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Brand: Minocycline


Active Ingredients:
50 mg, 75 mg, or 100 mg of Minocycline.

Inactive Ingredients:
Magnesium stearate and starch (corn), D&C Red No. 28, D&C Yellow No. 10, gelatin, silicon dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate and titanium dioxide.

The 100 mg capsule shell also contains black iron oxide.

Items marked with orange can be irritating and over-drying, especially to acne-prone skin.

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Side effects were bad
Reviewed on August 31, 2013

My stomach hurt bad when I took this. I felt like I had a constant stomach ache. Pretty horrible. Stopped taking it after a few days so not sure if it actually helps with acne.

Does the job
Reviewed on August 26, 2013

Minocycline worked much better than any of the topical treatments I tried and cleared up my skin completely! I used it for a year before I weaned off of it. I stopped in the winter and my skin stayed clear until the hot months provoked my oily skin. Unfortunately, after using this medication, my acne came back even worse than before, as there is more of it and it is cystic.

I recommend this anti-biotic for those with very mild acne- very few whiteheads and normal skin type.

Works Wonderfully Short term
Reviewed on August 23, 2013

I was on this for about...a year, I think? Which is actually very dangerous as it can cause very serious liver problems if it's used long term. Anyways, after around month 2 my skin was completely clear aside from blackheads (which aren't related to bacteria anyways; this drug is not meant to treat them). It stayed that way for about 4 months afterward, and I felt amazing. However, I developed a resistance to it and it eventually stopped working.

Such a great thing
Reviewed on August 22, 2013

I just started this about three weeks ago! It has worked incredibly well. I also use Proactiv. The medicine has dried out my face a lot though, seems to be going away. I recommend this. My friend also uses it and she has told me nothing but great things.

Took 15 days to clear me up
Reviewed on August 16, 2013

It has been 15 days since I began taking Minocycline and I must say I am very pleased with the results so far. I take 100 mg 2 times a day and will be brought down in 15 more days to 100 mg once a day. I read many negative things about antibiotics (i.e. antibiotic resistance, destruction of "good" bacteria in the gut, risk of getting blue skin) but, I believe it has been worth the risk, especially since I have been struggling with acne for 15 years. The side effects have went away. At first I felt dizzy and had a headache, but now I don't feel any of the initial side effects. It is up to each person to weight the risks/cons and the benefits/pros and decide for themselves if they way to use systemic antibiotics. From personal experience, I think Minocyline is superior to Doxycycline in terms of clearing up the acne, but it did have more intense side effects. I

Minocycline: Short-term fix
Reviewed on August 14, 2013

I took Minocycline a few months ago. My acne is moderately severe and persistent. I'm 21 now and ever since I was 14, I have had at least 10 pimples (some cystic) on my face every day of these past 7 years. I've tried lots of topical creams and other antibiotics and this is the only thing that really cleared me up. I had almost no acne and even if a pimple did pop up, it was far less inflamed and cleared up much faster. It started working for me within the first few days of taking the pills. Definitely try this drug if nothing else has worked for you! I had no side affects whatsoever. My acne returned pretty much right after I stopped taking the pills though. Good luck! :)

prayer is heard
Reviewed on July 25, 2013

i have had severe cystic acne on my face (cheek area) and then went to a dermatologist and had been offered accutane, but declined it. Minocycline was given as an alternative with Differin 0.1% gel. i had 200mg a day for 6 months and it worked wonders and left my face completely clear. After around 12 months once i got off minocycline, my cystic acne has returned but not as severe.

Felt sick from side effects
Reviewed on July 24, 2013

At first I was prescribed an antibiotic which I loved but unfortunately my insurance did not cover it, so I was prescribed to minocycline and to take two 50mg per day. When I first started taking this medication, it worked, although I felt extremely sick to my stomach. I eventually decided to only take one 50mg tablet at night before bed, and this has seemed to work. I have been doing the one pill for over a year now, and when I first started taking this medicine, it worked right away, but eventually has been less effective. I have stopped taking this medication for a week and I did notice that my breakouts occurred more often when I was off the medicine, so it is working, just not as strong as I like. Again, I am pretty sure it would work more if I took two pills rather than just one, but my stomach can't seem to handle this.

Great at first, not so great after a few months
Reviewed on July 21, 2013

At first, I thought this was a godsend. My acne (which had gotten really bad after a few months on doxycycline) cleared up almost immediately. I still got the occasional pimple, but nothing like what I was getting before.

The side effects didn't really affect me too much - occasional stomach aches, light-headedness, trouble switching focus from things a long way away to things close, but these seemed to come for a couple of days and then go away again.

I was on two 50mg tablets a day (one in the morning, one at night). After about 2 months, I noticed that my rosacea redness and flushing (which I already had) was getting a lot worse. Sometimes, for no reason at all, I would flush for an hour or so, my face going bright red and burning like hell. This sometimes happened 7 or 8 times a day, and it was really making me depressed and anxious. I was constantly checking my face to see if I was flushing.

I then learned that other people had had trouble with this medication and flushing, and my derm had previously mentioned cutting back from two tablets a day to one, so I decided to try that (just taking it at night). At this stage, I was more preoccupied with the redness than the pimples, so I reasoned that even if the pimples got worse, if the flushing stopped, I wouldn't mind.

So I've been on 50 mg once a day for a couple of days now (also on Finacea at night) and this seems to be helping. I certainly haven't been flushing as much as I was before.

All in all, this medication definitely worked better for me than the doxycycline, so if you've tried doxy and it didn't work, give this one a go. Just don't expect it to work on a long-term basis.

Great, few side effects
Reviewed on July 10, 2013

At first, I started taking minocycline (antibiotics) in the morning, and found that it made me lightheaded, also you cannot eat dairy within one hour of taking it because it reduces the effectiveness of the antibiotics. I recommend taking it before bed. I had pretty moderate acne, which became a lot worse in the past year. Within four months of using the antibiotic (combined with clindoxyl cream and Retinol A gel) my skin cleared up COMPLETELY. I did experience extreme dryness (red, burning, flaking and peeling skin) with the use of these three medications, but after a while my skin adjusted and dryness went away. After around 4 months of antibiotics, I haven't had a noticeable pimple for a very long time. My skin is very clear, except for a few red marks from scarring, and continues to stay completely clear although I stopped minocycline a month ago. Overall, worked amazingly for me, consider this before trying Isotretinoin (Accutane). I can't remember the last time my skin was this clear!