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N-Lite Laser Acne Treatment
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N-Lite Laser Acne Treatment


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N-Lite Laser Acne Treatment

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N-Lite Laser Acne Treatment

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moderate acne sufferer, london
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Reviewed on May 15, 2009

It did make a difference where no other creams or diet changes had before. I did notice the acne reducing within days but I could only manage 2 treatments as it was so expensive. I went to the Private clinic in Harley St having read the press but I did feel like I was on an assembly line and they couldn't wait to get my payment details. They say in the blurb that there is no down time but it did make my face go red and luckily I had brought my make up with me so I could put it on again in the loo before I left the building. The redness did calm down quickly enough during my journey home but I wouldn't like to have this done in a lunch hour and return to work or meet anyone straight after. I am going to recommend it because it did work for me but it's only for people with the money to continue treatments. It was uncomfortable but I don't think it was too painful. Please see my review of the BeautySkin acne light.

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Paul, London
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Reviewed on April 29, 2009

First off, beaware of the private clinic. They post +ve reviews of themselves on here just to balance all the -ve feedback they get from customers. They are overpriced and there are better clinics around.

I used the skin health spa in london, and it was a hellof a lot cheaper then what private clinic was askng for. 3 treatments for £320 (march promo) and that includes a glycolic peel before hand. This is needed because the skin needs a 'prep' before the nlite so the laser can penetrate deeper. Its more effective that way, or you could try a microdermabrasion treatment (crystals).

My results varied, the first time i went for a course, i was amazingly clear for about a year. Then i got the occasional pimple here and there. After christmas i broke out horribly and linked it to all the sugary foods i had during xmas.

I am going again for another course

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Enni, London
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Reviewed on April 20, 2009

I had the nlite with the glycolic peel. I had to go and visit them for my sessions once every week or 2. My acne only affected my forehead which was'nt alot. After my 6 course was finished i saw no improvements! come on i didn't even have alot and they could'nt even get rid of them!!! So i stopped going since it wasn't working for me after i stopped i started to break out like mad! I get really painful spots now and its not just only on my forehead any more its now my cheeks and my chin. I am so upset and angry with them. I went to the private clinic in harley street. I plan to try selfridges in oxford street since my face has gone so bad i'm very desprately looking for help. I am going to give the Nlite a 2nd chance and i am really hoping it will work. wish me luck

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Cat, Manchester
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Reviewed on April 7, 2009

Unless there is a miracle improvement after my final session I will believe I have been conned!

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Anonymous, uk
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Reviewed on April 4, 2009

go for it, do you research and dont take no for an answer from your GP. I have severe cystic ance caused through an illness, I tried everyting and was dismissed by many GP's. This and topical retinoid treatments combined with diet and nutrition has helped with scarring, healing and overall skin texture, and the bonus is it apparently also helps with wrinkles!!!

for me it was the only thing that has helped, I still get outbreaks but fewer and the scaring has reduced dramatically. I can go out of the house without having to put a mask of foundation on and only use light mineral make up (also great for prob skin)

good luck, I really know how debilitating acne is, make you Dr listen to you and gain control of your skin. Its easy for them to be dismissive when they dont have to live with it.

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liran, manchester
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Reviewed on March 15, 2009

i had three n lite treatments at skin meical manchester. i had very very mild spots on my cheeks. 4 months later I have ACNE IN PLACES I HAVE NEVER HAD IT BEFORE. i wake up every morning to have a new puss filled spot. now i feel that my skin was beautiful before i started the treatment. Why O Why did i have to get this n lite done. it has spread all over ma cheeks and the side of my face. RUINED MY LIFE AND CONFIDENCE

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Jamie, Dudley
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Reviewed on March 13, 2009

Well I started my treatment at the Cottage surgery in Dudley , they're the most recommended acne treatment place in the West Midlands with celebrity customers who come there. Two years ago I started & my acne was very severe with cists and large , deep scaring & lots of blackhead particularly on my nose & redness. After the 1st treatment you could see a huge difference in my skin & after a one a month session for 6 months my skin was almost perfect , had a few pumpkin peals to help get rid of scars and now continue to have one treatment every 2 months just to keep my skin looking as nice as it does now , no scarring , no acne , no redness , my skin is perfect and you would never of know I had ever had acne. I would 200% recommend it to people , especially the Cottage surgery. they have people as far as the Isle of man & London as customers because they're so renound for their treatments. & they're not money grabbers.

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E.C, Manchester
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Reviewed on March 8, 2009

but she did put the laser on MAX level and said we need to traumatize the skin and long term results will be better, but ill keep everyone informed on a weekly basis. But so far from what my skin use to be id recomond looking at the microdermbrasion aswell as the n-lite, now the packages dont come cheap i payed 800 pounds. the microdermbrasion is a little vacuum that lifts off the dead skin and sprays some kind of crystals onto the skin, they said this helps with the n-lite aswell, the microder..... makes the skin softer and smoother the place i went to are also taking pictures to keep track on my improvements so i will be able to see the before and after results.

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ihasm, india
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Reviewed on March 6, 2009

hi about 5 days ago i went and had my first nlite treatment.the dermatoligist did no skin testing!

szo now im in dy 5 and i have no results!did anyone else no see results in the first week?


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Amy09, London
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Reviewed on February 8, 2009

I had my first treatment 3days ago and im really worry it will not work!!

Im worried because i feel that this is my last chance of being happy! my skin is on my mind 24/7 and its ruining my life!!! so far skin seems totally the same.. i atleast wanted a swollen face to show it was doing something!!

Also think i've been conned as i went to the pivate clinic in harley st also and its very expensive!!