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Probiotic Enemas And Random Ringworm

12 March 2012 - 07:47 AM

Since some of you here are on the GAPS diet protocol, or some variation thereof or you're just taking a probiotic I'd highly recommend that if you're looking to get the most mileage out of it, you get a probiotic enema. I'm not aware of any study specifically about probiotic enemas, although fecal bacteriotherapy (basically a probiotic transplant) has been shown to be effective. Similar process, except bacteriotherapy is a bit more extreme. Probiotic enemas are just that. Regular old enemas with probiotics in them.

I'll discuss my experience with it.

Why would someone get a probiotic enema? I don't know but it seemed like a fun thing to do. Before my enema, I had a random flare up of Ringworm. No idea how I got it, but I just noticed it one day out of the blue. I've never had ringworm before and I didn't do anything that would have put me at obvious risk of getting ringworm but somehow I still got it.

Also probiotics (and most natural and chemical compounds) that bypass first pass metabolism in the liver are not subject to your stomach acid and bile, both of which can kill your probiotic bacteria before it occupies your colon. Probiotic enemas go directly from point A to point B and adhere to the intestines. Enteric coatings have been shown to have varying effectiveness. If your probiotic has no enteric coating for acid/bile resistance, don't waste your money on it.

Basically I went to a spa place and paid them the $100. You can go to some "wellness/detox spas" that famous celebrities visit, but it's much more convenient and probably less embarrassing (if that's something you're concerned about) to just prepare it at home. All you need is a some sort of squirt bottle, a probiotic supplement and water. Optional: A helping hand. A mirror might help too I imagine.

You lay down on your stomach and they stick a nozzle up your ass that pumps the bacteria into it. Apparently they can also use yogurt instead of the probiotic solution but the thought of yogurt in my butt is too silly. Expect cramping for at least an hour afterwards.

Within 1 day, my ringworm started receding. By the second day it was about 95% gone and I just had some dry skin in that area. Another benefit I noticed is better regularity. I never had too many digestive issues and I was always regular but after the probiotic enema I feel like my bowels are working overtime. Long story short, it accomplished what I wanted it too and if you think your probiotics aren't doing a good enough job, it might be something fun to do one morning before work or school.

Olive Oil And Omega 6 Fatty Acids

09 November 2011 - 12:12 PM


-EVOO has a higher fat absorption rate than sunflower. Better absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (ADEK?)

-EVOO in both cod and salmon was effective at reducing lipid oxidation significantly when frying food, but more so in cod. Frying results in slightly lower EPA/DHA ratio in salmon (fatty fish.)

-Combining MCTs (MCT oil or coconut oil) or olive oil with soybean oil shown to increase metabolism of omega-6 heavy diet and cause less inflammation/immunosuppressive effects.

-Reduction in 7c, 12c ,12 and 10c coagulation factors with OO.
7c correlated with hyperlipedaemia and cardiovascular disease.

-Possible contribution to thrombotic risk in renal disease.

-After 4 weeks, reduction in Fibrinolysis (prevents blood clots) and

Plasmin (degrades blood proteins so blood can be reused by the body.)

-7c and 7a are responsible for activation different regulation factors involved in blood coagulation. Many of these and most of them seem to be inter-related.

-Supplementing with high-dose fish oil is more beneficial than flax oil or olive oil.  

-Omega-3s specific olive-oil may inhibit inflammation.

-Fish oil and olive oil may benefit immune-compromised bodies.

-Olive oil isn't particularly prone to oxidation.

Olive oil is in many ways the mystery oil. Even though it is mostly omega-6, it doesn't seem to be nearly as damaging as other vegetable oils. In fact, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) is often attributed to be the reason why the Mediterranean diet is so health. EVOO is a MUFA as opposed to a PUFA and it is less prone to oxidation when cooking or in the human body. In summary, don't worry as much about olive oil contributing to your omega-6 levels.

Highlighted stuff directly relates to acne formation. Other stuff may be indirectly involved (such as blood platelet formation and coagulation.)