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In Topic: Phenol Chemabrasion? (Impressive Before & After Pics)

27 June 2013 - 01:53 PM

one thing im confused about is regular exoderm included with the chemabrasion or is it just the peel alone. when i read bad reviews i dont know if they are talking about just exoderm or phenol chemabrasion

Exoderm is another name for a phenol peel, of which there are several types.  Phenol chemabrasion uses a weaker concentration of phenol and adds the dermabrasion, so there's a difference.


It's still a pretty hard procedure to do in terms of recovery and you have a HIGH risk of pigmentation problems. According to the study ~40% of people had pigmentation issues afterwards. If you're willing to accept the risk then go for it - I'm sure it will give you as good as/better results that other treatments.
"Fulton feels that deep acne scars are best treated by combining CO2 laser with dermabrasion."

The possibility of hypopigmentation is something to take into account, then, particularly for darker skin types.  I have fair skin so it's less of an issue.  As for CO2 and dermabrasion, based on reviews it seems the key is to find a doctor who will be aggressive enough to penetrate deeply enough into the skin to level the depressed areas as much as possible with the surrounding skin.  If the doctor isn't invasive enough, there will only be superficial results.  With the phenol procedure at least we're obviously penetrating deeply -- perhaps too deeply for some people.

In Topic: Phenol Chemabrasion? (Impressive Before & After Pics)

26 June 2013 - 04:33 PM

Yes, southern California, near the Mexican border.  Apparently the first week after the procedure is intense -- the face swells up to where you probably won't be able to chew, and you may not be able to see.  The skin is literally melted off of the face.  But this process looks promising.

In Topic: Phenol Chemabrasion? (Impressive Before & After Pics)

26 June 2013 - 12:44 PM

Sets one and two seem basically to be shot in the same lighting, particularly number two -- you can see that the second patient's ice pick scars were improved substantially, with some of them gone completely. In fact, the sets where the lighting is inconsistent show less improvement, not more, though that's possibly because their scarring was less severe.

I'm going to contact this doctor to learn more. I did a search and apparently he's received mixed reviews here -- he's either kind and caring or a &#%$, depending on who you ask -- but that seems to be the case for almost every doctor mentioned on Acne.org.

In Topic: Phenol Chemabrasion? (Impressive Before & After Pics)

26 June 2013 - 10:17 AM

Apparently the concentration of phenol used for this procedure is substantially less than for traditional phenol peeling, which decreases some of the risks, such as loss of pigmentation.  I'm particularly impressed by the first before and after photo, because my scarring is essentially the same as the patient's was, though you can tell that he has a few ice pick scars that weren't leveled and the skin is still a little uneven.  Still, it shows substantial improvement, more than I've seen for laser and dermabrasion, for example.

In Topic: Single Needling Followed By Tca Cross?

31 March 2012 - 12:57 PM

I'm resurrecting this question.  Does anyone have advice?