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Nature Made Coconut Oil


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Nature Made Coconut Oil

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Nature Made Coconut Oil

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Could of been worse but it was bad
Reviewed on December 27, 2015

I have teenage, acne prone skin. I have moderate acne! I thought i would use coconut oil and go down the natural route as it made so much sense to me. At first, my skin looked calmer and fresh. 2 weeks later, and i have just stopped using it and dissapointingly went back to my usual cleansing routine. I persivered through the clogged pores, small whiteheads, and just bumping skin especially on the forehead as i was convinced this was the 'detox' effect, but i just cant bear it any longer! It also seemed to bring out my acne scars? To be honest my skin was a mess, i realised this when looking back a pictures before using the oil and i couldnt believe how clear my skin was. It has just set me back! It rated 4 therefore blocks pores, i hear it works on some people though maybe those that are not acne prone.

Reviewed on December 1, 2015

TRY IT. I've had cystic acne on and off since 4th grade, I'm currently a senior in high school. I put on coconut oil before going to sleep and it has improved my skin more than retin a and benzaclin. My advice is to at least try it. Something else that worked for me (I just want to put it here because the only way I found out about it was specifically looking it up), if you also get a cyst every month or so like I do, try drinking less or no milk (if you drink it). I used to drink tons of milk until a couple of months ago when I simply stopped drinking it as much. Every once in awhile I would have a glass of milk and the next day I would end up with a huge cyst on my face. After awhile I started noticing a pattern and decided to stop drinking milk altogether- it just isn't worth it. What I found strange is that no doctor ever brought this up that drinking milk could be the cause of my problems. I would advise to stop drinking milk in combo with coconut oil, it certainly can't hurt and it could end up being VERY worth it. I just wish someone had told me sooner.


COCONUT OIL CURES ACNE (Especially cystic acne)! READ!!
Reviewed on November 28, 2015

I know it might sound crazy putting oil on your face but I had crazy acne breakout..totally ruined my face. Mostly cystic acne. I used all the meds and crap and nothing would help it. So I took matters in my own hands!

1) Stop using all the topical ointments and any acne creams (this crap dries skin and just causes more break outs!)

2) Only wash your face with brown sugar. When I shower I would scrub my face with brown sugar.

3) Coconut oil. If you have acne breakout stop putting acne creams. If you can't eat it DON'T PUT IT ON YOUR BODY!

I would saturate my face with Coconut oil..if you're not going anywhere that day..just put a lot of coconut oil on your face and let the healing begin. If you have very active breakout put coconut oil with your finger tips on every spot. You don't want to massage the oil and spread the infection all over your face. If you start breaking out with coconut oil don't stop. Coconut oil is not making you break out. These breakouts would have happened anyway. What a lot of coconut oil on your face will do is it will tell your body to stop overproducing oil. Because there's so much oil on your face you will stop making all the oil that makes you breakout from inside. I've been using coconut oil for over a year now and I will never EVERRRRRRRRRR using anything else for acne. When I get a breakout..I wash my face with sugar. Air drying it or paper don't want to spread infection. Then I put coconut oil on the spot..massage it into the spot and next day the thing is freaking small and almost gone. If this coconut oil doesn't work for you find another one. Find pure Organic Coconut oil. You have to give this treatment time 1-4 weeks...when your skin clear you can find another moisturizer or stick with coconut oil. Add some vitamin C and Retinol to your face. Now that my skin has cleared I use Retinol and coconut oil 2-3 times per week. If I get a breakout I just go back to coconut oil.

4) stop eating too much sugar and salt and even coffee. this stuff can make you break out.

Reviewed on November 12, 2015

Absorbs into my skin without clogging my poors.

Vitamin E is also great for your skin and EVEN has sun protection benefits.

When I do a facial (peel), or when winter comes around Im really dry I SLaTHER coconut oil on my face .

I really like it

Clogs pores, good for hair though
Reviewed on October 26, 2015

This clogs my pores and breaks me out like crazy! All these dumbasses commenting "cleared my acne in a week" are lying. Acne cannot be cured with anything topical. It must be internal.

However, i do recommend this for hair growth. It has helped alot with growing my hair!!

