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SurferGirl656's Blog > Summer holidays

Posted 16 December 2009

So its the first week of 10 weeks off school for me and im depressed as hell. its now thursday and i havent left my house since saturday! i just cant bear going out in front of everyone and whats even worse where i live is so popular in summer there are tourists eeeevrywhere. so its even worse than normal. being stuck inside isnt helping my skin either....

SurferGirl656's Blog > Sea

Posted 05 February 2009

another family member of mine struggled with acne never as bad as mine though. pretty much everyone in my family did. but never as severe as my case, i got the worst. well anyway they started up surfing and always being in the sea ( we live right on the beach) and there acne was remarkably improved in a few weeks. can being at the beach in the sea be good...

SurferGirl656's Blog > Make -Up

Posted 05 February 2009

i really dont like wearing make up but i feel like i dont have a choice most days because i used to get reaally bad! i've heard that tinted moisturisers look natural and replaced piling on foudation is that true? has anyone tried a really good tinted moisturiser? im not sure. before i develpoed acne i had perfect skin it was so preetty and...

SurferGirl656's Blog > High School

Posted 05 February 2009

i have started high school now and have been there for four days and you know what i realised? im not the only one! it has really given me a reality check on my skin my skin is very moderate compared to some of the kids i've seen probably 1 in every 5 people have really bad skin and i just felt so bad for them coz i know exaclty what thats...

SurferGirl656's Blog > So Sick!

Posted 28 January 2009

ok its not funny anymore. not that it ever was. i have been battling acne for 2 years now and im only 13!! its crazy!! i start high school in 4 days and my face looks horrible. i do everything that im ment to according to my naturopath and doctor i drink lots of water i eat healthy i harldy ever wear make up i cleanse everyday and...