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Not Washing or Water Only


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Not Washing or Water Only

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Not Washing or Water Only

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Reviewed on July 16, 2016

Worked for the first week and then all hell broke loose. Little and big pimples everywhere. My skin is a mess now :(

Accidental discovery
Reviewed on July 3, 2016

I've suffered from acne since about age 14, it got So bad age 16 I used accutane, and since then my acne has fluctuated from terrible to manageable. I'm now 27 and although I've learned to 'accept' and 'live' with my mild acne, it still causes no end of frustration and low-confidence, especially as I'm a male and I seem to be the only one I know this age still suffering.

Anyway, I went to Glastonbury festival last week, which lasts 5 days. Whilst there I didn't shower/wash my face AT ALL. For anyone that's been, you'd know why, for those that haven't, the toilet facilites consist of basically drop-holes full of sh*t that you can smell from a mile away. I don't have a fixed skin care routine, but I mostly still apply Dan's BP at night and sometimes in the morning if I have a particularly bad breakout, as well as moisturisers, coconut oil and sometimes Glycolic acid (again if some spots are huge and headless, but this can sometimes backfire and make them even redder and peel all the skin around it). I didn't take any of these to Glasto, and went the full 5 days caveman.

My skin was pretty clear when I arrived, no major spots at the time (I've always got at least one HUGE one going on somewhere so this is quite rare) and I was a little worried that the lack of products/washing would mean I'd be saying goodbye to my clear skin quickly... Nope. The total opposite. Despite the muddy/dirty conditions for 5 days, lack of sleep, too much alcohol, some junk food, my skin remained clear the entire time.

Within 2 days of being home and washing/using products on my face, I've broken out HORRIBLY with huge spots on various places on my face. Now I've found these reviews by googling 'not washing face helping acne' as I accidentally discovered that there could actually be something in this. The only thing that worries me slightly is how quickly and badly my skin broke out as soon as I returned from Glastonbury. Surely it was ready to break regardless? I can't imagine it wouldn't have done this should I have continued not to have washed, as there must have been a lot of dirt etc on my face.

Anyway, I'm now going to give this a try and stop washing my face again and see what happens. It's hard for me to do when I have spots, as all my urges tell me to apply products to them to try and kill them, as I hate walking round with beacons of red on my face.

I will report back in a couple of weeks to see how this has got on.

by Funnyfox on 07/10/2016 22:49
UPDATE: So it's only been one week and already my skin is so much better. I have no new spots, no huge ones (as mentioned above, I normally ALWAYS have one huge one on my face at all times) and my red marks from the spots look a little faded. I'll give some more information on my routine. I have only been allowing the water from my shower run across my face for about 5 seconds in the morning just before I get out the shower. I then let my face dry out naturally without touching it without a towel. On Thursday (4 days in) I bought some green tea (double dragon from Holland and Barrett if you're in the UK, it's regarded as the best and only about £2) and have been drinking about 5/6 cups a day. This was also after re-reading the positive effects this can have on your skin. Today I gently rubbed the teabag on my face after I'd finished drinking a cup, as I heard that can help due to the antioxidants in the tea. I must also mention that on Tuesday I went to the doctors about my acne for the first time in about 10 years. The appointment was booked about 10 days prior (typical wait for a doctor in London) and before I decided to go caveman. He prescribed me some Lymecycline pills and Differin gel, but after reading reviews on here which were basically 50/50 on success, I wasn't keen on using them until I'd tried the caveman method a bit longer. I ESPECIALLY didn't want to start using the Differin gel, as that's the complete opposite of what I'm trying to achieve. The doctor also said it can make your skin go red so I'm not using that. I have been taking one Lymecycline pill a day (the doctor told me to take 2 though) as I'm confident it won't make things worse. Anyway, one week in and I'm feeling really positive about how my skin is improving. All I can say is, this obviously won't work for everyone. And to be honest I'd only recommend it to people who have already tried EVERYTHING else and had no luck. I think years of applying chemicals to my face have kept it in a constant state of irritation which has made me spot prone. I've not let me skin do it's job naturally and that's where I may have gone wrong. Anyway, it's still early days and it could still go badly, but so far so good! I'll update again in a week.
by Funnyfox on 07/17/2016 22:24
UPDATE 2: So I've just come to the end of my second week and it's not been as rosy as the first. On Monday (the day after writing my previous update) I could feel a deep painful cyst forming on my right cheek. I haven't had a proper cyst spot in a while, and this one was a MAMMOTH. I tried not to panic and resist the urge to slather BP all over it, but as it got bigger and BIGGER (literally like a small marble sticking out my face) I had to do something. I'd come across the aspirin mask reviews on here and a lot of people said it helped their cystic acne, so on Thursday I started applying crushed aspirin paste directly on the spot. It was a miracle! It brought it to a head and yesterday I was able to pop it and now it's healing nicely. Anyway, the rest of my face is still fine and spot free aside from this huge one. I worried that maybe it was my Lymecycline that caused the cyst as that's the only thing diet-wise thats changed, so I've now stopped taking it. Bottom line is, things are still going well with only letting water touch my face in my morning shower, and my new discovery of aspirin means if any nasty spots to crop up, I have a solution.
Gonna try it....why not.
Reviewed on July 8, 2016

