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#3390862 Diet Never Cured My Acne

Posted by jen0489x on 27 October 2013 - 06:33 AM

Diet is not the reason for everyone's acne. I tried for almost three years to cure my acne with diet and herbs. I went on green juice cleanses, water cleanses under the supervision of a doctor, no dairy, soy, or gluten, I eliminated all citrus, I tried the apple diet, I change my pillow cases every day. I tried hormone balancing herbs (vitex, chasteberry, DIM, etc) for six months, I did a parasite cleanse, I tried coffee enemas, I went on the all apple diet for three days, I drink green smoothies and juices everyday. I eat absolutely nothing out of a can, bottle, or anything whatsoever that has been processed. I make everything fresh, 100% organic, I do not eat out. Whew. I've tried so much more than I can write, because curing my acne has been an obsession. But you know what? It didn't really help my skin. I am still eating incredibly healthy, because it has drastically improved other aspects of my life (my depression and anxiety, my sleep, etc) but the only thing that worked for my skin in specific is spironolactone. My skin has always been generally clear for two weeks, and an awful cystic outbreak for two weeks. The two weeks that I break out are during and after my period. I need to get my hormone levels checked out, but I've done a diet for at least a month to balance every and any hormonal imbalance I could have. It becomes daunting, and makes food an enemy, but spiro helps without going through all this torture and my skin is clear all month. 

#2820887 you know its bad when..

Posted by jen0489x on 28 February 2010 - 12:56 AM

When you ride a bus two hours and pay 300$ out of pocket at age 14 to go to the dermatologist and get acne medications because you're too embarrassed to tell your parents.

when you have no pictures of your teenage years

you grow your hair long to put it in front of your face

you nearly fail swim class because you refuse to go underwater cuz your makeup will come off

you sit inside for 3 weeks without leaving your house when you had a bad outbreak

you feel like your skin has dominated your whole life

#2785684 How ya feelin' about your acne today?

Posted by jen0489x on 06 January 2010 - 12:53 PM

It's doing pretty well today!!! I'm happy smile.gif