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No milk/No Dairy Dairy Free Diet
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No milk/No Dairy Dairy Free Diet


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No milk/No Dairy Dairy Free Diet

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No milk/No Dairy Dairy Free Diet

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Dairy free is the miracle cure
Reviewed on July 25, 2015

i have struggled with adult acne since I was 18. For seven years I tried high end acne products and topical and oral prescription acne medication. While some products cleared up my cystic acne some what I continued to consistently break out especially around my mouth, chin, and jawline. Finally I discovered that dairy may be causing the issue. By cutting it out entirely my skin has completely cleared. Not only is my face now radiant but my skin on my whole body is softer and my kp has disappeared.

Reviewed on June 4, 2015

For about three long years I had suffered acne. We're talking seven or eight on the chin - if you're lucky, five would be cystic - and about six or seven buggers on the forehead. Every. Single. Day. It crushed my confidence and I'm going to be honest, ruined my social life. I'd even avoid talking with my boyfriend and refused to kiss him because I was so uncomfortable with myself! Let me also point out that for these three years I was consuming a fairly large amount of dairy each day. I would have a latte each day, about a cup of yoghurt with my muesli each morning and stacks of cheese with my biscuits for 'happy hour'.

Over the three years I have tried so many products - from the products on the supermarket shelves like Clearasil and Neutrogena, to Proactiv and the ever expensive Arbonne range. None of the above reduced my problem at all!

Then I set off to University, and by accident, cut out milk and opted to Soy purely because I thought milk made me bloat. I also cut out yoghurt purely because, well, Uni budget! And mum wasn't around for the cheese influence. Then, almost immediately, my acne had disappeared! Not joking, no new pimples would greet me in the morning! All I was left with (and still am) are the awful scars, but I think they stand as a reminder of how far I've come! I'm so, so happy with my discovery, it's really helped my confidence rebuild and now I don't feel like such a terrible girlfriend!

Obviously this won't work for everyone, as there are so many different reasons people develop acne. But I assure you, there is no harm in giving it a try. I certainly think it's the best thing that has happened to me so far in my life, because it's honestly improved it that much. Xx

Reviewed on May 28, 2015

I have suffered from awful cystic normal acne across my chin, jaw and neck for a couple of years; and I have tried everything. My next step was the dreaded accutane. I saw a few articles about how people had saw miraculous results from cutting out dairy in their diet; no milk, no cheese no sour cream :( I tried this as I had run out of options, and cut out everything with dairy in it. Within two days my skin was clear; and is still clear a week later, which for me, is a miracle as I am so used to waking up with new cysts.

If you suffer from hormonal acne, give this a go.

Stopped Cystic Acne within a Week!
Reviewed on May 7, 2015

I feel like an idiot for never trying to cut out dairy before, after suffering for many years.

Within a week all new cysts stopped appearing and the existing ones started to shrink considerably.

I give 4 stars because I was still getting small inflammatory whiteheads, though they healed quicker than usual.

A few weeks after cutting dairy I cut gluten too, and I swear after 1 week all afterthe little whiteheads were gone too.

Give it a shot, especially if you get cysts. I wish I had much earlier.


Ok after awhile I feel like I have to edit bcause I was bad during the week of my husbands birthday and ate dairy and gluten 3×.

I immediately went back on after that week, but it didnt clear like it did before.

I was dispairing over it and feeling like I was right back at square one AGAIN, but then I remembered I had also began 2 tsp of cod liver oil per day a few days before I quit dairy, and I ran out a few days before my week of cheating on my diet and just didnt get a chance to run to the healthfood store for another bottle.

Now a week after starting clo again Im already looking great. Im still avoiding dairy bcuz I beleive it really isnt good for you, but now I can have it on special occasions without my skin freaking out.

Try it! The pills just arent enough though, you'd have to take 10 to equal a tsp. Garden of life and twinlabs norweigan are both fairly cheap and both worked for me.

Good luck everyone!!!

A change in diet could save your skin!
Reviewed on March 17, 2015

I'm 16 years old and have suffered from acne for about 3 years. Everyday I would have a new cystic pimple, maybe even two a day. My acne was so inflamed and sore and I just put it down to hormones and being a teen. I went on the mini and the full pill, both with no effect on my skin whatsoever. I then saw a Chinese face mapping chart. I discovered that the regions where I was constantly getting acne linked to intestines and food allergies. So I googled this- dairy and gluten seemingly the main culprits. I then avoided milk, drinking almond milk instead. This alone led to a huge improvement after a few weeks. I noticed I wasn't waking up with painful acne everyday, only getting them occasionally. I then cut down on other types of dairy- yoghurt, choc, cheese(which is hard to avoid!). The reason so many people get acne from dairy is because if you are lactose intolerant, your body can't process it. This leads to a toxin build up from your intestines, showing as acne (and other symptoms such as gassiness, sore stomach etc.) I would say definitely try to cut out certain food groups, a food diary is helpful for this. After a few months of no dairy, have dairy again and see if you get a pimple. That was my way I seeing that it was really dairy after all. Although it sucks because I love dairy so much, less pain and insecurity everyday is worth it! :)