Seems I have been forced into using only water seeing as everything else I've used doesn't work. So starting today I used only water. I DO want to use moisturizer, but it may be the moisturizer breaking me out. So if I just use the water for about a week and my skin clears up, I'll know it was the facial cleansing products-- and after a week I will go back to water only and introduce a moisturizer-- and if my face starts breaking out, i'll know it's the moisturizer. Either way it goes I think I'll just stick to water only for a while to see if this will calm my acne down, and, ultimately, eliminate it.

A bit about my face: acne acne acne everywhere....and did I mention more acne? It's not accutane severe, but it's severe to me. I get acne mostly on my they loooooove it there, the area where a unicorn horn would be, a colony on my forehead, some on the chin, and then a village on my back. They tried to habitate my neck and I'm like no...just no.

We'll see what happens. :) :( :) :( :) :( :)

Using only water is actually a miracle.
Reviewed on July 5, 2016

So, I'm a 21 year old male who throughout my teenage years did not suffer with acne at all. But recently I have stopped exercising (gym) and my diet is not as clean as it should be. Past few months I have broke out on my left side of my cheek and my right side is as clean as ever not one pimple in sight. I've started using sudocreme on that one left side etc, and many more of these products. But after a few months of using these I'm 100% sure that the left side is getting worse whereas I look on my right side and there's still no pimple in sight.

To conclude, I'm just going to leave my face alone now. No sudocreme in the night and just chuck Luke warm water over my face in the morning and in the night. I'm pretty sure cleansers and all that skin routine just doesn't work for Men?

by FuturisticCat on 08/17/2016 14:19
If its only one side of your face, try changing your pillowcase every 3-4 days. Its probably because you sleep on that side.
I want to try it
Reviewed on June 28, 2016

I basically started today....

My current skin condition: a few burned patches caused by my recklessness because I used a harsh acne treatment on my face after an acne mask. I woke up with big, raw skin patches on both of my cheeks. Currently I am using Avene cicalfate on them and I see an improvement.

Small red bumps, 3 on my forehead and 2 on my right cheek and 2 whiteheads on my cheeks. My skin is combination and right now I'm close to my period and my exams so I'm kind of stressed...

That's what I want to do: wash my face only with water in the morning a few times per week and a mild exfoliation (yogurt with nutmeg) once a week or every two weeks.

Will it work?....

I really need an answer because my skin is in a rather good condition now (except for the burns) and I'm afraid of having to deal with a worse form of acne again....

by tbinybg on 07/01/2016 12:32
Read my review in the one star section. I just updated it this morning. I would be very careful about water only washing. I tried yogurt masks but they stung my face. Papaya masks exfoliate as well but are more gentle and healing.
Reviewed on June 15, 2016

Did this. HATED it and I don't have acne. I merely have congested skin...or HAD I should say.

Soap was invented hundreds of thousands of years ago. I personally need something to break the surface tension so that the oil built up in my pores can be released. You only need to wash your face 2x a day. Forget the treatments and toners & stuff. I think SA and BP are the reason so many of you are still struggling.

Get a bar of soap, and a washcloth. Use that and a gel like aloevera or nicinamide gel (I can have 5% niacinamide compounded at a pharmacy or you can buy a gel called Metazine 5%) and scrub with brown sugar a few times a week. (NOT BROWN SUGAR & LEMON JUICE UNLESS YOU WANT CYSTIC ACNE) Long to short: YOU'RE TRYING TOO HARD, BUT DON'T STOP CLEANING YOUR FREAKIN SKIN.

by KenHarrison on 06/16/2016 13:51
Everyone skin is different you are well uninformed of that, most people are on here doing this regime because before we only used water in our youth years coming up. but get a small blemish and want to try to correct it using soap or other, natural, none natural treatments, destroying our skin in the process. This why most people here in america have this problem, because we are told to use soap and etc which we really don't need but like i said everyone is different what might work for you might not work for someone else. but good luck and good morning
Going To Try This
Reviewed on June 15, 2016

