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Reviewed on December 26, 2008

I tried this for 3 sessions for my moderate/deep/severe scarring and it made 0 difference a year later (and I could swear it made some of my scars worse). For a week or so after each session, it made my skin appeared better due to microswelling, then all subsided later to the point even the doc can't tell the difference with the very pictures he took. Don't buy into the hype, I'm down $1500 with nothing to show for - those peddling this will tell you every excuse in the book except that it isn't an effective method. Most professionals will shun this, just talk to plenty of them and they will tell you how ineffective this is for moderate/deep scars.

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Reviewed on September 28, 2008

I think its deffinately worth it to give it a shot. It deffinately reduced my acnes scars and the color of the acne scars too. It's better than other methods such as acid peels and laser because with these treatments our face becomes sensitive to the sun, but with skin needling it doesnt. My acne has also reduced! although I dont know if its because of the skin needling or the stieva-a cream im using. The bonus that comes with the skin needling is that it gets rid of wrinkles (although I dont need that since I dont have any)

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Reviewed on May 30, 2008

I would highly remommend this treatment, but only by a professional technician. My technician has been doing Skin and Facial Needling for over 16 years. You need a person that knows the depth of insertion for each type of scar and exactly which method of application is appropriate.

My first needling procedure was in Feb. 2006, and I have had a few more since. The first 2 were 4 weeks apart, but now I have it every 3-4 months to maintain my desired results.

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Reviewed on October 23, 2007

Sal Acid is a great vanishing pimple remover! It helps remove pimples fast and permanently and only one phone call away! It is a doctor who gives you advice about what you should do, and what you need for your acne problem. The Sinai Hospital will give you the appointment. Even though when you make the appointment it takes a long time, it is worth it. Sal Acid is a liquid to rub on your face every night. It has a little sting to it, but it does work. It contains 70% alcohol and 1.75 Sal acids; this causes the pimple to burn and remove the pimple. I tried this product and in less than two months, it took off my pimples and cleaned my face. Unlike most expensive face clearances that do not work, this does work and is affordable. I helps a lot! Love your skin and love the smoothness, this will work! I sincerely recommend this product to you.