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I need advice!!! Tretinoin

03 August 2011 - 05:31 PM

i have been using doxy 100 mg 1x per day since september of last year along with
erythromycin and bp 5% gel.  this regime stopped working around january february and
i have been seeing a new doc who has put me on tretinoin cream 0.025% 1x nightly and still using the antibiotics. i have been using retin-a for 8 weeks now and i feel it is not doing much. i am still getting cystic acne, i have one pretty big now and many small bumps in different places, my skin is also very oily.  my skin was clear last week now its breaking out again this week and im not due for my period for about 2.5 weeks. i have a doc appt in 2 weeks.  what should i do? i thought the initial breakout would be done by now??  anyone have pointers on tretinoin cream, past experiences?????  help!!!