My spiritual Auntie saw I was breaking out and told me that a Dermatologist told her one time to only use water to wash my face...I looked at her like she was crazy lol I said no cleanser?!! WHAT! She said yes no cleanser just luke warm water. I kinda didn't listen to her to be honest then my face started breaking out even more! So I was texting my best friend about my breakouts and she said the same thing that she stopped using products on her face because it would dry and irritate her face, she was like just wash with warm water. I completely agree with her about products irritating and drying the skin I was experienced that using products with Benzoyl in it. We have similiar skin types so I decided to try that to see if that will make a difference. I will also use astringent, tea tree oil, aloe vera from my mom's plant (use these every other day)...drinking nothing but water and taking hair, skin, nails vitamins along with D3 vitamins. It's not just about working on the outside of your body but also within. I'm thinking about documenting my progress on doing this through video not sure yet but I'll let ya'll know my update in about a month.

if you've already got bad acne you know that the worse that can happen is what you're already living with.
Reviewed on June 11, 2016

This method worked well for me. I've always had acne like most teenagers do, but when I turned 18 it got worse than it ever was. I started getting acne where I never go it before, and it became more frequent. During these 2 years I tried everything, I did the all natural thing, and I was even prescribed an antibiotic. Honestly none of this helped me at all. One day during my daily face routine I noticed that I had less acne when I would forget to do all my face things, and during the summer where I didn't really go to many places, or was outside swimming a lot that I didn't bother putting makeup on or spending "hours" on my face routine. So I decide I would try not doing anything for a couple weeks because there was nothing to lose. I have oily skin, and after a couple weeks I actually noticed that the level of oiliness went down, so that was a plus, I still had acne but one thing was being improved so I kept to it. I didn't expect to get any results instantly or even within a week or two, but for me, at about 2 months I saw enough change that I consider that my plan was working. So I've continued this for another couple months, I still had times where I would break out, but it wasn't as bad as it used to be. It's been about 3 months where I've gone without any face routine and for me i have seen a drastic change. When my skin feels extra oily, I rinse it with water, or dab it with a soft washcloth or cotton balls. The only time I really wash my face is at night, and that with cold water. I did stop wearing makeup as much as I used too, and I believe that is also a contributing factor. Even when I do decide to wear makeup I take it off as soon as I am "done" with it. I usually just use water and a wash cloth to wash it off, some makeup sticks better than others, so the only other "product" I use with water is Witch Hazel, and I only use that when removing makeup, because it gets the "sticky" stuff off, and after scrubbing your face with a wash cloth, it lessen the redness. This method has worked for me really well, and I think everyone should at least try it, because honestly if you've already got bad acne you know that the worse that can happen is what you're already living with. I also wouldn't expect results soon, I would also say to expect some breakouts. Your skin doesn't know whats going on so it might freak out a little bit. If you have oily skin, I would recommend washing it with water if it gets unbearably oily, or dabbing away the excess oil. Also, if you do wear makeup, and have your reason why you can't go without it for a while that fine too, just make sure as soon as you can take it off you take it off, with water and if you need an extra lift, use Witch Hazel, or something else natural. If you have combination or dry skin, moisturize after washing your face, for the first couple weeks. For me after a while the more water I drank, and that fact I only use water to wash my face, it tended to be less dry. Also don't over wash your face! Especially if you have oily skin. It's tempting, because nobody likes the feeling of lots of oil over your face, but some is good, and you don't want to completely dry your face, or completely remove all of it because I feel like that just causes more breakouts. One other thing, I constantly touch my face, mostly because I would always check subconsciously if I could feel a new pimple, because of habit I still constantly touch my face, so I make sure to keep my hands clean as much as I can, either by washing it or using hand sanitize, so if you are also a face toucher, I recommend keeping some hand sanitizer with you to minimize bad bacteria. I hope if you try this method it works! It's done wonders for me, and my acne is not completely gone, and I never expected it to be; but what 3-4 months has gone by I can already see enough change that I am happy with, and content enough that if it stays the way it is now, I wont stress. Water is key, it is life, so maybe the only natural way is starting with the most natural thing! Good luck to anyone who tries this method!

It works!
Reviewed on June 10, 2016

OMGGG!! this truly works!! I've had acne ever since I was 15 and i used to try so many products on my skin due to breaking out so much. I tried changing my diet, used natural soaps, exfoliated and did tons of skincare routines. I used to spend so much money on expensive cleansers which just made my skin worse. I've skipped cleansing my skin and now i just wash my face with water, moisturize and drink tons of water. My skin is looking so good!

Leave your skin alone!
Reviewed on May 29, 2016

After using numerous different cleaners including Clinique, Liz Earle and natural soap, I came to the conclusion that they were only irritating my skin. After washing with commercial products, my skin dry and red. I have not used any products at all on my face for three days and my skin is looking better than ever. All I do is wash my face in the morning and evening with warm water and try to avoid over washing. You may think it's too early to post a review but the results are so incredible that I thought I must!