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jen0489x's Blog > 100% Clear

Posted 23 May 2011

Ok well my journey with spiro has been a long one. I've been on it now for over a year and a half. It helped me dramatically... changed my skin from being moderately severe to mild/moderate. Probably had an 80% improvement.. However, I yearned to be 100% clear. I finally added birth control, ortho tri cyclen, and also added differn .1% gel. Differin...

jen0489x's Blog > Just what I needed?

Posted 14 April 2011

Ever since I wrote my last blog, my skin has been perfect. Not one pimple. I think I really needed the added birth control to really step things up, and it's done wonders. While spiro cleared me up a lot, the birth control did that extra push to make things THAT much better, and I am left thrilled. :doubt: I am so happy, so much more confident, and just...

jen0489x's Blog > Great, but not perfect.

Posted 05 April 2011

One year and five months into spiro, my skin has never been 100% perfect always. It has improve4d dramatically, and I appreciate it greatly, but it's just such a tease when my skin looks flawless for three dasys and then I get a few pimples. So, I just decided to go on birth control. I've been taking Ortho-Tri Cyclen for six days now, and it...

jen0489x's Blog > 1 year and 2 months on spiro

Posted 01 February 2011


jen0489x's Blog > Skin is still flawless :-D

Posted 22 January 2011

Well, one year and almost two months since first embarking on this journey with spironolactone, my skin is perfectly flawless. I am so happy. Anyone considering spiro, please try it. It can really change your life in dramatic ways. It is so nice to not have to hide my face, put hair over my skin, turn around when people look at me, and sit all day inside...