A dairy free lifestyle works great for my acne
Reviewed on March 9, 2015

I realized about 2 1/2 years ago that dairy was the culprit of my skin problems. Before I realized this and before I stopped dairy, I had an array of acne on my face, along my jaw line and neck. This was the worse of all kinds of acne, it was the huge, boil like, cyst like acne. I tried everything under the sun. I used prescription grade creams and antibiotics, nothing worked. To make a long story shorter, when I realized it was acne, I got clear, healthy looking skin. It's one of the hardest things i've had to do in my entire life, including give child birth 2ce with no drugs. I do cheat once in a while, and trust me, i notice and so does my fiance. Literally in a matter of hours, and for the next 3 days, my skin becomes inflamed, and i get a few cyct like pimples. They are not the gynormous size that i used to get when i regularly consumed dairy, but still, they are enough to know that I can not eat dairy, not a little, not a smidge, unless i'm ready to battle some acne for the next 2 weeks to a month. Because once my acne flares up, it takes that long to go away. Now i have tried to eat almond milk, in place of cows milk, but nothing is the same, i'm not going to lie to you. you'll never find cheese that will replace real cow's milk cheese. It's so cruel that i can't have cheese. No pizza, no parmasian cheese on my pasta, no chicken broccolli alfredo, no home made mac and cheese, not even kraft boxed mac and cheese, no cream in my coffee. Trust me its awful, and I wouldn't wish this on anyone, Ice cream, my favorite all time food, is banned. It's the worst, but you know what, at least my skin is clear, and I have the choice to eat dairy if i'm ready to be in pain for a while. If you want clear skin, and you've tried everything under the sun and nothing has worked, then try going dairy free, yes it's going to be horrible, but it will be worth it, and even after 2 1/2 years of cutting it out of my life, it is still missed each and every day of my life, so be prepared, it will never go away. Sorry. lol, don't mean to get you're hopes down, i'm just preparing you for what is for real.

Good luck you guys.

Dairy and hormones
Reviewed on January 24, 2015

One of the main factors in dairy when it comes to acne is the hormones. You've got artificial hormones that are pumped into the cow as well as the cow's natural pregnancy hormones. This plays havoc on our own hormone levels and this is what - I believe - can cause or worsen acne.

There is also pus and mucus and horrible stuff in the dairy too - it's kind of gross when you think about it!

I've only been dairy free for 5 days so it's too early to tell for sure but what i can say is that in 5 days I've not had one new spot! My existing acne is still there but I'm hoping that they'll heal in time (it takes AGES!) and I'll continue not to develop anything new!

I've also been eliminating gluten from my diet (not as easy). I plan to eat no dairy and no gluten for 2 months at least. Then I'll reintroduce one of them to test my skins reaction.

So far so good, I'm really hopeful cause I've tried everything else and spent a small fortune on finding a cure for my acne. Not to mention all the stress and tears!

Go onto acnemilk[dot]com - it explains the connection to milk and acne!
Reviewed on December 13, 2014

I've always been drinking sweetened milk drinks & chocolades and always had smaller cysts on my cheeks.Now, after 7 months in which i havent tasted milk ive seen huge improvments on my skin.My face is all smooth and has a bit of hyperpigmentation which is going down. I still get a pimple sometimes but definetly not as before. Remember : patience is key

It works but it's not easy
Reviewed on December 11, 2014

I discovered the link between dairy and my long-running acne (I've had it since I was 12-13 and I'm now 32) by chance when I had horrendous acne while pregnant. I thought it would go away once I'd given birth but it still persisted. My daughter was breastfeeding and was getting significant eczema and I read that she may be reacting to the dairy in my diet going through to her milk. So I stopped dairy for a couple of months and had the best skin of my life. And I've been through Roaccutane, the Pill, numerous antibiotic pills, Vitamin A creams, Benzoyl Peroxide, facials, peels, you name it. It doesn't eliminate the acne completely but reduces it significantly. I still have a more than average oily T zone, which has always been a problem, but definitely less acne. I've found butter is ok but cream and milk are the big no-nos. Considering I love both of those things, and I used to be a massive milk drinker, it does make it very hard to adjust my diet. Every now and then I will cave again (although I've gotten used to drinking soy hot chocolates) and pay the price the next week, which proves to me time and time again that sadly, dairy is just not meant to be for me.

Really amazing
Reviewed on September 24, 2014

It's been a year since am on dairy free diet & its working. My previously oily T-zone is no more oily. Those nasty pimples shows up whenever i eat dairy food by mistake. Also Stress is one of the contributor I suppose. So stay away from dairy as well as stress. Keep smiling!! :)