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Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin
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Brand: Neutrogena

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin


Water, Cyclomethicone, Cetyl Caprylate, Glycerin, Cetyl Ricinoleate, Stearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG 100 Stearate, Acrylates Copolymer, Lysine Carboxymethyl Cysteinate, Lysine Thiazolidine Carboxylate, Tocopherol, Silica, Xanthan Gum, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Benzalkonium Chloride.

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin, 4 Ounce
updated: 07/01/2015 16:50 UTC
Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin, 4 fl oz
updated: 07/01/2015 16:50 UTC
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Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin

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So Much for "Oil-Control"
Reviewed on May 11, 2015

I bought this moisturizer for oil control and what not but basically ended up with sort-of nourished skin and a still shiny t-zone. I have combo skin and I'm not obscenely oily but this moisturizer didn't really do anything and so it kind of just sat around unused. Try CeraVe, their moisturizing cream is VERY rich but it has NEVER left me feeling greasy, if anything, I felt matte afterwards.

Good Moisturizer, Not Greasy or Heavy
Reviewed on May 8, 2015

I've used this moisturizer on and off for more than 10 years. I'm not religious with moisturizing because I don't like the feel of creams on my face, and I have had pretty inflamed acne over the years. What I like about this moisturizer is that it doesn't feel like a greasy cream on my face, and after some minutes, my face doesn't feel weighed down by product. I don't think it's ever contributed to active acne, or to causing new acne. This is very different from their other moisturizer with the SPF - I did not like that one at all. What I don't like about the oil-free for combo skin is that in the first couple hours, if my face sweats, I can feel it bead out of my pores and sit on top of the moisturizer layer. Nothing a light dabbing with paper towel or other absorbent tissue can't fix, though.

Seemed amazing at first but made me break out
Reviewed on March 8, 2015

Unfortunately i was convinced this moisturizer was going to help me since i have combination skin. It ended up helping my oily spots but made me breakout where i get dry skin and didn't moisturize enough in the dry areas. Seems like a great moisturizer for oily skin but not for dry skin

Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin Review
Reviewed on February 10, 2015

Honestly, barely moisturizes at all.. I guess it's just not for my skin type.

take away that shine but broke me out !
Reviewed on October 28, 2014

did a few test with that one still had it from my accutane period, i tried away on a few places on my face,

on all places i broke out in small red pimples

the FPS version of this doesnt broke me out but look greasy.

PERFECT moisturizer for oily skin!!
Reviewed on October 14, 2014

This is the best moisturizer i have ever come across and it is perfect! Just perfect for me!! It doesnt feel greasy at all and doesnt have a shine on my face. Also, my skin absorbs the moisture fast and looks radiant!! I love this product and would definitely recommend it you

Reviewed on May 6, 2014

I definitely recommend this! I bought it when I couldn't find the sensitive skin moisturizer (also from neutrogena) and I was pleasantly surprised! It doesn't dry me out at all despite it being oil controlling.

Works but stings
Reviewed on April 11, 2014

Reasonable price and non-comodogenic, but tends to sting and make my eyes water. Also a bit greasy through the day.

My Holy grail.
Reviewed on April 8, 2014

I was shocked that a neutrogena moisturizer was the one that I would buy again and again and keep using. The thing I love about this moisturizer is that it is 100% noncomedogenic, according to I do not think that this should be overlooked! It glides on easily and your skin drinks this stuff up. It does not leave an oily residue whatsoever. It's a thin, liquidy, creamy, moisturizer. It looks great under make-up too. However, it may not be enough moisture if you are on harsh acne treatments and may need something more emollient but for the average combo/oily skin person, this moisturizer is perfect!

It's ok...
Reviewed on August 4, 2013

I think this is an alright moisturiser. I mean, it shouldn't be overlooked that it is completely non-comedogenic and all the ingredients are safe. But to be honest, it doesn't moisturise THAT well... I feel like there are better ones on the market...