not Washing or Water Only
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Not Washing or Water Only


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Not Washing or Water Only

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Not Washing or Water Only

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seems great
Reviewed on September 11, 2014

but hard to control bacteria then.

it does help the skin relax and take a break from all chemicals usually used.

but bacteria seems to develop faster in that uncontrolled environment.

might be good for a couple of days.

Works for me!!
Reviewed on August 21, 2014

I've been suffering from acne for about five years. I had an ovarian cyst that erupted and just threw everything off. Ever since that I've been breaking out and my skin has been oily. I've tried nutragena, obgi nu-derm kit, baking soda facial, queen Helen mask, antibiotics etc. Taking vitamin D3 has helped w/ the oil on my face, so I still take that (for other reasons also!)

My face would eventually get use to these products and break out, or just break out the next day. So four days ago I stumbled on the caveman regimen and water only regimen. I tried the water only and it's been four days and my face is getting so clear! its crazy i only have three visible pimples and a few deep pimples that are disapearing. Dead skin is flaking off, and a scar I have is getting lighter! I bought tweezers to pull some purging acne build up out that pokes out of my skin. [i don't squeeze pimples or force ANYTHING OUT. It has to be hanging out due to purging.]

Things I use:

bought a 97 cent spray bottle from walmart (you need a clean bottle that had nothing in it)

bought cotton balls (thinking about switching to the cotton pads)

filtered water (I have a filter. Using bottled water may get expensive over time)

Only at night and the morning I spray my face with the water until my face is dripping. Then I wipe it down with the cotton balls. I spray my face again and wipe with the cotton balls. That's basically it! My face is clearing up and it's not as oily as before! It's only been three days and my face has greatly improved.

Use filtered water and not tap water. I think that makes a HUGE difference. Change your pillow case every couple of days, don't touch your face, and STOP using wash cloths and towels for your face! They hold bacteria. Just use cotton balls.

I hope this helps someone!

by Jesse2759 on 02/23/2015 11:40
What does vitamin d3 do ??
Water regimen
Reviewed on July 16, 2014

I am 15 started getting acne from stress in 7th grade since i squinted the entire year I put tons of sh*t on my face from honey baking soda sugar olive oil and used benzoyl peroxide pads with scacaid acid however you spell that sh*t and different cleansers that were clogging my pores anyways so i started this regimen about 4 months ago water 3 times a day but when of it because my skin tone was good but i still had acne and i was clogging my pores. Then i watched some youtube videos and i only shower in the morning and never wash my face and i had clogged pores at the beginning but trust me keep going i have tried this for 3 weeks and my skin is looking great just keep trying and you will get worse with alot of dead skin at first but thats because it is healing your skin i will post in another review in a couple of weeks i still have some pimples

I caved
Reviewed on June 4, 2014

Thought I'd give this a try after reading the love vitamin review of it but I caved (haha) after about 5 days because I just couldn't bare to not wear make-up. In the first few days I didn't really get any new spots and ones which had been forming before I started came to a head and disappeared much more quickly. It was actually surprisingly helpful for blackheads - I constantly have them on my nose and in the creases of my nose but when I stopped washing they pushed themselves out and now I have a lot less. HOWEVER when I came to washing, I found that the areas around my nose and above my mouth were covered in small itchy bumps like an angry rash, some of them whiteheads, and I think I may have got folliculitis as a result of my pores getting blocked from the oil build-up on my skin. So if you have oily skin you have been warned...But I guess I'm not really a fair judge because I didn't stick it out for the whole month.

this works,but you need to adjust it to yourself. don't just rush into it
Reviewed on April 14, 2014

i use the not washing "regimen" cause I've had acne all over my body (yes,everywhere) for over 11 years and this helps a lot so far as 'one aspect of health'. hopefully i heal completely soon. but there is more to acne than this. change in diet and use of natural products is also necessary for me and think it is good for all as it helps with a lot of bodily functions but that is my belief so will not go into it deeper now.

this "regimen" is as it should be normal. but for today's way of living this is a simple body,mind and skin rest. your skin needs rest. but body and mind also cause you will be relieved of a lot of stress that comes with constant cleaning and worrying. relax into it. this should be something to enjoy in.

what I mostly see in others comments why they quit or think is nonsense is because of the problem with oily skin and flaking. acne worsening and feeling dirty cause of the dead skin.

that's why I say don't rush into it. not all can do it the same way. for you that have severe acne and very oily skin like I do you need to go step by step.

your body and you need to adjust to this first.

first go for 3 days without washing. then 1 night wash and exfoliate skin gently and again 3 days no washing. repeat 3 day periods till you get used to it. then increase the period to 5-6 days. and then repeat 5-6 days periods as necessary.

you get the point by now. each time increase duration for about 3 days and it will be much easier and you will have much less acne and less oily skin if you want to reach the full 30 days or more. but by then maybe it won't even be necessary to go for so long and you will already have healed.

