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In Topic: Acne After Accutane

02 August 2015 - 01:17 PM

Just my two cents-- I've had a similar acne twice after going off Accutane. A few months ago I had the beginnings of a nasty breakout and tried Skinceuticals "Blemish and age Defense" serum and their LHA cleansing gel. Sometimes I alternate the skinceuticals' serum with 15% Mandelic Acid serum by Vivant. Not the cheapest stuff, but I was able to shop around on the internet and get them at a discount. For some reason, I think my acne post-Accutane became really hard and steadfast, and the acids in these products tend to keep my skin clear and I've been using them for several months-- I definitely had the hairline acne in the first picture. I still get occasional breakouts, but the serum is like battery acid and seems to clear it all out. The serum seems to last, since you literally only need a drop. 

In Topic: Read This If You Have Scalp Acne

19 May 2015 - 07:24 AM

I figured I'd bump this topic. The humidity in my area (Northeast US) seems to trigger my scalp acne. 
I have a lifelong history of antibiotic use for acne. My first really bad breakout of scalp acne occurred around age 28. I went on Accutane after that (twice)- mostly for the facial and back acne. I can still get the scalp issue even when my face is clear. Anyone who has ever had acne will know how fickle and bizarre it can be. 
Right now (knock on wood), my face is clear. I've been using Tazorac sporadically during the week and have been using Mandelic and or glycolic acid facial serum most days of the week during the day. I think my skin responds really well to glycolic and mandolic acids as opposed to typical salicylic acid. I recently thought I was going down the slippery slope of a bad facial breakout, and the serum saved the day (they are usually marketed towards aging women with wrinkles). My scalp, however, is a minefield of cysts and really &(^(*& hurts. 
In the past, I've tried the Nizoral type shampoos, prescription and regular strength, natural shampoos, anti-baldness shampoos, glycolic acid shampoo, etc... I've tried tea tree oil, castor oil, different essential oils. Prescribed antibiotics (nasty ones, like doxycycline) work temporarily. Accutane helps, but only temporarily. My biggest gripe is that being female, I wear my hair to my shoulders, it's fine textured, blond, tends to be wavy/curly and *needs* good conditioner in order to behave and not split and break. Conditioner = some kind of emollient. My scalp misbehaves even *more* when my hair is unruly and dry, so the typical treatments exacerbate the problem. I'm also not the type to brush my hair with anything more than a wide-tooth comb, so my scalp doesn't get exfoliated frequently. Most people with curly hair can't brush their hair with the typical hairbrush due to breakage.
I've used Nioxin shampoo and conditioner, which did seem to help, but still tends to dry my hair out. I would highly recommend Nixon shampoo/conditioner for most people if they have this problem and have straight/ short/ oily hair. It's really soothing, and doesn't smell so terrible that it makes you feel anti-social. 
I've thought of using the serum I use for acne on my scalp. I've been trying it, but not consistently enough to decide whether it works. I'm sort of reluctant to "waste" it on my scalp since I'm also using it on my arm KP and some weird ingrown hairs on my right leg. Any thoughts on the idea? The worst part of my scalp right now is near the nape. 
My thought process is this-- my acne usually responds better to certain types of exfoliation than anything else. Differin gel and salicylic acid do nothing for me, but glycolic acid, mandolin acid, and Tazorac usually does. It's as if I need to pour battery acid on my skin to loosen the skin cells. I also seem to think I have a problem with ingrown hair, even on the tiniest level. Autoimmune disorders also run in my family. I'm fairly convinced acne is partially an autoimmune disorder. It's as if our bodies fight off bacteria that live on everybody's skin, or try to attack sterile dead skin cells stuck in our pores.
Anyhow, most of the bumps on my head start out as hard and non-inflamed. They develop into larger lesions that itch and turn red, especially if I scratch or play with them too much. Since anti-fungals never seem to effect the acne, I figure it's not dandruff. They aren't large enough to be the kind of cysts that need to be surgically removed. My best guess is that the bumps develop because I have too many dead skin cells on my scalp. They likely block the hair follicles on my head, and my body decides to fight the blockage by causing inflammation. Therefor, if I somehow treat my scalp with glycolic acid or another type of exfoliating acid (in a serum form), I might be able to avoid further breakouts. I will try to treat the areas that are breaking out rather than dousing my skin with the stuff, since it tends to be pricey and I don't want to apply the acid to my hair itself. The serums usually come in a little dropper bottle, they dry quickly, and are usually not sticky because they are meant for the face. I don't want to use Tazorac, since it's a gel and would likely spread onto my hair. 
Any thoughts? I will try this for a while and update on progress if I can remember to do so!

In Topic: Male - Folliculitis After Waxing My Body

18 May 2015 - 05:36 PM

Maybe it has something to do with the person doing the waxing. This is off topic at this point, I guess-- but as a female, I've had some sensitive areas waxed in the past. With one of the waxers, I would *always* have issues with raw skin, ingrown hair, infections. With the other two waxers, I had very few issues. There's probably an art to this skin-waxing thing, so (if you haven't done so already) do some research into where you have your waxing done. 
I also remember having issues once the hair grew back in regardless of the waxer's skill. Being male, you've got more hair to grow back after getting waxed. Perhaps some of the broken/waxed hairs are still in the follicles and are causing inflammation and infection. 
Some other issues can cause problems with waxing. If you're taking antibiotics or certain medications that cause "sun sensitivity", getting waxed will cause bad skin reactions. 

In Topic: Bump/lump/excess Skin In Hand.looks Like A Wart

17 May 2015 - 04:40 PM

I'd bet my money that you have a wart. My son had a little wart on his thumb at the age of 2 or 3. It's not uncommon for anyone to have.
The pediatrician recommended some of that salicylic acid wart remover stuff to paint on the wart and cover with a band-aid until it went away. I had one around age 30. The dermatologist burnt it off and left a nasty little bubble thing that eventually popped and healed. 
You could probably go to your regular doctor (primary care physician) and he/she might be able to freeze it off, or give you advise on how to treat it appropriately and quickly. The problem with warts is that you don't want them to spread! 

In Topic: Sever Acne

17 May 2015 - 04:36 PM

Try to use a moisturizer while your skin is raw and red from the actuate. If you get chapped/bleeding lips, your doctor might be able to give you a script for topical steroid ointment...
I was on Accutane twice (for much less severe acne) and had very few side effects-- even while I was on an antidepressant. Since I'm a short little troll, my dosage was adjusted accordingly.