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Thank you!
Yes, I've been trying. I feel that it might be easier to step it down bit by bit. I don't think I could stop using green concealer, but I'm beginning to just use mineral powder over my cheeks (where I need it).
Hopefully soon I won't need as much and these marks will fade! :]
Jan 24 2009 04:16 PM


hi, im lena. in response to your question about wearing more makeup or less, i think you should go with less. Because as long as you feel good that is all that counts. I recently stopped wearing so much makeup, just a little green powder over pimples, and it just looks so much better and way less caked on. So if I were you I would go with less.
Jan 24 2009 03:33 PM


Haha, really? Yeah, it's way hard for me to go up to talk to people that intimidate me (i.e. Juniors that I happen to like) It sucks.
People tell you to suck it up but it's about fifty times harder than that.
Hope it gets better for you too!
Dec 10 2008 08:13 PM


whoaaaaa. it felt like that post in the emo section you did was speakin 2 me. except with chicks and not a dude. lol
Dec 10 2008 07:37 PM