+ it is without all the stress and worrying about too much dead skin. for those that say it wont work to cure acne it will sure help to heal those you have and you will he happier and healthier :)

Warm tap water only, well worth a try but didn't clear me up after 5 months of patience.
Reviewed on March 19, 2014

21 year old male. I have been trying this method using warm TAP water only for around 4-5 months. For me it hasn't cleared me up and I still break out. However I find that my skin isn't anywhere near as dry and feels a little more healthy. I wash twice a day running my face under the running tap, I have noticed that spots and blemishes do tend to heal quicker than when I used chemicals, but unfortunately the break-outs are still as frequent. I do think that my tap water may be a little irritating though as even though I use absolutely no soaps or chemicals (apart from shaving), it does occasionally make my face feel tight.

Overall I would recommend that you try this method for at least 4-6 weeks to see if it is for you, because if it turns out to be the answer to your prayers it has to be the cheapest and healthiest solution their could be.

Good luck!

Not washing with water
Reviewed on February 1, 2014

Hi everyone. I feel as though i should share my experiance with this method as it worked for me and chances are, it may work for you too. To better share my experiance, I will start from the beginning. When i was a kid, i started to get acne (mild). my mother brought many various acne products to help clear my face up. some had harsh chemical clensers, others were more mild. In any case, they all worked to remove OIL and dirt from the skin.

As time progressed, my acne went from mild to moderate. soon enough i was getting it all over the body. Now, some of this acne MAY be contributed to a poor diet and raging hormones from puberty.

--> what i also use to do when i was a kid, was swallow my toothpaste. no big deal right? well... I continued in the pursuit for the perfect product to fix my acne problem. I changed my diet, became a Personal trainer, firefighter (Im a guy and a big advocate of a fittness) and tried more mild cleansers. Nothing seemed to work.

Finally, at the age of 23, I decided to take a year or so off to work at an american kid's survival summer camp. being at the survival summer camp meant all the clean and body washing would be done at the camp's fresh water (and i mean FRESH water) lake and river. I was a little daunted by the prospect as i knew i wouldnt be aloud to use my washing products. but camp went on and i went with it. Now.. to my SUPRISE, after 2 months of washing with natrual, cold spring water (no warm showers) I was completely free! of acne. I also forgot my toothpaste and had been brushing with charcoled wood, which works really well in making the teeth white!! I was estatic!! i had finally found my cure to my acne, water!! my skin looked freakn awesome. not a spot anywhere.

As it happens.. Time continued and i moved on from the camp to backpack america and the rest of the world. Throughout my travels, my skin was good but not perfect like it was at camp. At first, i only showered with cold water but found warm water was ok too (thankfully). Ocassionaly I used a bit of flower mixed with water as a exfoliant (but mostly stopped doing that after a while, it was not nessersary). I struggled to think why i my skin was not as good as it was back at that camp. I was'nt doing anything differently.. and then i remembered the toothpaste. I stopped using fluride based toothpaste and it all cleared up that last bit more..

To be honest, my skin is not as good as it was back at that camp, but its petty close. Apparently, me using all those products for so long on the skin had toxified the skin. It arritated it and caused it to break out. Me swallowing all that harmful fluride (it says on the toothpaste's warning label not to) had made me sensitized to fluride. and although i cant eliminate fluride completely (its added to our drinking and shower water), eliminating and reducing those two factors has rid me of nearly all my acne and i believe it could well work for others who may still be searching for a solution to their skin problem too. best of luck :-)

Hmm...lets see
Reviewed on January 31, 2014

If your face is used to products, then I suggest you not do this as it will end up doing more harm than good. I tried not showering for a week (gross, I know), and at the final day, when I woke up, my skin looked very nice and airbrushed. When I washed it with some mild acids, I noticed after the wash that there were some nastiness brewing up under my skin. If you can find some way to unclog your pores without using chemicals, please tell me. Thank you!

Well that was a bust
Reviewed on January 22, 2014

Tried this several years ago for about a month in conjunction with a whole foods diet. Boy was that a mistake. After about the third day my face started trying to peel from the lack of moisturizer while simultaneously being extremely oily. Two weeks in a serious breakout set in. Cystic acne all up in my cheeks and even on odd places like my forehead and nose. Pores were so horribly blocked and blackheady that I had to quit after a month.

Reviewed on January 20, 2014

I don't even know how this makes sense the fact that acne is cause by extra build up of oil and dirt/oil blocking your skin. The only reason why this might work is because you used tons of chemicals on your face that you thought was helping but was really causing your acne then you stopped using that stuff.