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please help! getting painful nodular acne along jaw line

08 March 2010 - 02:18 AM

please, i need some advice. i've had acne for 8 years now...started of with severe cystic acne and i've taken everything from antibiotics, to lasers, to birth control, and even two rounds of accutane. at one point it helped, though it didn't go away completely...
it's been about 4/5 months now, i have been getting really painful nodular acne, along my jaw. first started off on the right side and now it's also on the left. i don't think i've ever had nodular acne before (everything else, yes but not this kind) no matter what i do, it doesn't seem to go away and in fact it is getting worse and i am getting really desperate.
i was thinking about going on accutane once more, but this will have been my third time. i am reluctant to go on it again, because let's face it, it's not really the 'softest' medicine. even though i didn't get very bad side effects the last two times, i am sure it's not exactly the best thing for my body, that is why i'm so reluctant. PLUS, it's not like it would be my first time - who knows what will happen after the third round?
i just wanted to know if anyone could give some advice/tips on what i should do next? is it okay to go on accutane a third time? how many times have you been on it? is there any other method/medicine to get rid of nodular acne?
many many thanks in advance.

Anyone using Niacin or Inositol Hexacotinate?

17 September 2009 - 05:53 PM

Hello all,

I just have a question about the whole Niacin thing. I've read a lot of the threads where org. users have been talking about the effectiveness of Niacin and how it's helping their acne. I'm a little confused as to which one is better: niacin (the flush kind) or inositol hexacotinate (IH)?

A few users have said that IH is better and some others recommend using niacin. Some people have said that IH is more dangerous because it is slow releasing (which affects the liver somehow), but I also read that it's not like the niacinimide (sp?) another form of niacin that is also time/slow released. In other words, if you don't take too much per day (500mg) IH is not bad on the liver. Is this true?

If it isn't 'dangerous', which one is more effective, niacin or IH? I just wanted to clarify with everyone that's been using either one and see what everyone has to say, and maybe come up with some kind of consensus. I just bought the IH yesterday and am wondering if maybe I should have gotten the plain niacin (flush kind).

Thanks a lot!!

fish oil and headaches?

11 February 2009 - 12:04 PM

Hello all,

I just recently started taking fish oil (got it from GNC. It's just called Fish Oil Concentrate). I'm quite happy coz my oil production seems to have lessened however I have been getting these headaches since I've started on them. It's been about 4-5 days since I've started and have been getting these headaches since.

Jus to let you know, they are 1000 mg per pill and contain 135 mg EPA and 95 mg DHA. I am taking 6 pills per day because I know that it is the EPA and DHA that is the link to helping with the acne. I also read it is ok to take from 3-6 grams of fish oil per day. My diet/lifestyle hasn't really changed, so I'm just wondering if it is the fish oil causing my headaches??  I read on the internet it might be possible because of toxins (like mercury) but has anyone here else felt this? It would really suck if that is the case, coz I really felt that my oiliness has subsided....=(

I'd really appreciate if anyone has some advice/information! THanks....