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Reviewed on May 6, 2012

tried this for 3 months, did not do anything for my acne. another overrated holistic approach.

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Reviewed on February 4, 2012

I've only tried this for about a week but I am seeing results. This could be, however, a result of me taking better care of my skin in general.

But I would say it has DEFINITELY helped. I feel it, ya know? I'd started really liking milk about two weeks ago and getting really,really bad break outs (few but huge, heavy pimples). Then I read on wikipedia that milk and acne are linked to one another ..and , after some research, I decided to cut dairy from my diet.

Boy, has it worked! : ) : )

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Reviewed on November 21, 2011

So my acne started becoming a 'critical situation' about 5 months ago. I always had a love hate relationship with dairy and always felt it aggravated my eczema but never did anything about it, So funnily enough, eczema is GONE, and acne is here in full force. I got an allergy test that said i am sensitive to lactose so i cut it all out and i feel better for it. Im did soya for a while which i'm no longer keen on so its almond milk all the way... bottom line is give it a try,

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Reviewed on August 14, 2011

For me, this is SUPER important in addition to not eating empty/refined carbs or sugar, taking probiotic and vitamin supplements, and keeping a good topical routine. Without a doubt dairy can cause acne, and everyone who struggles with it should consider eliminating it from their diet and seeing if it helps them.

Reviewed on June 4, 2011

Theres a definite link to my acne outbreaks and diary. My acne is under contol at the moment!!.