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N-Lite Laser Acne Treatment


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N-Lite Laser Acne Treatment

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N-Lite Laser Acne Treatment

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Reviewed on November 5, 2008

In my consultation, the nurse decided I should need three treatments in total, costing £225 each. I was told the treatment would clear up the spots and calm some of the permenent redness and scarring on my face. However, it is about a month after my third and final treatment, and my skin looks and behaves exactly the same way as before I had anything done. I have spent all this money and there are no results to show for it. Its a complete waste, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I felt that the nurse at The Private Clinic wasn't very knowledgeable or helpful, and when I queried the fact that there was no improvements, or even side effects during the treatment as you're ment to get an outbreak of spots, she just kept fobbing me off with " it takes time to see any results".

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Reviewed on September 27, 2008

I wish I had never had this treatment.

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Reviewed on September 8, 2008

i started the nlite when my acne was mild. the 1st 2 treatments did nothing for my skin, and by the 3rd the acne was severe. however, after the 3rd treatment (which was done on a higher laser setting), i started seeing an improvement, and by the 5th session (a month later) i had barely had any breakouts. however, it all started to go pear shaped from there, as the lady who did my treatment quit, so they transferred me to another clinic, where the new woman was useless, and within 3 months, my skin was as bad as its ever been. now ive got my skin under control again, and am 95% clear using the beauty skin acne lamp, which i would recommend to anyone who found their acne improved by the nlite, but wants a more affordable option.

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Reviewed on July 28, 2008

What a lie!!!!! its all aload of cack!!! lol it cost me a £1000 and a few spots left my race not to mention the fact that it can hurt but my skin is sensitive. i guess it did take sum redness away but for a thousand pounds i would of liked a spot free face!!! if u have about 3spots yeh i say go 4 it but if u really do have acne i don't waste your time or your cash!!

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Reviewed on July 9, 2008

Had 3 sesions and was told I'd have no problems, all would be great and after 3 session I would be acne free for at least 6 months. Told that it almost always works!! Went to the Private Clinic, no real assessment and absolutely no after care. So dissapointing. I wouldn't have minded the cost so much had it worked but there was no real improvement and 6 months down the line acne is worse than before.

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Reviewed on July 8, 2008

Absolute waste of money. Please, please do not get sucked in by the advertising- its a lot of money for a treatment which genuinely seems ( read forums like this and you will immediately see a greater amount of negative response) to have little effect on acne.

At least with accutane, which is by no means an ideal or risk free solution, it is more frequently effective.

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Reviewed on June 7, 2008

Dont do it unless you want to waste alot of your money. Its a huge disappointment!

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Reviewed on June 2, 2008

I had spots since i was about 14 and nothing i used got rid of them. i have tried lotions, potions, tablets. everything!

then in 2006 i had enough. i was working as a air hostess and i was feeling very self consious about my skin so i decided to do something about it. i heard of n-lite and decided to give it a go.

the results were amazing. for the first time ever after 3 sessions i would go out without make-up on, something i had never done before.

the downside is the expense, and it doesnt last for ever. 2 years later i am going back again. in these 2 years i used proactiv which worked so well but unfortuantly brought me up in a rash on my face so i stopped using that and now have awful spots again so im going back to n-lite!

i would recomend it to everyone as it does work.

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Reviewed on May 28, 2008

Ive had 'spots' for over 11 years and have tried many different treatements, creams, tablets and lotions, but very little has made a difference.

So I saw NLite advertised on a TV program and the results looked great! The patient's skin was worse than mine, but after 3 months was smooth and clear.

I had a consultation and was advised to have 3 treatments (1 a month) and 'see the results' after.

Each treatement costing 180 pounds was pretty steep but i believed it would really help!

My skin just got worse (which i was warned about) but after the 5th session, my skin was pretty good! I was told I should have more, but ofcousre!!

I left it for 2 months to see if it was healing, but they came back, big time!

I've had one more since and my skin is the worst its been in about 2 - 3 years!

I've spent almost 1000 pounds and I feel like ive wasted very penny.