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In Topic: I No Longer Get Acne.

12 February 2014 - 06:45 PM

at 25y it was your last train to catch. i think even on this site it says acne should go away by 25, or even 27, so don't give people false hopes and mention your age from the start. one of my ex-girlfriends also got clear by 25y and she had pretty bad acne even at 21-22. she did a couple of clay masks (which i also did), bullshit.. her hormones got fixed like normal people.

u do realise people are not scientists and  yet, 80% of all people have some form of acne from 12-24y period, and only 20% older than that still have acne.

..eating milk, cheese, butter, chocolate, gluten, carbs, this is a joke (for me), look at those stats and it all becomes clear.


Have you considered the possibility that the reason people "grow out" of acne is that, generally, when people get older they start to realize they can't eat the same crap they did when they were kids and thus seek to make beneficial changes in their diet which inadvertently lead to a clearing up of skin?


I guarantee you my skin is still acne-prone if I was to slack off, but I don't because I've become accustomed to my diet (becoming accustomed to eating healthy food consistently is another challenge altogether, even if you're not worried about acne) and frankly I enjoy eating healthy now. 


Not sure where you got this 80% statistic from. Thinking back to my high school days, I'm thinking that in my circle of 15 or so males and a few females, me and one other male were the only ones with acne. Everyone else had clear skin. That's certainly less than 80%. 


There are plenty of women and men ages 30 and up that still battle with acne. If you don't fix the root problem, you won't fix your acne. Acne doesn't just magically go away one day because your body decides "oh, you're 25 years old now? No more acne for you!"


I'm afraid biology isn't so merciful.

In Topic: Horrific Acne Dont Know What To Do

12 February 2014 - 10:08 AM

That's horrific? 



In Topic: Why masturbation causes acne?

12 February 2014 - 08:35 AM

I quit for one weekend because I was at a friend's cabin and when I got back my face was almost completely clear. And the whole time I was there I didn't have a shower or use any face products or anything. I usually have showers every morning and night but I always have acne issues. That is probably because I masturbate every time I have a shower :3


Have you considered that the reason you cleared up in that weekend is because you were:


A.) In the sunlight/outside (I assume you didn't stay in the cabin for that entire weekend)

B.) Consumed more fat/BBQ food

C.) Were around positive people and having a good time

D.) Less stress/worrying about your skin

E.) Less irritation to your skin from washing with face products/mechanical scrubbing. 

In Topic: I No Longer Get Acne.

12 February 2014 - 08:20 AM

Still going strong.


You guys should be strong too. Happy Early Valentine's Day everyone! 


" How do you get bone broth and liver? 

I recently started eating meat again after 16 years being vegetarian and I'm still trying to figure out how to get the best meat sources. Is smoked ham a no-no, even with no additives? "

Sorry for the late very reply lol. I make it myself, I do not purchase organic liver since I've never seen it in even health food stores where I live. Guess liver must not be in high demand (what a surprise.)



I don't avoid any type of meat, organic or otherwise, unless it's that cheap corned beef crap in the grocery store that has fructose/HFCS as an ingredient. Lots of kosher meat is also of low-quality, I found. I also eat smoked ham and smoked bacon (not the kind that comes in strips, the kind that comes in a loaf). Never broke out from these foods. 

In Topic: I No Longer Get Acne.

19 October 2013 - 11:00 AM

good for you!  are you taking any supplements?  and what about nuts?  how bad was your acne to begin with, was it cystic?


I take magnesium taurate, ALA, Vit D and a multi, but honestly very few supplements have ever made any improvement in my acne. However, I still think vitamins have merit since they let you cover all your bases with more certainty. 




Sorry, but i hope you dont mind me asking your age?

Cause maybe you grew out of acne.

In any case, congratulations!

What do you mean by skin is improving? Like scars getting shallower? Texture improvments? Even skin tone?


25. No, I didn't grow out of acne lol. My mom said the same thing would happen when I turned 18, yeah right.


You don't "grow out" of acne unless there's significant biological/hormonal change in your body which causes you to stop producing the inflammation that precedes acne. Acne is a biological response to a few things wrong with your body and until those things are corrected/altered, you most likely won't ever stop breaking out.


Yes, all of my scars have gotten shallower and even some of the very old scars that I thought resulted in permanent hyperpigmentation (red blotches mainly) have went away. The skin is better at repairing itself than I could have ever thought, but repair begins from the inside out and the serious improvements in skin tone didn't happen until AFTER my acne cleared up.