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Perioral dermatitis... Again? > Antibiotics Be Gone.

Posted 07 February 2013

So today is my first day not taking antibiotics. I've read a lot on this site about not quitting cold turkey but I decided to go that route and let you all know how it goes. Because it didn't have severe acne and it was more the PD I'm hoping my face won't flare up like crazy.  Fingers crossed oh so tightly. Hoots

Perioral dermatitis... Again? > Day 26: Two More.

Posted 04 February 2013

Hey everyone,  So I've survived this weekend and things are looking really good! Much better than last. Something in this last week of antibiotics really just kicked my PD in the butt. My skin actually looks normal, even the texture is almost back to normal with very minimal redness. I noticed a bump after I was drinking under my nose, but I'm b...

Perioral dermatitis... Again? > Day 22: Relief.

Posted 31 January 2013

I'm letting out a huge sigh right now.... Of relief.  Today is a good day. There is hardly any redness in any of my PD areas, and the bumps are more or less gone. My skin looks really good to be honest. I'm on my last week and I just hope it can last this way for the rest of my antibiotics AND after I'm finished. I'll keep you posted. Hoots

Perioral dermatitis... Again? > Day 21: Better.

Posted 30 January 2013

Hi everyone,  So yes, It's been two days since I had my little freak out, and since I haven't posted you know things have went well. Two nights ago my lips were so oddly dry which made the area around my mouth tight and red, I've been moisturizing like crazy on my lip and things seem to look a lot better. The actual PD area looks great, some min...

Perioral dermatitis... Again? > Day 19: Ugh.

Posted 28 January 2013

Fucking shit fuck. This morning I thought things were really looking up. Then all of a sudden tonight it took a turn for the worst. I don't know what happened. The area was feeling extra dry when I went to my night class and so I came home and scratch at a little bump on my lip. That opened up and is now leaking and the area where my PD is got really...