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Cheapest Most Effective Face Wash - Target Baby Wash

26 October 2010 - 08:19 PM

You are Wasting your money. Companies cleverly disguise the same product in different bottles and slap a sticker with a name on the front so they can charge an extra $5. The following face washes contain the same ingredients yet are considerably different in price.

Purpose Face Wash as well as Clean&Clear Sensitive Face Wash ~ $5 - $7

Target Brand Up&Up Baby Wash ~ $1.19

You get about 3-4 times more product in the Target wash at practically nothing compared to the price paid for the BRAND washes.

My Skin Does Not Shed..What Can I Do?

05 May 2009 - 03:42 PM

I've been using BP and Retin-A alternating nights, (among other things) and as a result every morning when I apply my makeup, which is translucent powder, I get loads of flakes all over if I don't scrub the $hit out of my skin first. But all the scrubbing I have to do tears open my whiteheads. And if I'm gentle and dont scrub my skin looks flakey, really really flakey.

My skin looks fine (I mean not flakey but with acne) w/out the powder, but as soon as I use the powder, flakes appear everywhere out of no where.

So I was wondering if anyone knows a way to effectively exfoliate without tearing open whiteheads?

* I currently use a regular washcloth, but it's starting to make my whiteheads keep popping and turning into scars.

Does anyone have any advcie/ suggestions for my routine?

26 April 2009 - 12:00 AM

Okay, I'm 21, had acne for 6 years, and I'm currently doing a lot for my skin and I need to know if anyone (maybe who's been on all of these) has any advice as to how I can improve my regimen. This has been working on my entire face WITH the Exception of 20 closed permanent-ish comedones on my chin.

I take orally tetracycline 500mg/ 2xday, tri-sprintec, 16000IU vitamin A, multivitamin, and ACV once in awhile.

Every morning I wash my face with C&C sensitive skin cleanser, pat with triclosan, rinse with cool water. Pat dry. Use Physicians Formula mineral powder.

Every night I wash my face with Clean&Clear sensitive skin cleanser, exfoliate with wash cloth, rinse with cool water, pat triclosan (antibacterial soap) on my face, wait 30 sec., rinse, then pour HP on my face, wait 30 sec. then rinse with cold water. Pat dry. (*I know HP's supposed to be bad, but it's been working..)

Wait 20 min., apply clindamycin solution (Every night). Wait 10 min. Every other night apply Retin-A .1% cream, alternating nights with BP 10% mixed with Purpose moisturizer (brings it down to like 2% BP).

My skin looks nearly perfect everywhere except my chin. Damn comedones!!

Marketing to MAke a Buck : Attention Purpose Face Wash Users

19 April 2009 - 11:04 PM

I've been a fan of Johnson & Johnson's Purpose line for quite some time, and one day I went browsing through the face wash isle at work and found something quite odd.  I picked up a bottle of Clean & Clear sensitive skin face wash and as usual, I was looking at the ingredient list, and compared it to the list on the bottle of Purpose wash I was  about to buy. The ingredients were exactly the same. The two products are both made by Johnson & Johnson. *In the exact same order, not one ingredient different. Hmm. I thought. I realized the C&C is like $2 less than the Purpose bottle and you get 2 oz. more. That's weeiird..

So now I buy the C&C and its just like Purpose.

*Just something to make you think about the power of marketing and how companies are trying hard to make a buck wherever they can..at our expense ...