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No milk/No Dairy Dairy Free Diet
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No milk/No Dairy Dairy Free Diet


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No milk/No Dairy Dairy Free Diet

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No milk/No Dairy Dairy Free Diet

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Giving up all dairy cleared my acne
Reviewed on July 27, 2016

For 8 years I suffered from acne during the time that I was pregnant and breastfeeding, so my acne could not be treated with medicines. I tried everything that I could until I finally gave up 100% of dairy products, and anything made or cooked with dairy and within a couple of weeks the cysts on my face flatted and the acne went away. I was acne-free for about two years. I recently went on and off the BC pill (due to excessive hair loss) and have suffered another bout with severe acne. I think that becoming vegan would help my skin even more, but on the dairy-free diet, I've become so thin (I'm over 5'5" and 100 pounds), that I think that I might wither away on the vegan diet.

No Effect
Reviewed on July 27, 2016

I eliminated dairy for 3 months and I still get acne breakouts, eliminating daiy from my diet didn't do jack sh*t

Bacne Cleared
Reviewed on July 27, 2016

Had acne for a decade. Since i eliminated dairy from my diet it took just 2 weeks for my back acne to clear!!

Substitute your milk for almond milk and your whey protein for vegan blend, or high quality izolate since it has considerably less lactose than concetrate.

95% clear
Reviewed on July 14, 2016

Eliminating dairy completely from my diet has cleared my acne 95%. For a while I had eliminated all dairy except butter, which I liked to cook with. However, I found that even butter was behind my severe back acne. In my view, the key is to make sure that everything that you are ingesting is free of dairy and milk products.

When I go out to eat, I make sure that the dishes that I order do not have dairy, or I go to a vegan restaurant to be 100% sure. I've had moderate to severe acne since my teenage years (I'm now 28), so such an unpleasant dietary change I am willing to do for clear skin.

Reviewed on June 12, 2016

I stopped eating dairy 2 months ago and it has dramatically reduced my acne and now on the extremely rare occasion when I do eat something containing dairy I get huge & painful cysts. I've also reduced my oil and sugar intake and that alongside of being dairy free has made all the difference. I only have about 5 active breakouts the rest is just mild scaring that will go away on its own and with a lot of water intake.

Skin Type: Acne Prone / Combination Skin

Skin Routine:

This is my current skin routine that has been really working for me, eventually I'm going to transition into more natural products. Cleanser & Spot treatment

THAYERS alcohol- free Aloe Vera Toner

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with SPF

For make up I use Cover Fx which is good for acne prone skin


Drink A LOT of water or tea (green tea and I've heard that Rooibos tea is also good for acne but Ive never tired that)

Substitute cows milk with almond milk or soy (I like almond milk)

If you really want to eat cheese you can buy Vegan cheese (I don't)

When eating outside ask if your meal contains dairy and try to eat fresh foods that don't require a lot (salad, sandwiches, beans etc) or eat at vegan / vegetarian spot.

by Whiteheads girl on 06/24/2016 06:12
How long did it take for you to see results? I am one week into it but I am still getting acne 😣
Cured my acne.
Reviewed on June 10, 2016

If you are struggling with acne wether it be light, moderate or severe I STRONGLY suggest you go milk/dairy/meat free JUST FOR 6 MONTHS so you can see a difference. If it has no effect on your skin, then maybe dairy isn't a factor in your acne. For me, I went vegan one month ago and my acne COMPLETELY VANISHED. I am eating a lot of organic fruits and vegetables and nothing that comes in a package. I've been struggling with acne for as long as I can remember and I know for a fact going vegan helped tremendously. I was also using the Indian Healing clay mask (with AVC) and I was drinking A LOT OF TEA. Green tea, white tea, black tea, etc. I hope all of you at least try this method, It has been a life saver for me!

Less Dairy, Less Acne
Reviewed on May 26, 2016

I suffered from severe acne starting in high school, and it continued into my undergraduate career. I'm now 26 and acne free with the best skin I've ever had. I even get compliments from strangers!

My acne was so bad, I would want to stay home from school so people could not see my face. I was so embarrassed, I would take being sick to stay home. I'm sure my parents knew the real reason, but they went along with it anyway. The amount of times I went to the dermatologist is uncountable and the number of medications I took to clear my skin is enormous. I have taken several types of daily antibiotics over the course of yeas that I am paying for still today in the form of several digestive problems. If your are taking antibiotics for acne, please, please, please, try and discontinue! They are pointless and will cause so many terrible side effects. I was becoming desperate and depressed. I also was developing small scars on my face, so during times when my skin was relatively clear, I was still embarrassed about my appearance. I was giving up.

When I was 22 and finishing my undergrad degree, I developed a lactose sensitivity and severe irritable bowel syndrome stemming from the antibiotic use to treat my acne. I now had to begin cutting out dairy. It was very difficult! I loved ice cream, pizza, and especially those string cheese sticks! Over a few months I was able to cut out nearly all dairy. As a result my skin cleared along with how much dairy I removed from my diet. My mind was blown! Because of this, I started to pay very close attention to what else I could eliminate to help my skin. I reduced sugar, began drinking more water, and cooking only with olive and coconut oil to name the bigger changes in my diet.