Reviewed on October 12, 2015

IT REALLY WORKED! CLEARED UP MY SEVERE ACNE IN A WEEK! This is the website that i got all my information to get on the road to clear skin:)

[link removed]

I recommend (so far)
Reviewed on September 14, 2015

I started this by using it to remove my makeup, and I did see an immediate improvement, but now I wash my face with face wash and then apply it as a moisturizer at night. my face looks greasy but i don't mind because im not around anyone at night anyways. I started this about 3-4 weeks ago. I feel like it really is helping! Ive had moderate (and sometimes severe) acne on my forehead for the last 6 years and so far this is the best luck I have had! I defnitely say it is worth a shot. A little goes a long way! Good luck!

coconut oil is an elixir for the seborrheic dermatitis
Reviewed on August 20, 2015

Where to start.. when i found out about coconut oil I had no clue of its purpose except that it came from coconuts. Yeah those hard round things that grow way up on tropical trees. I read good things about how it was a great cooking oil and it one of my go to oils whenever I'm cooking. The great thing about this oil is that you can use it on your skin to moisturize the skin. It has antifungal properties which improves sebderm. You only need to use a very small amount and it smells good. Because it's natural you can use it indefinitely and not have to worry about the potential harmful ingredients compared to hydrocortisone creams. Coconut oil has been one of the best purchases I've made for helping improve my skin!!

The type of oil you use on your face depends on skin type!
Reviewed on August 15, 2015

I really wanted to find a moisturizer that was chemical free; however, most natural moisturizers are extremely expensive and not that effective for me. I also had acne on my nose, so I was searching for natural ways to cure it. I came across coconut oil one day as a treatment for acne. I used it on my face for about a week until I realized that it was causing more pimples to pop up. I was really disheartened because I didn't want to go back to my chemical moisturizer. I did some more research on facial oils and I found this article: (It won't let me post a link, so just google Minimalist Beauty Oils Specifically for Acne Prone Skin. The article should come up). Apparently, the reason why certain oils work for some people but not others is because we all have different skin types, so we need to choose our oils accordingly. I would recommend experimenting with coconut oil for about a week. It is a more balanced oil according to the article, so if it doesn't suit you then you have too many more pimples than before. Then I would try an oil that is a little higher in linoleic acid, like sesame oil (coconut oil is a little higher in oleic acid). If coconut oil didn't work for you, sesame oil should. If you don't see a difference in your skin, then I would go for an oil that isn't as balanced. If you read the article, this should all make sense. Don't worry! You will find your perfect facial oil soon!

by Senor Chubbs on 08/26/2015 04:57
Interesting article thanks for sharing. I was wondering if sesame oil or any oil with higher linoleic acid is working for you?
by Sam1999 on 08/27/2015 02:39
I have been using sesame oil for about 2 weeks and it has been working well for me!
by Luna94 on 08/27/2015 23:02
the brand CeraVe has good moisturizers for different skin types without being expensive. Plus they have facial sunscreens, washes and such that are very gentle yet effective. My dermatologist recommended it and it works on my acne prone skin (:
by Ghh on 09/02/2015 22:50
Coconut oil treatment for acne. Its widely known you have to give this treatment time. It gets worse while the impurities are leaving your skin and then gets better.
by Ghh on 09/02/2015 22:55
Coconut oil treatment for acne. Its widely known you have to give this treatment time. It gets worse while the impurities are leaving your skin and then gets better.
by NowHandsaw on 09/05/2015 16:27
I tried coconut oil and it gave me more pimples. Then, I tried sesame oil and my skin was the clearest it has ever been in just one week. The minimalist beauty article was so amazing! Thanks for sharing!
Wasn't good for me to put it on topically
Reviewed on August 5, 2015

My skin type: very oily, quite sensitive, main acne problems are: pustules (predominantly) cysts (around jaw line) blackheads (nose, cheeks, chin, temples) mild/moderate acne

Tried applying coconut oil on topically for a week or so, but made my skin itch and was very very oily, also seemed to break me out more in pustules. I also tried massaging it on my hands (to make them soft) and broke me out in a mild rash, so this is obviously not the right thing for me but may be for someone else, who knows.....