Over the past four years, my skin has changed completely! My skin is nearly flawless. My lactose sensitivity has been bittersweet - a blessing in disguise. I highly recommend removing dairy from your diet or at least greatly reducing it. Even triggers that caused breakouts before do not affect me - dehydration, stress, lack of sleep, etc... I just completed my graduate degree. It was the most stressful and exhausting time of my life thus far, but I never had a problem with my skin!

Diet changes take time, and the clearing of your skin may take more time. I understand that diet alterations may not work for everyone, but it is worth a try! There is also research to support the inflammatory affects of dairy on the human body. An article titled "Evidence for Acne Promoting Effects of Milk and Other Insulinotropic Dairy Products" by Bodo C. Melnik (2011) discusses the relationship between dairy, inflammation, and acne. Do your research!

Best of luck with your fight against acne!


Reviewed on May 17, 2016

I actually quit dairy for reasons unrelated to acne (I don't believe a cow's hormones are compatible with the human body), but was thrilled to notice an amazing skin improvement.

My acne used to be more severe in my teen years and started to clear up in my early 20's. However I've had moderate back acne and little white bumps that are under the skin on my face for as long as I can remember. The ones on my face were mostly only noticeable up close, but we all know we're perfectionists when it comes to our own appearances. They bothered me quite a bit as I thought my skin was an unpleasant texture and would avoid looking at myself in certain lighting.

As soon as I quit dairy (three weeks ago) I've noticed a drastic improvement on my back, chest and face. I can only attribute it to the cutting of dairy as it's the only lifestyle alteration I've made, and a problem I've had for 7 years has pretty much disappeared.

My back and chest are completely clear and the white bumps on my face are almost completely gone (there are a couple here and there which I'm convinced will clear up too given time).

A side bonus note unrelated to acne, I've noticed significantly more stable moods and a massive dulling of my ADHD symptoms since quitting it too. So glad I did it and can't recommend it enough.

It helped with my back acne
Reviewed on May 5, 2016

Going completely dairy free has helped me with back acne. But you cannot just cut out milk, you have to cut out all dairy products/products with some kind of dairy in it. This is kind of a struggle in the beginning as you have to read a lot of labels, and A LOT of food that you wouldn't think had milk in it does (like some potato chips), but after a while you would know more of what is safe. And also, going dairy free helped me with weight loss. I think it is mostly because nearly every chocolate contains milk, so I stay away from it, and dark chocolate without milk satisfies cravings faster because of the amount of cocoa. Anyway, this is my experience - but if you haven't tried going dairy free yet I recommend trying it at least :-)

by jessie_c738 on 05/13/2016 19:52
Might seem like a silly question, but did you cut out eggs/egg whites as well? I am a little desperate to find a solution at this point, and have decided to cut out dairy, ie. cheese, milk, butter, etc but am wondering if eggs should be also. Thanks.
by jcjcjc90 on 05/21/2016 11:29
Hi! No, I haven't cut out eggs, only everything containing dairy :-)
Dairy Free Didn't Help Me
Reviewed on May 5, 2016

I've been lurking for 3 years on but just joined up today.

Back story: 34 year old female, 2 kids, moderate acne (not cystic) for 3+ years. Never been overweight, no obvious lactose intolerance GI Issues. I can tolerate dairy just fine but I know it's not meant for regular human consumption. I had bad pregnancy nausea and constipation while pregnant and have always felt that pregnancy damaged my gut. My problems started afterward.

Acne began at 31 years of age, 3 weeks after I weaned my 2nd baby. No previous struggles with acne and it came so out of the blue I thought it was a yeast rash. I have tried almost every topical available and have had 6 appointments, 3 of them with a dermatologist. Neither dr ever mentioned that diet could play a part in my acne. All said it was "hormonal". I absolutely cannot tolerate birth control pills so that's not an option. I tried them and was miserable.

2 months ago I decided to drop most dairy from my diet to just SEE what would happen. I used to eat yogurt and cheese sticks every day and would sometimes eat cereal but not regularly. Mostly it was cheese and chobani yogurt.

Admittedly I did not go hardcore on the dairy free but I definitely reduced my dairy intake about 75%. Maybe 3 times in 2 months I had pizza and twice some feta in a salad. In these last 2 months my acne has gotten worse. The worst it's ever been. So I'm going to say that dairy is not my problem.

Reduced dairy showed zero improvement. In the midst of the worst breakout I ate 3 bowls of cereal to feel better. :)

Now I'm onto dropping grains too. As of 3 days ago I have gone full paleo. It sucks but the struggle is real. After 30 days I will post if I notice any improvement so look for that in the forums. I'm really trying to go hardcore with this since I'm more and more aggravated, hopeless and depressed looking like an inflamed bumpy mess.